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Thread: Returning Home
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Chevron 7 locke
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Returning Home

(Short and Sweet)

Admiral Carth Onasi watched the sun rise over Telos from Citadel Station with a heavy heart.

It reminded him of Revan.

Carth sighed as he took a deep sip of his morning cafe. Another few days and the Restoration Project would finally be officaly finished. Hopefully, they would be able to start on another planet soon enough.

The Ithorians deserve most of the credit, but it was the exile who managed to drive out Czerka and the Exchange in the end.

Carth's morning train of thought was disturbed by the urgent beeping of the communications console.

With another sigh of annoyance he reached down and flipped the switch that would open up a channel to the Sojourn

"Carth here."

"Admiral, this is Captain Teira, we've picked up an incoming ship on sensors. It's coming in very fast and it appears to be heavily damaged. The vessel's port engine appears to be offline and the Starboard engine looks like it's overloading."

"What's the vessel's class?"

"Checking...that's strange, it appears to be a Dynamic-class frighter. From what we can scan, it appears to be heavily modified, It looks like the vessel has a reinforced hull, and military grade deflector shield generators. That's about all we can get from it Sir."

Dynamic class...It can't be...


"Put a tractor beam on that ship now!"

"We can't sir! The ship is moving too quickly for us to get a positive lock on it!"

Alright, breathe deeply, be calm.

"Where will the ship's current heading take it?"

"If it keeps on it's current course, It'll crash in Restoration Zone 5381 in three minutes."

Alright, screw calm.

"Are there any ships that can intercpt that freighter before it crashes?"


"None of the ships that are in range are large enough Sir."

Carth flicked the intercom to the shuttlebay of Citadel Station.

"This is Admiral Onasi, prep a shuttle, I'm going down."

"Yes Admiral."

A Short while Later

Carth watched the freighter through the viewports of the shuttle as it shook violently.

They were right, it looks like the Hawk took a real beating out there.

There was no doubt in Carth's heart that the beaten up freighter that was speeding toward disaster was the Ebon Hawk.

Carth watched as one of the gun turrents sheered off.

It looks like something shot the hell out of that ship, It's a shame, the Hawk really deserves better then this.

"Admiral, this is Captain Teira again. It looks like the freighter is attempting to straighten out, they could be trying to land Sir."

Not bothering with a response, Carth watched as the Ebon Hawk seemed to straighten momentarily and then hit the soft soil of the Restoration Zone with a massive crunching sound.


Carth was praying to whatever gods would listen to him as he landed the shuttle next to the smoking wreck that he had once traveled in.

Eight years I waited for her to show up again, I am not going to lose her again!

Carth ran toward the smoking wreckage, but stopped when he heard a set of clanking footsteps start toward him from inside the wreckage.

"Threatning Statement: Back away from the wreckage, meatbag."

Of couse he would be the first one I meet...

"HK, it's me! It's Carth! Don't you recognize me?"

"Dubious Statement: I highly doubt that meatbag, the whiny meatbag was much skinnier then you."

That's HK for you...

"HK...shut up and tell me where Revan is or I will personally take a hydrospanner and rewire you into a cafe dispensor."

"Veiled Threat: I would love to see you try meatbag."

Carth was still thinking up a way to get past the droid when a Dark figure pushed her way past the rusty red droid and staggered toward him, the figure was supporting a woman who was apparently out cold.

It's her...she's still alive...

Carth watched as the one dressed in a dark hood threw back the hood to reveal a bruised and beaten face.

To Carth, she still looked as beautiful as the day he had first met her.

The woman in the dark robes, known to the Galaxy as the the former Dark Lord of the Sith smiled at Carth.

"Carth...is it really you?"

Carth was about to respond when the former Dark Lord of the Sith fell over on her side.

End of Chapter 1.

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An interesting start here. I wonder who the unconscious woman is...

Very nice start!


Viva La Resistance!
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The Rhythm Schism
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I'm guessing the Exile...

Nice start Chev. Looking forward to finding out what exactly happened before they arrived and how the Hawk got as bruised as she did.

