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Thread: Renewal
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Chapter One

The Transitory Mists that enclosed the Hapes Cluster shone suddenly with the brilliantly bright explosion of a nearby starfighter. Everything was falling apart. Jaina Solo had not been heard from since she had boarded the Anakin Solo, and the Jedi battle group was beginning to sustain loses, although there had been no casualties. I flipped my XJ5 on too its backside to avoid a beam of turbolaser fire from the Super Star Destroyer Megador. Suddenly, a blast of intense pain, followed by an incredible sadness permeated the Force coming from the Anakin Solo. Either Jaina is dead, or Caedus has finally been defeated. The thought came through the battle meld that I and my wingmate, Tesar Sabatyne were connected through. My heart goes out to them. They have suffered too much already. I replied to the Barabel, also sharing my empathy for the Solo family. This one does not understand the human grieving process, but I can feel their pain. Its intensity is great. I clicked the comm twice to acknowledge the thought and continued my dodge and weave tactics through the enemy fire.

"All wings, we have distressing news."

A flurry of comm clicks ensued, meaning that while everyone was listening, they were to busy avoiding fire to actually speak.

"A nanovirus has been released upon the Dragon Queen. It is unknown whether or not Queen Mother Tenel Ka and her daughter escaped."

A sob came from the comm, whom I identified as Leia Organa Solo.

"Those bastards are going to pay if they killed my granddaughter." Han Solo's voice was thick with emotion, and it sounded as though he was speaking through a lump in his throat.

Emotions we're running high through our battle meld, and Tesars thoughts came crashing through the battlemeld into my own mind.

Calm, Tesar. That way leads to the darkside.

They are eggbreakers, unworthy of life. They deserve to be hunted.

Tesar, calm yourself.

Through the comm, I could hear his shallow breathing as he used a Jedi breathing exercise to calm himself.

This one is calm.

Good, lets see what our next target is.

Suddenly, the turbolasers stopped flashing, and I completed my barrel roll to find a quiet battlefield, devoid of the louds booms and screeching sounds of combat.

"Command?" I asked as I used the force to activate the comm.

The voice of Master Horn came over the speaker.

"The battle is over. Darth Caedus is dead, and the Moffs have been captured. You may return to base for recovery."

Letting out a long slow sigh of relief, I spun my ship around and headed for home, Tesar gliding along silently next to me. If I get the chance, I'll help them in any way I can, on my word as a Jedi. We shared a few moments more thought with each other about the battle, and then dropped the meld. This has been a very interesting day...

~ ~ ~

The hangar bay was packed with Jedi of every age unloading and disembarking from the many passenger shuttles that served as a decoy for Darth Caedus to follow. A mechanic who I recognised as a wizened old man named Odrel came rushing up to my fighter with the fuel line. Reaching out with the Force, I popped the hatch and waved to him.

"Hello Odrel. Happy to see me back alive?"

"Ghel, you rascal. You're too much you know that. Even for a Jedi."

I chuckled in reply and slid off the side of the fighter and landed nimbly on my feet.

As I walked away, I felt a stur in the Force coming from the other jedi in the hangar. I turned around, and saw the battle-scarred hulk of the Millennium Falcon, escorted by two more XJ5's land in the center of the hangar.

Remembering my earlier resolution to help the family in any way possible, I decided to see if there was anything I could do for this Force-forsaken couple climbing down the ramp in front of me.

When I tried to approach and offer any assistance, Han Solo flashed me a dangerous look, and I decided that now would be bad time. He had one hand around the waist of his wife and the other hand resting on the handle of his blaster, as if ready to attack the first person who spoke to him. Next came a handsome man pushing the battle-scarred body of Jaina Solo to the bases medical facility for a bacta session, and it looked like she would be needing quite a few of them. Even through the sweat and blood, I could tell that she was an exceptionally beautiful female, and the gentle sobbing noise she was making seemed to make her seem more beautiful than normal in a sad kind of way. Her glassy eyes met my bright blue ones as she was pushed by on the hovergurney and she gave me a sad sort of smile. I returned it, and felt for her with the force, then sent her soothing messages of recovery and happiness. She let out a tired sigh and stopped sobbing, then drifted back into the divine realm of sleep.

I turned away, thinking that the parade was over, when a very noticeable ripple permeated the crowd. I turned sharply, and saw the thin figure of Master Skywalker holding the unmoving form of Jacen Solo in his arms. Tears of sadness were running down the older mans face, and following the path of his family into the warren of tunnels.

Master Sabatyne and her son approached me from behind, and I turned to greet them.

"Master Sabatyne. It was an honor flying with your son today, he is a most able pilot."

She sissed out the Barabel form of a laugh.

"This one thinks you have a good sense of honor and dignity. You did well in working with my son today. He says you yourself are an excellent pilot."

"It is one my favorite hobbies. Most of my free time is spent on a simulator."

She nodded and thanked me once more before turning to depart. Suddenly, the weariness the battle had inflicted on me set in, and I decided it was a good time to retire to my quarters, where I could meditate on the days events in peace.

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Chapter 12 of Renewal released!

Chapter 2 of Heir to the Force released!
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