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Thread: The Prequels, Then and now.
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The Prequels, Then and now.

So in anticipation of the upcoming blu rays, I have started watching the prequels again.

In this thread, discuss what you loved about them when they came out, and what you hated about them when they came out. Then discuss how you feel about them now. Try to do this one film at a time.

The Phantom Menace:


I was super fanboy number 1,115,558! Had my tickets pre-ordered for opening day. Made sure I took vacation from work to see it. I don't remember who I went with, but it was a small group of friends and relatives. I laughed at some of Jar Jars antics, I cried a little when Anakin left Mos Espa. I died a little inside when Darth Maul was killed. I drooled at all of the CGI through the entire thing. I saw that movie a grand total of 9 times that summer.

What I liked:

Fantastic pacing. Outstanding visual effects. The pod race, the escape from Naboo, the duel of the fates. Darth ****ing Maul! Fantastic sound track from John Williams! Also great use of THX sound at the time. Ian McDiarmid, the true STAR of the prequels. In this movie as Darth Sideous/Senator Palpatine he is every bit as spooky as he was when we saw him in Empire Strikes Back.

What I disliked:
Too much Jar Jar. Too much dialogue. Padme changed costumes more times than Madonna did during the Girly Show. Too many cartoon characters. Jake Loyd did not seemed like the troubled young hero depicted in the book.


What I like:

I still like the way the Jedi are depicted. One minute they are like hooded monks, the next, they are flying through the air, hacking up droids, and using the force like the bad asses they are. That part was always done well. Darth ****ing Maul...probably will be my favorite forever... Music is still awesome! Sound quality is a bit lower than today's BD standards. I am sure that will be fixed. Visual effects still hold up well. The short bits between R2 and 3PO were great.

What I dislike:

Too many cartoon characters! With cartoonish voices and cartoonish names! I think they are what killed the movie for most. It was like Disney got molested by George Lucas. I think his determination to get young kids on board with his old pal Star Wars, got in the way of his original vision for the fans at bay. With names like "Watto, Sebulba, Nute Gunray, Boss Nass, Captain Tarpels, all of those characters severely annoyed me most of the time. Jar Jar...nuf said, let sleeping dogs lie. Jake Loyd. Not sure what George's idea for Anakin was supposed to be. In the novel by Terry Brooks, Anakin was depicted as upbeat, yet constantly haunted by dreams, which were actually visions of what was to come. Some of that in this movie would have helped a lot. I have always loved villains that you can feel sorry for or almost relate to as to why they are the way they are. To the point to where they become tragic and sad, because you know what motivates them. The prequels failed with the story of Vader in my opinion. Last but not least, this one I will catch hell for. Yoda. All of that CG tech which was pioneering at the time of this release, and they waste it on the worst character in Star Wars history....Jar Jar. I am sorry but the CGI Yoda in AOTC was probably the only redeeming quality of that film. The Yoda in this movie is a very bad muppet. With a stupid smirk, and the color of both guacamole and puke. Having a Yoda muppet was one thing, but the TPM muppet looks like a pile of baby puke wrapped in a gauze bandage. If George decided to dick around with his movies for another do over, I would not be sad to see that go.

Ok, carry on. I will post my remarks on AOTC after I watch it again.
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