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Thread: [K1] Recruit Lokana
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[K1] Recruit Lokana

Hi there guys,

Finally I convinced myself to create a WIP-Thread at the Labs...

This is a recruitment mod to have another jedi in the party. And now I know some might say 'There are many
recruitment mods out there' but I wanted to do it and so I'll finish it.

1.) I started this mod a while ago (2-3 years) but I never got it finished and when my computer crashed and the
files got deleted I couldn't motivate myself to redo it. Now I found some time and motivation (again) to redo it...

2.) For now, I only have a german version - since I'm living in Germany that's what I'm going to release first. But
don't panic () because I'm planning on doing a translation to english...

Now to the mod:

Lokana is a light-side jedi who joins your party very early in the game (I always wanted to have a jedi as soon as
the game started). Though you can't see her as a second Bastila because her opinion sometimes differs from Bastila's
and she is clearly less focused on doing everything 'by the book'. Basically I want her to be a mix between the
perfect jedi (Bastila/Juhani) and the funny guy (Jolee/HK-47) but faithful to the lightside. But I don't want to
reveal what kind of background I figured out for her .

For now she doesn't have any personal dialogue (aka side-quest) but I'm working on it. But she does come with her
personal opinion :P so I have (and I'm still doing it) gone through every dialog from the game and inserted
appropriate lines for her to say. And now the most difficult part: I want to do it with a complete Voice-Over.
Ingame she replaces Canderous since I wanted to keep all the jedis. So it came down to: Carth (primary character),
Zaalbar (primary - Kashyyyk) Mission (primary - Taris), HK-47 (Do I have to say something?) or Canderous (primary -
Taris). So I chose Canderous because I didn't use him at all after Taris and I didn't like him either. This gets a
bit tricky, when he's supposed to accompany you to the Ebon Hawk but I changed it, so that after you get to the Ebon
Hawk you have the opportunity to play with either Canderous or Lokana.

Lokana joins you here:
Show spoiler

Then you can choose whether to recruit her or to leave her be (keeping in mind that the dialogs have changed).


Lokana is a Jedi-Knight and starts with Level 3 (to keep it real with the game).

Strength: 12
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 12

(I used the same amount of points that you are given upon character creation)


Stealth: 5
Awareness: 5
Repair: 3
Security: 5
Treat injury: 5

Force Powers:

Heal (stage 1)


Personal dialog - 5% (recruitment and basics finished)
Story dialog - 99% (10/10 planets finished)
character data - 90%
(character finished, portrait, appearance, unsure about the look)
Voice-Overs - 0%

(If someone would like to help me making her appearance a little bit more 'unique' so I won't have to use this stupid default female head (because I suck at skinning/modeling), that'll be pretty awesome )

I attached some Screenshots if you want to have a look.

Special Thanks to every person who's helped me by answering questions or posting tuts in this forum.

Thanks for reading all this


Show spoiler

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