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Thread: The Archives - Book 1 of 4
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The Archives - Book 1 of 4

This is a little project of mine I'm working on. I'm not releasing the full plot yet, but the first three "books" out of the four "books" in the released novella will be ones that introduce three main characters, and the fourth "book" will be the actual plot. So here is Book 1 introducing Jedi Master Kan Winstari. Please leave feedback.


Chapter One

A young Human Jedi with longish-short, brown hair dressed in beige traditional Jedi robes walked through the dark and polluted streets of Nar Shadaa, his lightsaber clutched neatly to his belt. The street was heavy with people; Rodians, Humans, Twi’lek and other races alike stood in a rushed line in front of a nightclub, guarded by two fierce Gran bouncers. The Jedi walked past the queue, and a bouncer pushed him back and held a pistol to his heart. The Jedi waved his hand in front of the Gran’s face.
“You will let me in.” He said in Galactic Basic. He had a soft, calm voice which could be used to soothe the most disrupted baby.

The bouncer lowered the pistol and stepped aside. The Jedi walked through the door and into a loud nightclub, playing repetitive, electronic music accompanied by laser lights of all colours bouncing around a smoke-clouded crowd of various races dancing with one another . The Jedi looked to the left and approached a bar with a large, pink sign which read “Beverages” in Huttese.
The Ithorian barman looked up at him and looked alarmed, and dropped the glass he was holding and started running into a door behind him. The Jedi ran forward, leaped over the bar’s counter, to the shock of the two humans sitting at it, enjoying their drinks. He waved his hand before the door and it opened upwards, revealing the Ithorian holding a long, metal bar. The alien thrust it towards the Jedi, who dropped to his knees and slid under the attack,took out his lightsaber, but before he could eject his blade, the Ithorian had struck again and hit the Jedi in the side, throwing him into some metal boxes in the corner of the small room. The Ithorian dropped the bar and ran out of the staff exit, heading into a dark alleyway. The Jedi pulled himself together, and ran after the Ithorian. Shortly after entering the alleyway, however. He saw three Rodians standing over the Ithorian, who had been shot in the leg, leaving it cowering on the floor. The middle Rodian pulled up a blaster to finish off the defenceless Ithorian, but the Jedi used the Force to pull away the Rodians gun towards him. He caught it, and walked up to face them.
“What’s going on?” he spoke in Rodese.
The middle Rodian pulled out another blaster from his belt and pointed it at the Jedi, who still had his lightsaber in his right hand.
“Weapons down, Human. This isn’t your business.” it said forcefully.
“Unfortunately, my friend, this Ithorian has information crucial to my mission, and I need him alive.”
“We don’t care for Jedi. If you get in the way we will have to kill you too!”
“You don’t want to attack me.” the Jedi waved his hand.
“Yes I do.” the Rodian shot his blaster, followed by his companions. The Jedi reacted quickly, ejecting the lightsaber’s blue blade, and blocked the shots. He managed to deflect two shots back at the Rodian’s companions, and pulled the Rodian’s weapon away again. The Rodian yelled out in fear, and turned, running away from the Jedi. The Jedi ran over to the Ithorian, and his heart sank with sadness and regret. The Ithorian had been hit by a deflected blaster in the head, and had been killed instantly. The Jedi closed the dead Ithorian’s eyes, and put his lightsaber on his belt to pick the lifeless body up. He carried it through Nar Shadaa back to his yellow speeder, and placed the body delicately in the back. He started up his speeder and set off back to his ship.
A green, female Twi’lek was meditating cross-legged in her small room inside her starship. She had offered her own personal starship she had inherited from her wealthy parents to aid her and her master in their missions for the Jedi Order. It was sleek, rectangular, and made of Mandalorian iron, with the engines on the back of two rectangular wings. The Twi’lek opened her eyes, and stood up. She could sense her master returning, and she walked to the ship’s entrance to greet him. She pressed a green button on the wall, and the light turned red and the bottom of the back of the ship slowly lowered to the ground. Her Jedi Master drove his speeder up the ramp and got out. The Twi’lek saw the Ithorian corpse in the back of the speeder, and looked back to her master.
“Master Winstari.” she began.
“It’s too late, Velara. He’s dead.” Winstari said. “Would you please deal with him? I need to tell the Jedi Council about my failure.”
“It’s not your fault, Master.”
“Velara.” he looked at her, and she nodded.
Winstari walked through the ship to the cockpit, and sat down. He opened up a communications link with Mace Windu on Coruscant. Windu appeared as a blue hologram in front of him.
“I have failed, Master Windu. The contact was killed, we have no more leads.”
“Hmm.. that is unfortunate.” Windu replied. “However, we have acquired another lead. You and your Padawan are to go to Mos Eisley on Tatooine. Your contact will be at a cantina. He is a human bounty hunter, so be careful.”
“Yes, Master.”
Velara entered the cockpit and sat down in front of the controls.
“Where to, Master?”
“Mos Eisley, Tatooine. The Ithorian was not our final lead after all.” he perked up.
“Will we be able to go together this time?” she said bluntly, without taking her eyes off of the controls.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to endanger you, Nar Shadaa can be very rough.”
“How am I meant to learn anything from our missions if I don’t get to go anywhere? I fear I will never be ready for the Trials.”
“Patience, Velara. I promise I will not be so protective next time. Your training has been going very well, you can nearly beat me in a duel.” He smiled at her.
“Pah. Nearly.” she started up the engines, and left for Tatooine.
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