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Thread: TSL Master List of Restoration Mods and Patches
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TSL Master List of Restoration Mods and Patches

I am seeking advice about patches and restoration mods for TSL, which I hope to play for the first time soon. is it necessary to install the official 1.0a patch first? if so, where the heck is it? i have looked everywhere, and not even Lucas has it. Does 1.0b do for both?

and i see there are several mods that open doors in the game that are locked in various areas, will they conflict with each other? just curious to see if anyone has any experince with this. Any suggestions or correctoins very welcome.

thanks for any assistance, this is what i found so far:

Knights of the Old Republic 2 The Sith Lords

Official Patch 1.0a
Official Patch 1.0b

TSL Patch (U.S. Version) (1.0b)
Filename: sw_pc_english_from200424_to210427.exe

TSL Patcher: for installing and working with mods


Official Music Patch (makes the music in game stero)

Official Movie Patch 6 parts (upgrades the movies in game to higher quality)

Driver Issues:
If you have a Nvida card be aware of this:

Any drivers newer than 178.24 may crash the game. Even 178.24 may crash the game, but it fixes with reinstallation. All the newer versions crash both - KOTOR I and KOTOR II.

================================================== ====================================


Many can be found here: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filef...d_Content;9830

TSL Restored Content Project
zybl2, DarthStoney and others
This is a new project to assemble most of the restoration mods and fixes into one package, it is close to completion and will be released soon. Information and their FAQ and list of what is being restored and what is not may be found here:


A few things not addressed in this package will be released later as an add on.

And some Additional Fixes can be found on Filefront, courtesy of the work being done by Team Gizka,

Team Gizka Fixes:

Dxun Equation Puzzle Fix
Escaped Criminals Quest Fix
Fuel For Telos Quest Fix
Handmaiden Training->Cutscene Fix
Hidden Compartment Fix
Jedi Master Rendevous Fix
Mira Spacesuit Fix
Skippable Mebla Dialogue Fix
Starport Visa Trade Fix
Telos Academy Imprisonment Cutscene Fix
Tienn Tubb's Store Fix
Visas Teaches Force Sight Fix
Nihilus-Visas In-Game Cutscene Tweak

Team Gizka Fixes


Here are some of the things that the Team Gizka TSLRP will fix:

Gameplay Fixes
Bolded author names are TSLRP team members

To install: extract the zip file to the Override folder in your KotOR2 install directory. If this directory doesn't exist simply create it. A number of the zips contain a folder named 'source' which is non-essential for the fix and may be deleted if you wish.
Dxun Equation Puzzle Fix by tk102
This is an interim fix for a bugged terminal interaction (not fixed by the v1.0b patch) - if you exited the terminal screen to start over after inputting a wrong operator, the terminal will always consider any subsequent retried inputs to be incorrect as well. This fix was created by tk102 from the Holowan forum, but since it wasn't offered as a download and the thread has since been buried, here's the fix all packaged and ready to put in your Override folder.

Escaped Criminals Quest Fix by Razorfish
Interim fix for a bugged sidequest (not fixed by the v1.0b patch). Alters area entrance case handling to more reliably spawn the escaped criminals in all the places they're supposed to spawn.

Fuel For Telos Quest Fix by Razorfish
[Updated January 6, 2006] Interim fix for a bugged sidequest (not fixed by the v1.0b patch). Alters variable checking for quest-related dialogue and fixes the journal entries for the third and (missing) fourth step of the quest.

Handmaiden Training->Cutscene Fix by Razorfish
[Updated May 16, 2005] Interim fix for a sometimes bugged cutscene (not fixed by the v1.0b patch) that is played after "teaching" the Handmaiden, stranding you in the Hidden Academy afterwards. The update just changes the version from beta to 1.0, removes debug feedback, and adds source code to the download.

Hidden Compartment Fix by tk102
[Updated April 28, 2005] Interim fix for a sometimes-bugged spawning of the hidden compartment on the Ebon Hawk (not fixed by the 1.0b patch). This fix was created by tk102 from the Holowan forum, with some additional input by stoffe-mkb- and Razorfish.

