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Thread: Deeper Mysteries Of The Force
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Marius Fett
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Deeper Mysteries Of The Force

Deeper Mysteries Of The Force

Our blades clashed, my green against his blue. The cascading fountains of energy, creating small flashes of light as they did so. He cut at my leg, and I parried with downward sweeps of my blade. He aimed attacks at my head and torso, but I blocked them, my hand guided and steadied by the Force.

I was on the defensive, trying to see a weakness in his technique. There were none. His form was flawless. I knew that to win, I would have to think outside the box. I would have to use more unorthodox methods. I continued allowing the Force to guide me, helping me to repel his incessant attacks. He was good. Very good. But with the Force aiding me, I knew I could win. I knew that if I could catch him off guard, and do something unexpected, if I could surprise him, I could defeat him. Then I saw my chance. I just had to wait for the perfect moment.

He aimed a strike at my left side, so I side stepped, swinging my blade upwards as I did so. He attacked again, a series of complex slashes and thrusts. I repelled them all, my hand guided by the Force. Then, he raised his blade above his head, set to bring it crashing down, and to slice me in half. This was my chance. I angled my saber diagonally, catching his blade on mine. I held him there, our blades locked together, hissing and spitting, like a pair of great serpents. We struggled for a moment, but I powered through. Managing to sweep my blade and both hands, over the top of his. Me blade then came right underneath his left wrist, where the hilt of his weapon was. I brought my lightsaber quickly upwards, hitting his weapon out of his hands, onto the hard stone tiles of the floor. Then, I raised my left hand in front of me, calling upon the Force. And I let forth a Force Push, which sent him flying several feet.

As soon as he landed, I leapt. The length of my jump extended by the Force. I landed on him, my legs either side of him. My blade at his throat. He closed his eyes, and sighed in defeat...

I deactivated my weapon, clipping it to my belt. I stood, and extended a hand to the figure now laying before me on the cold, tiled ground. He took it, and got to his feet.

“Looks like I win again Master.” I said, putting particular emphasis on the word “again”.

He gave a small chuckle, smiling at me, as he bent over to pick up his dropped lightsaber from the floor of the training chamber.

“So it would seem.”

“Looks like your age is finally starting to show, eh?” I teased, flattening out the creases in the front of my woollen tunic as I did so.

Master Zhar turned to look at me, a feigned expression of bewilderment on his aged face.

“I have no idea what you're talking about. I am a man in my prime!”

“If you say so Master, if you say so...” I teased again, shaking my head.

That's one of the things I liked about my master. He could be serious and stern when circumstances required it, but he could also at other times, be fun, and was always ready for a good joke. I think that's what made him such a good teacher. Sometimes, he'd be telling a story of some old long dead Jedi, telling small jokes about whatever happened to them, and you would learn without even realising what was happening. That, in my opinion is the mark of a great teacher, and is one of many reasons, why I had so much respect for him.

We left the training room together. Together, we ventured outside, into the warmth of the Courtyard outside the Council chambers, to sit in the shade of the great tree's branches. We used to do that a lot, my Master and I. We would go out there and meditate after a training session, basking in the relaxing atmosphere, and abundant Force energy that surrounded that place, the heart of the Jedi Enclave.

We would sit there for hours, sometimes debating or discussing, or sometimes doing nothing at all. At times, we would simply sit there, and think on life, and of the Force as a whole. We would sit there, allowing the gentle Dantooine breeze, and the warmth of the sun, to wash over us, helping us to venture deep into ourselves, in the calm and the quiet of the place.
I had a feeling, that this morning was to be one of those times when we would have a discussion of some sort. We climbed up onto the platform, where the tree was located. We sat down together, cross legged on the grass. Immediately beginning to feel the calm and peace wash over us.

“Blaine, there is something we need to discuss.” He said calmly.

“Discuss? Have I done something wrong?”

“Blaine, you have been my Padawan for these past 15 years, and in that time you have exceeded all our expectations. You have displayed remarkable affinity with the Force, incredible skill with the lightsaber, and also shown that you have great compassion, and that you have a great love and respect for the Galaxy, and for all life that it houses. It has been a long time Blaine, since you stood before the High Council on Coruscant... You were but a child then... Just an innocent five year old boy. And in our time together, you have progressed to become a true credit to the Jedi Order.”

