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Thread: The Crown of Albion
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The Crown of Albion

Welcome to Crown of Albion. This RP is a Medieval Fantasy RP loosely based on Arthurian Mythology. I'm going for sort of a mashup of numerous different sources - this is definitively not set on any Earth like the one we know. The Roman Empire still exists, magic is feared but known, and fourteenth century technology coexists with Saxon invaders.

In this story, Arthur has recently been slain at the Battle of Camlann fields, and the Knights of the Round Table have been decimated with only a single survivor, Sir Bedivere. Arthur's bastard son, believed dead at Camlann, has risen from the ashes of the battle to claim the Kingship and by unknown means has cowed the majority of the fiefs to bow to him.

Those that oppose are being crushed, and the only hope for Britain lies on a young squire named Constantine, the son of Cador, Arthur's cousin and the last true heir of the Pendragon line. Bedivere and Constantine have joined together and hope to build a new Round Table to overthrow Mordred and restore justice to Britain.

Eight months ago, Arthur marched a great army from Camelot to the north of Britain to do battle with a Saxon army raised by an old enemy. Upon his return to his homelands, he found that his bastard son and the steward of Camelot in his absence, Mordred, had levied an army against him. The two met at Camlann Fields in a desperate battle that ended with the apparent death of both, along with tens of thousands of others and only a handful of others.

The few survivors, with the assistance of the sorceress Morgan le Fay brought Arthur's body to the Lady of the Lake, who instructed them to send him on an unmanned boat to Avalon, where the mortally wounded King would be tended to until such a time as Britain needed him once more. Bedivere did as she asked, then rode to Cornwall to inform Arthur's cousin and heir Constantine of the tragedy.

Before Bedivere was able to reach Cornwall, Mordred returned from apparent death and claimed the crown, once again cowing the Lords of Britain to his command and sent his armies to Cornwall to kill Cador and Constantine, ending all hope of another Pendragon claiming the throne. Depsite their best efforts, Constantine escaped with Bedivere's aid.

Now together, the two have vowed to raise a new Round Table to battle Mordred and restore the rightful kingship in the face of his tyranny.

The Setting

The world is nearly identical geographically to Earth, but very different in nature. At certain places - like the Lake of the Lady - the boundaries between this world and a strange other world known as Faerie are thin to the point of nonexistence. From these thin points, some forms of Magic flow, along with creatures like Trolls, Dragons, and Sidhe.

Britain is entirely dominated by the Kingdom of Britain, ruled by the Pendragon Dynasty. External Human threats are dominantly Saxon and Roman, both of whom ruled much of Britain in the past and seek to re-establish control. They have suffered significant defeats over the last several decades, first at the hands of Uther, and later by his son Arthur. With Arthur's apparent death, they will likely come again.

The only race of significant note is the Sidhe - while Dragons, Trolls, Goblins and the like are threat, Sidhe are the most dangerous race in Faerie. Enigmatic and powerful, the Sidhe look much like taller, slender Humans. Most that enter Earth have a cruel manner and manipulate Humans for pleasure, although others would claim that these are from the Unseelie Court, one of the two dominant factions among the Sidhe and the other sentient Fae. Even the most moderate Sidhe has an alien mind and often remarkable powers, Sidhe being far more connected to Magic than any other than Demonspawn.

Non-Player Characters

King Arthur Pendragon: After claiming the throne fourty-two years ago, Arthur ruled with justice and mercy, leading Britain into an even greater golden age than under his father. Despite numerous treacheries and misfortunes - the betrayal of Guinevere and Lancelot and the ascension of his greatest knight Galahad just for starters, he perservered with the aid of his close friend Merlin. He fathered Mordred on his half-sister Morgause, who bewitched him using her dark sorcery. Some twenty years later, he was mortally wounded and passed to Avalon to be healed and rest for the day when he was needed most.

Merlin: Since Uther's time, Merlin has helped to guide the Kingdom of Britain's rulers, aiding them with his powerful magic. Unknown to most, Merlin is no mere Wizard or Sorcerer, but instead is the son of the Devil himself, a Demonspawned abomination. Despite being tainted from the darkest depths, Merlin uses his powers for righteous causes despite the constant allure. Four years ago, Merlin disappeared. Unknown to nearly all, he was attacked by a cabal of sorcerers lead by Morgause, who bound him into a crypt - according to their plan, for eternity.

Morgan le Fay: Sometimes enemy, sometimes rival, and occasional ally to Merlin and Arthur, Morgan le Fay's whereabouts are currently unknown. Little is truly known about her - many say she comes from Faerie, or her mother was Sidhe. It is known by Bedivere that she aided in bringing Arthur to Avalon, and she has not been seen since that day - possibly having departed to Avalon for good, or perhaps she has returned in disguise.

Sir Bedivere: One of Arthur's most trusted Knights and the Marshal of his Court. After Arthur's death, Bedivere was prepared to retire into obscurity with his grief, but circumstances forced otherwise. After rescuing Constantine from the assault on Cornwall, the elderly Knight has aided the young True King of Britain in beginning his resistance against Mordred.
King Constantine: Constantine is a cousin to Arthur and by extension Mordred. As Cador, Constantine's father, was the next in line for the throne after Arthur's death, Constantine is thus the true heir to Britain, bastards not being in the succession. Constantine is a clever, chivalrous man who seeks the best for Britain and vengeance for his Father, as well as his friend, mentor, and King, Arthur.

King Mordred: The bastard son of King Arthur and Morgause, Mordred is a cruel, cold-hearted man. Prior to now, he concealed it under a veneer of chivalry, but now shows his true colors. Despite his tyranny, he has cowed the Lords using both force of arms and black magic taught by his mother. There is some degree of friction between him and his mother, both seeking to be the true ruler.

Morgause: A powerful if psychotic sorceress, Morgause has schemed against Arthur for decades culminating by seducing him twenty-three years ago and birthing Mordred, training the boy to be his father's greatest enemy, even aiding in inserting Mordred into the court to take his place for the overthrow at the last moment. Since Mordred's conquest, she has struggled with him, determined to be the power behind the throne.
The Knights of the Round Table: The Knights of the Round Table were Arthur's loyal arm for many years until their gradual collapse from betrayal and various scandals before finally being decimated at Camlann. Bedivere is the only certain survivor, but Lancelot is believed to still be alive in pentitence, along with a few others.

* * * *Character Sheet * * * *

Race: (Human, Sidhe, Part-Sidhe, or Demonspawn)
Skills: (Go nuts)
Personal History:

No need to be particularly restrained here, this is intended to be an epic fantasy. Heroes and Sorceresses, great wizards and the like.

The Crown of Albion, an Arthurian Mythology RP
Dark Age of the Republic, a Star Wars RP

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