Jedi Master Rendevous Fix by tk102, T7Nowhere and Razorfish
Interim fix for a bugged cutscene and related dialogue (not fixed by the v1.0b patch). Fixes compiled by tk102.

Mira Spacesuit Fix by Tupac Amaru
[Updated December 17, 2005] Fix for the bug that sometimes has Mira in normal clothes instead of the spacesuit in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr.

Skippable Mebla Dialogue Fix by Razorfish
This is just a little change to make Mebla's dialogue skippable (she's the Pazaak player in the Citadel Station Cantina). Apparently, she's the only pazaak player whose dialogue you can't skip through...

Starport Visa Trade Fix by JdNoa and Razorfish
Interim fix for a bugged dialogue (not fixed by the v1.0b patch). Originally, if you agree to trade a Starport Visa for treasure and back out of the deal, you'll be screwed, because the dialogue takes away your visa anyway. This moves that script call further down in the dialogue so that you can correctly back out at the last minute if you want, and it also makes the treasure exchange dialogue options available if you traded your visa.

Telos Academy Imprisonment Cutscene Fix by Razorfish
[Updated January 20, 2006] Interim fix for a cutscene bug introduced by the v1.0b patch. Alters handmaiden.dlg so that it calls all the imprisonment steps for the "All right - we mean no harm." option. The update allows you to properly resume the cutscene by selecting "[Cheat Node] Continue with Kreia Conversation." when speaking with Atton, in case you do not have a recent saved game from before you speak to the Handmaiden in order to take advantage of the dialogue fix.

Tienn Tubb's Store Fix by Darth Aleera
This fix restores access to Tienn Tubb's store if you ask Tienn about his business.

Visas Teaches Force Sight Fix by Razorfish
[Updated April 19, 2005] Just released a tiny fix to allow you to ask Visas about Force Sight again if you failed her influence check the first time around. It is pretty evident from the rest of the dialogue that you were supposed to be able to ask her again after failure...

Gameplay Tweaks
Even though the project is not done yet, we've released a few miscellaneous tweaks we worked on inbetween development. Changes that will be included in TSLRP are marked with an asterisk.
3C-FD's XBox Dialogue Unlocked by Razorfish
This edited version of 3C-FD's dialogue file (for the tutorial level) gives you access to the XBox Live dialogue paths.

Nihilus-Visas In-Game Cutscene Tweak by Razorfish
[Updated September 26, 2005] For the Nihilus-Visas introduction cutscene, instead of playing the low resolution bink movie, the in-game cutscene that the movie was created from is played.

Rebalance and Crazy Rebalance by Aurora

drop all classes except Jedi Guardian, Soldier, Sith Marauder, Jedi Weaponmaster, Combat Droid, and, err, Tech Specialist down to ¾ BAB
make all skills class skills
give Guardians one extra feat and Combat Droids two extra feats
adjust poisons so they're slightly more lethal
slow down VP regeneration
give Tech Specialists an AC bonus

Decompiled KotOR 2 Scripts by JdNoa
Secondary Download Link
This is an archive of .nss scripts produced by DeNCS. It contains all the scripts from Kotor2 that DeNCS was able to decompile or partially decompile. (Partially decompiled ones are named *_compare_fails.nss or *_compile_fails.nss. If the script isn't in here, DeNCS couldn't do anything with it.). Inside the .zip, the scripts are compressed as a .7z file - this allows the archive to be 269kb instead of 3.9MB. But you will need an extractor that can handle 7zip files. WinRAR should work, or you could grab the free 7zip program. Uncompressed, this takes 31 MB of space.

Droid Factory and Droid Planet Modules
These are the original, unfinished, unmodified module files for the Droid Factory and Droid Planet salvaged from the XBox version of the game.

