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Thread: OJP Enhanced 1.2
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OJP Enhanced 1.2

I am trying to create my own private server but am having tons of trouble as I have looked for hours trying to find a tutorial or code that I could use to create my server.

I install OPJ Enhanced 1.2 fine and it runs fine. This is the code from the OPJ Enhanced Server File.

//---------------Server Settings
set sv_hostname "Rise of the Fallen"
set g_motd "The Sun Shall Rise When The Blood Of The Pure Is Spilt"
set sv_allowDownload "0" // 0 means the server won’t try to send files to the client
set sv_pure "0" // 1 prevents some cheats but also use of skins and other files
set sv_fps "50" //boost the game's server fps.
set sv_maxclients 6 // the maximum number of players you will host. Related to your upload bandwidth and sv_maxrate
set rconpassword ""

//master servers
set sv_master2 ""
set sv_master3 ""
set sv_master4 ""
set sv_master5 ""
set sv_master6 ""

//Optional Misc Settings
set g_friendlyfire "0" // 1 means your weapons can damage teammates
set bot_honorableduelacceptance "1" //bots will accept duels
set g_privateDuel "1" //allow private duels
set g_multiDuel "2" //allow multiple privaet duels
set g_doWarmup "0" //no map warmups
set g_dismember "100" //full dismemberment when possible
set g_saberLockFactor "0"

//Default Game Limits
set duel_fraglimit "50" //For Duel, the number of rounds to win the map\game
set capturelimit "8" // number of flag captures to win and end a CTF game before time runs out

//Weapon Disable Cvars
//524279 is sabers only
//524275 is sabers/melee only
set g_weapondisable "0" //use bit values to allow or deny weapons. 0 means full weapons

//Voting options
set sv_AllowVote "1" // 0 to disable voting, 1 to enable voting
set g_vote "0"
set g_AllowMapVote "0"
set g_AllowGametypeVote "0"
set g_AllowTeamVote "0"
set g_AllowKickVote "0"

//------------------------Optional OJP Settings-------------------
set ojp_motd "MY MOTD"
set ojp_clientMOTD "My MOTD"

//Experience Settings
set g_minExpLevel 5 //set starting experience points
set g_maxExpLevel 100 //set maximum experience points

//-----------------------------------OJP Auto-Admin Settings-------------
set g_teamForceBalance "4"
set g_autoKickTKSpammers "5"
set g_autoKickKillSpammers "6"

//OJP Saber settings
ojp_teamrgbsabers 1

//-----------------------------Gametype settings------------------------------
//sets frag, capture, and time limits, and bot levels for each gametype
set jmon "g_privateDuel "1"; fraglimit "50"; timelimit "30"; set g_gametype 2; set bot_minplayers 8"
set ctfOn "g_privateDuel "0"; capturelimit "5"; timelimit "30"; set g_gametype 8; set bot_minplayers 12"
set ctyOn "g_privateDuel "0"; capturelimit "5"; timelimit "30"; set g_gametype 9; set bot_minplayers 12"
set holoOn "g_privateDuel "1"; fraglimit "50"; timelimit "30"; set g_gametype 1; set bot_minplayers 8"
set ffaOn "g_privateDuel "1"; fraglimit "50"; timelimit "30"; set g_gametype 0; set bot_minplayers 8"

set g_autoMapCycle "0" //set to "1" to start auto map cycle; leave at "0" to use custom cycle

//Custom map cycle loads all maps and 5 different gametypes; adjust as needed

// FFA
set d1 "vstr ffaOn; map mp/ffa1; set nextmap vstr d2"
set d2 "vstr ffaOn; map mp/ffa2; set nextmap vstr d3"

//Jedi Master
set d3 "vstr jmOn; map mp/ffa3; set nextmap vstr d4"
set d4 "vstr jmOn; map mp/ffa4; set nextmap vstr d5"

//Holcron FFA
set d5 "vstr holoOn; map mp/ffa5; set nextmap vstr d6"

set d6 "vstr ctfOn; map mp/ctf1; set nextmap vstr d7"
set d7 "vstr ctfOn; map mp/ctf2; set nextmap vstr d8"
set d8 "vstr ctfOn; map mp/ctf3; set nextmap vstr d9"

set d9 "vstr ctyOn; map mp/ctf4; set nextmap vstr d10"
set d10 "vstr ctyOn; map mp/ctf5; set nextmap vstr d11"

// start the first map
vstr d1

///--------------Default Maps
// mp/ffa1 Vjun Sentinel
// mp/ffa2 Korriban Tombs
// mp/ffa3 Tatooine City
// mp/ffa4 Rift Sanctuary
// mp/ffa5 Taspir
// mp/ffa_bonus1 Gas Mine
// mp/ffa_bonus2 The Fortress
// mp/ffa_bonus3 Conquest of Byss
// mp/ffa_bonus4 Ord Mantell Canyon

// mp/ctf1 Imperial Drop Zone
// mp/ctf2 Hoth Wasteland
// mp/ctf3 Yavin Hilltops
// mp/ctf4 Coruscant Streets
// mp/ctf5 Factory
// mp/ctf_bonus1 Rift of Shadows

// mp/siege_hoth Hoth Attack
// mp/siege_desert Desert Rescue
// mp/siege_korriban Korriban Valley

// mp/duel1 Bespin Courtyard
// mp/duel2 Generator Room
// mp/duel3 Imperial Shaft
// mp/duel4 Imperial Control Room
// mp/duel5 Taspir Landing
// mp/duel6 Yavin Training Area
// mp/duel7 Rancor Pit
// mp/duel8 Abandoned City
// mp/duel9 Hoth Canyon
// mp/duel10 Vjun Fuel Processing

When I click the OJP Enhanced Server icon to start up a dedicated server, it doesn't appear on my Internet server list.

I would be grateful if someone would be able to modify it so it has the following:
-password protected (private server)
-ffa only, other modes don't interest me
-250 points to squander as you please in either force or gunnery skills
-force regeneration to be decent

Also, how does one login with the rcon password?
Would be greatly appreciated as I tried this mod today and it's exactly what I've been searching for, another reason I want to get a server up is because all the ones around me which is only like 7 servers are too high of ping.
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Thanks for enjoying the mod! We (the team) are glad you like it. I'm not able to help you with this question but if you want you can visit our new site and forums and one of the coders will see your question. Here is the new page:
Stop in here because this is where the rest of the team is.
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