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Thread: Making New Heads
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Making New Heads

Hey all here's my first tutorial. I used Trex's tutorial and streamlined it for people who think like me. You can find his tutorial here http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=193025
I do have permission from Trex to release this, by the way.
So I just copied and pasted from notepad. Here it is!


When I first played KOTOR I fell in love. However the very first thing that popped out at me
and said that something needed to be changed was the fact that Juhani the Cathar did not look like a Cathar. She looked like a human with pointed ears. She had really no cat-like qualities about her. Sylvar (from the old Tales of the Jedi comics published by Dark Horse) was one of my favorite characters and to see her race destroyed by lazy modelers pissed me off. So I took it upon myself to make Juhani look the way a Cathar really should and taught myself to mod (well, sort of). I still don't know how to get her to have hair without it completely screwing up the model, but I'm just a beginner so hopefully it'll come with time and the next release will be Cathar Juhani with hair!.


create folder \newHead

inside \newHead create folder \output

//START HERE if you don't know which filenames to look fo
//SKIP DOWN to next "//START HERE" if you know the names

open kotor tool
bifs\templates\blueprint, character
find head "p_juhani.utc"

//to replace for specific moduels go to rims\modules\'mod_name'\blueprint, character

click on "p_juhani.utc"
click extract and save to \newHead

open kgff editor
open "p_juhani.utc"
look at # (8) next to appearance

in kotor tool
bifs\2da.bif\2d array
double click appearance.2da
in row # (8) find column \normalhead
look at # (5)

double click heads.2da
in row # (5) find column \head
look at name "P_JuhaniH"

//START HERE if you already know which files you are looking for

\bifs\models(party/player).bif\aurora model
extract *.mdl "p.juhanih.mdl"
\bifs\models(party/player).bif\aurora model extension
extract *.mdx "p_juhani.mdx"

extract *.tpc as *.tga "P_JuhaniH01.tpc"

open mdlops
select either KOTOR1 or KOTOR2
click \select file *.mdl file "p_juhanih.mdl"
check \extract animations if not done so already
uncheck \convert skin to trimesh if not done so already
click \read and write model
make sure it says \finished processing model
this creates an ascii file

open gmax/3dsmax with NWmax installed
in toolbar
click mdl loading
browse *ascii.mdl "p_juhanih-ascii.mdl"
check import geom+anims if not done so already


click select and move tool
click green box on line
click browse in \mdl base parameters\export\dir
make a new folder in head folder
click export geom only

in head folder
add -ascii_new to the .mdl file you just exported
copy original *.mdl and *.mdx and original ascii files into new folder with the -ascii_new file

open Taina's replacer tool
click \open ascii models
open old ascii
open new ascii
//do it twice in a row to get it to work
check anything that needs to be replaced (for me I only changed "headnew")
click Start Replacing
make sure the \save as type is on *.mdl
go to the old *.mdl file and click open
on the next dialog box type in p_*h_new.mdl "p_juhanih_new.mdl"
click Start Replacing
make sure the \save as type is on *.mdx this time
go to the old *.mdx file and click open
on the next dialog box type in p_*h_new.mdx "p_juhanih_new.mdx"

//VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! you HAVE to type the ".mdx" extension or it will try to
//save it overas a ".mdl"!!!!!!

in explorer you should now have one new *h_new.mdl and one *h_new.mdx

the fun part

//alright! now that we're done with that, let's hope it all works!

copy your new *.mdl and *.mdx files into your override (x:Program Files\LucasArts\SWKOTOR
rename them both by taking off the "_new" ending (remember to leave the "*.mdl" extenstion on)
load KOTOR and see magic before your very eyes!

a word about texturing
Texturing is a fun and easy way to add just a little bit more to your model. I'm not
that well adept in 3ds so I export my 3ds model into *.fbx format (the
autodesk universal) and check my work. I know how to use the texture editor
in maya so that's what I use. If there was a nwmax plugin for maya I would
never touch 3ds. *Sigh*
Anyhoo, I use photoshop to paint my textures and then save the *.tga file into the
override folder and BAM! finished.

Finished at least until you realize you did something wrong and you have to restart all the
way from the beginning because you didn't save multiple copies of what you were working on.

Tools Used

//kotor tool

//kgff editor

//3dsmax w/ nwmax plugin
3ds - "http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=5659302"
nwmax - "http://nwmax.dladventures.com/"

//photoshop CS4

//maya 2009

//Taina's Replacer

I would also like to take the time to thank everyone at "http://knightsofhteoldrepublic.filefront.com" for giving me inspiration to actually do a mod as well as "http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=324" for giving me the know how. I borrowed Trex's tutorial here "http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=193025" and basically just put it in list form. I hate all that reading. Also writing as I'm working through it helps me to understand and remember faster so I don't have to read tutorials every single time I try and do something.

I actually wrote this little tutorial as I was learning it. I'm pretty sure there are no
mistakes but please let me know if there are by emailing me at ashortfilminc@hotmail.com. Please
put in the header KOTOR_TUT so I don't throw it out!

Getting this to work has basically consumed the time I usually reserve for sleep. And while I didn't get Juhani to look exactly like I want (no hair) I think it's a pretty good first try.

Ben Floyd

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