Ebon Hawk Entry Cutscene Conditions by JdNoa
List of the Ebon Hawk on-entry cutscenes and what variables are required to trigger them.

Long Intro Movie
This is the "long" version of the short introductory movie to be distributed with the mod. We are providing this download through BitTorrent. For those without a BT client we recommend Arctic. Just install Arctic, download the torrent and double-click it.
As a courtesy to others trying to download the file please leave your client open and do not delete your torrent file so as to help improve download speed.
It is also available for direct download here
You are free to host this executable bik elsewhere PROVIDED IT IS NOT MODIFIED IN ANY WAY.

These are KotOR 2 mod development tools released by the TLRSP team for your personal use. More excellent modding tools can be found here.
AniCam beta 3 by JdNoa
AniCam is an animated camera editor, for creating new animated camera models to use in your K2 .dlgs, or for looking at or editing the existing ones. Animated cameras are created by specifying times, positions (x, y, z coordinates), and orientations (heading, pitch, roll, in degrees). AniCam generates the .mdl and .mdx files. The new animated camera can be used in your .dlg by setting the appropriate fields. Details are in the readme. Written in Java; requires JRE 1.5 or later to run.

DeNCS by JdNoa and Dashus
DeNCS takes a Kotor2 .ncs compiled script and attempts to generate a .nss source script that compiles identically. Failing that, it gives you its best guess at a script, and if that script compiles, lets you compare the generated script's pcode to the original ncs file's pcode. It can be memory intensive, especially on large scripts, so if your system beings to slow, just close and reopen. Written in Java; requires the beta of JRE 1.6 or later to run.

LipSynch Editor by JdNoa
Allows editing of lipsynch (.lip) files for KOTOR 2. Written in Java; requires JRE 1.5 or later to run.

The team has removed gameplay fixes from the team gizka page. Fixes were removed due to potential incompatibilities with the release of the project, which may still be a while.

All of these fixes will be included in the release of the restoration project. Only use this if you are really impatient, or have no intention of ever using the restoration mod. DO NOT use this with the restoration mod since it will supposedly cause problems.

Individual Mods and Mod sets:

