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Thread: SW:TOR: The Best-Laid Plans
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SW:TOR Part I Finale: Poetic Injustice

Part Twelve and Conclusion of an Old Republic Tale by MsFicwriter

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry about the mixed-up titles; I requested that the mods fix them.)


Upon hearing my revelation, Qyzen's jaw clenched. "Are you positive?"

"One hundred percent!" I said stalwartly. "I know my Master's voice, even via the netherworld of the Force. The message he sent me was incredibly faint, a pain-saturated rasp that I barely heard. However, it was enough for me to confirm his identity." Turning to my Trandoshan companion, I urged, "Come. Neither of us can afford to waste any more time with these Flesh Raiders. We have to inform Master Karos of this right away." I tugged at his right hand.

"Wait," said Qyzen. "Will she believe you?"

Sighing, I shook my head. "I'm not going to make the same mistake as I did back in that crystal cavern! I didn't tell anyone about my Force visions, and the toxicity of the lake water we encountered, until it was too late. Because of that, the kognath queen that we might have saved was dead. I'm not going to let that happen to Master Yun if I can help it! That means that even if Master Karos is skeptical of what I'm about to tell her, if she doesn't listen, then at least I tried to break the news. I won't sit on my hands anymore!"

"Or your mind," my reptilian ally hissed. "Forward! Be watchful..."

We certainly tried. The massive Flesh Raiders swarmed everywhere, however, attempting to sink their teeth into anything they happened to spot! Qyzen and I were already tired from our earlier skirmishes against them, and so our current battles drained us even more. We'd have to find a safe place to rest, if such a thing existed in this wilderness, before heading back to the Jedi Temple in a dead run. As soon as we'd cut down our latest wave of ravenous beasts, we sprinted into the trees and hoped for sanctuary among them.

Panting heavily, Qyzen Fess hissed in my ear, "Why are we even here?"

"To keep--people safe," I cried, trying to catch my breath. "Master Karos said so. The Flesh Raiders are--slaying Jedi! I told you about our mission briefing."

"That's not it." He took a deep breath. "Karos is an elder Guardian, a Master and mentor of Padawans--and her present one has failed! If the Jedi are to respect all living things, then why is she so insistent upon the Flesh Raiders' destruction? Instead of sending both of us out together on this suicide mission, why didn't she come along and try to calm them through the Force? I understand that you have to be 'tested', in her view, before you can fight the Sith in open war, but..." He slumped down limply against a tree. "Something is amiss. What of you, Padawan? Can you defend Karos?"

"I...can't think straight..." Doing the same, it wasn't long before I sank into slumber.

The sound that awakened me was a low, rumbling, and hungry Grrrrr...

My eyes flew open. "Flesh Raiders! Attack!" I ignited my lightsaber, screaming.

As soon as that happened, the forms of the four creatures surrounding us began to melt. Their glistening flesh dissolved--?!

Before Qyzen and I could strike at them, we were immobilized in Force stasis. These were no mere bipedal behemoths, of sharp scent and sharper jaws. Closing us in on all sides were Sith: three warriors, and one agent.

"What have we here?" smiled the agent slyly. "My fine fellows, I told you our holoprojections would work, as long as we didn't let these two wake up too soon."

"You were right, Veka," replied one of the warriors, a bit begrudgingly. "Our mole within the Order has served us well. She's delivered two Jedi on a silver platter: first the 'great' Master, and now his Padawan! Victory is ours!"

Karos. As helpless as I was to defend myself, I could still hear. So could Qyzen Fess. I heard a long and guttural growl escape from his scaly throat. I can't believe it! Why didn't I see it earlier--the fact that Master Karos was a traitor?! Why didn't Master Yun see it? He trusted her with me!

"That blind mynock Yun was certainly fooled," Agent Veka agreed. "Our contact may be called a Jedi Master, but what she has truly conquered is the art of subterfuge. Certainly, she 'slips' from time to time, but that can't be helped. Why was Karos even promoted to that rank?" Veka shook her head. "Such is the stupidity of the Jedi Order. They believe the best of everyone, even when their better judgment tells them not to." She spat on the ground.

I wanted to slaughter her. Karos, I mean, not Veka. No, no, no-no-no...

"So, what do we do with these two fools?" asked another warrior. "Cut them down?"

"Hardly." The third Sith spoke, deliberately choking the one who had just spoken through the Force. "We need servants as well as corpses! The sleek Trandoshan is a phenomenal hunter, from what I've witnessed. He shall serve as an assassin and sniper. The other one..." His gaze caught me unprepared, taking my breath away. "She'll be enslaved. Engage her in two interrogation rounds, Veka, and see if she's fit to undergo the Sith trials. If she survives, she shall become my second." Veka saluted crisply.

"Your second?" The injured Sith sneered. "You need one, Vadym--" At that moment, I heard the sickening sound of bones crunching: specifically, ribs. The Sith collapsed like a sack of bantha dung, and I could only watch.

"Come along." Agent Veka pulled a sedative gun. "With or without tranquilizers?"

From the ferocious expressions we had on our faces, we knew it would be the former. The last thought that flickered through my consciousness before it was utterly lost was this: We've been captured by the kriffing Sith, just like Master Yun. What senseless folly, and what--poetic injustice!

FINIS 12/7/11

Stay tuned for TRIALS OF A SITH INQUISITOR in 2012!

MsFicwriter has requested a fanfic review for this thread.

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Once again, brilliant story. I can't wait for Trials of a Sith Inquisitor. Is it a continuation of this, or another story entirely?

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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It's a continuation of this series, but in a much darker vein.
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read and enjoyed

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