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Thread: Sin's Price
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Sin's Price

Chapter I - The Mandalorian Wars

The Jedi held no truth for me. Even as I knew little of the force, I could tell that I wanted power, not companionship, friendship, or anything the Jedi could offer me. I wanted power, authority, and obedience. My first act was to join the Republic Navy. After only five years, I had the captain's position aboard the Radiance, the flagship for one of the largest fleets of the Republic. The only other person aboard the ship with a rank higher than my own, was the fleet Admiral, who in truth, I had a wish to take all he had, his position, his title, and most of all, his fleet. But I knew that if I acted in such a way, the only thing I would gain for myself was my removal from the Republic ranks, and likely life imprisonment. However, most would argue that I had a prestigious rank already. While Admiral did command the fleet, and by extension, me, I was left command of it for either the mundane tasks, or when the Admiral had other things to attended to. In truth, my rank was a "Commodore". The designation medals on my uniform was enough to prove that. But the name of the rank itself disgusted me the very second I heard it said at my promotion.

In some ways, I was somewhat unique. I don't want to say that I am better than any of the soldiers that I've trained with, but I was faster. Sure, they were fast, but should one of them come at me with a knife, I could take it from them, knock them to the ground, and have it's blade against their throat before they even scratched me with it. In many of the training exercises I could dodge countless rounds from a blaster, even to the point of taking out there wielders, without very many hits on my armor or skin. Even my training in ship-to-ship combat was far better than many others, though I wasn't to fond of it myself. I found it too impersonal. Some thought I should seek the possibility of joining the Jedi, but again, that wasn't a route that I wanted to take. The Admiral even scoffed when I mentioned it to him.

The Admiral wasn't exactly the most uptight man in the Republic Navy that I'd met, but he did have his moments. He knew that I had valuable ideas and experience, but many times he avoided taking my advice. Many times we lost soldiers, ships, or in the least time with his choices. When one of my ideas became the objective, we lost nothing.

However, I soon noticed that the fleet wasn't doing normal patrol routes, as they usually would. They were nearing the outer rim worlds, for no reason I could see. I was just following the Admiral's orders. He would explain to me that the Republic thought something was happening in the outer rim, and we were to investigate. While for the first few days we found nothing but what was hoped for. But three days later we found a Mandalorian strike force near a desolate planet. They opened fire on us without provocation. My first instinct was to attack back, but the Admiral ordered me to get as many ships as possible back to the capital. I did as ordered, and for that, we lost five ships.

"Thanks to you, Admiral Crowe, we lost five ships. IF we had-" I began saying, before he cut me off, as expected.

"IF we had fought back, it would have caused us to lose more ships than five. Possibly the whole fleet. My orders we not to fight Mandalorian convoys, but to investigate the outer rim. It was more important that we got the information back to the Chancellor, rather than destroy ourselves." Admiral Crowe said, as we left the Radiance.

"Yes, but you do realize that the Mandalorians likely have taken our measure by our actions. You know how they live. Because of what you have done, they likely have a view of us that is not-" Again, I was cut off by his pacifistic logic.

"You would do well to realize that you do not command this fleet, I do. While you command this ship, I give you the orders on how you will do so. The choice doesn't matter. The matter now falls on the Chancellor's hands, not mine. Whatever he tells us to do next, is not my concern. Lest not untill he would see fit to give me the order to fight back against them. Otherwise, I have no need to do so." At that he strode away, feeling that the conversation was over. As usual, I had the wish to again take out my side-arm and shoot him in the back. But I chose not to. If someone was going to kill him, however, I would make sure it was me.

When the news of the Mandalorian's attack on us reached the Chancellor, he engaged all Republic fleets, and sent notices for all shipyards controlled by the Republic to be put on standby. He also asked the fleet commanders for any ideas. One of my suggestions was to ask the Jedi for aid. When I said that, he told me that was something he was thinking of as well. "In a way", he said, "It is possible that they may decline. I don't know if they will, but I will ask in the least".

As expected, I heard news that the Jedi Council had, not declined the request, but wished for time to examine the threat. I wished that the Jedi would join however, as they likely would be a big help for the Republic. If they really would, I could not tell. My untrained affinity with the force did nothing to help.

A few weeks later, I was asked by the Chancellor to attend a meeting. I didn't know why he asked me, but I still went. When I entered, I saw the Chancellor casually talking with a Jedi, wearing armored, black hooded robes, the hood down. She had black hair, fine skin, and bright blue eyes. Once they saw me, the Chancellor asked me to take a seat.

"Ah, Captain Siyn, please, have a seat." He turned back to the Jedi. "Do you think you could convince the Jedi to help?"

"Not the entire Council, but possibly there are some Jedi will likely have the wish to help. A friend of mine, Alek, has also expressed his interest in joining the effort, as well." The Jedi spoke in a definitive matter, her voice not wavering.

"What do you have in mind for the attack plans?" The Chancellor asked the Jedi.

"Nothing yet, but I would like to meet with the fleet Admiral's and such." The Jedi turned to me. "Are you the captain of the Radiance?"

I was slightly flustered when the Jedi focused on me. "Y...Yes, I am." I extended my hand. "Mercedes Siyn"

She took mine, and shook it."Revan." She let go after a few seconds. "You and Admiral Crowe shall be part of my attack plans. You don't mind assisting, do you?"

"No, I would be honored to work with you." While I hadn't heard much about 'Revan', it was something in her voice, that told me it was the right thing.

"Its settled then. How soon can you meet with the Jedi Council?" The Chancellor asked.

"I've already asked them for their audience. I will meet with the High Council in two days, and then the council on Dantooine in five days. While it is likely they will tell me what they told you, I'm sure there are Jedi that want to join the cause" Revan stood as she finished.

"Very well. You may leave if you wish, Revan." The Chancellor said. He gestured to me, implying that I could go too. I left the office, going back to the transport stop. I didn't know what was ahead, but I did know that I would savor every moment, and regret nothing.

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