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Thread: STAR WARS : RETURN OF THE SITH (Second edition)
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Cool Guy STAR WARS : RETURN OF THE SITH (Second edition)

( I have decided to write a second edition of Return of the sith. This new edition will expand some characters, correct grammar mistakes and add some new parts. I hope that you will enjoy it)



100 years have passed since the death of Darth Traya, and the sith that have survived formed the Brotherhood of the Sith. With darth Raptor and Ryox as its leaders, the Brotherhood of the Sith waged war against the republic and it's jedi protectors.

The republic now is at the point of being destroyed as it has been split in two, separatist who have sided with the sith and republic, The trade federation has created a droid army for the sith,countless Knights fall in battle, and many more swear allegiance to the new Sith Master.

A lone smuggling starship, the Ebon Hawk, flies to the planet Alderaan. Xin, a smuggler, and Harr, a wookie friend to xin, are the pilots of this ship....

Part 1:

Near the planet of Alderaan there is a lone smuggling starship, the Ebon Hawk. Xin is tall and lean. He thinks he is very handsome and always does the smart guy. He works for Gula the hutt. Harr is a very strong, he is wookie after all. He is many years friend with Xin. Once xin was a pilot of the Trade Federation, but when he saw some droids torturing a wookie slave named Harr, he destroyed the droids and escaped with Harr. Then Harr and Xin became friends and smugglers.

Xin is going to the pilot room

Xin: Hey, Harr, i want to ask you something. Is it true that brotherhood of the sith was preparing from the time of darth Revan?

Harr: har ha ha hahw

Xin: You dont know. Anyway i dont care much about the war. If we complete this mission Gula will give us a ton of credits.


Christos is a jedi knight with black hair, black robe and some scars in his face. He is apprentice to Ben. Ben is a jedi master and friend to Christos. He has a beard and he is tall. Ben and Christos walk in the jedi temple and talk about the war.

Ben: My apprentice, very dark times are coming for the jedi. Once we were thousands and now were a few hundreds. You must be careful now that i will go to the battle of Alderaan.

Christos: Yes, master.

As Ben leaves, a familiar figure comes near Christos. Helena, a very beautiful jedi knight with blonde hair, comes near Christos.

Christos: Helena!!

Helena: There were rumors that you were killed at the hands of darth Raptor.

Christos: Well, as you see, i am still alive.

Helena: Thats the best news i ever heard.

Helena kisses Christos.

Helena: I want to tell you something.

Christos: What?

Helena: We have been lovers for 3 years at secret, because if the jedi council learned anything we would be banned from the order.

Christos: Yes.....

Helena: I just cant stand that you may be banned from the order. I am in love with you, and i fear about you. So, i want you to stop seeing me. I am sorry, but we can be only friends. I cant let the jedi council to ban you. There is some suspicion and they may find out that we are lovers.

Christos: Dammit!! This jedi code has destroyed my life!!

Helena: I am sorry. I have to leave now.

Christos: Goodby. I cant believe what happened. This stupid code, along with that stupid jedi council, have taken away from me my love.


Nick is handsome guy with black hair who stays with his Uncle and his Aunt in Dadooine.

Nick enters the house.

Uncle: Where have you been?

Nick: I have gone with my friends on a bar.

Uncle: You can waste time with your friends later. I need you to do some work.

Aunt: Hey, come for dinner.

Nick: I'm coming

As they eat Uncle opens a hologram to see the news.

Hologram: The war is going realy bad for the republic. The separatists destroyed a republican military base in the moon of Xionan.

Nick: i hope that the war won't come here.

Uncle: With the jedi academy here i think that the war will definitely come here.

Part 2:

The republican fleet was near Alderaan, when it was attacked by two sith capital ships. Ben and some troopers managed to land on the planet before their capital ship was destroyed. The droid army was firing at the republican allies when Ben and 4000 republican troopers attacked the droid army. The fight was chaotic. Snipers from the hills, turbo-lasers cannons, jedi knights fighting against sith lords. Ben have killed 20 droids with his lightsaber when a trooper then came near him.

Dak: Hello sir. My name is Dak and i am here to inform you that darth Ryox is here.

Ben: darth Ryox is here? We must kill him and end the war.

Dak: Yes sir.

At the same time a young female jedi knight tries to kill Ryox. The jedi attacked with her double-bladed lightsaber , but Ryox blocked the attack and drained the force of the young jedi, killing her.

Meanwhile Xin and Harr are at the middle of a deadly space fight.

Xin: What the hell is happening here?

A sith star fighter fires on the Ebon Hawk and destroys its shipment.

Harr: Hakg haf had harrrrr

Xin: You are right. if Gula learns that my shipment is destroyed then he will take my head.


in the palace of Gula the hutt, Gula is very angry.