Post more!

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Chevron 7 locke
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Citadel Station.

Carth watched as the two women were laid down on a pair of beds in the medical bay.

"Questioning Statement: What are you thinking meatbag?"

Carth turned around to face the ever watchful HK-47.

"I'm thinking of why I decided to let you stay with Revan and the Exile in the medical bay when I should have you taken offline until either one wakes up."

Cheerful Statement: You are letting me stay here because I threatend to go on a five mile radius killing rampage if you did not let me."

"You seem to have changed a bit since the last time I met you, I mean you were always a bloodthirsty droid, but you usually never gave anyone a warning before you tried to kill them."

"Correction: I never "tried" to kill anyone. I always managed to kill my targets. There was no "try" involved."

Carth turned to look at the sleeping Revan and then turned back to HK-47.

"What happend to them out there HK? What was she fighting out there? And who or what shot up the Ebon Hawk?"

"Refusal: I cannot tell you. I was instructed to release that information only to the Master."

Carth stared daggers at the droid.

"That doesn't make any sense! Revan was the one who was fighting them! So why would she program you to tell her?!"

"Amused Answer: Maybe she wished to drive you crazy? I have seen certain
meatbags take great pleasure in watching other meatbags lose their minds."

Carth snorted and turned to watch the sleeping Revan again.

I hate that droid.

HK suddenly turned to face the door and his eyes flashed red.

"Warning: Someone is attempting to slice open the door. Assassination protocols are online."

Now? Who could have found out about the Exile and Revan so quickly?!

Carth ducked to the side of the wall and pulled out his heavy blaster as the door flashed open.

"Joyful Statement: Maximum accuracy ratio achieved!"

I thought I had all his weapons confiscated!

Carth heard the sound of a blaster rifle being fired from HK's position and then the sound of a Lightsaber igniting.


Carth watched as a brown haired man ran into the room with his lightsaber drawn and ready.

"You again?!"

Carth watched as HK lowered the blaster and the Strange man deactivated his lightsaber.

"I waited three years for her to show up again and you show up? I should take you apart right now!"

A second voice came from behind the man.

"Atton, restrain yourself."

A white haird woman walked into the room and stood next to the Exile's bed.

Atton looked over at Carth as if just noticing him for the first time.

"And who are you?"

"I should be asking you that."

Atton hooked his lightsaber to his belt and gave a mock salute.

"Atton. Atton Rand."

Carth still wasn't planning on putting down his blaster until he felt a blaster at the back of his neck.

"I'd put that down if I were you. No need for anyone to get hurt."

Carth gently set the blaster down on the floor and turned to face the newest intruder.

The one holding the blaster to the back of his head was wearing Jedi robes.

"The name's Mira. and you would be...?"

"Carth. Carth Onasi. Would you mind putting the blaster down?"

Mira slowly lowered the blaster and motioned at the Exile.

"How is she?"

"I'm not really sure. I was going to look over the medical report when you and your friends showed up."

"Hopeful Question: If there is going to be killing, May we start now? I haven't wasted any meatbags in nearly a month."

Mira turned and gave the droid a look of disgust.

"Hk...I see you're still your same old self."

"Mocking Query: Did you miss me?"

Carth turned to Mira and frowned.

"How do you know HK? Only the people who traveled with Revan and I know who he is."

Mira turned to Carth.

"I want to know why your here. And who's that woman in the other bunk?"

Carth turned to the sleeping form of Revan and smiled.

"That woman is the former Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan. I traveled with her during the Jedi Civil war nearly eight years ago. Now, if you'd care to tell me why you and your friends are here...?"

Mira gestured to the Exile who was starting to shift uneasily in her sleep.

"We traveled with her...nearly three years ago. She taught us to feel the force...we sensed her arrive on Telos."

End Of Chapter 2

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I'm assuming thee white haired woman is Atris?

Anyways. Fun chapter
HK is his usual self and thats a VERY good thing. HK was one of my most favourite characters in both games.

