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Thread: Star Wars: Fugitives
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Star Wars: Fugitives

Loosely based upon my "Vremya" fanfiction series

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Two years after Tysyacha Dvyx, the JEDI EXILE, defeated DARTH TRAYA at Malachor V, she has found that acting upon the most logical of assumptions can lead to the worst of mistakes. While searching for REVAN, formerly Dark Lord of the Sith, she encountered two mysterious figures whom she took to be armed and dangerous members of the Exchange crime syndicate. Unfortunately, they were actually Jedi spies trying to infiltrate the group once and for all. Once again, Tysyacha is on the run. Harboring only her loyal utility droid, T3-M4, on board the Ebon Hawk at present, she knows that either she succeeds in fleeing or succeeds in getting herself exiled to a minimum sentence of eight years' hard labor!

Not only that, but she is also being blackmailed. BASTILA SHAN, Revan's former lover and former apprentice of DARTH MALAK, has proclaimed herself the de facto leader of the Jedi, the Enclave on Dantooine notwithstanding. Through official channels and reports, BASTILA has concluded that the Exile is the one who slew her two most experienced and most-feared spies. Thus, as long as Tysyacha can keep the Jedi's palm greased, she can continue to run. If not...Who will save her this time--the Force, or something darker...?

Part One: Opening Moves

"Two skulls, two stones. The rest is just icing..." --The 7th Guest

It was dark out in space. Darker than even Tysyacha Dvyx, the Jedi Exile, imagined in the quietness of the starboard dormitory of the Ebon Hawk as she lay down on her bunk. Of course, there was no darkness that could compare to the kind that lay within. Was it evil, some hidden poison seeping out inside her soul, that had compelled her to do what she had done? Or was it simply a fool's mistake, made by jumping to the wrong conclusions at the wrong time with the wrong people? She simply did not know. Of course, the Exile had a personal body count that would rival that of any Sith Lord, but still...There was war, yes, but then there was murder--another animal.

Two skulls, two stones. The rest is just icing...

She had killed two Jedi spies. Garrun Thax and Yorran Thul, a human male and a Rodian of the same gender. Granted, she had thought them to be members of the Exchange crime syndicate, and that was why she had cut them both down with her dvyxplanochniy--her double-bladed silver saberstaff. Tysyacha had thought the Exchange to be operating out of the salvage yard where she had worked briefly as a "slagbreaker". They were, as a matter of fact, but she had eliminated the wrong two thugs. They weren't thugs at all--she was, and now she would pay.

Either she would surrender to the Jedi and the Coruscanti authorities, paying for her crime via eight years' hard labor at minimum, or she would pay Bastila Shan, Grandmaster of the Jedi and former colleague of the former Darth Revan, for the privilege of remaining a fugitive. Tysyacha had decided upon the latter, having recently been questioned by the former. The Exile knew that Bastila had no compelling proof of her deed yet, but she soon would.

It was why she'd taken the coward's way out--either that, or the smart man's way. Who wouldn't run after making such a life-ending error?

Yet, there was doubt in Tysyacha's mind and guilt in her heart. If she could run and hide, remain concealed on some planet until the end of her days, then she would not be mated--as in her favorite game to play with T3-M4, her loyal utility droid, or anyone. As it was, this was her opening move--paying Bastila Shan one hundred credits as a start and then fleeing.

Where was she going? Where would she end up? She still did not know...

T3-M4 tweedled and beeped hopefully, knowing his Master was not asleep.

"Shakhmaty?" asked the Exile groggily, referring to the game. "Not now. Perhaps in the morning--or what I know as 'morning' out in space." She laughed softly to herself. "My mind's not functioning at one hundred percent capacity." T3 chirped in return and went back to pacing and fixing the ship.

She was an old girl, the Ebon Hawk, but she'd carry the Exile to safety.


"I am the law, and the law is not mocked..." Les Miserables

"Psycho." Jedi Master Bastila Shan, leader of the Sentinels and de facto head of the Jedi Order on Coruscant, gave a derisive snort. "Such a crude term. Of course it fits you, monster, but that is not the role I'll have you play for me. As of now, you'll be known as Agent One on my payroll," she announced.

"I do not trust you," she continued. "Who would, after all that you have done? Nevertheless, you will be quite useful to me in this endeavor. I want you to bring me back one Tysyacha Dvyx, a human female, 35, brown hair, blue eyes, and a rather voluptuous build. She never did keep up on her calisthenics..." Bastila sighed. "Nevertheless, she is known as the Jedi Exile. I have it on good authority that she killed two of my best spies, Garrun Thax and Yorran Thul. They were trying to infiltrate Exchange operations on Coruscant permanently, and now they're dead. I'll have her pay for this..."

Bastila folded her hands in front of her, as prim as she had been as a Knight.

"However, I want you to keep track of her whereabouts and movements for now. Only when she cannot pay me, or stops paying me, do I want you to strike. Do you--under--stand?" The creature sat still, and Bastila wanted to bludgeon it across the face. However, she had to mention the payment therein, which Psycho would receive if he succeeded in capturing the Exile.

"Your freedom. Your execution is scheduled thirty days from now, and if you bring me Dvyx alive and unharmed, you'll go free. Don't worry. She won't be able to pay me for long, even if she earns thousands of credits on the planets she visits. The Exile does not yet know that I'm trying to teach her a lesson: you cannot outrun justice, no matter how wealthy or how poor you are. I have secured an unnamed, nondescript vessel for your travels. Guards! Escort this creature, Agent One, to his ship." Two Jedi came who served Bastila personally. They were her bodyguards, chefs, companions and valets: they did everything from launder her clothes to spar with her in combat.

They took "the creature", Psycho by name, and led him to his new vessel.

"This heap is yours," the Jedi announced. "Bring her to justice, 'Agent One'."

Did the creature notice the disdain dripping in their voices? No one could tell.

As for Tysyacha...did she know that Bastila's first pawn was out to get her?

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