“I couldn't have accomplished any of the things I have without your guidance, Master.” I replied with a smile. “If you hadn't chosen me as your Apprentice, I would never have been able to learn as much as I have.

“Blaine, you would have been able to achieve great things, no matter who your teacher was, this I realise how privileged I have been to have been the one to have taught you.”

I had enormous respect for the man sitting in front of me. I honestly believed, and still do believe, that without him I would have never accomplished anything. Yet he would never admit that he was the reason I had grown so strong. He would never accept my thanks or praise from anyone, he would only give it out.

“Blaine, you have become a truly remarkable young man, and indeed a remarkable young Jedi. Which is why I have decided that you are ready.”

My heart leapt in disbelief. I knew what he was saying, yet I couldn't believe it. I had never thought that this day would come so soon, if it ever came at all! I looked around at the old Twi Lek Jedi sitting next to me on the grass...


“Blaine, you are ready in my opinion to take the Trials.... You are ready to become... A Jedi Knight.

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The lightsaber battle was very well described. It was poetic but did not lose any exciteme t in the process. This has encouraged me to go back to a fight scene I have been putting off, so thank you.

Also nice to see Zhar, who I think has not gotten his fair share of attention in the world of fan fiction. Excellent job!

On a totally unrelated note: I like the avvy.


Viva La Resistance!
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Marius Fett
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Yeah, I always thought Zhar got far too little attention too.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Marius Fett
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I was too shocked to speak. After 15 whole years of training alongside my Master, here he was telling me that I was ready to go on without him. I had never thought about what life would be like without him, without his guidance, training and aid whenever I needed it.

For as long as I can remember, my Master has always been there. Since I was 5 years old I had been in his care. Not once in our time together had we discussed what it would be like after I became a Jedi Knight. And now that the time was here, I wasn't sure what to make of it...

“A Jedi Knight? Master, are you sure i'm ready for that?” I asked, still in shock from what I had been told.

“Blaine, I have every faith in you. There is little left for me to teach you. Anything else that you need to learn, you must learn for yourself.”

“Thank you Master. I'll try not to disappoint you. Or the Council.”

With a groan, Master Zhar got to his feet, climbing down from the platform and back onto the stone tiles of the Enclave floor. I followed.

“You'll do fine Blaine. Just stay calm, and don't let your emotions cloud your thoughts and judgement, and you'll pass the Trials with no problems at all. Now you should go pack and get some rest. We leave for Coruscant first thing tommorrow morning.”

I looked up at the sky. It was sunset! I hadn't realised how long we had spent in the training room. That's another good thing about my Master. He had the ability to make time seem like it was moving far faster than it actually was.
He had a way of making you completely enthralled in his teaching, so that hours, and even days, felt like no time at all...

“That soon?”

“Yes, there's no sense in putting it off. Plus I have to attend a meeting with the rest of the Council, which is why we will be arriving a few days early. Plus it'll give you a chance to get settled at the Temple.”

I had only ever been to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant three times. Once when I was taken there as a child, and twice when I had accompanied Master Zhar to one of the Council meetings. I had never really got a chance to look around, so I was excited at the prospect of having a chance to do just that.

“I see. I'll turn in then Master, and get a bag packed. How long will we be away for?”

“We should be there no more than a standard week. You can stay for as long as you wish however, and return here when you are ready. If you want to return at all.” He replied.

“Very well Master. Goodnight.” I said, bowing to the aged Twi'lek before me.

“Good night Blaine.” He replied.

With that, he turned on his heel, and started walking away from me. Inside the building, to the Jedi Council chambers.

I started walking towards the Dormitories. Scratching my head as I turned. I walked slowly, thinking about what would happen on Coruscant. I had heard from others who had gone what it was like. How it felt to stand before the Coucil. How it felt to walk those great doors, and to enter that great building. It had been so long for me since i'd done any of those things. So it would be like a whole new experience for me.

I reached my room. The door opened at a wave of my hand. I went in and sat down on my bed.

“This could be my last night in this room...” I thought. I started looking around. It was a small, simple room. Only a few metres square, but for over a decade, it had been my home.

There wasn't a lot in there. Just a simple bed, a desk, a dresser and a small chair. I didn't need a lot. After all, I was only really in there to sleep. I was normally out most of the day. Training, or helping out around the Enclave. Sometimes I was of on missions with my Master, sometimes I was out helping the local farmers with their troubles.

