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Thread: Just keep Running
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Just keep Running

((I would just like to say that this is not a sequel to Reflections. And I will continue this.))

Dantooine. Five years after the events of Knights of the Old Republic II

Keep running, Keep running and don't look back Shiyra thought as Dantooine burned behind her. She held a small crying infant close to her chest as she ran. She could feel the terror that the child was feeling. She held her daughter closer to her chest as she continued running for both the life of her and her child.

Don't look back, don't watch him die.

Shiyra could feel the anger radiating off Atton as he ran up to her with his lightsaber broken in two pieces.

"He's getting closer. We don't have much time left. If your going to get away with Arina it's going to have to be now. I'm going to head back and buy you more time."

Shiyra turned to look at the father of her child as she continued running. "How could he track us here?! We made sure that we didn't leave any tracks on Onderon. No matter where we go he always manages to find us!"

Atton shrugged and pulled a blaster pistol out of his robe pocket and threw the broken lightsaber down on the ground. It was useless now. He turned around and fire the blaster into the flames only to have them deflected back at him. He barely managed to dodge the blaster bolts that ripped through the air.

Shiyra's eyes widened in panic as she heard the hissing sound of a lightsaber behind her and a mechanical scream echoed through the air. "It sounds like he got HK-47. I guess that leaves only you and me Atton." Shiyra said quietly.

Atton and I are the only ones left. It's hard to believe, he was so naive and innocent when I first met him. What has he become? He leaves only death and destruction in his wake.

Shiyra was suprised when Atton stopped running and pulled her to a stop. "What are you doing Atton?! We need to leave!"

A grim smiled appeared on Atton's face as he pulled her into a tight embrace and then kissed her gently the top of her head. "Goodbye"

No! He can't do this! We're the only ones left! I can't do this without him!

"Atton! Wait!" She shouted as he ran back toward the flames that now had an eerie black clad figure walking through them. She heard the sound of a lightsaber igniting once again and the sound of blaster fire began to ring through the air.

"Atton..." she whispered sadly as she continued running toward where they had landed the Ebon hawk nearly a day earlier.

Near the ruins of the Jedi Enclave

Atton smiled grimly as he slowed down as he continued firing the blaster pistol. It was the last weapon that he possesed that hadn't been destroyed by the...thing that was chasing what remained of the Ebon Hawk's crew across the galaxy.

"Atton..." A disturbingly pleasant voice called out through the flames and the smoke. "I must say you and the Exile have led me on quite the chase, but it looks like it's only the two of you left now, now that I managed to finally get rid of that annoying droid that you had guarding her." A small metallic object flew through the air and landed at Atton's feet. Atton looked down at the object and saw that it was HK-47's head. A small amount of sparks were erupting from where the head had been severed.

Atton smirked as he continued firing the blaster at the dark robed figure even as he kicked the head away. He knew that what he was doing was futile and would only buy a few minutes for Shiyra and Arina but it would hopefully be enough time.

The blaster pistol was suddenly yanked from his hand as the traitor extended his hand and the blaster landed a good thirty feet away. The traitor's voice took on a mocking tone. "Come now Atton, you can do better then that. I heard that at one point in your life you were considered quite the jedi-killer."

"You heard right..." Atton shouted as a stream of blue lightning erupted his hand only to have the figure's red lightsaber absorb the stream of lightning leaving the traitor with a blood thirsty smile on his face.

"Is that honestly the best that you can do? I guess that your skills as a jedi killer have become rusty" Atton smirked as the figure walked past the discarded blaster without even looking at it."

"And maybe all the time you spent chasing us made you overconfident." Atton shot back as he extended his hand and the blaster rose up into the air and began firing at his opponet.

The dark robed figure quickly turned around in suprise and deflected the blaster bolts away from him, leaving his left side open to an attack. Atton quickly moved in and before the dark-robed figure could react or turn around he unleashed a flurry of punches to his left side. Atton's opponet shouted out in pain and then turned around and brought his lightsaber down in a slashing motion.

Atton's right hand hit the ground with a thud.

The figure smirked. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that Atton. I've been dreaming of doing that since the first time we met. Should I just end you now or draw out your suffering? Decisions...Decisions."

Atton clenched the stump where his hand had once been and looked up in the air and smiled as a familiar ship flew through the air. The dark robed figure turned his gaze toward the toward the ship and his expression turned from one of satisfaction to one of pure rage and hatred. The figure's hood fell back to reveal a gray cracked face with grayish-blonde hair.

"You cost me my target Atton, and to think I was going to kill you quickly and painlessly. That is no longer the case."

Atton smiled at him. The smile was one of victory. "She's gone Mical. And I doubt you'll be able to catch her this time. Not this time anyway." Atton said with a smirk as the Ebon Hawk's twin quad-lasers fired on a small ship that was behind the Jedi Enclave before soaring up into the air.

"No!" Mical shouted angerly as he watched his ship explode. He turned around to look at Atton once again and brought his lightsaber down on Atton's other hand.

Atton shouted out in pain once again as Mical used the force to lift him up into the air and used the force to begin crushing Atton's bones.

Atton smiled even as the darkness began to close in on him...he knew that he had bought Shiyra enough time to escape with his daughter. His body finally went limp and Mical dropped his lifeless body to the ground. Mical then looked up into the sky and deactivated his lightsaber.

"This isn't over Exile." Mical said aloud as he walked away from Atton's body. "I will find you."

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