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Thread: [FIC] Star Wars: KOTOR - Rebirth
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[FIC] Star Wars: KOTOR - Rebirth


It has been 8 months since the exile, known as Davann Darkstar, defeated the Sith Lords that had been chasing him over half of the galaxy. Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus, and Kreia are no more. The Trayus academy has been destroyed. With Kreia's revelation that Revan left to fight an unknown enemy he felt represented a great danger to the Republic, Davann decided that the best way he could help is to start restoring the Jedi Order, to help prepare for this new threat. With the assistance of the Republic, he has reopened the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. All of the artifacts and holocrons gathered by Atris and the Handmaidens have been moved to the Jedi Temple for safe keeping, and Atris's new academy on Telos has been closed, returning the facility to the government of Telos to be used for what it was intended, as an irrigation station for the planet. Atris, after having been defeated and spared by Davann, took her own life over the shame she felt at falling to the dark side.

News of Davann's quest to restore the Order quickly traveled through the Republic, and former member's of the Order, who had previously gone into hiding after the Jedi Civil war, are now returning to the Order to help Davann. The most notable return was that of Bastila Shan, a true hero of the Jedi Civil war and traveling compainion of Revan. Along with Bastila came Mission Vao, who Revan began training in the ways of the Jedi during their travels. After the destruction of Katarr and the deaths of most of the Jedi council, Mission went into hiding with Bastila, who accepted Mission as her Padawan and continued her training. Master's Kavar, Zez-Kai El, and Vrook, thought to have been killed by Kreia, showed up, revealing that they allowed Kreia to believe that she had destroyed them so Davann could see her true colors and finish the inevitable confrontaion they were headed for. Now that the wound in the Force within Davann had been healed with the destruction of Kreia and the Trayus academy, they reversed their decision of Davannn's exile, and they elevated Davann to the rank of Jedi Master. Kavar offered Davann and Bastila seats on the Jedi council, which they both accepted. Atton Rand, Mira, Bao-Dur, and Brianna, all of who were trained in the ways of the Force by Davann, were bestowed with the rank of Jedi Knight by the new council. Visas Marr, having been brought back to the light side of the Force by Davann, was also bestowed with the rank of Jedi Knight. Master Zez-Kai El was appointed as the new Grandmaster of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, and he has started the rebuilding of the Enclave.

Mandalore, having traveled with both Revan, and Davann, vowed to Davann that should the enemy feared by Revan arrive to threaten the Republic, the Mandalorians would be there to assist. With Davann's assistance, Mandalore reached an agreement with Queen Talia of Onderon for the Mandalorians to remain on Dxun. Since they no longer had need of hiding, Mandalore has started rebuilding the Mandalorian encampment on Dxun, and has continued to gather the Mandalorians under his banner.

The Republic continues their restoration projects, and is continuing to rebuild the Republic army, under the leadership of Admiral Carth Onasi, which was so devastated from the long Jedi civil war. The Telos restoration project, once again under the complete control of the Ithorians, is moving quickly forward. Half of the planet of Telos is now havitable, and the Telosians have started building their new capital city on the surface. Things are begining to look up for the Republic.

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Chapter 1

Jedi Temple: Council chambers - Coruscant
The council members file in and stand before their seats. Kavar, the new Grand Master of the Jedi Order, looks around. "Let us begin our deliberations for this day." The council members nod, and then as one, they speak. "There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force." Having finished the Code of the Jedi, the members of the council take their seats. Kavar starts to speak. "Master Kai El, your report please."

"thank you Master Kavar," replies Zez-Kai El, "the rebuilding of the Enclave on Dantooine is going well. We expect to be finished within the year, and the crews have already finished the living areas, allowing us to place some Knights there to assist the settlers. The government in Khoonda has welcomed us. Head Adminstrator Adare has oopenly expressed her delight in having us return. Some of the settlers are wary of our return to Dantooine, but with with Master Darkstar's removing of the mercenary threat, they are more receptive than I expected them to be. We have some Knights assisting the local militia with some disputes, and I have dispatched other Knights to track down some the artifacts that have been taken from the Enclave by salvagers over the years. Altogether, a good start for us on Dantooine."