Still, I guess I never realised how much i'd miss the Enclave when I eventually left. Even that small room seemed to have been a big part of my life, as I sat there thinking about it. I was excited, and eager to find out what my future would hold, but even so, I knew I would still miss my simple little room on Dantooine. Where it had always seemed like no harm could ever be done to me, nor to my peers. Dantooine was peaceful. And I had known nothing but that peace for most of my life.

But there comes a time in everyones life, where they must put the past behind them, and move on, looking to the future. I got up off of my bed. Reaching under it, to pull out a large kit bag. It was mostly empty, apart from a Datapad, and my travelling tunic. Not that i'd done much travelling in it mind you. I usually wore it when I went out to the farms, or on various missions with Master Zhar. Now it could truly live up to its name.

I put the bag on my bed. Pulling out the Datapad and setting it on the desk. I put my tunic on the back of my chair. Knowing that I would most likely need it in the morning. I opened the drawers of my dresser, pulling out a few spare tunics and pairs of trousers. I folded them, placing them in my bag. Then, I pulled out my robe. I never wore my robes that often. But I knew that I would be required to wear it when I went before the Council, so I put that in the bag too. That was really all I needed. I would probably need some credits, but I could withdraw some from my account when we reached Coruscant. I wouldn't need them until then.

I closed the bag, and put it on the floor next to the door, ready for my departure. I then turned to look at my reflection in the mirror on my wall. I never really used to do that much. But that night I felt the need to. I felt the need to see myself there, in that small room. Possibly for the last time.

Then, with nothing left to do, I removed my belt, throwing it over the back of the chair with my tunic. Then I kicked off my boots, placing them next to my bag at the door. I took off my tunic and undershirt, placing them on the chair too. Last, I removed my trousers, which joined the rest of my clothes on the back of the small wooden chair.

I figured I would wear them the next day. I'd be stuck on some ship for most of it, so there was no point in getting any new clothes dirty.

Then, I climbed into my bed. My head sinking into the soft pillow, the sheet covering me with a blanket of warmth. I took one last look at the room, then I turned on my side, and started to drift off to sleep. Tommorrow, I would leave for Coruscant, I would leave to meet the Jedi Council.

I would leave, to become a Jedi Knight...
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Marius Fett
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Next morning, I was awoken by the sound of my door being opened. Even as I lay there, with my eyes shut, I sensed who it was.

“Is it time already, Master?” I asked, sitting up, rubbing the sleep out of my weary eyes.

“Indeed.” He replied, Turning on the lights.

“Argh!” I covered my eyes with my hands, blinded by the light.

Zhar chuckled. “I'll leave you to get prepared then Blaine. You have one hour.”

With that, he turned, leaving the room. The door slid shut behind him, leaving me sitting there alone.

My head immediately began to fill with thoughts and emotions. Excitement, happiness, but also nervousness, and dread. The Council were sure to be difficult people to impress. And even though Zhar was my Master, I knew I could not count on any favouritism from him. Not that I thought I should get any. I knew that he, like the other members of the Council, would be fair and unbiassed.

But my Trials were days away. So there's no sense in worrying about them yet, I thought. I got out of bed. Pulling on my trousers and tunic as I did so. Then, I left my room, bare foot, heading for the room at the end of the hall. I walked quietly, not wanting to wake anyone, as it was still early.

As I entered, I removed my clothes once again, and stepped into one of the shower cubicles. The water was cold, as the heating systems had not been used overnight, but it warmed up in a minute or two. Once I was done, I stepped out, and walked over to the auto-dryer. After about a minute, I was fully dry again. Feeling clean and refreshed, I pulled, my clothes back on, and finished cleaning myself up.

Then I returned to my room. I went in, wanting to have one last look around before leaving. I knew I would be back fairly soon, but assuming I passed my Trials, this room wouldn't be mine anymore. It would be passed on to some other Padawan. If I chose to remain on Dantooine, I would be given a new room, near the Masters rooms, and the rooms of the other Jedi who had achieved the rank of Jedi Knight. It would still be Dantooine, but a new room wouldn't have 15 years worth of memories in. Still, I suppose change is what life is all about.

Taking my travelling tunic from the chair, I began to walk towards the door. I pulled the tunic over my head, feeling the rough woollen fabric brush against my skin.

