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Thread: Seriously Ė What Game Did You Play? [Spoilers]
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I have some reactions:
Originally Posted by Shem
This guy is stuck:
shemL dude plz help me im in the base of the ubse or whatever and i cant get out like the wokkie and kria r there and the door 2 the jekk jekkk tar is closed and i killed every1 in there exepect the hanhar and kria and i CANT GET OUT!!! plzzzzz help me
Do you ever get the impression they couldn't find their way out of a paper bag even if the pathway were clearly drawn and lined with pretty lights all the way?

This guy wants a different ending:
Is there no scenario which lets the Jedis live?

This is a mod idea I agree with:
it looks kinda silly with the general and the queen just standing there in the background. Someone should make a mod to fix that
Coming when...it's done?

At least someone is smart enough to know that most of these YouTubers are very lost:

lol I feel sorry for you Shem, having to put up with all these comments
That was either me or merules1. It probably was a gesture of kindness, but in case that was me, my God I sound like an ass.

Then there are other YouTubers who think that Iím ignorant:
You know that you can poison them both as well. It makes the duel so much easier.

You should've poisoned them both, too!
<sigh> Why that sounds like a good strategy for, gee, I dunno, Dragon Warrior games, and parasite eve, and to a similar extent megaman X command mission (if you can get over the kiddishness of it) and just about any other RPG strategy game. Yes. I myself never would have thought of *that* before.
...Wait, I heard ignorance!

Originally Posted by Shem View Post
I love inspiration. Something happened in the last few days on YouTube that inspired me to do another update.

The other day I get a PM saying this:

please tell me how 2 talk 2 carth because I've made 13 exiles and still no luck on getting to him I've made 3 light side males 4 light side females 3 dark side males and 3 dark side females and i don't want to make another 1 so can you please tell me in complete instructions on how to talk to him and please no jedi talk like you must try harder little one or you will never truly understand the meaning of accomplishing a task if you are told the answer lol but no really just tell me please
Iíve had similar PMís in the past. Usually what I would do since I made this thread:


Most of you will remember that thread which ended up inspiring me to make this thread as I saw that if that thread was a gold mine, this one I made will be an even bigger.

Is write a PM telling them to look at this thread, so I replied:

My advice is to NOT rush through the dialogue. You need to read this thread at LucasForums to see what you're screwing up.

Normally I would get responses of how silly they feel now, or thank you-s, etc. Heck, I would even get a response till like days later (depending how long it took them to complete the game) and thanking me for telling them how they have been screwing up and I feel good for helping someone.

This time it was different and hilarious. So I get a response later:

yes i chose the right options in dialog but i can't find carth please just give me a walk through on where i need to go what i need to do and what other dialog options i need to chose
I just about fell out of my chair when I read that because I knew this guy was going to be hard to get through. So out of the goodness of my heart while laughing a bit, I replied to try to set him straight:

Don't give me that. If you choose the right options, you can't help but run into Carth. It's automatic.
So how can I be clearer than that? You defeat Darth Nihilus and Carth requests an audience with you that you canít avoid if you chose that dialogue option with Atton. Simple right? Not for this guy and here is his next response:

well i guess not look can you please just tell me all the dialog options i need 2 chose and where i need to go please
I have no idea why this guy thinks I was holding back on him. That thread I made explains all you need to do to get Carth to show up. Heck, there are even strategy guides out there that explain this. I just donít get people.

So by now this guy was getting a little annoying, so I responded by saying:

Dude, seriously? It's really simple. It's "ONE" dialogue selection and I even took a picture of what you will need to select to get Carth. It's in that thread at LucasForums I linked to you that I created because of people like you. Read the thread for crying out loud. How impatient can one person be? Your impatience is the reason why you have yet to see Carth in the game. Plain and simple.

I'm betting you just skimmed the thread and thought that wasn't what you needed, but in fact, it is. Just read it, because I know for a fact you haven't or you're too stupid to comprehend the content. Which one is it? I'm betting it's the impatience part, but if you keep this up, I'll change my mind.

Did you know the first time I ever played TSL, I met Carth. The reason being is because I read my choices and "comprehended" what they meant. You're acting totally helpless and I refuse to answer any more queries about this because if you can't read that thread, then you're the problem. It tells you how to do it. It will all depend on how badly you want this.

BTW, you're the first person who I have linked that thread who had a query about this who didn't get it the first time. I guess there is a first time for everything.
Now here is the classic response that got me laughing the hardest:

my god your just like a real life jedi always talking down to others look i read the [A word that starts with F]ing thread all the way through and all it said was take dialog option number 2 when your talking atton and a bunch other useless comments that i didn't read because their just a bunch of idiots always repeating the same comments oh well i didn't know you could see carth in here oh well i didn't know carth would be in the game oh i wonder how many others are here and even though i already knew to take dialog option number 2 and follow the game through without being impatient and look at dialog b4 i chose it never works!!!!!! GOD you know what I'm tired asking 4 help from a jerk like you! I THINK I CAN LIVE WITHOUT FINDING CARTH!!!!!!!! i hope you have a merry Christmas [A word that starts with ďAĒ]
The guy lies to cover up his ignorance. If he had chosen dialogue option #2, he runs into Carth. We all know that. I have no idea why people think itís smart to try to pull those things by me and think Iím going to buy it and pretty much imply Iím holding out on him. The deeper issue could be that he didnít want to start a new game and have to play it all the way through and wanted some ďinsideĒ information on how to still get Carth without having to play another game because of his impatience, but what he doesnít get is that isnít going to happen as the game isnít set up that way.

