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Thread: Juhani vs. Visas Marr
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Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14 View Post
Screwed up Miraīs? Did you lose a ton influence with her or something? All Iīve ever had to do to jedify her was talk to her. Despite what many guides say, you donīt have to take Mira to Onderon to get enough influence (Just in case yourīs says you have to.)

I find that Handmaiden and Disciple make the best jedi. Atton and Mira make okay jedi. Bao Dur is the hardest to jedify but he canīt wear robes so he is severly limited.

She was hard. Then again, I hear it is possible to influence all potential force sensitives in your party to jedi status without hacking influence. You have to be clever and know all points of possible influence. At least for the female exile. The male...probably not without losing influence to Visas.

BTW I couldn't disagree with you more about Bao-Dur being hard to jedify. Especially if early on you recognize points of influence and keep him by your side as much as you possibly can until you succeed. 2-fers...look for them--it is vital.

Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14 View Post
Well at least you played your first game free of outside influence. I found out Kreia was the baddie before I even bought the game. Not that it wasnīt obvious from the first second you saw her. Good luck with all the jedifying!

Well, if I hadn't learned it so long before buying and playing the game, I would have suspected it. At the end of peragus if not sooner. I have been backstabbed before so many times that I have a knack for when things just don't seem right.

Originally Posted by RakataDark View Post
It is to hard to judge a contest like this because it could go either way. But off the record I am more of a Juhani fan then a Visas fan. Mostly because Visas is to much of a downer then Juhani is
Visas is just a tortured, shy soul. At least she has a bigger rack than the other chicks.

As far as Juhani, I'd like her more if she were hotter... and cuter looking.
Some early releases of the game allowed a male revan to romance her.
As is, I would need to be a lesbian woman in order to like her more--the above condition would still stand.

Otherwise she is merely a tortured soul and a damn good brute.

Originally Posted by Burnseyy View Post
Yeah, I just found nothing good in Visas, at all. If it wasn't for her romance with the male Exile, she'd be a pretty pointless party member.

But I never liked the Jedi Guardians - it's just so typical, and a pain without Security skills.
In K1, security was pretty pointless. There was little point to it and no real negative consequences for bashing it. Not a big deal if you could just stick it with a lightsaber.

Visas...I'd say is roughly on par with handmaiden. In earlier releases, depending on alignment. either handmaiden or visas would join you regardless of gender.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
I like guardians for the second game, but in order to make up for their skills, I increase intelligence to 16. The feats they provide are more numerous than the sentinel or councilor, even when using them to adjust for cross/class skills.

I do like the Sentinel's skills greatly for an early game advantage, but they are limited by the 3 constitution bonus that doesn't translate to implant levels! If it did, then I'd be more happy with them.

Skills for jedi in K1 SUCKED! I don't care, but the skill levels were pathetic and I'm glad they corrected them in TSL. If Juhani was a guardian in TSL, then she'd be much greater than in K1.
I did scout>guardian in K1 so I could modify repair to 17 pts with items and ramp up HK-47, while still kicking ass as a guardian.

Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14 View Post
Yeah, that is true of many if not all of the TSL characters, though not in K1. Does anybody know why this is?
Probably because they botched the soldier classes and raised all the rest of them. Atton was admittedly a special scoundrel, and those + consulars needed a buffing up badly. Still, soldiers were supposed to be the badasses on a physical/combat level that was not jedi.

Originally Posted by Endorenna View Post
True. But that's not part of the specified conditions. No ysalamiri's allowed.
Says you.

Hard to say, really. If you worked Juhani correctly, she would not have the quick drain on her force powers. Visas...well, a sentinel is basically almost as physically tough as a guardian, and yet has almost as much force capacity as a consular (if a bit unrefined).
so overall, a sentinel was more powerful than either of the other two--though I am a blademaster through and through.

I would have to say Visas simply because for all her anguish, she is more in control of her mind and emotions. She might pale physically to juhani, and might not be that much stronger with force powers than the cathar either.
However, with a clouded mind--no matter how superior you may be with your powers or physique--you will more often lose to those of coherent mind who can keep it together. Visas may have been a wreck under the surface, but she had more control over herself than Juhani.

Juhani was tough, no doubt. Impressive lightsaber skill. To her credit. Even had a good work ethic and strive to her. However, you derail yourself and you cannot hope to win, often.

I am a guardian type mind you. FYI: The Juyo form is only weak if you are stupid with it and/or you don't use force resistance< power to guard against force powers. In fact, I killed Kreia like that with it, faster, than any other way.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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