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Thread: JA Clan List
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We are still looking for good members strong people. is our website.
You can find all information about here.
web site hits: over 11638
members: 49 members the list of name are under members list
Leader: ~R@VEN~
main server name and ip: Extreme
We have a respectfull clan and all clients and members who needs training will be trained to become stronger and get a good clan position.
Other server ip's are:
look for more information about the servers at our website.
And if you are not realy strong or need training that's no problem.
One of the members take you as their padawan and train you until you are strong enough to be recruited so please let it know.
JOIN US and become one with the powerfull force LOL
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The Updated IGF info

this is the updated IGF info since the original from 2001 is incorrect:
Clan/Team Name: IGF (Imperial Ground Forces)
Structural Leadership: Military style
Founder: Ironlight, well at least he is the current leader
Tag: [IGF]
Accepting Members: Absolutely
Ladder: Military
Type: dont completely understand this question
Alignment: Empire mainly but probably other stuff too.
Main Game Type: everything

Recruitment/Personal Forum:

Other Contact Info:
My info:
If you decide to join, put JT as your recruiter

Brief Background:
We have over 60 members and will probably have almost 70 by the end of the week.
What we offer:

Active members
Fun tournaments and competitions with other clans
over 60 members
Fun Fun Fun

Put JT as your recruiter if u decide to join.
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Jade Jedi
@Jade Jedi
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|JAA| Jedi Academy Aurochs

Team Name : Jedi Academy Aurochs
Tag : |JAA|
Accepting Members: Yes : You need to be a registered member of
Ladder: 3th
Type: Community
Alignment: Neutral
Game : Jedi Academy
Main Game Type: Team FFA, SO, NF, Friendly Fire on & some Duel.
Recruitment/Personal Forum:
Other Contact Info: Check the forums
Requirements: You must be a registered member of
Servers : US, Euro
Brief Background: The Jedi Academy Aurochs |JAA| are the tffa representative's of we do not consider ourselves as a clan but more a team. To find out more please visit our website.

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Clan name: Survivors of Yavin
Tag: [SoY-*] *J - Jedi; S - Sith R - REnequ *SJ - shadow Jedi P - padawan
Game: Jedi Academy (and mod +)
web site:
more info on page and forum
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Old 03-27-2006, 07:14 PM   #45
Lumik Sutor
@Lumik Sutor
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Clan Name: The Jedi Order
Tag: [JO]
Game: Jedi Academy

Hello, we are the Jedi Order [JO]. We are a lightside only clan. We value quality members who are interested in having fun, learning, and building relationships while being polite and respectful of others. We also enjoy having people visit our server and forums.

Feel free to stop by our server for some friendly duels and/or conversation. Our rules and server info can also be found in our forums.

Hope to see you soon.
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Old 04-14-2006, 04:44 PM   #46
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Clan/Team Name: The OmniScience
Structural Leadership: Committee
Founder: Reece and RuuSan
Tag: -OS-
Accepting Members: Yes
Ladder: Not Yet
Type: TFFA ladder (when we start)
Alignment: Jedi
Main Game Type: FFA (Just Dueling)
Recruitment/Personal Forum: (Dont know what you mean, but if this is what you want..)
Other Contact Info: You can Contact me (RuuSan) at;
Requirements: Politeness, Honor, Determination, Dignity, and Humility.
Brief Background: This clan was formed in when two clans (JOR and TR) became good friends and decided to form one whole Clan, then OS was born. -OS- was formed in March 28, 2006 and is now at a member count of 7 xD, we plan to get a server quite soon, and we plan to become a Great Light essence in the JA Community.