" Thank you Master Kai El." Kavar looks to Vrook. "Master Vrook, your report please." Vrook looks to be his normal grouchy self. "We have started again with the training of Padawans here in the Temple. It is going well so far, thought we are still somewhat lacking in instructors. However, a former Knight, Jolee Bindo, has returned and has expressed interest at becoming an instructor. Some of you will surely recognize his name, especially Master Shan. Bindo traveled with Revan during the civil war, assisting with teh quest for the Star Forge. After Revan's departure, Bindo returned to Kashykk, and remained there until news of recent events reached him. Even though he previously left the Order, he is a good Knight, and I would recommend he be allowed to return. He would be a good instructor for the Padawans." Bastila adds to this. "Jolee is a good man. I agree with Master Vrook on this, and I would also recommend that the council conider granting him mastership as well." Kavar looks at the other members. "All in favor?" The other four members nod their assent. "Very well, we shall elevate Jolee Bindo to the rank of Master and he will begin assisting Master Vrook with the training of the Padawants. Master Darkstar, your report please."

Davann clears his throat. "We have received reports that the Exchange is once again harassing the refugees on Nar Shadaa. i would like to take a few Knights, notably Atton Rand, Mira, and Visas Marr, and see if I can arrange a meeting with Goto to see if we can get him to leave the refugees alone. I don't expect him to agree though. The refugees make an easy source of slave labor for him. I expect that we will have to do something decisive with Goto and the Exchange to get them to back off." Kavar looks around "Any objections to Master Darkstar's plan?" None are forthcoming. "Very well Master Darkstar, proceed with you plan. Master Shan, what do you have to report?"

"Masters, the number of Knights returning from hiding is continuing to grow. Currently we have 569 Knights and 57 Masters that have returned. Master Vrooks currently has 26 Padawans that are being trained. Other than that, I have nothing to report. We are still unsure as to the whereabouts of Revan, or when we may hear something from him. Also, if it is alright with Master Darkstar, I would like to accompany him on his mission to Nar Shadaa." Davann nods his assent "I would be happy to have you along with us Master Shan." Kavar looks around. "Masters, we all have duties to see to. Let us adjourn. May the Force be with you." The Masters stand up and file out of the council chamber.

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Chapter 2

The Ebon Hawk: Jedi Temple landing pad - Coruscant
Davann walks into the cockpit. "Atton, are we ready to go?" Atton Rand looks up from the piilot's console. "Yep, just finished the preflight and the engines are all warmed up. Are you ready?" Davann nods "Let's go to Nar Shadaa." Atton responds. "Alright, here we go." Atton touches some controls and the Ebon Hawk lifts off. Soon it is in space and heading away from Coruscant. "Plotting the jump for lightspeed," says Atton "it will be just a few minutes." Visas Marr enters the cockpit and stands behind Davann and Atton. Davann looks up at her and quickly looks away. Visas gets a puzzled look on her face. "Are we about to make the jump?" "Yes, " replies Davann "Atton?" Atton nods. "Here we go." He pushes the lever forward. The Ebon Hawk smoothly jumps to lightspeed. Davann quickly stands up, "I need to go speak to Master Shan." and he leaves the cockpit.

Atton looks over his shoulder at Visas. "What the heck was that about?" Visas is visibly upset. "He's been trying his best to avoid me since the Trayus academy, and he has done a pretty good job of it. I don't think he has said ten words to me since then. I'm actually kind of surprised he wanted me along on this mission, as much as he doesn't want to be around me. I don't know what to do." Atton smirks. "Just walk up and kiss him and get it over with. You know you want to, and you know that he wants to." Visas glares at Atton. "Knowing is one thing. You know the code. There is no emotion. Relationships are forbidden to the Jedi. Sure, I know that it's happened before, but Davann has struggled to stay true to the Order. His exile is still fresh in his mind. Especially now that he is a Master and a member of the council. I think he wants to prove to everyone that they were wrong about him. That he is the perfect Jedi."

