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Thread: Council of the Old Republic
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Council of the Old Republic


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

After the redemption of DARTH REVAN and the destruction of the Star Forge, but before the destruction of Katarr, the JEDI COUNCIL finds itself in turmoil. Several of its students, ranked as PADAWANS and JEDI KNIGHTS, are beginning to question the teachings of the Jedi Order and their own place within it. Ordinarily, the Council does not forbid such questioning, but in this time of vulnerability and chaos in the galaxy, the Council feels that what it needs within its ranks is unity around its doctrines, not division. How will they deal with their students--and their own conflicted emotions and reasons for being Jedi--while the galaxy finds itself in such flux?

JEDI KNIGHT Vtorym V'stalt knew that her feelings, especially those for fellow Knight Jacob Marek, were wrong. She had been trained better than this, more strictly than to allow her emotions to conquer her this way! Still, she was not fully enslaved by them, all of her base passions. She was still a Jedi, and Jedi swore to serve and protect the galaxy. When they took this oath as Knights, they were to understand full well that romantic relationships would remain forbidden to them forever. Still, there were Jacob's kind eyes, and his smile and laugh. His arms were always open, as was his good-natured yet stalwart heart. Even in the most serious and grave of circumstances, Vtorym could always see the innocent child within the man, and that child's desire for justice and peace to win. She herself felt the same way, but she also felt that together, she and Jacob could become a nearly unstoppable force against the still-lurking threat of the Sith...No! Such thoughts truly led to the Dark Side, as they contained underlying hints of arrogance and lust for power. Vtorym sighed and re-focused her thoughts upon her training...

"No, V'stalt! That is not the correct stance to begin the Juyo form!"

Vtorym coughed slightly. "I apologize, Master." She re-adjusted her body.

"Good. I expect you to remember that next time, as I will not be so lenient."

Lenient? Vtorym would not describe Master Vrook Lamar that way...

************************************************** ********

Jedi Master Vrook had housed suspicious about Knight Vtorym V'stalt and her fellow Weapon Master, Knight Jacob Marek, since they were both Younglings at the Enclave. Both of them had sweet natures and were compassionate and loving children, but Vrook knew that such emotions, if unchecked, could lead to folly. As a Youngling himself, he had been taught under strict Masters, and he was grateful for their instruction. None of them had allowed sentimentality or their own personal feelings to cloud their judgment in any situation, knowing that in the heat of battle, one mistake or lapse of concentration could be fatal. V'stalt and Marek had been children back then, yes, but sooner or later, all children had to grow up. Either the two had to renounce their feelings for one another that were more than those of friendship, or they had to move on--leave the Order. Why couldn't the other Masters see?

"Vtorym?" he asked. "Are you all right? Why aren't you concentrating fully?"

"I...seem to be distracted, Master. Again, I'm sorry. I'm not feeling well."

"Indeed? Perhaps you should rest after our training session has concluded."

"I will." She sighed and lowered her lightsabers. "Thank you, Vrook."

He sighed and prepared to initiate another round of the Juyo form. Vtorym was phenomenally mature in her understanding of the galaxy and of other people, of the underlying motivations of the Sith. Why couldn't she extend such maturity to the deceptions of so-called "romantic love", even after thirty-five years?

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