Anyway, it was after that latest PM where I decided this was too good of material to pass up reporting.
Damn. Just.....damn.

If there were to actually be serious research into internet ignorance that is known as the 'n00b' phenomenon, called n00b-pwn-ology, I think we may have just found a worthy entry for a valid research source.

The other guy exhibits the classic signs of being a n00b (which is not to be confused with "newb" because newbs are just newbies). A n00b on the other hand:

1) doesn't read, or is selective
2) unreasonable and impatient
3) Asks silly questions that are ignorant or which query the obvious
4) receive a response and don't process it even though they read it
5) continues and possibly tries to cover up their obvious n00bile tendencies

View page
YouTube Video

Ah, yes, a side quest that requires conversations that is part of playing role playing games. You all know what that means.

Okay, did it ever occur to people to pay attention in the video as it explains the data pad belongs to Uthar or is that asking too much:

where do u find the data pad?

howd u get that datapad

where do you get the datapad to show his son?
Considering your video pretty much is a walkthrough guide in and of itself to get a specific result (if people would only try to mimick what you do and not require someone to hold their hand the whole time) I would not think it is asking too much.

Apparently the You n00b community would disagree.

Just remember guys, these guys are YouTubers, home of the most impatient people in the world. So talking to characters as less as possible is not something theyíre going to do:
I can't seem to find this datapad. I thought it might be in Uthar's room but the door's locked and I can't figure out how to open it.

tell me were you got the database!!! or how u got int uthars room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how do you get in uthars room???
It's sad when people could easily put two and two together, especially with a journal which can be referred to should you get lost.

Y'know I wonder if after their mother gave birth to them that either:
1) the doctor dropped them on their head or
2) they need to be dropped on their head AGAIN cuz you never know what a good konk to the cranium might yield.

Then there are the Xbox version users who think they got shafted:
Can you find Dustil on the Xbox version of the game or do you have to have the PC version?

how do i find his son on the xbox version?

is this able too happen on Xbox version to ?
Haa! Yes! People thinking they got jacked, and you didn't need to use a mod to do it, just have the idea of mods in application floating around. Assumptions make for funny results.

This person could not have played TSL or could he? You never know with YouTubers:
how is he gonna go to telos when its over when it was blown up?

What would you say to this:
Hey Shem, have you ever been a scoundrel when you start the game
I'd say, "only on the weekends".

How can someone actually watch my video and ask this? Seriously people:
Can you even save Dustil?

I would think this is more important to your relationship with Carth if youíre female Revan:
Does this happen if you are a girl?
Hmm...Carth says female Revan "reminds [him] of [his] wife"... I mean he has a son too. Maybe male Revan is one of those transexuals?
Uhh, no.

Someone who got frustrated with the ignorant YouTubers:
sigh... I will just say it for JediShemL if you don't know lol. You need to get this datapad in Uthars room. You can get it by Double Crossing Yuthura by telling Uthar her plans then telling Yuthura that Uthar wants to kill her ( don't mention you told him tho) then she will give you like a key i think and you can enter his room or alternatively, get a decent-high amount of security and open his door. I just used T3 but thats cause I did Korriban last.
Sounds like DarthYuugi/merules1 was coming to service here.

I digress:

There is some hope out there because some of the users made replies to at different times to the users who failed to see through the joke:

I guess you failed to pick up on the sarcasm LOL
try wikipedia and word sarcasm
Holy [crap] you didn't see through the sarcasm?
lol he was joking there is no one in the game that sells you the robes, you have to just download the mod
It's a mod. I believe he's trolling you.
Nice. People who actually get it. Though the ignorant ones are amusing it is refreshing to see that YT people aren't all n00bz.

One of the users who saw the reply to their query of the joke said this:

Wow i actually looked for him lol
You can tell this person has some humility and even a sense of humor. Telltale signs this is someone ya actually wouldn't mind knowing.

If there was interest in updating this thread again, I wouldn't mind doing some more updates!
I don't know if I alone qualify, though LF has been kind of dead lately.

Actually I recall one video (making visas dance for Vogga iirc) where one youtuber was all amazed you could change the voice of your male exile to Darth Malak during fights and wondered how you could do it, to which I believe I replied something like "changing the voices of your characters is now easier than ever with the Kotor Savegame editor!" to which you said "Yeah, but you know, that would require some level of intelligence which I have just about given up on for the human race."

I suck at modding but I wonder what kind of reactions a really crappy BS mod would get. One where you throw in references to obscure and esoteric things and movies. Stuff that just absolutely makes no sense whatsoever in the context of SW games.

Problem is I'm not as funny as I'd like to think...then again it isn't me that would be getting laughed at but rather the youtuber reactions.
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