Gula: He still hasn't brought the shipment to me.

Bozarr: He must have stolen the shipment. Sir, i think that you should have a bounty on Xin's head.

Translator droid: Bounty hunters, the mighty Gula the hutt wants you to find and kill xin for 10.000 credits.

Part 3:


Christos and his friend Stell are talking.

Christos: The jedi council wants me to go in Yavin 4, to find and kill the separatists leaders.

Stell: I feel something. I feel that there is more in this mission than what you have been told. Be careful.

Christos: Don't worry. The separatists leaders will soon be destroyed.

Christos goes to his room.

Christos: Once the war is over i will leave the order and come here to find Helena. Oh, what am i saying? Because of those jedi masters, who think that they are always right, i will never be free with my love.

Stell: I agree with you. My master, before he was killed by the sith, used to tell me that instead of forbidding love, the jedi should teach us how to control our feelings and that love isnt something bad.

Christos: I now have to leave. May the force be with you.

Stell: May the force be with you.


On Alderaan Ben is trying to kill darth Ryox. So Ben and Ryox begin a fearsome lightsaber duel.

Ryox: Are you ready to die jedi?

Ben: Not yet, sith lord.

After a short lightsaber duel a starship lands. As Ryox enters the starship, Ben is being fired by the turrets of the starship. Soon the starship escapes the star system. Ben then celebrates with his troopers. They have won the battle.


As the Christos starship is landing on Yavin 4, 8 spider droids attack him. Christos, using force lighting, manages to kill all the droids. Then 5 sith lords jump on him but Christos kills them with his lightsaber. Then as he enters the Separatist base, a sith master tries to kill him. Christos, after a short duel, force chokes to death the sith master. He enters the main room and kills everyone. As Christos kills everyone, darth Raptor comes in the room. Darth Raptor attacks Christos. Christos with force lighting pushed Raptor on a door.

Darth Raptor: If you kill me, you will never be able to see again Helena. Come with me, and i will give you the power to force the jedi council to let you free. If you stay with the jedi, you will be a slave of the council, while you will loose your true love.

Christos: Dark lord, you are lying. Your lies will never make me a sith.

Darth Raptor: Very well. Loose your only chance to be together with Helena. And if you wont do it for Helena, then do it for the people. The jedi and the republic are corrupted by their powers. The senators care only to take more money, instead of uniting the galaxy. But we sith care about the people. Come with me. Let us unite the galaxy.

Christos: Yes my..... master

Darth Raptor: Good, very good. Henceforth, you shall be known as darth Rex.

Christos: Thank you, my master.

Darth Raptor: First, i want you to go to the jedi academy on Dantooine. Do what must be done, lord rex. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy.

Christos: Yes my...master.

Part 4:

The Ebon Hawk is damaged, and falls on Alderaan. Xin is wounded. Only Harr is okey. As Harr, with xin, go to see what happened , 4 droid attack them. Harr turns back and ,fast, fires at his enemies and kills the 3 of them. But the 4th droid manages to fire at the head of Harr. Xin screams "nnnnoooooooo" "no" and fires and kills his enemy. He then goes near Harr. Harr has his eye closed but he still breaths,with difficulty of course.

Xin: No. Come on, Harr old buddy...

Harr: Haaaaa

Xin: ha,ha,ha,ha. I thought i lost you. Come on, we have work to do.

Harr: haaaa

Xin: Okey, i will let you rest for a couple minutes.

After 25 minutes.

Xin: Come on,we must fix the ship.

After 2 hours the starship is fixed and ready to fly.

Xin: Okey, are you ready for a ride to tatooine?

Harr: haaaaa

Xin: Okay.

So the Ebon Hawk leaves for tatooine.


Nick with John run to Nick's Uncle.

Nick: Uncle, the sith are attacking.

John: My parents have gone to the knooda.

Uncle: Nick, wait one minute for your Aunt to come.

Then they all go to the knooda. At the same time, Christos, knowing the code, deactivated the shield of Dantooine. Then with 4 battalions of droids he heads to the jedi academy with evil intentions.

Jedi master: Christos, what are you doing her-

Christos force chokes to death the jedi master.

Christos: Droids, attack. Leave no one alive.

In the night sky of Dantooine there is only fire and smoke. Christos with the droid army killed every jedi, even the younglings. Meanwhile in Knooda

General: Who wants to fight the sith. any volunteers?

Nick: I.

John: Me too.

General: Very well. Men, take your weapons.

In a republican starship.

Ben: Dak, today we will go to Geonosis. we must kill darth Ryox.

Dak: Very well sir. but can you tell me more about Ryox?

Ben: Ryox was once a jedi knight. Now he is more a machine than a man. twisted and evil.