I didn't really notice any mistakes (admittingly I wasn't looking; I was enjoying the chapter too much to take any notice) so nice work!
Keep it up, Chev!

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From the one who brought you;
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Chevron 7 locke
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A few Days Later

Carth hadn't left Revan's bedside since she had been brought in and the effects of that were starting to show. His eyes had dark shadows under them and to be honest, he was starting to smell a little.

The white haired woman had introduced herself as Brianna, the last of the Handmaidens of Atris. Carth had arranged quarters for all of them a few sections away from the medical bay, so far, only Brianna and Mira had decided to use them. The man who called himself Atton seemed to be right at home sitting next to the Exile's bed.

Atton shuffled in his chair and looked behind Carth at the menacing HK unit standing above him.

"So...is there any particular reason why the droid is in here with us?"

"It was either this or he threatend to go on a five mile radius killing spree, and I'm pretty sure he would have followed through on that threat."

"Tell me about it, He once caught me trying to sneak up on Anrena when she was in the shower and I ended up sealing myself in the cockpit for nearly five hours."

"Wistful statement: It would have been so better if the master would have simply let depressurize the cockpit. Consider yourself lucky meatbag."

Carth couldn't help but break into fits of laughter at that last comment by the droid. "It's nice to know that somethings never change. He once caught me walking out of Revan's dormitory...and he ended up chasing me around the ship with a blaster rifle for nearly an hour. Finally, Revan managed to stop laughing long enough to call him off of me."

"Pleased Statment: Ahhh yes...I remember that particular memory. It would have been such a pleasant day if only the master would have let me blast the Whiny meatbag."

Carth was about to offer a witty retort to the droid when he heard the guard he had posted outside the door raise his voice. "I'm sorry, but as much as I may enoy hearing about "Andor Vex" whoever he is you can't come in! The Admiral has declared that the secondary medical bay is off limits until further notice!"

Carth slowly drew his blaster pistol as he heard a muffled shout come from outside the door and a loud "Thump" was heard as something heavy hit the floor.

Great. What now?

Carth watched as the door flashed open and a familiar figure appeared in the doorway. "Admiral Onasi? The last time I saw you, you were skinnier, and your hair wasn't as grey. I shouldn't be talking, at least you still have hair."

Carth smiled as his mind finally recognized the newcomer. "Jolee Bindo...I'm suprised your still alive!"

"Hush now! You know better then to talk to your elders like that!"

Carth grinned as another familiar face popped in from around the corner. "Carth...is that you? Woah...you really got old.

"Mission...I hardly recognized you, Yeah, it's been eight years. How did you think I would look?"

"I thought you'd be a bit skinnier."

Same old mission...

End of Chapter

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knight 12167
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I like it!

Never was anything great achieved without danger.
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I was close, lol. Brianna, not Atris!
Another good chapter Chev.
They're quite small, but progressing nicely. You don't want to shove too much info into such a small chapter, and you have gone about processing the information very well.

We - I - want more, more!!!

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Chevron 7 locke
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(I aim to please! and Thanks everyone for the comments! )

Fifteen hours later

Carth had finally decided to take a shower at the urging of both Atton and HK who insisted that he could smell him despite the fact that he had no nose, well at least no nose that Carth knew of.

Carth was still toweling off after his long overdue shower when the comlink beside his door began to chime.

If it's that damn droid again...

"This is Admiral Onasi. What's up?"

The voice of the security guard he had left outside the medical bay sounded a bit worried. "Admiral, there are four people outside the medical bay right now asking me for permission to enter. One of them says her name is "Juhani" and another says her name is "Bastila." Should I allow them to enter sir?"

"What about the other two? Do either of them look dangerous?"

"No...well, I'm not to sure about the wookie, right now he's looking at me like he wants to tear my arms out of my sockets. And the astro-droid they brought along doesn't seem to happy either."

Carth grinned to himself. It looked like the gang was all here.

"Arrange quarters for them. Until quarters are arranged, they are allowed to access the medical bay whenever they wish."

"As you wish sir."

Carth quickly grabbed a fresh uniform and walked down to the medbay as quickly as he could.