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Clan/Team Name: ulTiMaTe
Structural Leadership: Democracy
Founder: Marc Hoover
Tag: [UT]
Accepting Members: YES
Alignment: Sith
Main Game Type: FFA, TFFA
Recruitment/Personal Forum: or
Other Contact Info: telepathy
Requirements: Should have aim

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Clan Name: Ancient Jedi Order
Structural Leadership: Democratic Jedi Council and a head Jedi Leader.
Founders: Andan and Owl
Tag: [AJO]
Accepting Members: Yes, Open Recruitment
Ladder: No
Type: Saber only, neutral force based clan
Alignment: Jedi
Main Game Type: FFA
Forum: OR
Other Contact Info:
You may email one of Council members:
Andan -
Owl -
Azlon -
Pibal -

No specific requirements other than normal expectations that you are not a clan hopper, you are not double clanning, you respect the rules, you respect authority, you are active, and you like to have fun.

Brief Background:
Our clan was formed due to the lack of clans that roleplay (but not to an extreme) and that do not give special treatment to specific ex-clan members.
We believe in having organized fun, competing with other clans, and roleplaying through our early Star Wars history.

How to Join:
Go to our website, and click on the link Join. Follow the simple steps, then just be active and a Council member will inform you if you have been accepted for denied.
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Old 04-29-2006, 08:22 AM   #49
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Clan/Team Name: Empire of Evil
Structural Leadership: a Council leadership
Founders: Archangel and Tanith
Tag: =EoE=
Accepting Members: Yes
Game : Jedi Academy
Main Game Type: FFA
Server Mod: JA+ ver 2.4(beta)
Server ip:
Recruitment/Personal Forum: or

Other Contact Info: My e-mail and msn

Brief Background: We are quite a new clan and are seeking members so please come and register at our forums and post in the join us section if you wish to join the Empire of Evil and anyone no matter what skill level you are can join.

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Old 05-02-2006, 09:08 AM   #50
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Clan/Team Name: Romanian Jedi Masters
Structural Leadership: Council leadership
Accepting Members: Yes, Open Recruitment
Game Type: Ja Saber only
Alignment: Jedi
Main Game Type: FFA (duel ) / TFFA
Forum :
server 2 linkmania :
server 3 linkmania :
ja+ servers default damage jk2.
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Current Game: JKA
Clan/Team Name: NAO Unlimited
Structural Leadership: Council
Founder: Bailey (not part of clan anymore)
Tag: [NAO]
Accepting Members: Yes
Alignment: Jedi, Sith, Neutral
Main Game Type: FFA
Server Type(s): Lugormod(2), JA+ test server
Recruitment/Personal Forum:

"They are minor criminals! Marginal outlaws! You are inept!" ~ Darth Vader

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Thumbs up RoAR - Rebels of Another Realm

Clan/Team Name: Rebels of Another Realm
Structural Leadership: Just Friends
Founder: NeWaGe & ShadowOfMyotis
Tag: [RoAR]
Accepting Members: Yes
Type: Community, Saber, Force.
Alignment: Sith
Main Game Type: FFA
Recruitment/Personal Forum:
Other Contact Info: [email, MSN]
Requirements: Can type over 20 words per minute, good personality, preferably above 16 years old.
Brief Background: RoAR clan was founded in JK2, and moved to JK3.

-=Clan Mod=-
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Old 02-10-2007, 12:59 PM   #53
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Clan/Team Name: DeltaSquad
Structural Leadership: Democracy
Founder: Scorch
Tag: [Ds]
Accepting Members: Yes
Alignment: Any.
Main Game Type: Seige.
Recruitment/Personal Forum:
Other Contact Info: Xfire : fedkorr
Requirements: No Requirements but we do like Enthusiasm.
Brief Background: [Ds] Have got sections on Republic Commando, SWBFII, MGO and the XBOX360. We are now seeking to expand into JKA and Moviebattles.
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Old 03-19-2007, 02:08 PM   #54
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Clan/Team Name: Sovereignity Of the Republic
Structural Leadership: Committee
Accepting Members:Yes
Type: Ladder Team/Community
Alignment: Republic
Main Game Type: FFA,TFFA
Recruitment/Personal Forum:
Other Contact Info: Drastaro: xfire:koko001
Requirements:nice attitide and and experiance
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Old 04-30-2007, 12:15 PM   #55
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Imperial Special Forces [ISF]