Davann walks up to Bastila's quarters and knocks on the door. "Master Shan, may I enter?" Bastila opens the door. "Come in Master Darkstar." Davann enters the cabin. "Can we talk?" Bastila nods. "Sure, have a seat." She sits down on her bed and Davann drops into the chair at her desk. "Bastila, you and I have known each other since we were younglings in the temple. We were Padawans together, we went through our trials together, and we were Knighted together. Hell, we were even granted Mastery together. You are the best friend i've got. I can't trust anyone else as I do you. I have a serious problem, and I don't know what to do. I...." Bastila raises her hand, interrupting Davann. "You're in love with Visas." She smiles as Davann looks at her shocked. "You thought you were hiding it well, right?" Davann nods. "Well, you're right. We do know each other, better than anyone else could. I saw it right away." Davann lowers his head. "Bastila, what do I do? I'm torn between doing what we are told is right and what I think is right. All our lives we are trained not to get into relationships. Not to let emotion rule us. When I folloewd Revan to the Mandalorian wars., I knew what the council would say, but i was sure that I was right in doing what i did. I wanted to stop the Mandalorians, to help save lives, to protect the Republic. I always thought that's what the Jedi was supposed to do. Protect the Republic."

"So I followed Revan, know full well that the Order would probably exile me, but I didn't care. I was doing the right thing. And then there was Malachor. All those deaths. My loss of the Force. All I could think of was the that the council was right. I did the wrong thing, and now i'm being punished for it. So after they exiled me, I ran. As far as I could, never letting anyone get close to me. And then I get dragged right back into. Now, I can feel the Force again, my exile is reversed, and i'm a Master. Go figure, right? I've always thought that the one thing that was wrong in the Order was we're told not to love anyone. Don't get intimate. I think that's wrong. I think we shouldn't teach that. No matter how hard you try, you can't banish all emotion. I think that it's alright to have emotions. It's part of being human. I'ts how you deal with the emotions that is the important part. that's what we should be teaching. But am I right? So here I am again. Do I do what i'm told is right, or do I do what I think is right? Last time, I did what I thought was right, and look at the consequences. Do I dare take that risk again? What do you think?"

Bastila smiles. "Boy, you don't fool around, do you Dav?" Davann smiles at the use of her childhood nickname for him. "I was wondering how long it was going to take you to bring this up. Honestly, I think that you're right. There are things wrong with our teaching. Kavar and the others have even admitted it. I think the area of love and the relationships that come with love are going to be one of the key teachings that is going to have to change, or we are going to continue to have Jedi that fall to the dark side. Vrook eespecially won't like hearing it, you know how he is, but even he can see it." She looks at Davann.

"Now it's my turn for a secret. I'm in love with Revan." She laughs as Davann's jaw drops. "Really. I never expected it to happen. When we went to capture Revan, Malak saw an opprotunity, and turned against Revan, firing on Revan's ship. It nearly killed Revan, but I kept him alive until we were able to return to Coruscant. During that trip, a Force Bond was created between us. Revan's mind seemed to be completely destroyed by the attack, so the council programmed Revan with a new identity, making him a soldier in the Republic army under my command. We had heard reference made to something called the Star Forge, but we didn't know what it was. The hope of the council was that Revan would be assigned to me, and if he started to remeber anything about the Star Forge, then maybe he could lead me to it. And he did. Our bond was so intense, that we were having each others visions, and emotions and thoughts. It wasn't long after the reprogramming that he started demonstrating his connection to the Force, so the council agreed to train him as a Jedi under his new identity."

