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Thread: Acorn Video Fake
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Acorn Video Fake


Hey, everyone remember that one time Acorn supposedly did that illegal thing by helping that guy try to pimp underage girls?

Yeah, everyone, turns out that may have been fake, or at least very heavily edited. As in, its quite possible everything in the video was spliced together, audio added, and, most importantly, he not wearing the pimp outfit he claimed he wore.



“We never claimed that he went in with a pimp costume,” said Giles. “That was b-roll. It was purely b-roll. He was a pimp, I was a prostitute, and we were walking in front of government buildings to show how the government was whoring out the American people.”

For everyone out there that doesn't know what that means, B-roll means that footage was edited in later. It is also a bold faced lie because he said explicitly multiple times in Fox News interviews and his own site he wore his Pimp Outfit.

"Wow. What a six month's it's been! I want to start off with a... I have to apologize to the nation because, uh, the pimp in the pimp and prostitute video apparently wasn't dressed like a flamboyant pimp. I am so sorry this nation --- uh, for --- I don't know what to say."
-Andrew Breitbart

The two employees that were fired claim he walked in with a button-down white shirt and dress pants.

"made the hidden camera video edited it to suggest that James O'Keefe was posing as the woman's pimp, the couple actually told ACORN employees he was trying to protect her from the pimp"

It is also very important with this new bit of information arising after James was arrested for attempted wiretap to go back and rewatch the videos. You never see James, and you almost never see his "hoe" either. Much of what James says, which is the supposedly linked "child prostitution", is off camera and most of what he says is not acknowledged at all, except by the girl off camera. There are also clear edits in the middle of many of these women's sentences.

The video clearly shows they talking about some problem with someone, perhaps a pimp, threatening them. Notice how in the video they never put the "children" in the same context as "prostitutes", that every scene is spliced together, and there are conflicting points being made in the video between "house taxes" and a pimp threatening them and the Acorn employees, seemingly, lending a hand to the, supposed, "hoe" on how to avoid him.

In fact, much of the initial questions are drowned out by audio, there audio marks where muting has been done and, the big kicker, they absolutely refuse to release the original video clips and are only giving the very, very heavily edit "journalism" video with the misleading opening of him walking into Acorn with a pimp outfit, which he states on Fox News he wore into their offices.

Here is an analysis of the transcripts, from his site, and what was edited in the videos:

Here is where the lies begin and where America got duped by a lying sack of ****:

1) The "prostitute" told the loan counselor that her pimp had “ all these 13, 14,15 year old girls from El Salvador and that’s what—I need to protect them like I know what its like and I have to protect them and like give them somewhere to live."
Where as, in the video, he carefully sliced that scene together to infer that they were giving him permission to pimp underage girls himself.

2) While their press releases claim they were posing as a “prostitute and a pimp,” the transcripts show that O’Keefe consistently introduced himself as Giles’ boyfriend trying to protect her.
So, this adds further problem to him claiming he walked in with a -pimp- outfit, claiming to be a pimp in the video, and claiming to want to sell young girls. He did none of these things. He wore normal clothing and claimed he was her boyfriend trying to save her form an made up pimp.

3) In each of the cases, the ACORN staff advised the prostitute to pay taxes, not to evade them.
His own transcripts contradict what he edited himself, and the women saying.

4) The San Diego office reported the duo to the police. In the San Diego office, where O’Keefe/Giles raised the topic of smuggling underage prostitutes across the border, the ACORN worker called the police.
Brings a whole new light to his journalism, doesn't it?

5) The San Bernardino video was a scam on the duo. In the San Bernardino office, the ACORN worker, finding their stories ridiculous, met them with her own outrageous tales. The ACORN worker spins tales of a sordid past, including murdering her husband. While Giles and O’Keefe had the tapes for a month before releasing them, they never conducted any kind of check of the claims. Within 24 hours of the videos’ release, the police had confirmed that no such murder had taken place, and that the worker’s two ex-husbands were alive and well. San Bernardino resident Jim Miller, who lives near ACORN's office and is also featured in the video giving business advice, said he thought the "whole thing was a preposterous production."
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention to all of you that he put this together and the news bought it like no-ones business without fact checking the video in the slightest.

6. Child prostitution claims are applied to several of the videos, with no evidence in the transcripts. While the New York and Washington DC videos are each given the title by O’Keefe of “ACORN Child Prostitution Investigation,” in fact, in neither of these cases do the duo claim they are planning to engage in child prostitution, and no advice is given. In New York, Giles states that her abusive pimp is bringing girls over and she wants to protect them and give them a home to escape from the pimp. Of course as mentioned above, in San Diego, the police were notified, and in San Bernardino, the whole video was seen by the employee for the farce that it was.
I already made a point of this above, but nowhere in the video NOR his transcripts is it EVER eluded to he is trying to make a child prostitute ring. The only evidence we have of this is his voice, off camera, to which he is never responded to by anyone on camera.

And, again, they had the police called on them in San Diego for trying to entrap, and they were outed in San Bernardine and Philadelphia as frauds. I don't recall those being mentioned by anyone when this first aired, nor do I think, now, that Fox or anything else ever read his transcripts before hailing him a journalistic jesus.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that he is/was being sued by Acorn because, as it turns out, hiding a camera/mic and recording people is against the law. I believe we call it wiretapping, something he is currently under FBI investigation for.

A smaller known story, here:

This was also faked in the same way, with clever editing, voice over work, and blatant contradictions in the transcript.

NOTE: Because O’Keefe has refused to release the actual complete videotapes, we don’t know for sure that even the transcripts he has released (via his website) are complete.
Quoted because I really want to make this point clear. He already getting ready to sit on federal charges, has had the cops called on him for trying to entrap employees before, been outed before, and lied about his pimp costume, and has contradicting logs all over the place.

And, ontop of all of this, he refuses to give up the original, unedited tapes.

Read through the PDF yourself, go watch the videos, then read the transcripts, and also his audio logs.

So, lets look over the damage this elaborate lie has helped push:

- Multiple Acorn employees were fired, and most likely their own reputations as employees damaged permanently.
- The damage was so severe that Acorn had to close in multiple areas, had to change their name in others to save what was left of their reputation, and cost them a lot of money.
- Closing these areas means that thousands are cut off from their services.
- The House of Representatives voted to eliminate Federal funding to ACORN on September 17, although both resolutions were later nullified in a federal court ruling that the measures were an unconstitutional bill of attainder.
- The New York City Council suspended all ACORN grants while Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes conducted an investigation, costing both ACORN and tax payers money.
- On September 28, Bank of America suspended financing ACORN Housing in response to the various scandals.
- A broken reputation further broken by news media that refused to investigate before claiming their discovery as fact.

James Keefe is a lying criminal who, through his own flavor of "journalism" that was patted on the back by Fox and is still being defended by the Teabaggers, ruined the jobs of multiple employees and tarnished the reputation and funding of a community group probably beyond repair.

He released a clearly heavily edited video that the news media grabbed onto and reported as news. He released a video of an employee saying she killed her husband, which was later proven to be false and misleading as well, which was also reported by the news as fact before anyone even fact checked that her husband was actually dead.

You were, most likely, completely lied to. Spoonfed by the media information that was never researched, never fact checked, and never confirmed.

It was just accepted as completely true.

Makes you wonder how much fact checking the News media... or anyone really does before throwing something onto your television.

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