I stepped into my boots, and bent over to pick up my bag from the ground. I slung it over my shoulder, and stepped out into the silent corridor. Turning around to take one last look, I used the Force to flick the lights off, and closed the door behind me. Locking it.

I walked along the hall, past the rooms of the other Padawans, and out into the fresh air of the small courtyard. A gentle, early morning breeze ruffling my hair. I stopped to look at the tree. The tree underneath which my Master had told me I was going to become a full Jedi Knight, just hours before.

I went into the Council Chambers, expecting to find my Master in there. But the only person in there was Master Dorak, the Chronicler and Chief Librarian of the Dantooine Enclave. He was sat at the centre of the room, on the hard, cold stone floor. He sat cross-legged deep in thought. Not wishing to disturb his meditation, I started to turn, making for the exit.

“Good morning Blaine.” Master Dorak said. “I wish you luck in your Trials.”

“Oh, sorry to have disturbed you Master. But thank you. I hope that I manage not to disappoint Master Zhar. He's been good to me, so I have to pass. For him as much as me.”

“Blaine, I am certain you will do well. You have great abilities, which here in the Enclave are not being given enough exercise. Moving on to the next step in your career will open many new doors for you. And as for dissapointing Master Zhar, I find that very unlikely. He holds you in very high esteem, and has no doubt in his mind whatsoever as to what will happen on Coruscant.”
“He is a great Jedi. I am lucky to have had him as my teacher.” I said with a smile, looking up through the small skylight at the still dark sky outside.

“Indeed he is Blaine. Like Master, like apprentice.” Dorak replied with a smile, standing as he did so.
“Come, Master Zhar is waiting outside in the Courtyard for you. I will accompany you.”

“Thank you Master” I said, as we left the room together, crossing the courtyard, passing the tree and left the Enclave walls. Outside, in the main Courtyard, there was complete silence. Not even the whisper of the wind could be heard out there. The beauty of Dantooine under the starry sky really was breathtaking.

Master Dorak and I walked together across the paved Courtyard to where Master Zhar was waiting for me on the bridge. He was in his own travelling tunic, with a bag similar to mine on his shoulders.

“Ah, Blaine, excellent! Our ship should be arriving at any minute now.”

I nodded, moving to stand beside my Master on the stone bridge.

“I'll see you when I return” Zhar told Dorak. Then he added with a grin: “A week without Vrook, lucky you!”

Master Dorak tried to hide his smile, but failed. He turned away, shaking his head. He walked in the direction of the sub-level entrance. Disappearing through the doors.

After hearing that last sentence, I began to feel uneasy. Master Vrook, just like Zhar, was a member of the High Jedi Council. He was a stern, hard man. Very difficult to please, let alone impress. Before I could say anything more to my Master, a sound breached the silence. It was the sound of ships engines. It was coming from behind me. I turned to look. Sure enough, flying through the air towards us, was a small frigate. It bore the insignia of the Galactic Republic.

It flew over us, and touched down atop one of the many small hills surrounding the Enclave.

“That's us,” Said Master Zhar, making his way over to the foot of the hill the pilot had chosen as his landing spot.

I followed, and we ascended the grassy slope together. I sensed this was to be the last grass I would see in quite a while...

The ships loading ramp was already opened when we arrived at the top of the hill. A Republic Officer in a red and yellow uniform, with various medals on his chest.

He was an impressive figure. Six feet tall, with arms thick as those of a Mandalorian warriors in his prime.

“Ah, Master Zhar! A pleasure as always!” The officer shouted as we neared his vessel.

“Kodar! Still alive I see?” My Master replied with a smile, extending his hand to the man before us. He grasped it firmly and shook it.

“Blaine, this is an old friend of mine, Admiral Kodar Jansen” Zhar said.

“Kodar, this is my Padawan, Blaine Kavelle”

“A pleasre to meet you Blaine” the Admiral said, offering me his hand too. “And less of the 'old' Zhar.” He added with a grin.

“A pleasure to meet you too sir.” I replied with a bow, accepting his offer of a handshake.

“You too should hurry up and get on board. We're ready to leave.”

The three of us hurried onto the ship. Admiral Jansen led us to our quarters. We were shown where the facilities were, then shown to the Bridge.
Despite only being a small frigate, that ship was bigger on the inside than you'd think. It was a state of the art ship, we were told. Everything was shiny and new, and not a thing looked out of place. The crew seemed friendly enough. They all seemed to have great respect for the Admiral.