"Along the way, we fell in love. He wanted to pursue it, and I gave in once, kissing him. And then I turned him away. I told him that we couldn't let this interfere with our mission. He eventually found our about the council's deception. Ironically, it was Malak that revealed the deception to him. After he found out, do you know what Revan said to me? He said ' I forgive you Bastila, you did what you thought was right.' If there was any reason needed to turn back to the dark side, there it was. But Revan stayed true to the light. I attacked Malak so Revan could escape. Malak, of course, captured me. He turned me to the dark side. I willingly became his apprentice."

"Revan eventually found the Star Forge, and we had a confrontaion there. He brougth me back to the light. Not with the Code, not with his superior mastery of the Force, with his LOVE for me. Nothing fancy, just a love so pure that it struck me to the core. He defeated Malak that day, and the Star Forge was destroyed. He was once again a hero of the Republic. Not long after, he started remembering more things. Things he had learned of during the Mandalorian wars and his time as a Sith Lord. Because of our bond, I knew it wouldn't be long before he was gone. He had to find out what the threat was. We said goodbye, and he told me to keep the Republic together, and he would be back, and then he left. I would give anything to have him here with me right now, no matter what the council thought of it. So do I think you're right? Yes I do. As to what should you do, the only thing I can say is follow your instincts. They haven't steered you wrong ye, no matter what anyone has told you. You were right doing what you did during the Mandalorian wars. I knew it then, I just didn't have the courage to go against the Masters. Do wat your heart tells you to do Dav."

They both get up and hug. Davann smiles. "Thanks little sister." Bastila glares at him. "Little! Just because Mother gave birth to me a measley 2 minutes after you, doesn't mean you always get to rub it in! Well, I guess since I am the younger of the two of us, I can get away with this." She sticks her tongue at him. Davann laughs and turns to leave. "By the way Dav, i've always wondered something. Why did you change your name to Darkstar:" As he walks out the door, Davann looks over his shoulder at her and grins. "Because it sounded cool."

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Chapter 3

The Ebon Hawk: Refugee Sector landing pad - Nar Shadaa
Davann looks at the others standing around him and grins. "Do you think that two Jedi Masters and three Jedi Knights will be enough to get the attention of the Exchange?" Bastila looks around the refugee sector. "Well, if it isn't, then we will just have to start doing things to get their attention. Where should we start?" Davann looks over at Mira. "What do you think? Start with where the refugee's live?" Mira nods. "It's as good a place as any. There will probably be some Exchange thugs there harassing people." Davann agrees. "Alright, let's head over there."

They walk through the marketplace and over to the entrance to the Refugee area. As they enter, two exchange guards stop them. A Thrandoshan glares at them and says. "This area off limits. You go...wait, you Jedi. What do Jedi want?" Davann looks at the Thrandoshan. "We want you to stop harassing the refugee's. Now. Leave them alone and do not bother them again. They are under the protection of the Jedi Order. Now go. Tell your bosses to leave and never return." The Thrandoshan hisses. "We not leave Jedi. The Jedi not boss on Nar Shadaa. Goto is boss. Exchange not afraid of jedi. You leave now or we kill you." Davann waves his hand at the Thrandoshan. "You will go to your boss now, and tell him that the Exchange is to leave Nar Shadaa." the Thrandoshan nods. "I tell Goto to leave Nar Shadaa." Davann continues. "You will tell Goto that he can meet with me, or he will suffer the consequences." The Thrandoshan nods again. "I tell Goto to see you, or he suffer." Davann tells the Thrandoshan "Go now, and never return." The Thrandoshan agrees. "I go, and I not come back." The Thrandoshan and the Weequay with him turn and leave the refugee area. Davann looks back at the others. "Well, that should get Goto's attention. Let's go talk with some of the refugee's."