Prologue Peragus Harbinger Correctoin Mod 1.1


File size: 977.42 KB
Downloads this week: 24
Downloads total: 1,184
Date Added: 05-15-2007
Popularity: 1%
Video Length: 0 seconds
Short description: This mod addresses most of the Prolog, Peragus, and early Harbinger issues present in SW: KotORII: TSL version 2.10. These issues include various dialog, scripting, and game play issues.
Read the full description
================================================== ====== A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC II: (THE SITH LORDS) MODIFICATION Prolog, Peragus, and Harbinger Issue Correction Mod ================================================== ====== Author: Ulic Peragus, and Harbinger Issue Correction Mod Filename: Prolog_Peragus_Harbinger_Issue_Correction.rar File Size: 8.10 MB (977 KB Archived) Date Released: April 8, 2007 1. Description: ---------- This mod addresses most of the Prolog, Peragus, and early Harbinger issues present in SW: KotORII: TSL version 2.10. These issues include various dialog, scripting, and game play issues, for a complete list of changes see below. Every effort was made to preserve the story as it was and leave the balance of game play unchanged. This is a stand alone mod, however, the idea is that it will function as a nice supplement to all the hard work done by Team Gizka on their TSLRP resulting in a game that is as fun and issue free as possible. Note that this mod is currently only for the English version of the game, other language versions are not supported. Great care has been taken to ensure compatibility with other mods but I make no promises. Lastly, by its vary nature this mod only effects the beginning stages of the game and will require starting a new game in order to enjoy it. 2. Install: ---------- (It is highly recommended that you update your game to version 2.10 (the 1.0b update) before installing this mod.) 1) Extract the "Prolog, Peragus, Harbinger Issue Correction" mod, taking care to insure that both the "Setup - RUN THIS TO INSTALL.exe" file and "tslpatchdata" folder are extracted to the same folder (these files can be extracted to any folder on your hard drive EXCEPT those within the SWKotOR2 folder hierarchy). Also note that simply copying the files within "tslpatchdata" to your "Override" folder will not properly install the mod. 2) The following files in the "Modules" folder, located here "C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2Modules" by default, must be unchecked as "Read-only" for the installer to function properly: 005EBO_s.rim 101PER.rim 101PER_dlg.erf 101PER_s.rim 102PER.rim 102PER_dlg.erf 102PER_s.rim 103PER_dlg.erf 103PER_s.rim 105PER.rim 105PER_dlg.erf 106PER_dlg.erf 106PER_s.rim 151HAR.rim To do this quickly right click on the "Modules" folder and select "Properties". Under the "General" tab near the bottom uncheck "Read-only" and click the "Apply" button (if "Read-only" was not checked skip to step 3). A new window will pop up. Select "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files" and click OK. If you woule rather do this individually for each file you may do so, however, no harm will be done by unselecting "Read-only" for the entire folder. 3) Additionally, "101PER_loc.mod", located here "C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2lips" by default, must also be unchecked as "Read-only". Right click on the file select "Properties". Under the "General" tab near the bottom uncheck "Read-only" and click the "Apply" button. 4) Once "Read-only" has been unchecked for each file, run the "Setup - RUN THIS TO INSTALL.exe" file that was extracted earlier to begin installation of the mod. 5) Once installed simply start a new game. Note a new folder named "backup" will be created during insanitation within the folder the installer was run from. If you plan on uninstalling this mod this folder and the files therein must not be deleted as they are used during the uninstall process. 3. Uninstall: ---------- The files listed below may have been modified during the installation of this mod: Within "C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2" dialog.tlk Within "C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2Modules" 005EBO_s.rim 101PER.rim 101PER_dlg.erf 101PER_s.rim 102PER.rim 102PER_dlg.erf 102PER_s.rim 103PER_dlg.erf 103PER_s.rim 105PER.rim 105PER_dlg.erf 106PER_dlg.erf 106PER_s.rim 151HAR.rim Within "C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2lips" 101PER_loc.mod Within "C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2Overide" 151kreia.dlg 153atton.dlg a_ambient.ncs a_compoff.ncs a_coorta_cs.ncs a_door105per.ncs a_droid_blind.ncs a_droid_war.ncs a_hk50intro.ncs a_kreia151dlg.ncs a_neuter_droid.ncs a_opensecdoor.ncs a_outro.ncs a_set103voice.ncs a_sien_cs.ncs a_t3deadspawn.ncs ambientmusic.2da c_checktrans.ncs gar_dor.dlg global.jrl globalcat.2da hatch.dlg intro.dlg k_102exit.ncs k_3cfdspawn.ncs k_atton_ud.ncs k_hk50_103_ud.ncs k_hk50_user.ncs kreia.dlg repcapt.dlg repcapt2.dlg rmedoff.dlg sealdoor.dlg Backups of any file that was altered were made during insanitation and placed in a folder called "backup" within the folder the installer was run from. 1) To uninstall the mod, open your "Override" folder, located here "C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2Overide" by default, and delete ONLY the files listed above under the "Override" heading. 2) Next open the "backup" folder that was created during installation and replace the files listed above with the files contained within. If a file listed above is missing from the "backup" folder, don't worry, no change was made to that file and it does not have to be replaced. 4. Issues Corrected: ---------- ? 3C-FD will be in T3's way during the outro sequence after completing the Prolog ? 3C-FD will not stay "irreparable damaged" in the secure cargo hold if the module is reloaded once the blast door to the fuel depot has been opened ? A damaged computer terminal in the dormitories changes to working after it is interacted with ? All of Atton's float texts are missing VO ? All of HK-50's float texts are missing VO ? Canceling the prolog will give the exile all the items T3 had at that moment ? During the dock officer's third dormitory hologram, he suddenly uses an injured stance halfway the dialog ? During the escape from Peragus, if the Sith board the Ebon Hawk, the door to the storage room is bashable ? During the first dialog with Atton there is a scene with a camera inside the force cage making it look as if it has been turned off ? Grammatical mistake in the maintenance officer's console: "." comes after " ? Grammatical mistake in the security officer's console: "." comes after " ? HK-50 plays a "walking" noise but does not move when you first meet him ? HK-50 repeatedly greats you as you move up and down the hallway next to his room in 103PER ? HK-50 when talking about reaching the miners: VO: "For that" ST: "in order to accomplish that" ? If the Sith board the Ebon Hawk while escaping from Peragus, the sealed door warning has grammar issues ? In the holographic recording where HK-50 sends 3 droids to kill Coorta, the droids get stuck and don't finish moving to their exit waypoints after killing him and the other miners ? In the Peragus tunnels the droid behind the sealed door will not attack other droids if you previously added "other droids to droid mining protocols" ? In the Peragus tunnels the droid behind the sealed door will still attack the Exile even if you previously blinded the droids ? In the Peragus tunnels the droid behind the sealed door will still attack the Exile even if you previously canceled "all droid mining functions on organics" ? Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? in Coorta's first holographic dialog ? Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? in Coorta's second holographic dialog ? Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? in Coorta's third holographic dialog ? Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? in Sien's holographic dialogs ? Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? in the administrator's first set of holographic dialogs ? Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? in the dock officer's first set of holographic dialogs ? Issue with Atton's dialog as you flee the Harbinger: VO: "Farther" ST: "Further" ? Issues with administrator's second set of holographic dialogs: Unskipable, Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? ? Issues with dock officer's second set of holographic dialogs: "Maybe" instead of "maybe", Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? ? Issues with HK-50's first dialog: VO: "to be still" ST: "Still to be", VO: "to" ST: "for" ? Issues with Kreia's dialog: VO: "for the attack" ST: "for attack" ? Issues with medical officer's holographic dialog: VO: "lockdown" ST: "lockd-", Her lips move with the computer's emergency lockdown warning, Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? ? Issues with security officer's holographic dialogs: VO: "It'll" ST: "That'll", VO: "circuit" ST: "circuits", "," should come after ", Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? ? Issues with the Harbinger captain's first set of holographic dialogs: VO: "we've plotted a course..." ST: "we plotted a course..", VO: "If there's a Sith presence" ST: "If there is a Sith presence", There need to be ?? around HK-50's lines, Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? ? Issues with the Harbinger captain's second set of holographic dialogs: VO: "We attached an umbilical" ST: "We attached a umbilical", There need to be ?? around "I have come for the Jedi.", Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? ? Issues with the Harbinger medical officer's Sith survivor hololog: VO: "over time... and then put" ST: "over time... then put", She uses a "taunt" animation, causing one line in the dialog to be "non-injured" ? Issues with the maintenance officer's holographic dialogs: VO: "I... Oh, stop!" ST: "Oh, stop!", The "injured" animation is used incorrectly in a dialog, Incorrect use of ?? instead of ?? ? It is possible to check the "flash code" transmission an infinite amount of times from the dormitory computer which is unnecessary ? It is possible to repeatedly trigger the computer voice's "Emergency lockdown overridden" line when returning to the administration level from the dormitories ? Kreia's dialog when first boarding the Harbinger sometimes does not play immediately which causes problems with the direction Atton is facing for some of his lines ? Kreia's telepathy music plays over the background music when talking to the "exit" door every time. It should only play the first time ? Kreia's telepathy music plays over the background music when talking to the door to Atton's holding cell every time. It should only play the first time ? No DS or LS points are awarded when first interacting with your new party members on the Harbinger ? One of Sean's holographic dialogs ends abruptly long before he is hit from behind by Coorta ? Text from X-box tutorial needs to be removed when clicking on the closed door just beyond the morgue ? The "sensor ball" shown during one of Atton's dialogs while in the mining tunnels is actually Bao-Dur's remote ? The "Fuel Line" camera at the maintenance officer's computer does not show T3 in the fuel pipeline as it should ? The droid you can repair at the beginning of the Peragus mining tunnels is not blinded with the rest of the droids if the temperature is turned up ? The first hatch you open on the outside of the Ebon Hawk disappears, however, the others stay and have no VO ? The hangar containment field float text should say "any way" not "anyway" ? The initial sequence where the PC meets HK-50 does not play as was originally scripted ? The journal entry after finding 3C-FD has a "," at the beginning ? The journal entry after finding T3 in the fuel line is awkwardly worded ? The "Log Terminal" in the dormatories is placed so it partially blocks the doorway ? The maintenance officer's "spliced" voiceprint ID protocol dialog never plays, only the "smooth" ? The maintenance officer's computer should actually beep when it says "BEEPING FROM CONSOLE" ? The message when clicking the door to the "garage" during the Prologue has a typo, "breech" instead of "breach" ? The turbolift lockdown quest journal entries do not function as intended ? When Atton first uses the computer his dialog should say "transmission" not "transmissions" ? When Atton informs you about the central control center "So" is missing from the subtitles ? When contacting hanger 25 after T3 has been shot the sentence ends with a "," instead of a "." ? When contacting T3 in hanger 25 sometimes the PC will also have the "security camera effect" when it should only be played for T3 ? When HK-50 replays the maintenance officer's last words: VO: "They're burning through my leg! I... Oh, stop! Stop, please-" ST: "They've burned through my leg! I... stop! Stop, st-" ? When Kreia teaches you the Precognition power there should be ?? around Precognition, There should be a "," after "?ah" ? When you encounter HK-50 for the first time and ask about the dead maintenance officer laying on the floor the camera should focus more on the maintenance officer's body as HK-50 delivers his final words 5. Bugs: ---------- There are no known issues that will develop as a result of installing this mod. 6. Distribution Notes: ---------- This mod may not be modified or distributed without the explicit permission of the author. If you have questions contact me at blevlard@aim.com. 7. Thanks: ---------- My thanks go out to: Team Gizka for their work on TSLRP and inspiring this issue correction mod The community of Team-Gizka.org for showing an interest and Knightmare and Hassat Hunter specifically for offering up some issues I had missed The modders who have spent their time creating fantastic mooding tools: Dashus and JdNoa for DeNCS Script Decompiler, Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool, stoffe for ERFEditor, TalkEd, and TSLPatcher, and tk102 for DLGEditor and K-GFFEditor And lastly the modders and community of LucasForums.com specifically: deathdisco, Pavlos, stoffe, Terravant, and Tupac Amaru who helped me work out the problems I encountered THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE. For more information on Knights of the Old Republic, visit http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com