“It's been a while Zhar” Admiral Jansen said, as the three of us stood together on the Bridge. “I don't think i've seen you since the end of the Great Sith War!”

“Indeed.” Zhar replied. “Since then, i've not had much to do wth the Military.”

“No offense my friend, but I hope you never do again!” The Admiral said.

“Now Kodar. you've hurt my feelings!” Zhar replied, a feigned look of sadness on his face.

The ship entered hyperspace about half an hour after we boarded. We were to reach Coruscant early next morning.

Zhar told me I should get some sleep, as I hadn't had much of a chance to, the night before.

I took his advice. I lay there on the small bed, thinking about what the next few days would bring. I lay there for about an hour thinking about it. About the Temple, about the Council, the Trials. I thought of all the Jedi and how it would feel to see some of the instructors who had taken care of my earliest training again...

Eventually I fell asleep. unsurprisingly, my dreams were of Coruscant. I saw myself entering the Council Chamber, and being questioned by the Masters.

I saw myself being taken by my Master to begin my Trials. I saw myself being taken into the Hall of Knighthood...

I slept for around 2 hours. But then, my dreams changed. I found myself in the Council Chamber once more. But the Council was different.

The skin of the Masters was grey and cracked, like fisures in rock. Their eyes turned a mixture of yellows and reds.

I could sense the Dark Side in them. Where once they had been filled with peace, and love, now there were pools of hatred and malice. I could feel the chaos within them, their souls tainted, and corrupted.

Then, Master Zhar stood up. Igniting a red lightsaber...

I felt great danger. I tried to activate my own weapon, but it wouldn't ignite. I was defenseless...

Then, quick as lightning, my Master lunged at me, saber outstretched. Plunging it into my stomach. I let out a great yell, as I awoke from my nightmare, on the bed in my room on the ship.

I rushed to the Bridge, where I found my Master looking deeply troubled.

He was talkng seriouly to Admiral Jansen. Jansen looked nervous and on edge.

“Master!” I shouted. “I felt a disturbance in the Force!”

“I felt it too, Blaine.” My Master replied, looking worried.

Even as I stood there, I began to feel more and more uneasy. The Force was giving me messages..

I could feel something moing towards our ship. Something evil. I could feel nothing, except what the Force wanted me to feel. A feeling of impending doom.

Then, there was a great crashing sound, and the ship shook. Alarm bells started to ring.

“Admiral Jansen!” shouted one of the men at the command console. “We're being boarded!”
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There was another crashing sound. The ship shook once more, as the enemy ship got a hold of us in its tractor beam, pulling us to a halt.

“What! How the hell did that happen!” shouted the Admiral, “Why didn't you pick them up on the sensors!”

“I don't know Sir.” The officer replied, clearly panicking. “They came out of nowhere! The first time I picked them up, was when they were right on top of us!”

“Argh, do you recognise the ship or its afiliation?”

“No sir. Never seen anything like it before. It's a small freighter, just a little bigger than us. I think- argh! The port side airlocks are being forced open!”

“Zhar, can you and your Padawan help my men to repel the boarders?”

“Of course” Zhar said, and the two of use left the Bridge, headed for the breached airlocks. We ran together down the corridors of the small ship. Sounds of blasters being fired, screams and the clashing of Vibroblades grew louder and louder as we ran. We reached the battle within seconds...

A brutal sight lay before us. Dead soldiers, both Republic and in other strange black uniforms I didn't recognise, covered the ground. But many others, still alive, kept fighting. Blaster bolts were being exchanged, soldier after soldier fell.

These were no pirates or rebels, these were trained, military officers. My Master and I leapt into the fray, lightsabers ignited. I deflected blaster bolt after blaster bolt, towards the enemy soldiers, watching them fall.

I jumped, guided by the Force, straight into the middle of their ranks. I swung my weapon, left to right, cutting them down. They started to turn their Vibroblades on me, but they were no match for my Jedi skills. I parried their attacks easily, before dispatching the soldiers. Bodies covered the floor, and they still kept coming.