"Bastila...It's good to see you again! What's it been? Nearly five years now?" Carth couldn't help but grin as he pulled his old friend in for a hug.

"I had it at around seven years. It's good to see you again Carth. How's Dustil?"

"Dustil...is Dustil. We talked a bit after Korriban but he decided that he needed to do a bit of soul searching. We still keep in contact whenever possible though."

Carth looked past Bastila to see Juhani staring at Revan. "Juhani...is something wrong?"

"N-No, nothing is wrong, I just thought that we would never see her again. She had been gone for so long, I'm sorry to say there were a few times when I nearly gave up hope on her ever returning."

"She's here now. It looks like something shot up the Hawk pretty badly out there, in fact they crashed down in one of the restoration zones."

Juhani's eyes went over the Jedi Exile's prone form. "And who is this?"

Carth walked over to Juhani and stode next to her. "This is the Jedi Exile, but she goes by the name Anrena. She fought with Revan in the Mandalore wars and then apparently searched for Revan following some trouble with the sith around eight years ago."

"Sarcastic Statement: I am so happy you all showed up. It's wonderful knowing that none of you were killed over the years since the master's departure from known space."

Juhani and Bastila both turned to Carth with varying looks of amusment and amazement. Juhani then turned to give HK a dirty look. "Why are you still here? I would have thought Revan would have dismantled you long ago."

HK's eyes flashed with what could have been an injured sense of pride. "Egotistical boast: I am far more valuable to the master then you are meatbag."

Bastila turned back to Carth and smiled. "If I didn't know better...I'd say that HK seems to have lost his smart mouth over the years. That comeback was a little weak."

HK's eyes flashed a bright red. "Wistful overservation: If I had my blaster rifle with me right now I would be a much happier droid..."

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I never thought HK would allow his blaster to be taken away from him

Well, practically everyone is here now! Eager to see how it goes on from this point. (And where is Visas?!?!?!? ... She's like .. my most favorite character and yet, she's not here .... yet....


I'll continue to think that she will make a fashionably late entrance

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I don't know exactly how to respond. I really like this KOTOR III fiction... anything that resumes from TSL the way it should be is alright by me!

I do really like how Carth is overall the head character in the story instead of Revan or Exile. I guess that I have seen a number of continuations to TSL, but feel that this is lacking in original characters and ideas. I'm not trying to say that having the same characters that we all love and cherish is a bad thing, but I think that having the K1 and K2 characters coming together at the start is a bit bland. I'm sure that you have a 'True Sith' plot in mind, but I just wasn't really 'caught' by the introduction of this fiction. I will keep reading because I've seen your style and like it, but others might not.

Writing style: great. Plot... I really would like to see more before I comment further.

Keep it up!
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Chevron 7 locke
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Medical Bay.

1:00 am.

Jolee had assured Carth that he would watch over the two woman so Carth could get some sleep, an offer that the admiral had gratefully accepted.

Of course...Jolee Bindo wasn't about to sit back in a dingy medical bay without some provisions. And a nice, comfortable chair...

Jolee leaned back in the rancor leather chair that Carth had generously provided for him and took a small sip of his bottle of Dantooine fire whisky.

Ahhh...and to think I only have to share this room with a former Jedi Hunter and a trigger happy assassin droid. Not a bad deal at all.

Jolee took another slow sip of his bottle and took a quick glance at Atton who was sprawled out over the Exile's body and was snoring quite loudly.

I thought I was bad...

The old jedi then turned his head to look at the orange assassin droid that was currently watching Atton.

"So...any particular reason your watching the young man over there?"

"Suspicious statement: I believe the meatbag is attempting the grope the master while she's out cold. It would not be the first time he has attempted such a thing."

"Really? I would've thought that someone would only get one opportunity to do that."

"Thoughtful musing: I would have thought so as well, but it seems whenever she was out cold, the annoying meatbag was with her. I was lucky to have caught him the first few times, but other times...I was not so forunate. If I didn't know better, I'd swear the master enjoyed his attention."

Jolee chuckled and took another sip of his fire whisky.