Arrival on Nar Shaddaa - Dialog FixFilename: arrivaldlgfilefix.zip

Hirni is back, with another fixed dialog for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This time, he has worked on the dialog that is used when you arrive on Nar Shaddaa for the first time.

It used to be the case that the wrong NPC's spoke the wrong lines, and this was a little confusing and inconsistent. Hirni has fixed this, so now every line of dialog matches up with the correct party member. Definitely a handy mod if consistency is your thing,

Telos Academy FixesFilename: ice.zip
By: Himi

Hirni returns once more, with his latest mod for the sequel to the 2003 game of the year, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This mod is a set of bug fixes, which fixes the problems where certain dialogs would break in the Academy if you didn't have certain party members with you. The mod is probably worth downloading just for that, I think.

This mod also adds a conversation between Atris and Brianna, where the Jedi Historian tells her Handmaiden to travel with the Exile as he searches for Masters Vrook, Kavar, Zez Kai Ell and Vash. Opinions will likely be mixed as to whether this was a good idea or not.

This mod is worth a download, just for the bug fixes I think, so if the breaking dialogs have ever affected you, give this one a go!

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

Goto GenoHaradan FixFilename: gotogenoharadanfix.zip
By: Himi

Hirni makes a return to the FileFront moddng scene today, with this new piece of Restored Content for the second Knights of the Old Republic game, The Sith Lords.