Eventually, their numbers thinned, and my Master and I found ourselves back to back, dispatching the enemy, completely in tune with eachothers movements. For as long as we could stand together, not one bolt would get through, not one blade would strike home. After training with eachother for so long, we knew eachothers styles well, and were able to work together flawlessly.

Eventually, all of the invaders were either dead, or injured. Those still alive, retreated back onto their own ship.
But I sensed it wasn't over. I knew my Master felt the same way. We could both feel some dark precense. It was moving towards us. It was powerful. Very powerful. But I knew that together, my Master and I would be able to defeat it.

We stood side by side, sabers in a ready position. Whoever it was that had such a strong dark aura was about to emerge. Through the broken airlock he entered. A tall, masked figure, wearing a black hooded robe. A lightsaber hung at his waist. We both knew, this was a Dark Jedi.

“Who are you? Why have you invaded this vessel?” My master demanded. I had never seen him angry before, and i'm not sure I ever want to again. His face was contorted with rage, and I could feel the Force pulsating from him.

The robed figure raised his hand, and sent forth a torrent of Force Lightning at Master Zhar. My Master tried to block it with his blue saber, but he was too late. By the time he had raised his saber he had already been hit. He flew across the room, headfirst into the wall of the ship. I rushed over to him, as he lay unconcious on the ground, head propped up against the wall. There was a trickle of blood seeping from the back of his head, but I sensed the wound was not serious.

“You heard my Master, Dark Jedi!” I said, glaring at my foe. “Who are you!”

“Who I am is not important Jedi... All you need to know is that I am the one who will end both you and your Master...”

“You will never defeat us, Sith! The Darkside is never powerful enough, we shall prevail!”

“Haha! Fool! Preaching the empty words of the Jedi. You are weak! Your Order is weak! Your Master is weak! You could never defeat me Jedi. My Master has taught me too well, to be defeated by a pitiful child such as yourself.”

And with that, he took his lightsaber from his belt, igniting its red blade. He flew at me, almost horizontally through the air, the tip of his saber angled towards my heart. I leapt to the side, guided by the Force, and aimed a strike back at him. I aimed for his shoulder, but he was too quick. His red blade met my green mid-strike. The sabers hissed as they clashed together, emitting bright sparks, which burnt out as they neared the ground.

He took a swing at my head, but I parried, and slashed diagonally at his torso. He twirled his saber, catching my blade, and forcing me to retreat.

“You are more powerful than I thought, Jedi...” My opponent said, glaring at me with his black, lifeless eyes.

He lunged at me again, driven by the power of the Darkside, this man was an expert with a blade. He slashed at my ribs, stabbed at my heart, but I parried all of his attacks. The Force guiding my hand, I slowly backed him into a corner. I knew I couldn't keep it up forever. His skill was bound to overwhelm me eventually.

I had to think outside the box, just as I had when I had sparred with my Master the day before. I had to do something he wouldn't expect. Something that would catch him offguard, and allow me time to finish him off...

I saw what I had to do. I drew him back to the centre of the room, parrying his slashes and thrusts as we went. Then, I was ready to end it. I made a swing, as though aiming for his leg. He took the bait, and tried to block the attack...

The attack that would never come.

At the last moment before our blades met, I straightened my arm, stepping forward into a deadly lunge, driving my blade straight through my opponents chest.

Then, I raised my weapon above my head, and with one swoop, took his head clean off.

His body fell, hitting the ground like a sack of Bantha Poodoo. His lightsaber fell dead next to him. I stowed my own saber at my waist, and stooped to help my stirring Master up.

But then, the enemy ships engines came back to life. As they pulled away from us, our ship rocked once more. Several panels fell from the ceiling, and one struck my head.

I lay there on the floor, dizzy, unable to see straight...

Then, another panel fell and landd on the knee joint of my right leg. The pain was unbelieveable. I saw a flash of white light, and was unable to see. I heard the sound of the enemy ship pulling away, and the forced airlocks closing again. Then my world went black...

I'm not sure how long I was unconcious for.

When I awoke, it was to a room full of medical equipment and droids. My damaged leg was repaired as far as I could tell, and the only evidence of my head injury was a faint throbbing.

“Where am I?” I asked one of the droids. My throat was dry, and it hurt when I spoke.

“You are in the infirmary, Padawan Kavelle. The infirmary of the Jedi Temple.”
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Star Wars: The Beginning
Star Wars: Republic Dawn
Return From Exile
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