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Thread: Battle for Naboo XP Patch PLZ !!!!!
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Old 05-21-2004, 07:20 PM   #1
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Unhappy Battle for Naboo XP Patch PLZ !!!!!

Is there any Patches out there that cures the delay in the PC Version of "Battle of Naboo", when I try to play this classic on my XP Home Edition, I get what appears a half second delay on frames, like the screen stops for a split second, some kind of delay ?

It works fine in Windows 98, but I don;t want to have to add a second O/S just for this game,,,

can anybody tell me about any patches for a XP cure....
I really like this classic game........

Thanks for any info ............
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Old 05-22-2004, 07:48 PM   #2
Pedro The Hutt
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To my knowledge BFN never even got a patch o.o But ofcourse I might be wrong.

And if I'm not mistaken there is some way or another to make Win95 games work on XP. But I've forgotten what it was, since for one I don't use WinXP myself.
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Old 05-23-2004, 08:33 PM   #3
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Well any registry hacks or patches would be great, if you can think of anything that would help me please post.....
There must be someone out here that would know somthing about this game and problems with XP with it...
I can't believe Lucas has just kicked this game to one side, it has a great space battle in the game where you fly after them little tie fighter looking things...

We pay the cash for your products and seemed to get shafted when we ask for support...
I bet it would take no more then a day for there progammers to come up with some XP Patches for this game....
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Old 08-30-2005, 01:08 AM   #4
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Exclamation Help Please - Win 98 2ed prob with B for Naboo Game!

First time on this site. Not sure what I am doing, but hope this reaches someone who can help me.

I just loaded a new copy of this game on my PC and I get booted back to my desktop when the first level starts (the space scrolling scene). Argh.

Any suggestions?

Cheers, Jim
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Old 11-07-2005, 09:54 PM   #5
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Check's support pages (Yoda's Help Desk).

Also be sure you've got the latest stable drivers for your video card!

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Old 05-05-2011, 08:16 PM   #6
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The Long Awaited Answer


But please lend me your ear (well, eyes I guess)! I have been trying to get this game to work for 6 years (worked on it off and on when I had time), and finally came to the solution:
(BFN standing for Battle for Naboo)

I once was an absolute computer N00B, and this game wouldn't work on my new computer. I was determined to figure out how to make it work. This quest lead to me being the computer guru I am today (I'm not heavy programmer status, well, I've done some, but I've still got a good ways to go.). I actually came across this very thread in my search of looking for how to get it to work earlier on in the quest. I "vowed," if you will, to reply to this thread one day once I figure it out. I knew that if even the OP and contemporaries to the OP never saw my reply, modern and future Googlers (and Bingers, etc.) may benefit, and I wanted the personal satisfaction of finishing this childhood quest (though I would love for the OP and contemporaries to see it!).
I have the solution! This is a huge moment for me guys.

For the whole story to this EPIC TROUBLESHOOTING QUEST, read the whole story:

Incentives for reading the story:
1. If you're geeky enough, you might find entertainment in it. It is a story with a problem, and the problem gets solved. There's satisfaction in solving a 6 year computer problem after 6 years of troubleshooting and education (mostly self-education) - going from n00b to guru, or at least near guru.

2. You might learn a few other compatibility tricks.

3. There's a geeky, somewhat cheesy, parody of Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham.

Here's a link to Battle for Naboo's page in the WINE App Database:
Don't forget to read the comments toward the bottom of BFN's WINE page!

It has another WINE page here (not much happening on this one though):

Sorry for the delay. School puts quite a damper on such things. Hopefully with summer I'll be able to tend the Internet better. (though it took most of that time to figure this sucker out)

As far as what the heck I'm talking about (for those that don't know):
Linux - a free operating system made by hobbyist programmers and is backed by a large, passionate, active community.

WINE - stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator. Don't dare think it stands for WINdows Emulator - quite the contrary - it stands for wine is NOT an emulator. This is an open source (and thus free) program that can run Windows programs in operating systems other than Windows - particularly Linux, though it can be used in Mac and other operating systems as well. In theory, you can have WINE run a Windows program in Windows.

