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Thread: Upheaval - The Brieder War (Reloaded)
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Upheaval - The Brieder War (Reloaded)


The year is 2559, more than 5 centuries ago, the planet formerly known as Earth had run out of fossil fuels. What became known as World War III started when the United States of America declared that their oil reserves were finally empty. This, of course, was a lie. America, taking the advantage of it's relationship with the central american countries as well as Mexico and Canada, allied with Russia and the European countries to attack and seize the oil reserves of the African countries, creating the Alliance of Free Countries.

The Africans did not go down without a fight, most of America, Mexico and Canada were obliterated in a massive nuclear war. Russia soon after offered it's help to these countries in exchange of a big cut in the oil reserve.

China, taking the advantage of the weakness of the Alliance, seized the territory of Irak and Iran but they soon realized that what little was left of the reserves would not be enough to sustain the world. Scientists of all the major organisms and institutions in science and research discused the matter but all options pointed to what was inevitable.

The end of the world.

Soon after the greenhouse effect started to become more dangerous, life in the desert became unsustainable and animals and flora from all over the planet started to die. The dams started to go dry and the electric services became insanely expensive. Poverty was the way of life more than 95% of the world's population.

In all the chaos, Russia and China, along with Japan and the remains of the AFC joined forces to build a space station that would support human life as it moved through space with destination to a planet discovered by Japanese scientists. This planet was without a name and was soon after called Hope, a fitting name for Humankind's last chance of survival.

The space station was almost 3 times the size of Texas. Thousands upon thousands of human beings were selected for the travel and the last of the oil reserves were deposited into the space station to create an impulse so strong that it would send the station on it's course to arrive at the planet in the next 200 years.

The result was succesful, the good news was followed by a terrible one. After almost 12 years, the onboard Scientists finally came to the conclusion that the Earth, was finally dead and so was everyone left on it.

As the expedition party was getting ready to go down to the planet, an asteroid collided with the space station spliting it into two. One part crash landed and the other stayed in orbit examining the planet for life possibilities. A colony was built over the planet with only 300 people, this colony was called Sparta in reminescence of human history.

A rescue expedition was soon carried out to learn of the fate of the people in the other half of the station. Thirty men left for it, only two came back.

The atmosphere of the planet contained a bacteria that caused madness, mutation and agression. The people of that crash were now less than human, some gained more strength, others more speed, others more endurance. Their numbers grew and their new species branched like different kinds of spiders. A new name was given to these creatures, those who were our brothers, now are our enemies, some call them evolved humans but evolution is not that cruel.

The name we called them came from the number given to their part of the living quarters, BR13D3R, so they were called Brieders. Their leader, Doctor Higgins, now Lord Artus and his generals now seek to destroy Sparta after almost 50 years of complete silence.

Sparta is now the first human city. Almost the size of the USA and Canada combined. Sparta is our last defence against the invading Brieders who have also made their city deep in the mountains of what has been called The Hive. They had the time to make weapons, but we are not without our resources. Human numbers have grown, but so have theirs. The battle now takes place in the hills of Cretia, the abandoned human facility now taken by the Brieders. We must find a way to get to their capital and destroy them, underground they're more powerful but under the sky, we are the masters.

The toxin in the air was neutralized thirty years ago, now we can run free in the world. But be careful with Brieder weaponry as their Klaut-guns launch small injection darts that contain deadly viruses. Thank god they only have limited supplies, and us an antidote. But on the battlefield you must be careful, for the only antidote out there is death...

And it starts thus...

Ever since 0400 hours, ships have been flying back and forth from the base in the Calgary Mountains. Sergeant Mio Kobayakawa was on the very first of them to arrive to the forward command center just a few kilometers away from the Cretia Facility.

Around 0800 hours, the gunfire and explosions coming from the battlefield were resounding in the morning breeze. The conflict had just about begun.

Mio was making her way to the command bridge and found her father already there along with two other generals and an Admiral. Admiral James Thrawn, one of the officers who oversaw Mio's training.

"General Kobayakawa, Sergeant Kobayakawa is here", a Coronel announced before he returned to his duties. General Hiro Kobayakawa turned around to face his daughter. Mio instantly saluted her father and he did the same.

"At ease Sergeant", the General said. Mio relaxed.

"You needed to speak to me sir?", Mio asked her father, carefully addressing him as her superior, rather than a parent.

"I will not hold you from your duties so I will be brief. We have assigned several top notch soldiers to your squad. You job is a very difficult one but we expect great results with this team at your disposal", the general said handing Mio a file with several profiles and he continued, "I think you'll find some old acquaintances in there."

Mio browsed the file and found a couple of familiar names, one that brought a smile on her face, but that smile also became a rather small look of annoyance when she passed to the next profile.

"With all due respect sir, the other Sullivan twin might cause some friction in the unit", she held back at this last statement. Andrew was sure to cause more than "some friction" within the squad. Sure, Andrew was a very capable soldier, even more so than many of the best, but he was problematic beyond belief.

"The Sullivan twins produce results in every mission they undertake, great results I might add. Your unit, while effective, only comes second to them, now with them with you, I trust they'll carry you to victory", the general said.

These words boiled inside of her. She was just an inch from unleashing her rage, but after years of unappreciation, she had gotten used to it, but she'd show him, of that, she was certain.

"Very well, I assume all of these soldiers have been briefed?", Mio asked.

"They have, your squad is to assemble in the hangar at 1300 hours, make sure you take this time to get to know one another and prepare. Good luck", General Kobayakawa said.

Mio saluted and headed out of the room. She walked through a couple of corridors and entered a room where there was no one in sight. She took a deep breath and hit the steel wall with all her strength. The noise of the punch amplified in the small room.

"Damn it", she said under her breath. She straightened up and walked into the corridor once more and headed to the armory. She expected a few people from her squad would be with the quartermaster. She hoped Erica was there, she was the only reason she was looking forward to assembling her squad and heading out. But, that meant also seeing Andrew... that alone, would send her over the edge. Probably...

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