A soldier goes near Ben.

Soldier: Commander, we are landing to Geonosis.

Ben: Very well.

Meanwhile at the sith base on Geonosis.

Ryox: All droids to position. Now i want the snipers to attack. Then have the tanks to fire on the enemy army!!

The battle Geonosis has begun. Millions of troopers, droids, jedi and sith are attacking in a fearsome battle. Thousands of troopers and droids die. there are rivers of blood everywhere.

Ben: Ryox, here you are.

Ryox: Die jedi.

After a short duel Ben cuts and the two hands of Ryox. but Ryox uses the Force to control four lightsabers and use them against Ben, but Ben cuts off the head of Ryox. The republic won the fight.

part 5:

On Dantooine, Christos after leaving the planet with his starship, orders his capital starships to destroy the entire planet.

Nick: To survive we must go to the Knooda sublevel.

John: Okey lets go.

For hours the capital ships bombarded and destroyed everything. But Nick and John survived.

Nick: Okay, now we are in the sublevels. But how we will get out of here?

John: We must wait for someone to come.

Ben with a few troopers has gone to Dantooine to search for survivors. After going to the sublevel he finds Nick and John. Then he goes and finds a hologram.

Ben: I cant believe it. It is Christos, killing jedi knights.

Ben then with Nick and John go to the jedi council at Coruscant.

Jedi council member: i sense that the sith are going to attack here.

Ben: I sense that this boy, named Nick is force user. i want to train him.

Jedi council member: very well. You are free to train the boy.

Nick trains very hard for two months. He learns to use the force and his lightsaber. Also he meets a jedi named Helena.

Helena: Hello. Whats your name?

Nick: My name is Nick.

Helena: I am glad to meet you.

Nick: Me too.

Ben: Helena, i want to talk with you.

Helena: Very well.

Ben and Helena enter in a room.

Ben: Helena, i want to talk you about Christos.

Helena: What do you mean?

Ben: I know that you were in love.

Helena: So?

Ben: He has fallen to the dark side. I watched him in a hologram, killing jedi knights.

Helena: That cant be true!! I wont believe in your lies.

Ben: I am sorry, but this is the true.

Helena: And what will you do?

Ben: I will have to kill him. I am sorry.

Soldier: Sir, darth Rex is attacking here, in coruscant.

Ben: I am going with Dak to find my old friend.

Nick: Master may i come with you?

Ben: No. Your training is incomplete.

Nick: Very well my master.

Ben lands, with his starship, at darth Rex 's flagship. Once Ben lands he fights his way to the bridge.

Rex: I've been waiting for you Ben. The circle is now complete. When i left you i was but the learner; now i am the master!

Ben: Only a master of evil darth.

Meanwhile Dak sacrifices himself, by throwing his starship on the sith capital ship's generator, to deactivate the capital ship's shields. As Ben and Rex fight, the whole starship is falling in Coruscant. As the sith capital ship is ready to be destroyed both Ben and Rex brake the window and jump to the surface of Coruscant as the whole capital ship is crashing to the ground. After a fearsome duel Rex throws Ben's lightsaber away. But Ben, with the help of the force, grabs his lightsaber and throws it in the heart of his enemy. Rex then dies.

Ben: I am sorry, my old friend.

At the same time xin and harr manage to reach tatooine. There a guard of Gula the hatt waits for them.

Xin: Hello.

Guard: Here he is. Guards kill him.

5 guards attack Xin and Harr. Xin fires with his blaster and kills 2 of them, while Harr throws a grenade and kills the rest of them.

harr: haaaa

Xin and Harr go inside the palace and kill one after the other the guards.

Xin: Hey Gula. I am Xin, your old friend.

Before Gula can speak, xin fires on him and kills him.

At the same time the republic invades Korriban.

Ben: We need to find raptor.

Nick: Yes master.

As Nick and Ben enter the sith academy, 7 sith lords attack them. But the jedi easy kill them all.

Nick: Here you are Raptor.

Raptor: Jedi scums, come here

Who will win: empire or republic, light or darkness, jedi or sith, light side or dark side of the force. And so the battle that will decide the fate of the entire galaxy has begun. Raptor attacks Ben. After a short duel Ben is killed by Raptor.

Nick: Noooo!!!!!!!!

Raptor: Good. Use your anger boy. Only your hate can destroy me.

Nick using his hate manages to cut off his enemy's hands.

Raptor: Good. Now kill me and your journey toward the dark side will be complete.

Nick: No sith lord. you will stand in trial. You shall pay for your crimes.

Raptor: then i have truly lost.

1 year later.

Nick is a jedi knight, the sith have been destroyed during the great purge, Raptor is dead and the galaxy is once again at peace and has freedom.


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