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Thread: Casting Call: Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part VIII: Wrath of the Empire
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Casting Call: Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part VIII: Wrath of the Empire

Two years have passed since the destruction of the New Empire's bio-weapon, but the galactic state of affairs has only gotten worse. The New Galactic Empire has regained its momentum with the return of Grand Admiral Khorzan Velerc and both Republic Intelligence and the mysterious organisation known as Echelon 5 have reported rumours of unusual activity along the borders of Known Space, coinciding with the rumours of the Undying Sith Empire. Kalla Kaltas has since recovered fully from her injuries at the hands of Darth Pestilus and has returned to active duty. Despite scepticism from the Republic Senate, at her behest, the Jedi Order has begun preparations for the arrival of the Undying Sith Empire, likely leading them into an uneasy alliance with the dubious Echelon 5. Lady Andorra Evenstar and Doctor Lenatha Pradhes are now engaged to be married, but little do they know that the events that will transpire at their wedding will be pivotal in the days to come...

As always, here is a timeline, and links to the previous RP's:
Part I: The Sith Resurrection
Part II: Rise of the Jedi
Part III: Last Stand of the Republic
Part IV: Alliances Divided
Part V: The Threefold War
Part VI: Death to the Sith
Part VII: A Glimmer of Hope

Show spoiler

Character Sheet
Sexual Orientation: (Since Part IV was the first LGBT-related RP in the series, it seemed necessary to add this. Unless you state otherwise, it will be assumed that your character is open about their sexuality)
Description: (This is only necessary for characters of mixed species, which are fairly common in this series)

Name: Komad Kaltas
Species: Half-Human, Half-Twi'lek
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Homeworld: Coruscant
Affiliation: Third Galactic Republic, Jedi Order
Title: Jedi Master
Weapon: Twin linking lightsabers (blue)
DOB: 67 ABY (age 45)

Backstory: Skilled in both lightsaber combat and diplomacy, Komad has bested numerous Sith Lords in battle, but has not personally killed any. When given the chance to kill Darth Virul at Bastion, he decided not to, knowing that Virul was more dangerous dead than alive. However, the decision was taken out of his hands, and Virul escaped anyway. A year after the loss of his wife, Komad became romantically involved with Iyav Dourden, a former smuggler working as a security trainee at Huntau station. He then travelled to Setna and aided in freeing Andorra Evenstar from the clutches of Darth Virul. Following Iyav's joining Republic Intelligence, they acquired a stock freighter named the Silver Eagle, and started working together, and were recently sent by Supreme Commander Leana Belina to investigate the disappearance of the Republic Star Destroyer Cygnus.

Name: Kalla Kaltas
Species: One quarter-Human, one quarter-Twi'lek, half-Rodian
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Homeworld: Coruscant
Affiliation: Third Galactic Republic, Jedi Order
Title: Jedi Knight
Weapon: Single-bladed lightsaber (gold)
DOB: 91 ABY (age 21)
Description: Like this:

Instead of wearing a traditional Jedi Tunic, Kalla wears a black sleeveless tunic, which also shows some cleavage, and a short skirt instead of typical pants.
Backstory: Kalla was born at the end of the Resurrection War to Komad and Greea Bodonawieedo Kaltas. In her Jedi training, she focused on the Niman lightsaber form, which eventually allowed her to defeat Andirrul in lightsaber combat. A year ago, she met and fell in love with Andorra Evenstar, princess of the Avalon system, after her mother, the governor, was kidnapped by Darth Virul, but lost her after Andorra, in a fit of rage, killed Virul and became his new host. Two months ago, she entered into a relationship with Andorra's cousin Tonatius Iazoki. At Setna, she tricked Virul into thinking she would offer herself in Andorra's place, and destroyed his spirit when he tried to take it. After Andorra was freed, they did not resume their relationship, and Kalla remained with Tonatius. Following her ordeal on Setna, the Jedi Council deemed her ready to granted the title of Jedi Knight. After the destruction of the RSS Cygnus, the Jedi Council sent her to lead an investigation of the abandoned New Imperial base on Geonosis. There, she discovered Darth Pestilus, the new Dark Lord of the Sith, and the Republic's first information about the Undying Sith Empire. She lost an arm during a fight with the Dark Lord, but thanks to Doctor Pradhes, she was able to regain full use of her original arm.

Name: Iyav Dourden
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Homeworld: Ord Mantell
Affiliation: Third Galactic Republic, Republic Intelligence
Title: Operative
Weapon: DL-62 Blaster Pistol
DOB: 77 ABY (age 35)

Backstory: After a somewhat unsuccessful smuggling career, Iyav decided to try his hand at security work, and got a job at Huntau Station, which proved to be less to his liking than he initially thought. Then he met Komad Kaltas, who inspired him to lead a resistance at Huntau against invading New Imperial forces. After being defeated, Iyav broke his fellow security guards out of the brig of Velerc's flagship, and sabotaged Khorzan Velerc's plans. After making his way to Setna in a stolen New Imperial shuttle, he aided in keeping Andorra Evenstar alive until they could get her to a proper hospital. After that ordeal, he left his job at Huntau Station, and started working for Republic Intelligence. During his stint as a smuggler, he married a Republic Guardsman named Jareth Krotan, but he soon saw his husband for what he really was: a brute, willing to sacrifice innocent lives for the sake of his mission, and just as cruel at home. Not long after an extremely unpleasant divorce, Iyav heard rumours that Jareth's brutality caught the interest of Echelon 5. Aware of Echelon 5's near-equal knowledge of the Undying Sith Empire, he is secretly dreading the reunion.

Name: Darth Pestilus
Species: Human or possibly a near-human species (noone is quite sure)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Affiliation: Undying Sith Empire, Sith Order
Title: Dark Lord of the Sith, Emperor
Weapon: Single-bladed lightsaber (red), he also plays on fear to demoralise his foes
DOB: Unknown
Description: He hides behind a long black cloak obscuring most of his face in shadow, though his eyes appear to glow through it.

Backstory: How he eluded the Jedi and the Republic for so long remains a mystery, however, it is widely suspected that he had a hand in the bio-weapon used against the Republic Star Destroyer Cygnus. He is also known to use his enemy's fears and anxieties against them. While he lacks the intolerance and prejudice of his predecessor, he is still utterly without mercy or conscience, willing to gas an entire Star Destroy in order to kill one man, or bomb a planet into submission just to prove a point.

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