"From what I was told, she seemed to have a bit of a crush on the scoundrel. I can't really blame her for chosing him. When your stuck on a ship for months at a time and you had to choose between Atton and a trigger happy mandalorian, who would you choose?"

"Thoughtful Statement: I believe I wouldn've choosen the Mandalorian if I had to choose between the two."

Jolee laughed so hard that he later recalled that he thought he was going to pass out.

Finally, after regaining his voice, he asked the droid why he would've choosen Canderous.

"Nonchalatant answer: He and I both seem to enjoy terminating meatbags just for the sheer pleasure of it. He and I have shared many methods of the best way to terminate Jedi in particular."

Jolee shook his head in amazement at the droid's bloodthirsty attitude.

What was Revan thinking when she first programmed him?

Jolee's eyes suddenly opened wide and he sat up straighter.

Someone was at the door.

Jolee stretched his legs and walked towards the door. Whoever was outside didn't feel like a Sith...

HK watched Jolee move toward the door and reached into the small desk that was next to Revan's bed and pulled out a Mandalorian heavy blaster.

"Didn't carth tell you that you weren't allowed to carry any weapons?"

"Smug Statement: The whiny meatbag is not my master so therefore his orders do not apply."

Jolee carefully opened the door just a crack and peered out.

Well well well...what have we here?

Jolee opened the door and gave the woman in the red and black robe his best "Why hello there!" smile.

"Excuse me miss. Can I help you?"

"Who are you? And what are you doing here?"

"Well! You should know better then to treat your elders that way! The name's Jolee Bindo, and you would be...?

"My name is...Visas. Visas marr. I'm here to see the Exile."

"Oh? And how do you know her? Wait...don't tell me. You traveled with her...three years ago I presume?"

"Yes...how did you know?"

"Believe me, your not the first one to say that. There are around five or seven other people who claim to have traveled with her at around the same time you claim to have been."

"Yes...we all traveled together, three years ago we all united to stop a new sith threat, this threat fought from the shadows and it nearly managed to destroy the Jedi order completly. In the end...we stopped them."

"Ohhh yes...I remember them."

You've encountered them?"

Jolee turned around to show his back and lifted the back of this shirt up slightly to reveal a scar that went down from the back of his neck to the bottom of his back.

"Got this fighting one of em. Nasty little buggers."

Visas walked past Jolee and moved toward the Exile's bed."Is she...alright?"

Jolee walked up next to her and put his hand on her shoulder. "She should be fine. She was in bad condition when she first showed up. Damn near killed herself when the Hawk crash landed."

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W0ot!!!! Visas is here!
Haha, awesomeness!!!!

Nice chapter Chev. I laughed so hard when I read about thinking of the idea about HK and Canderous lol.

More, more, more, FREAKIN' MORE!!!!

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Chevron 7 locke
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(( Now that school is done...I have much more free time. ))

Jolee sat back in his wonderful chair and watched as the young woman flashed the sleeping scoundrel a death glare as she saw where his hands were placed.

"I can't believe it...even when he sleeps, his wandering hands still managed to annoy me to no end."

Jolee took another sip of his whisky and gave the woman a speculative glance. "You've seen him cause trouble with her as well?"

Visas nodded and pulled up a chair, not seeing HK-47 behind her as she pulled it out. "Yes...there were four woman on the Ebon Hawk including me and he managed to get them all angry with him at one point or another."

Jolee chucked a bit and pointed at the droid behind her. "What about you? Do you have any horror stories concerning Atton?"

"Exasperated statement: Oh...I have far too many to count, but I feel that this one will show the meatbag for the deviant he is. At one point, he attempted to intoxicate himself and the master while playing a curious game known as "Pazaak." He ended up becoming quite intoxicated and began slurring something about having to go to the 'fresher. He ended up missing the 'fresher entirely and ended up thinking that the swoop garage was the 'fresher."

Jolee chuckled loudly and Visas smiled a faint smile. "I believe I remember what happend..."

"Threat: You will stay quiet and let me finish or I will blast you meatbag!"