This is basically a few lines of restored dialog, in the cutscene where Goto and his henchmen are on the Yacht, when you arrive on the Smugglers Moon, also known as Nar Shaddaa. The restored lines refer to the GenoHaradan. It's a nice touch, though i'm not sure it makes much sense, as the GenoHaradan are never mentioned again after it.

Still, Restored Content is always nice, as it makes the game feel more complete. If you like restored things, this may be for you!

202 Grenn Dialog FixFilename: fixforthe202grenn_dlgfile.zip
By: Himi

Hirni returns today, with his latest mod for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. He has put in a few lines of dialog, so that when you speak with the assassin on Citadel Station after Lt. Grenn imprisons you in a Force Cage, the assassin tells you he is a member of the Genoharadan.

Not much else to say really, except be sure to look at the readme before installing.

Atton Bath Jokes FixFilename: attonbathjokesfix.zip

hirni makes their FileFront modding debut today, with this brand new mod for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This mod restores some of the conversation you have with Atton and your Party Members, upon reaching the Smuggler's Moon for the first time in your game.

Any conversation with Atton in it is a good thing, right?

Colonel Tobin Meets Darth NihilusFilename: nihilus_tobin.zip
by: Exile007

Restored Content is something that the modding community seem to love. With the TSLRP still yet to be released, the community is always grateful for whatever small nuggets of such content are made available for use. This is one of those occasions where we have been sent a piece of restored content. The man behind this restoration mod, is my good friend Exile007. Now, Exile007 is no stranger to the modding scene, in fact he has been a member over at Holowan Labs for quite a while, and has many great skills. This is the first mod that he has hosted here at KotORFiles, however. If we play our cards right, we may be able to convince him to send in some of his skins.

Exile007 is making his FileFront debut with this restoration mod for the sequel to the 2003 game of the year, [i[Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. What he has restored, is a cutscene featuring Colonel Tobin, and Darth Nihilus, the Lord of Hunger, on board the Dark Lords ship, which is known as The Ravager. This scene fires when you first enter the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, which means you have quite a way to go in the game, before you can view it.

The scene has Tobin going to Nihilus on the Bridge of The Ravager. Nihilus chokes the Colonel, who then gives Nihilus false information, that there is a Jedi Academy on Telos. He also pleads with the Dark Lord to save the planet Telos, but he then realises that Nihilus never cared for the planet, only for his desire to consume life. This is certainly an important scene, I feel, as it gives more of a reason as to why Nihilus was going to Telos.

Sion's Arrival to Peragus Fix (2.0)
Filename: sions_arrival_fix_2_0.rar
By: Zybl2

Zybl2 makes a return to KotORFiles today, with this 2.0 version of the Sion's Arrival at Peragus mod. This mod replaces the BIK movie of Sion arriving at Peragus with an actual ingame cutscene, in the second Knights of the Old Republic game.

This version fixes a few bugs that were present in version one. He has fixed a long pause in the dialog, the issue with docking twice, and the problem with the corpses on the bridge of the Harbinger, the Republic Hammerhead Cruiser on which this particular cutscene takes place, after it has been taken over by the Lord of Pain, Darth Sion.

If you liked the original, this is worth a download.

Hussef Head RestorationFilename: hussefrestored.zip
Ferc Kast

Huzzah for restored content! Ferc Kast brings us a new piece - Hussef's head. Apparently Hussef - the leader of the refugees on Nar Shadaa - was meant to have a unique head, rather than the generic K1 head he got stuck with in the end. Quite why Obsidian left him like that is anybody's guess. Still, they did, but they also left the original head they were going to use in the game files, which Ferc picked up on and was kind enough to restore and release, as the name of the file implies. The head is up to the usual standard of Obsidian's texture-work, and I'm sure Ferc's implementation is also up to his usual spec. Download and enjoy!

