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Thread: Heir to the Force
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Heir to the Force

Chapter One

The frail little body, shrouded in a blue medical swaddling cloth and held tenderly in his arms, was one of the most captivating things that Ben Skywalker had ever seen. The blue eyes that so resembled his own fathers, the tuft of reddish-brown hair, and the unmistakably bright presence in the Force, it was all so amazing...


The name was not spoken, but he heard it all the same. He raised his gaze from his son and stared into the eyes of his amazing wife.

“He’s beautiful, Vestara.” he said in a slight whisper.

The silence stretched for a few moments while the two lovers stared at each other. In the Force, Ben felt his cousin stir next to his father before she blurted out,

“Well? Do you know what you’re going to name him?”

Beside her, Lukes amusement was clearly visible in the Force, but his face remained calm and composed.

“Aden. Aden Skywalker.” Ben said, his eyes still locked with Vestara, who nodded slightly.

Luke rose and approached Ben who smiled, “He’s here, Dad.”

“He will make a great Jedi someday. Like his father.” Luke said.

“And his father before him,” Ben replied with a grin.

From his fathers arms, little Aden let out a small noise of joy that was not yet a laugh; and Ben, surrounded by his family, knew that today was the happiest day of his life.

* * *

“Come on Baff, why are we here?”

“Listen, Aden, if you don’t shut up and relax I’m going to blast you.”

One arm draped over the back of the booth in which the pair was sitting, Baffyn Calrissean was an impressive sight, even in an establishment like the Indigo Tower. With his long hair tucked behind his ears, a roguish grin on his face and a slightly broken nose that could have been the reward of a bar brawl he looked every bit like one of the Holostars who sat in the booths surrounding them.

“Why is it that when I want to have a nice dinner with my best friend and catch up you think I’m up to something? I haven’t seen you in months because I’ve been out running around half the galaxy with my father.”

Aden rolled his eyes and looked across the restaurant to where a pair of twi’lek women were eyeing them with interest.

“Because Baff, you’ve never wanted to just have a nice dinner in your life. Remember that time on Commenor when we had a ‘nice dinner’ and you ended up nearly getting us both killed by the bodyguards of those Kuati businessmen at the next table over because you called them double-dealing klor slugs?”

“Yeah, but-” Baff stammered.

“And then, when their bodyguards shifted towards their weapons, you asked them if they were going to sick their hounds on us.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know. But they didn’t know I was with a Jedi Knight.” he said with a grin.

“I’m not a Knight yet Baff, you know that. And I barely got my saber up in time to block the shot that would have burned a hole in your forehead. We had to hightail it off the planet after that little incident.”

Baff just chuckled and nodded towards the pair of twi’lek women who were now approaching their table while giggling quietly to each other. When they got close, Baff slid out of the booth and smiled crookedly at them.

“Well hello ladies, can we help you?” he said.

“We were just looking for some pleasant company to pass the the time with.” said the one on the left, whose golden skin was complimented perfectly by the deep purple shimmersilk dress that showed off her perfectly shaped body.

“Well thats us,” he said with a nod over his shoulder and a wink, “pleasant company that can keep you up all night.”

Both of the girls laughed and smiled.

“My name is Arruna,” said the golden skinned twi’lek.

“I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, Arruna. You can call me Baff.” he said as he took her hand and kissed it.

“And I’m Brin,” said the other, whose blue skin was offset by a pale white dress of similar style to her counterparts.

“A pleasure, Brin.” He said as he took Arruna by the hand and lead them to the booth.

“Let me introduce you to my friend Aren. You arrived just in time, we were about to order drinks.”

Baff snapped and a waiter droid appeared.

“Yes sir?”

“The finest bottle of Correllian Brandy you have, and four glasses.”

As the droid trundled towards the bar to place the order Baff turned his attention to the woman sitting next to him and grinned.

“So what are two beautiful ladies like you doing alone in a place like this?”

* * *

Aren rose from his trance and glanced at his chrono. He had ended his trance later than usual but he had needed the extra time to completely cleanse himself of the inebriated stupor from which he had entered the trance. Walking to the food storage unit, he grabbed a pair of nuna eggs and cracked them in a pan.

Behind him, he heard the sound of the door from the suite opening and felt Baff stumble to the counter and sit down.

“My head...” he said with a groan.

Aren threw the eggs on a plate and slid the them across the counter to his shirtless friend who accepted them with a grunt.

“You weren’t kidding about keeping them up all night.” Aren said while he took out another pair of eggs and began to fry them.

Baff grinned through his breakfast at his friend.

“You know she wanted you, right?” he said, “Not that I hadn’t planned on you disappointing her.”

“You know I wouldn’t do that Baff, its not my style.” Aren said sternly.

“I know that you’re twenty years old and being a Jedi isn’t a reason for you not to live a little.” Baff shot back.

“Jedi are trained not to give into base emotions.”

Baff set down his fork before turning towards the sound of footsteps coming from the suite and whistled appreciatively.

Aren turned and saw Arruna walking across the room naked before turning quickly back to the stove and watching his eggs cook. A few moments later, slender hands slid onto his shoulders and he let himself get turned around to look at Brin. She, at least, had covered herself and was now wearing one of Baff’s shirts. She took a step back and pouted at him.

“You disappeared on me last night, Aren.” Brin said sadly. “I was really looking forward to spending some alone time with you.”

Aren could feel the blood rise in his face, but he couldn’t tell if it was because of Brin’s statement or the fact that Baff and Arruna had just begun exploring each other on the barstool over her left shoulder.

Following his gaze she turned to look and immediately grabbed his hand and led him off to the suite. She had already pushed him down on the bed and walked back to close the door before he found the words he was looking for.

“Look, Brin, I’m a Jedi. I can’t do this.”

She settled on his lap and pulled his lightsaber off his belt, tossed it on the floor, and smiled deviously at him.

“I’ve always wanted to be with a Jedi.”

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