Clan/Team Name: Imperial Special Forces

Founder: [ISF]IrishSargent

Tag: [ISF]

Clan Site:


Accepting Members:Yes

Alignment: Republic, Sith, Empire

Other Contact Info:
(on xfire: Generalminton16)

Requirements: Xfire, no headset

Brief Background: ISF has just added a segment in our clan for Jedi Academy. We hope to have as much success as we have had in the other games that we currently support (EaW, BF2). We encourage everyone to go register in our Jedi Academy forum and join our great Empire. Skill level doesnt matter at this time because we are just starting so everyone is welcome to come.

Imperial Special Forces
General Minton

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Cool Guy Night Warriors

Clan/Team Name: Night Warriors

Structural Leadership: Night Warriors is a military / company based rank structure. Promotions are earned and voted on by higher members and the Clan Leader may be handed down or voted out.

Founder: Night Warriors was created by Kil Nightshade in November of 2003.

Tag: NW

Accepting Members: Yes. Our clan is undergoing a reorganizing due to recent inactivity, and we would like as many new active members as possible.

Ladder: n/a

Type: Community

Alignment: Our ranks are based on Jedi at the moment, but they are soon undergoing change.

Main Game Type: FFA


Recruitment/Personal Forum: Our "Join" forum is located Here.

Other Contact Info: My email is, but you can post on our forums, or give us a shout in our shoutbox.

Requirements: At the moment, we just ask that you post a request in the "Join" forum and be dedicated to being active.

Brief Background: Our clan has been around since 2003. Our history is in no way brief, but there is a history located on our website under "About".

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Imperial Fleet
@Imperial Fleet
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Clan/Team Name: Imperial Fleet
Structural Leadership: Democracy / Parliament
Founder: Tyranus
Tag: {IF}
Accepting Members: Yes
Ladder: N/A
Type: Community
Alignment: Neutral
Main Game Type: JA: FFA: Lugormod
Website: Forums
Recruitment/Personal Forum: Recruiting
Other Contact Info: N/A
Requirements: See Recruiting link
Brief Background: BELOW

The {IF} Clan was formed from the last days of 2005 to the beginning of January 2006. The clan, more than 2 years old now, is based on Jedi Knight Jedi Academy and is a clan of Imperials, hence the term, Imperial Fleet. We are Imperial Jedi, Imperial Sith, and furthermore, we are Imperial Mercenaries. We are a clan, united of many species and warriors to form an Imperial Empire. The clan's name is not exactly what it sounds like. We are not an evil empire. We are a clan formed of many different species, ideas and skills. Together, we form a clan, a clan forged into an empire. An empire is not necessarily "evil" - and we are not evil either. We are sith, we are mercenaries, and we are even jedi, combined, into one. We are a lugormod clan, and we focus on, besides skill, respect and intelligence over the game and life. Without respect there is no organization, without organization there is no clan. Please take the time to browse through our site and our forum to find out all the information there is to know on our clan.

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Clan/Team Name: Knights of Ascendence
Structural Leadership: Committee/Just Friends - Council of 4 that makes all the decisions
Founder: Kel (aka Lucien), Niqz (aka Vergil)
Tag: KOA
Accepting Members: Yes, we recruit anyone who wishes to join and learn, no requirements but we do evaluate you to see where you stand duel wise and such.
Ladder: none currently
Type: Fun community for Role Play and Dueling. Some of the members do modding and will have a spot on our site to showcase it.
Alignment: Mostly Neutral, unless we role play and then it's varied on alignment.
Main Game Type: FFA/or anything we can RP on
Recruitment/Personal Forum:
Other Contact Info:,
Requirements: Politeness, Manners, Common Sense, Maturity, and overall decent sense of humor and personality.
Brief Background: Knights of Ascendence was started recently, mid 2008 around June but the 4 members that make up the council are long standing JA and JO players. We've just recently decided to get together and create a friendly, fun clan.