Visas chuckled once and was quiet.

"Statement: As I was saying...the meatbag ended up in the swoop garage and he began to search for a place to relieve himself. Imagine my discomfort when he stopped in front of me and my disgust when he began to relieve himself on me! The master had ordered me not to kill him...but she did not say anything about causing bodily harm to him."

At this point Jolee was laughing so hard he could barely catch his breath, but he eventually calmed down and asked the droid what he had done to Atton.

"Suprised Statement: I would have thought that was obvious! I attempted to beat the meatbag to within an inch of his life! He ruined the paint on my legs and I simply could not let that go unpunished. At this point, the meatbag had realized that he had done and was attempting to flee with his pants down. He ended up running into the woman's dormitory with me in hot pursuit."

Visas chuckled and then shot the sleeping Atton another death glare.

"Statement: The meatbag woke up the White-haired meatbag and the meatbag with the red hair and as I recall, one of them managed to blacken both of his eyes and crush two of his toes before he managed to escape. The meatbag managed to get away with his pants still down and then he somehow managed to attract the attention of the Mandalorian while trying to flee to the cockpit."

Jolee burst out laughing and nearly spit out his whisky.

"Musing Statement: Perhaps it would have been better if the Mandalorian had managed to catch him...it would have stopped his further behavior. But the meatbag managed to seal himself in the cockpit with the master for the rest of the night...rest assured...I was waiting for him when he unsealed the door the next morning."

((Well, that's it for now. More to come soon.))
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Hahahaha. Great addition Chev. Made me laugh until I, myself, spat out the drink I had,
You gotta love HK. Such a great character, and you portray him excellently!!!
Wonderful work!


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I should go.
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PAR EXCELLENCE, CHEV!! I agree with BFA, you're portrayal of HK was perfect indeed!

you very much
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(( The story...she is not dead...not yet anyway.))

Jolee watched Visas as the woman knelt over the bed and stared down at the exile. "How much longer do they expect her to remain out? I...wish to speak to her. There is so much I wish to tell her..."

"I don't know. It looks like they were already pretty badly beat before the Hawk crash landed, Revan left the republic shortly after the end of the Jedi Civil war to fight some unknown threat." Jolee took a look down at some of the scars on Revan's face. "It looks like she found what she was looking for."

Jolee noticed that Visas's eyes kept going up back toward his scar. "Want to know how I got this do you?"

"Forgive me, I-I didn-"

"Bah...it's fine. In fact I was wondering when you were going to ask about it. It's not everyday you see a scar like the one that sith gave me."

Jolee downed a gulp of his Fire-whisky and settled back into his chair, making sure that he was damn good and comfortable before telling the tale.

"It had been three years since we managed to take down Malak and life was actually going pretty well for me. I'd managed to get my own nice little ship, I had enough creds to feed myself for a year, and the stars were literaly the limit."

Jolee took another sip of the fire-whisky and stared out of the window at the various ships that were scurrying around the outside of the station.

"Of course...eventually the sith came back like they always will and began to hunt us down...and I was one of the first jedi that they went after. No matter where I went they were always there...waiting for me. And no matter what I did...I could never manage to shake them off my trail."

Jolee brought the bottle back up to his lips and took another small sip of the fire-whisky and closed his eyes, lost in memory.

"Eventually...I decided that it was time to make a stand, no more hit and run attacks on the sith, I was going to stand and fight, Of course since I was the one who was being chased, I was able to choose the battleground, and then I thought why not Kashyyyk? it was remote, I knew the landscape better then anyone else, not to mention that I still had a few friends on the planet."

"I landed my ship on one of the landing pads and immediatly ran to the shadowlands. The sith...was a fearsome man. He looked like someone who had had all of his bones broken a thousand times and then had them mended together again...I honestly didn't know what was keeping him going. Now...by this time, I had already fought with his men, and there were only a few of his solders left. Once they came down into the shadowlands...I began to hunt them down one by one."

Visas was sitting on one of the chairs and was watching Jolee with rapt attention, or at least he thought she was. It was hard to tell with that veil over her face.

