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Thread: Nighthunter
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This is a brand new fanfic. Existing in a completely alternate dimension to all my other previous fanfics. The only similarity this fanfic bears to any of my previous SW related fics is it includes the Kaminoan Arch from Urban Death. Bare in mind that Arch is a slightly different character compared to his previous incarnation and follows a completely different history



Coruscant was always a drab and depressing sort of place. During the day the planet blossomed with life. Humans and aliens alike worked themselves to death simply to amass an assortment of credits to survive upon. Nightlife was a different story altogether. Though many of Coruscant's tourists would quickly bore of the nightclubs and bars altogether. They were to similar to a planet such as Corellia.

Bars however usually stay open far earlier in the day then the nightclubs on Coruscant. However during the day the only patrons would most likely be either alcoholics or bounty hunters. It was rare to see anyone wanting to drink casually during the day.

This day was obviously no exception. The rain from the previous day had quickly enough created a slight damp atmosphere within the local bar. It was a quiet out of the way place to be sure; Only attracting lost tourists or criminals.

The bartender was a quiet droid who was always seen cleaning glasses. The droid had no legs. Instead rotating along a prebuilt track behind the counter. When the droid did speak, he only did so when asking the customer about his drink. His programming disallowed him to engage in small talk of any nature.

Jarr Doova quickly entered the Cantina with a smug grin on his face. Jarr was a constant regular to the bar and was permanently added to the bartender droid's memory. Jarr gave off a vibrant glow to him as he walked past the bar tables towards the other end of the Cantina. Though the Cantina was visibly empty the Rodian quickly spotted his target leaning next to a booth.

The Rodian stared deep at the tall human leaning on the wall. The human had bright blond hair hidden underneath a small brown hat. His hair fell over his forehead and appeared to hide his eyes. The human had a fairly thin face covered in a semi-long beard. The human's blue eyes simply stared back at the Rodian and scoffed slightly in resentment. He wore a brown jacket with a green undershirt underneath.

"You do know Truesdale I still don't have my credits." Jarr barked at the human. Jarr's particular accent of Rodianese sounded heavily mixed in with basic. It sounded like a Wampa coming to rip off the legs of a Tauntan.

"You'll get it when I do. I still have to wait until later for this job to pay off." Truesdale remarked. Though Jarr was far taller then he was, he still didn't show any sign of resentment or fear. By the human's legs was a long instrument of unknown origins. The Rodian quickly leaned right next to him and laughed slightly.

"Alright then. I'll wait. What are you performing tonight?" Jarr asked slowly in curiosity. He raised his scaly eyebrow slowly upwards as he turned his head.

"That's the problem. I don't know. Last night I was almost thrown out of the Pale Krayt bar because I wasn't a Bith or something. The only reason I am here is because there aren't to many people who come here." The human slowly slid his way to a sitting upright position

"Jarr you know all the regulars in this Cantina right?" He asked as his eyes caught the glance at a particular patron across the bar. Jarr with a bored expressio quickly recognizing the fellow meager outcasts of Coruscant sitting at various booths around the room. Truesdale quickly pointed towards a patron at the far end of the bar. "Who is that?" He asked curiously. Jarr strained his eyes for a few minutes, then shrugged.

"I don't know. Not a regular... maybe a tourist?" He answered slowly. Truesdale slowly rose to his feet and took his instrument inhand. He slowly walked over to the unknown patron.

What confused Truesdale the most was the appearance of the patron in question. He was a short Kaminoan wearing a black Trench coat. Unlike the dull flaunting smug Kaminoans Truesdale had seen before on Kamino, this one was different. His eyes were slightly smaller, carrying a shade of deep brown in their irises. His eyes themselves had dark bags deep underneath them. Giving the appearance of an older male. The Kaminoan lacked a traditional crest the rest of his species wore. Instead his head was completely bald like the female counterpart of the species. The Kaminoan's neck was far smaller but still gave off it's thin appearance. Truesdale slowly grabbed a nearby stool and sat across from the Kaminoan.

As he did this, Truesdale took notice towards the Kaminoan's expression. He appeared as if in a trance, not noticing the human across from him. Truesdale quickly snapped his fingers towards him and began talking.

"Hey, I haven't seen you around here." Truesdale said quickly. It was mostly out of surprise at his appearance. The Kaminoan shook his head several times as his pupils dilated. He slowly sat upright and took notice towards the human.

"Oh?... Does it matter?" The Kaminoan said. His leftover Correlian ale appeared to have started evaporating. Indicating he was possibly there for quite a while.

"No not really. I don't normally see to many high class aliens here. What's your story?" Truesdale asked as he called over Jarr from the other side of the Cantina. The Kaminaon slowly shrugged and appeared annoyed. As Jarr walked over Truesdale stood up.

"Hey, Jarr. You know this guy?" Truesdale asked slowly to the Rodian. Now closer to the Kaminoan in question Jarr shook his head. "I don't see to many Kaminoans. What's your name?" Jarr asked as he pulled up a stool

The Kaminoan's need to walk away lessened as he straightened himself. He slowly adjusted the collar of his jacket as he began to speak. "Arch. I just came here yesterday to get away from... all that" He said as he waved his hand towards the door. Truesdale soon stood up and introduced himself.

"I am Delbert Truesdale. Traveling musician. This is my personal friend and loan shark Jarr Doova." Jarr slowly nodded towards him. "So what do you mean by all that? What do you do for a living?" He asked curiously. Truesdale didn't normally associate himself with strangers. However starved for a song like he was, Truesdale needed a quick idea for some sort of poem to make a tune out of.

Arch sighed slowly and leaned back in his stool. "Well it's kinda complected." He slowly picked up his old glass of Correlian ale and drank it. "Let me start at the beginning..."

To be continued

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