We also have a general community forum were users can show anything they make, from 2D to 3D, there's also a general gaming are such as GTA, Oblivion and Need For Speed.

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Current Game: Battlefront II
Imperial Ground Forces Open Enlistment

Club Name: Imperial Ground Forces
Structural Leadership: Military structure
Founder: Drone and Ramses
Tag: [IGF]
Accepting Members: Open self-enlistment (select LordJhredmo in alphabetical drop-down list inquiring as to recruiter).
Ladder: Barely active GameSpy Ladder (look to website for GSA Ladder details).
Type: Gaming Division of the Dark Jedi Organization.
Alignment: Non-strict/loosely alignment to the Empire/Republic and Sith.
Main Game Type: None. Weekly events define the mode and other details pertaining.
Website: Imperial Ground Forces
Recruitment/Personal Forum: IGF Comlinks
Other Contact Info: Xfire: LordJhredmo and e-mail:
Requirements: A respectful, non-vulgar, and mature countenance. No strict requirements other than the initiative to enlist oneself.
Brief Background: Established in 1999. Look into website for details and additional history. Look here for more information.

Sith Empire
PvE ♦ PvP ♦ RP-lite
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Talon Senatu
@Talon Senatu
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Clan/Team Name: Galactic Legion
Structural Leadership: [Committee, Democracy, Just Friends, so on, so on]
Founder: Talon Senatu
Tag: GL
Accepting Members: Allways
Ladder: N/A
Type: Clan
Alignment: Military
Main Game Type: Lugormod
Recruitment/Personal Forum:
Other Contact Info: Xfire: jordy777 msn:
Requirements: Good attitude
Brief Background: Just revived from inactivity, we are small at the moment but we are trying to build up!
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Posts: 2
Clan/Team Name: Tranquil Domain
Structural Leadership:
Founder: Kachow and Sargon
Tag: =|TD|=
Accepting Members: Open recruitment
Type: Clan
Alignment: Republic / Jedi
Main Game Type: FFA
Recruitment/Personal Forum:
Other Contact Info: Xfire - ktre1
Requirements: Xfire, A good, mature, well being attitude
Brief Background: Tranquil Domain is a clan created on July 17, 2009. We are focused on the game Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. =|TD|= has an organized ranking system, and structure.
Addictional information can be found on the forums.
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Posts: 8
Clan/Team Name: ^uK
Structural Leadership: Council
Founder: Me thedarkarcher
Tag: ^uK (no other tags coloured ^ used to represent rank)
Accepting Members: Yes
Alignment: mixed clan free creativity (guild layouts aswell)
Main Game Type: FFA & CTF
Server Type(s): BaseJKA & JA+ (all round to get skills up)
Recruitment/Personal Forum:
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Posts: 1
-EKF- Elite Knight Force

Clan/Team Name: -EKF- Elite Knight Force
Structural Leadership: [Committee, Democracy, we use ranks]
Founder: Jothes
Accepting Members: Yes
Ladder: No
Type: Ladder Team/Community
Alignment: [Both]
Main Game Type: [All]
Requirements: 13+ and basic knowledge of JKA
Brief Background:
Started when game came out..Started playing online bout 10 months ago
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Old 04-19-2010, 10:58 PM   #64
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Posts: 5
Clan/Team Name: The Jedi Guardians
Structural Leadership: Council
Founder: Kable & Ki Adi-Mundi
Tag: [JG]
Accepting Members: Yes
Ladder: N/A
Type: Competitive Gaming Clan
Alignment: Neutral
Main Game Type: FFA
Recruitment/Personal Forum: > Forums > Join Request
Requirements: Brief knowledge of the game & a will to learn.
Brief Background: We are the Jedi Guardians, A star wars gaming organization based off of the Jedi Order. Our goal is to promote good will and friendly competition throughout the net while preserving traditions of some of our previously successful clans.
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Old 07-15-2010, 01:18 PM   #65
Healer Secura
@Healer Secura
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 1
Healer Clan