CDEmu - an open source (free!) CD drive emulator for Linux. This lets you play Battle for Naboo in WINE in Linux without the CD. If you want to know about CD drive emulators and how hardware emulation works; I go WAY overboard here (just know that a CD image is (supposed to be) a raw bit-for-bit copy of a CD dumped to a file, that's all the 1s and 0s - not just the files. This gets the filesystem(s), boot info if present, CD label, other labels, number of tracks, number of sessions - everything - except for very technical analog properties of individual pits and lands.):

To sum the situation up, we have a FIRMWARE (or maybe even hardware) problem NOT a superficial software problem. But we do some sorcery and solve this deep software/ hardware problem with superficial software. Turns out that the problem is that the modern graphics cards don't do 3DFX, something that Battle for Naboo wants, according to DOS4Dinner. But they do do OpenGL. WINE wraps (converts) graphics calls (like DirectX - used by Battle for Naboo) into OpenGL graphics calls. So when Battle for Naboo runs in WINE, this deep software/ possible hardware problem is solved by superficial software.
This does make me wonder about people who report that they have gotten Battle for Naboo to work in Win98 but not in WinXP ON THE SAME COMPUTER. Hmmm. Did Service Pack 3 fix this on some computers? Driver? I know that on other computers, no matter the service pack or driver, Battle for Naboo ain't working in XP, but on others with that same exact version of Windows - XP Service Pack 3 - it DOES work. And it also works in Windows 7 without having to do anything special (unless your graphics firmware doesn't do 3DFX).

Let's all give a special thanks to DOS4Dinner. He helped me learn a lot of stuff.
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Oh, and Oldpcuser, that brings up fond, old, childhood memories. Back on that Windows ME machine with a CRT, it used to boot me out of the game all the time! I simply learned to click the minimized Battle for Naboo window in the Start Bar so fast that it didn't affect my game play! Next time it boots you out, look at your Start Bar. Is it minimized in there? Just click it, and you should be back in the game. I hope your situation is solved this easy. You might not be having the same exact problem I had. I hope for the best. Have you tried WINE + Linux + CDEmu + BFN yet?

And Pedro the Hut, you're probably thinking of compatibility mode. I tried that for Battle for Naboo, and it didn't help the the computer that was having issues with BFN. Read my story ! But WINE + Linux + BFN + CDEmu DID fix it.

This game is a part of my childhood and growth to geekdom. I have returned with the answer!
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Ahh... what's this all about? Is there a new one?! :

It looks quite different indeed. That cover art vehicle was NOT in the old BFN.
That game is probably more easily compatible.
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I posted this elsewhere, but thought I'd copy it here as well.

I've just managed to get "Battle for Naboo" working, perfectly, on a machine running XP SP3 (32-bit).

I posted this elsewhere, but thought I'd post it here as well, in case the other thread isn't being followed. I've spent way too much time tonight working this issue to just let my find slide, after all!


I've spent the past several hours digging into this, and have found the real source of the problem...

AND a solution which works perfectly for me!

Mind you, this is not me doing my own coding, just doing "forensics" work.

The game "Battle for Naboo" "requires 3D acceleration," but it's really looking for a 3DFX video card. Failing to find that, it defaults to Direct3D, but to a version of Direct3D which is no longer available or supported.

Also, the sound calls used are from an older version of DirectSound, so you'll need to convert to the newer API.

Sound is easy... run the application in Windows 98 compatibility mode (you can try other modes as well, if you wish). I'm not sure which "fix" in that set is the key one for getting sound to work, but I do plan to pare down the list of fixes eventually.

Video is also easy... by "piggybacking" on the work of others. Go out and do a web search for an application called "dgVoodoo." This is what you'll use to fix the program.

What is dgVoodoo? Basically, it's a "wrapper" which pretends to be the old 3DFX "GLide" API but really just re-routes these calls to Direct3D. Fortunately, it is far more "compatible" (meaning no cheats or optimizations) than the crappy programming used in this program.

SO... the program will think it's writing GLide video calls, which will be intercepted by this and transformed into Direct3D video calls (properly formatted and structured).

There are two EXE files in "Battle for Naboo." BOTH require this emulation. So, you'll be putting a copy of dgVoodoo in the same folder as each of the two "Battle for Naboo" executables. (The first one is the menu executable, but it DOES access some video, which will cause issues, if you don't provide this as well.)

I did those two things... "compatibility mode" to fix sound, dgVoodoo to fix video, and VOILA! "Battle for Naboo" is working FLAWLESSLY on my system.

FYI, my system is an i7-based system on an Asus motherboard based on the Intel X58 chipset. My video card is an nVidia Geforce GTX295 (which is two 280 cards on a single board... so it's essentially "SLI" on a single card). My sound card is an HTOmega Claro+, which is more than sufficient for any gaming purposes, I've found, and is an audiophile-level music player. I'm running Windows XP SP3 (32-bit). I also dual-boot into XP-64 for "work."

