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Thread: [Fic] The Galactic Scream
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I have merged your new thread with your old one as this question can be as easily asked in your stories thread.

As to weather you should continue or not, it is all up to you and what is happening on your end.

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After a bit of a break I've decided to return. Expect Chapter two: Framed, by the end of this week.
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I know it's been a long time... It was a busy year, but here we go with the beginning of Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Framed

His fellow Rhytius stuck their hands out through the bars that imprisoned them, trying to grab him, moaning at him. He always hated this walk more than anything. The rougher ones taunted him mercilessly, shouting at him.



"Better run fast... I heard Gystow's not in the best mood!"

He couldn't take it anymore, something inside him snapped.

"Leave me alone you filthly prisoners! You just hate me because I'm smart enough to obey the law! I could have anyone of you executed at the snap of my fingers, because Gystow respects me!"

It had all just come out, after years of buildup. Thoran felt so relieved to release his anger, but his relief quickly turned to anxiety as he saw his master walk down the prison corridor with a witty smile on his face, looking directly into Thoran's eyes.

"M-Master! Lord Gystow. I-I've never seen you in this section before."

Gystow spoke so calmly. "Well, I want to make it my goal to see every part of this place. It is my palace, afterall."

Thoran laughed nervously. Gystow looked at him as if he was the most pathetic thing he'd ever come across.

"Don't be so anxious, Thoran. Afterall, you are the most respected person on this planet."

"I never said that Lord Gystow! Obviously you are the greatest and most respected being on this planet... in this galaxy."

Gystow still looked at him as if he was an annoying insect. "What is your business here, Thoran?"

Thoran felt somewhat relieved. "I've been instructed by General Kahrd to personally inform you that... well my lord, would you rather hear the good news first or the bad news?"

"Just spit it out you pathetic three-eyed Scum." Gystow had lost his cool smile as a few prisoners started laughing. However, they instantly stopped after a cold glance from the Sith dictator.

"Y-Yes my lord. Our... Your armies have found the infamous Green Hills that so many prisoners spoke about. The base has been destroyed, and a crucial rebellion leader has been captured. He's set to arrive shortly."

Gystow's smile returned, but quickly faded once again. "I'm assuming that's not the bad news Thoran..."

"Yes, you're correct in that assumption Lord Gystow. You see, the Jedi, the one you let be in order to track the base.. It seems he's escaped."

Lord Gystow looked somewhat amused. " In case your forgetting, you ignorant little creature, this planet belongs to me. There's nowhere he can go... all of our ships are immobile to anyone besides those who I let leave. And his was destroyed so..."

"That's the thing Master... they misinterpreted your orders. Instead of destroying the ship, they simply guarded it... until the rebels killed them. He's escaped Vamishua my Lord."

The anger grew in Gystow's eyes, he stared Thoran down, and the young Rhytius slave instantly recognized that look as the look his master had given to so many before he tortured them to their countless deaths.

"Do... do you realise what this means for me? DO YOU?!!"

"Master I-"

"Of course you don't YOU FOOL! That Jedi... He'll tell the Republic, about, about what goes on here. How am I supposed to stand up to the entire Army of the Republic?!"

"Master... I'll do everything I can to prevent them from-"

Gystow's face suddenly turned from anxious to cool and calm, almost evilly amused.

"You'll prevent the Republic?! YOU?! Do you think you're really that important?! You think you're the least bit important in my eyes, Thoran? DO YOU?!"

Thoran was more anxious than he'd ever been in his life. "No Lord."

"Now he's quiet...Now he's soft spoken. Let me show you, my Dearly Respected Slave, how important you are to me."

Gystow's lightsaber was out instantaneously. Thoran heard nothing but it's loud red hum. As it touched his head, he felt more pain than he ever imagined possible, and suddenly he understood the screams of all the tortured prisoners, who's bodies he once carried through this very hallway... then he felt nothing.


Gystow smiled at the shocked prisoners, some of them reduced to tears. "Come on you Orange Idiots! Laugh a little. Nobody even liked him anyway... Now for the matter at hand. Any of you want to replace him? First order is cleaning up this mess!"

A prisoner raised his hand slowly. Gystow swung the door open with the force, as the prisoner rushed out, bowing to his new master before grabbing Thoron's corpse.

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