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Thread: Character customization
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If only Mace Windu's death were more glorious
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armour customisation would be awsome though if im honest as long as they keep the jedi ceremonial armour im happy.
im also hoping that we can stay with a single lightsabre. i would also like the orange lightsabre to stay.

also i would like force lightning to be slightly improved since its my favorite ability and was kinda underpowered imo.

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They could have the character creation for multiplayer to take place in a Clone Tank

So you see yourself floating in a tank, you pick your looks, possible perks and then when you finish, your clone tank is opened up and then you get to the multiplayer stuff.
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If only Mace Windu's death were more glorious

ever play revenge of the sith video game? its different

Originally Posted by HockeyGoalie35 View Post
I wish I had some Combustable Lemons.

Originally Posted by =purifier View Post
Granted, but you accidently get blown up with that lemony smell and the
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Hello everyone. First time

Just to comment several things.

A female starkiller? I think too many people wants to play Mara Jade! lol. I think this character is good precisely because it has story, background. This is not a role playing game, nor KOTOR, it is raw, brute force unleashed, that is what makes the game appealing.

I agree with the custom NOT been game affecting. That would hinder the use of some of them. I also agree the customs need to have less belts...

Lighsaber colors...I do love gold one actually. It is just more spice. Use whatever suits you. I hope this new one has more options, double blade, two handed, etc... The ninja swordmanship style look is cool, but in the end, one gets tired of seen a lightsaber been used like a ninja-to.

Mace Windu´s death is not glorius, nor in the film, neither in the game. But at least is a better death than the one the other jedi masters get in the film when facing the emperor, three of them killed in just two seconds and two lightsaber swings... awful. They seemed minions instead of jedi masters...

In game terms they should improve lightsaber fighting and the end, most of the enemies are killed in the same way: Force grasp, then lightning grenade, and throw the unfortunate against a wall, or some several other unfortunates....

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i don't like to play as a female.
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Originally Posted by GalenMarek View Post
i don't like to play as a female.
Same here.

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Originally Posted by ehdrmfka View Post
I was very disappointed with one fixed character in FU, this time they should make a character customization system where you could choose sex at least.

anyone agree?
I think it makes the game more complicated. One thing that annoyed me about the multi-customes and gender choice in the Kotor games, is that there was already a set cannon.

So, then, what's the point. They shouldn't do a cannon version and then give the gamers a multible choice. It's like a slap in the face by the developers, it can be any gender/style/look but we already have it set in stone.

It's better that the developers of TFU avoided that. The change in character appearance isn't as bad as gender change. It actually has a whole new way and point of view of expressing the game.

Not to mention that it causes a lot of controversy and even confusing between fans. Even the non-canon fans are upset at the developers for deciding cannon in multi-change games.

Idk, just my opinion and what I've noticed over the years.

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Well, technicelly as long as the character and story is canon, the outfits does not matter too much, as long as it is not something rediculous. You don't NEED to know the panties color if Leia in every scene, do you?

Now obviously that does not mean Starkiller should running around with pink tutu and a rubberduck on his head... but other variants are ok as long as it does not mess with the storyline.

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why was everyone saying that only red and blue lightsabers should exist? the colours come from the crystals which comes in every single colour imaginable, especially if they are synth-crystals (sorry if this is to geeky for these forums but what the hell) the only reason most jedis use green and blue is because the jedi don't like using synth-crystals since it's a sithy thing to do, and sicne the primary source of natural lightsaber crystals is illium (which only produces blue and green crystals) they are moslty blue and green.
I do agree that black is stupid btw. The centre of every single lightsaber ever is white cause it's hot plasma. Nothing can be incredibly hot and be black (halle berry aside)
But whatever. rant over.
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Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
True...though I don't know about everyone else but I found it pretty annoying to have one in-game costume and then a completely different costume and sabre colour in cut-scenes at times. Yes, I understand that it was likely tied to cut-scene quality, but still.

If there was to be one customisation fix, that's probably the one I'd most want to see. I really love games that make it all more immersive by allowing the creation of a unique character, but I agree that it probably wouldn't work so well in the more linear TFU format.
In this case, they should switch to in-game cutscenes of the quality that God of War III had.

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