I can't promise that this will work perfectly for Win7... but for XP, it is now running flawlessly, and I was just about to abandon my efforts. Now I don't have to. And, hopefully, neither will you guys!

EDIT: By the way, I tried setting the "launcher" applet to Win98 compatibility mode as well, but that caused issues. Basically, the program keeps calling itself from itself, if run from that mode. So ONLY set the BFN.exe file to Win98 compatibility mode, not the "battlefornaboo.exe" file (which is the one which is causing my problem right now).
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A brief follow up...

I've determined the elements from the "Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit" which need to be set for this to work. I started off with the Windows 98 compatibility mode, and started turning bits off until I found a config which works perfectly for me... everything is very quick, and the sound is working just fine. Some of the items I turned off were slowing down graphics, so I recommend using this setup:

Add Write Permissions To Device Files
Change Authentification Level
Correct Create Event Name
Corect File Paths
Correct Sound Device Id
DirectPlay Enum Order
Emulate Create File Mapping
Emulate Create Process
Emulate Delete Object
Emulate Fine Handles
Emulate Get Command Line
Emulate Get Device Caps
Emulate Get Profile String
Emulate Heap
Emulate Missing EXE
Emulate Play Sound
EMulate Slow CPU
Emulate USER
Emulate Ver Query Value
Emulate Write FIle
Enable Restarts
File Version Info Lie
Force CD Stop
Force Co Initialize
Force Keep Focus
Force Shell Link Resolve No UI
Giveup Foreground
Handle API Exceptions
Handle Reg Expand Sz Registry Keys
Handle Wvsprintf Exceptions
Ignore Exception
Ignore Load Library
Ingore Scheduler
Load Library CWD
Map Memory B0000
No Ghost
ProfileS Env Strings
Profiles Get Folder Path
Profiles Reg Query Value Ex
Sync System And System32
Virtual Registry

I'm not saying that a few of these might not be able to be turned off, but I had no problems with them turned on, so I didn't see any reason to do so.

Hope this helps. Post a note if you find anything more.
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Still Only Wine Solves It for Me.

Hi Guys (well, maybe only CLBrown)! It's exciting someone actually came back to this and replied!

CLBrown, that's some pretty interesting stuff you're doing. I tried your method of setting the exes to Win98 mode and putting those dgVoodoo files in with them on my Dell XPS 400. Still didn't work. However, BFN still works like a champ in Wine in Linux!

Here is the specs to my Dell XPS 400:

I have to vehemently believe that BFN not working is a hardware (or firmware) problem, _not_ a (superficial) software problem such as Windows version, DirectX version, etc.

The reason why is that my Dell XPS 400 is the only computer I have experienced this problem with (except for one other XPS tower machine, but that was because it was running 64-bit Windows and wasn't compatible with the bitage).

Seriously, on all other computers I have tried BFN on, it works without a hitch. No compatibility options checked, no wrappers installed, no sorcery at all - just works "out of the box."

I also have a Dell laptop with Windows XP 32-bit Service Pack 3, and a non-ancient DirectX version installed (don't have it with me right now or I'd get the version number for you). BFN works flawlessly on it without any compatibility options or anything (again, "out of the box").

But on my Dell XPS 400, which also has Windows XP 32-bit Service Pack 3, and a non-ancient DirectX version (maybe even the same version as the laptop), it doesn't work.

So, superficial-software-wise, the Dell XPS 400 and the Dell laptop are pretty much identical. But on one it works and on the other it doesn't (without doing any sorcery).

There is a very big hardware difference: The Dell laptop has ATI graphics, and the Dell XPS 400 has an nVIDIA graphics card. You said that your system also has an nVIDIA graphics card, and before you started doing computer voodoo, BFN wouldn't work on it. So maybe this is an nVIDIA-specific problem with either the firmware on the graphics card or the graphics card driver with some nVIDIA graphics cards, read on.

Also, a friend let me try to install BFN on his little netbook (used BFN iso and CD emulator) running Windows 7. It worked. No compatibility mode checked, no wrappers, no sorcery, it worked "out of the box". Also worked on a friend's MacBook's Win7 32-bit side; again, out of the box.

The MacBook has nVIDIA graphics, so this obviously isn't a global nVIDIA issue. In fact, maybe some ATI chipsets would find BFN unpalatable.

I have been very happy with BFN's performance in Wine in Linux. It's flawless and works "out of the box," even on my Dell XPS 400. I even can run BFN in 64-bit Linux.

This has been a long and persistent mystery.
Maybe by the time we're done figuring BFN out, we'll have a whole new updated version of it or something .

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