Tienn Dialog RestoredFilename: tienn_dialog_restored.zip

Is restored content getting old yet? If not, then sit back, relax, and listen to what I have to say if you?re interested in seeing more things restored for the sequel to the 2003 game of the year, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

Remember Tienn Tubb? He?s that blind Sullustan on Nar Shaddaa that has the ability to change the Ebon Hawk?s ID transponder codes. It?s something that is a necessary thing later on when you have your run-in with Goto. Well, if you talk to Tienn Tubb enough, you will find out that he has an inventory too. What you don?t find out is that he and Bao-Dur know each other from the Mandalorian Wars. It was something Obsidian put in, but later cut out.

Zbyl2 is making his FileFront debut with a restoration mod for you to play with. It?s a very minor restoration, but it?s still restored content and that by itself is going to be a popular thing. The key to this mod after you have installed it is to have Bao-Dur in your party when you first meet Tienn for this mod to have any affect. Keep in mind that the first screenshot doesn?t done very well and you can barely see Tienn behind the Exile. Being someone who has made specialty pictures for the PotD and other uses, I would have done the shot where the Exile is out of the way and that way you can see a clear path between Tienn and Bao-Dur conversing. It would have been a better selling point visually. Enjoy the restored content!

TSL: Un-Restored Content (Final Version)Filename: tsl_urc_final.rar
By: Zybl2


File size: 2.18 MB
Downloads this week: 63
Downloads total: 6,025
Date Added: 01-30-2009
Popularity: 18%
Video Length: 0 seconds
Short description: This mod does exactly what the title says, it restores content that TSL:RP isn't restoring.
Read the full description
================================================== ====== STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC II: THE SITH LORDS UN-RESTORED CONTENT FINAL ================================================== ====== AUTHOR: Zbyl2 CONTACT: PM me at lucasforums. NAME: TSL: Un-Restored Content FINAL 1.Description: Basically, it?s a new version of Un-restored Content mod I released awhile ago. I released this mod and some patches before, but now I?m. releasing final version and I implemented all patches into this version, plus fixed all bugs so you don?t need to download anything more than just this. What was restored? Things like Czerka take over Citadel Station, some HK?s and Atton lines in Telos, self-destruction of Goto?s Yacht, restored lines in Jedi Enclave, HK-50?s on Goto?s ship, Atton, T3 and MiraHanharr fight bounty hanters, Bao-Tienn conversation, explosion in Jekk?Jekk Tarr, Fassa as Toyadarian, possibility of not talking to Mandalore (well, not exactly as you will need to see him later), lot of cuted lines in Korriban... It?s possible that something more but can?t think of anything at the moment. Also, I removed Atris as Traya. I always wanted to make high quality mod, and it wasn?t just because of Atris-Traya. Sad. 2. Installation: Double click TSL Un-Restored Content.exe and use install button. 3. Bugs: If you find any please, contact with me. PERMISSIONS: This mod may be used without the explicit of the author. This mod may not be distributed on other sites without the express permission of the author. For more information on Knights of the Old Republic, visit

Korriban Hidden Tomb FixFilename: tombfix.zip
By: Zybl2


Zybl2 makes a return to FileFront today, with a new mod for the second Knights of the Old Republic game. This mod is basically a fix, for the hidden tomb of Ludo Kresh on the planet Korriban. A well known bug in the game, is the infinite XP bug in said tomb, where you can examine a dead Jedi, and every time you do so, Hssiss start to spawn around you. This meant that if you did it enough times, you could level all the way up to level 50, right there in that room. Zybl2 has fixed that in this release.

Another bug that has been fixed, is the one that meant not all of your party members would spawn in the scene with Kreia, where she would turn your allies against you, as part of one of the tests of the tomb.

I'd say this is quite a handy mod, as it fixes the mentioned bugs, whilst taking up next to no space on your Hard Drive. The main reason I can see people downloading it, is the party members bug fix, as the other bug can be avoided, simply by not returning to the corpse.


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