The group walks through the corridors to the main living area of the refugees. "Let's split up and see what news we can find out." The others agree and they all go in separate directions. Davann walks around for a while, talking with the refugee's, until he finds Hussef, who is the unofficial leader among the refugee's. Hussef turns to face Davann as he walks up to him. "Master Darkstar! A pleasure to see you again." Davann shakes his hand. "Hussef, good to see you. Thanks for getting that communication about the Exchange to me. I know it couldn't have been easy." Hussef nods. "I was worried that you weren't going to get it. The situation has been steadily getting worse. The exchange has been taking people on a daily basis to sell as slaves. It's rumored that Goto is actually on Nar Shadaa overseeing the operation. I was expecting another group of exchange thugs to show up any time now. Hussef barely gets the words out of his mouth when a group of refugee's start screaming. Davann looks over to see a group of 15 armed men gathering people and placing them in restraints.

Davann grabs his double-bladed lightsaber off of his belt, and leaps into the air, sailing towards the intuders. He performs a flip in mid-air, and as he is coming down to the ground, he twists the handle of his saber, separating it into two sigle baldes. Davann ignites his sabers, extends both arms, and spins in a circle, cutting down four of the assailants. As he finishes the spin, davann reconnects his sabers into a double-blade in one fluid motion, and blaocks some incoming blaster bolts. The screams of the people and the sound of blaster fire brings the other Jedi to the fight. In moments, the five Jedi are the only ones standing as the refugee's start cheering. As the others start taking the restraints off of some of the people, Davann notices that one of the intruders is still alive. Summoning the Force, Davann levitates the mann off of the ground and brings the man to him.

"Who sent you?" The man's left forearm is missing from a lightsaber strike, and he is trembling violently. "Goto did. He sent us to get our daily quota of people to sell on the slave market. Please, Master Jedi, don't kill me." Davann shakes his head. "I'm not going to kill you. Where is Goto? Is he here on Nar Shadaa?" The man stutters, "I d-don't know if he is actually here. All we ever see is a hologram of him. But the droid that projects the hologram is up in the control room oveerlooking the refugee area." Davann sets the man on the ground. "Go back to Goto. Tell him to get off of Nar Shadaa. Tell him if he is smart, he will run as far as he can from here, because otherwise I will bring him to justice, and he will stand trial on Coruscant for his crimes. Tell him to take his thugs with him. The Jedi are now protecting the Refugee Sector, and we are here to stay. Go." The man immediately runs off. Davann looks over to Mira. "Take Atton and return to the Ebon Hawk. A couple of months ago, the refugees set up a landing pad in that open area of the old Serraco section. Bring the Ebon Hawk there. We are going to be setting up a temporary headquarters there. After you are there, contact Master Kavar that I am executing the plan he and I talked about. He will understand what I mean. We will meet you there shortly." Mira nods. She and Atton head out.

Bastila walks over to Davann. "What are you thinking Dav?" Davann turns to her. "I think that we are going to adopt a plan that Kavar and I have been thinking about for a while. This entire area, the Exchange controlled area, the old Serraco area, and the Refugee area here, weren't actually owned by anyone. I secretly bought all these areas two months ago. We are going to set up a Jedi Enclave here and start a refugee relocation project in it. What the project will do is take any refugee's who want a new home, and find one for them, along with a job for them, on a Republic world. We'll put Hussef in charge of it. He is the perfect man for the job. One Master will run the Enclave, and they will have 20 Knights here to assist them. We will show the Exchange, the Hutts, and anyone else who thinks that they can take advantage of the people here, that it's not going to happen. Nar Shadaa willl no longer be a locus for lawlessness."

More to come...............

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Please, put it through a word processor first. I see quite a few mistakes. Plus naming mistakes - it's "Serrocco". "Nar Shaddaa"

Bastila calls the Exile "Master Darkstar" and then Dav, that's awkward.

Have somebody proof-read your work before you post it, perhaps.

And did you listen to what Kreia told the Exile at the end? She told himher to go find Revan, and so did Carth.
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Thanks for pointing the things out.
Keia told the exile that he could could choose to follow Revan, not that he had to.
Carth never said that either, he just asked the exile if he saw Revan, to let him know something.
This is my first time writing, so thank you for your opinion.
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