Clan/Team Name: Healer Clan
Structural Leadership: Council
Founder: Healer Secura
Tag: Healer
Accepting Members: Yes
Type: Community
Alignment: Jedi
Main Game Type: FFA and Seige
Recruitment/Personal Forum:
Other Contact Info:
Requirements: None
Brief Background: This is a fairly new clan. We currently only have one member. Me. Our servers aren't up and running either. We need a Council Member willing to host our servers. This clan prefers Force Heal over the medicinal items. We also like to take a stealth approach over direct combat. In other words we would wrather sneak through the battle field using force techniques, and only battle when we have or want to.
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Old 09-30-2010, 12:00 PM   #66
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Posts: 2
|EFF| Community.

Clan/Team Name: Elite Fighters of The Force.

Structural Leadership: Committee.

Founder: Apophis.

Tag: »|EFF|«

Accepting Members: Yes.

Type: Community

Alignment: Jedi & Sith

Main Game Type: FFA


Recruitment/Personal Forum:

Other Contact Info: xFire Community:

Requirements: Be mature, not childish. Respect others in order for others to respect you. You don't need to be a saber master to join, everybody can as long as they respect the previous rules.

Brief Background: This clan is 3 years old, it's active, friendly and we love having fun. We don't have force enabled on server, but you can ask Councils to empower you after you became an EFF Member.
Leave yourself flowing through a big family who always accepts new members.

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Posts: 13
Clan/Team Name: Sith n Jedi
Structural Leadership: Council
Founder: Chillums CL
Council: STARWARRIOR(GOD), Kain, & Thing
Tag: {SnJ}
Accepting Members: YES
Type: Ladder Team/Community
Alignment: Sith n Jedi
Main Game Type: multi game type
Recruitment/Personal Forum:
Other Contact Info: cans with string
Requirements: good personality
Brief Background: i prefer boxers! Xp hehe!

sry! its hard 2b the only sane person in a insane world!!!
& stay away from my tacos!!!!!! there mine i tell u! mine!!!
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Davek Suun Ki
@Davek Suun Ki
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Location: Florida...Feels like Tatooine
Posts: 7
Current Game: Jedi Academy
Clan/Team Name: ::JEDI:: of Lehon

Structural Leadership: New Republica-based / Jedi High Council

Founders: Jedi Masters: Kevari, Feraan, Alkorda

Tag: ::JEDI:: (Lehon)

Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: Internal

Type: International Clan

Alignment: Light-Side

Main Game Type: FFA


Recruitment/Personal Forum:

Other Contact Info: X-Fire:

Requirements: Strict RP, creative writing skills, team player, I.T. skills: mapping, modeling, skinning.

Brief Background: As you unlock the holocron… it shimmers and comes to life.
Attn: Force-Sensitive beings - Interested in the life of a Jedi? Tired of searching around for moderate Role Playing clans? Want to experience in full the lifestyle and training of a Jedi? Then ::JEDI:: of Lehon is for you.

We are a very strict role playing community based on the planet of Lehon. This clan is formed by experienced & creative veteran members from ages past (still going strong in 2011+). We are a Jedi only Force clan with several Role Playing features. This site uses a Mod, very, very different than the ordinary Mods out there; allowing you to level based off of Experience Points gained by joining classes, missions, or various lessons taught by our Masters.

If you are interested, stop by at and give us a viewing. If your taken by what we offer on the Forum, feel free to try us out on our server ((Read rules and tips section before joining.)) is one of our Server addresses. We have two servers, one for Academy life, and one for our missions.

You search has ended…let the adventure begin.

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