"I'm no expert young lady, But I think you need a drink. What's your poison?"

"I...don't drink intoxicants."


"It's thoughtful of you to ask but I must refuse."

"I'm not gonna stop asking you until you choose a drink, I've got Ithorian sunrise, Telos starburner, Dantooine fire-whisky...take your pick."

Visas sighed in defeat. "Hand me a glass of Ithorian sunrise."

Jolee grinned and poured a glass of the potent liquor into a small shot glass. "Careful young lady, that's a potent drink you've chosen."

Visas nodded and pounded down the drink in one gulp and Jolee chuckled at the sight. This brings back memories...so many memories.

"Well...anyways where was I? Oh yes...I was began to hunt down the Sith's men one by one. I wanted to fight him one on one. Eventually, It was down to the sith lord and I. Eventually, he confronted me in front of my old hut."

Visas cocked her head to one side in confusion.

"Oh...I actually lived on Kashyyyk for a number of years before the battle against Malak, I made myself a nice little house in the bottom of a tree. A story for another time."

"Anyway, The sith just dropped out of the tree in front of me and stared at me. I thought that he was waiting for me to make the first move...but I was wrong. He launched himself at me with incredible speed and I was barely able to bring my saber up in time to block him."

Jolee closed his eyes once again as the memory of the battle against the mysterious sith played through his mind.

"That battle...was possibly the most difficult one I've fought in my life. The sith lord was strong...very strong. Most of the time I was barely able to block his attacks which were quick and deadly. Of course I managed to get my fair share of hits on him, during the duel, He may have given me the scar...but I think I managed to take his eye."

"I finally managed to drive him back long enough to weaken one of the giant branches above us, and then just as he was charging me...I brought the branch down on him. After that...I left. Climbed up out of the shadowlands, got on my ship and just...left."

Visas watched him as he stared blankly out of the window.

"What happend after that? Where did you go?"

"I wandered...Just got on my ship and began to wander the galaxy. I couldn't stay in one place for long, I didn't want to risk any additional sith coming after me, and to be honest I wasn't quite sure the one I had crushed under the branch was dead. So I just got in my little ship and began to wander the galaxy."

Visas nodded. Wandering was something she could understand.

"Another drink my dear?"

Visas nodded and held out her cup.

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((Fanbase...Awaken! Remember, I get my ideas from the comments you leave. So don't leave me hanging. Also, this is probably going to be one of the shortest chapters yet as I'm running out of ideas.))

One Week later

Carth was sitting alone at the foot of Revan's bed and the ever present Atton was sitting at the foot of Anrena's bed when the Exile's eyes slowly began to twitch as she started to come out of her healing trance.

Atton instantly shot up with an excited look in his eyes. "She's waking up."

Carth quietly left the room even though his instincts were screaming at him to stay in the room and wait to see if Revan followed suit and woke up as well.

No...those two deserve to have some time alone. They haven't seen each other in years.

Carth quietly closed the door behind him as the Exile's eyes finally opened and she saw Atton sitting next to her with a grin on his face.

"I...uh...Hey." He said weakly.

"Atton...your here. But then...where's Revan?!"

Atton pointed at the bed beside hers. "She's stable from what I heard. Looks like the Hawk was in a hell of a fight. You crashed in one of the restoration zones by the way...but I heard that Chodo let it slide."

"Really? Chodo is still alive? I guess that means that the Restoration project is still going strong."

"Acually they nearly finished it. Two more zones to go and they should be done by the end of the week. You did a good thing when you managed to get Czerka and the Exchange thrown off the station."

Anrena grinned weakly and Atton smirked.

"So...wanna tell me why you crashed on Telos?"

She looked over at Revan. "Not yet...I don't even want to think about what it was we fought out there. Right now...I just want to talk to you."

They continued on like that for hours, Talking about galactic politics, famous recipies, What everyone had been up to since she left...just talking until finally Anrena finally fell back asleep with Atton sleeping in the chair next to her.

The end for now. I really can't think of anything more.
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