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Thread: SW: TOR: Trials of a Sith Thrall: Experiment
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SW: TOR: Trials of a Sith Thrall: Experiment

Part Seven of an Old Republic Tale by MsFicwriter


Even though my face was pressed hard against the tops of Pfon Urazhai's boots, I still heard Tamara's screams as she lay on the autopsy table:

"What's going on, Sith scum?!" she shouted once she stopped crying.

"I repeat: your former enemy is mine now. She has saved your life, but at what cost?" The pure-blooded Sith gave my chin a slight kick with his right foot, causing me to look up. "This one shall do whatever I command, or else you and that lizard will endure the painful deaths you both deserve!"

"Wait a minute," I interjected. "You never said a word about Qyzen Fess..."

"I reserve the right to say anything about anyone I wish. I've been informed that your Trandoshan ally was murdered by an Imperial agent, and then fortuitously brought back to life by one of our Order's finest Marauders."

"Vadym. How come I haven't seen or heard from him in several days?"

"Quiet, slave!" Pfon hissed and then continued: "He is on assignment. I suspect you might encounter him once more, if you survive the final trial I have set for you. As for the scale-skin, he is doing well in his assassin training, but if you disobey me, we can always find another."

"You pile of bantha dung!" That was Tamara. "Why do you care so much about Per'dra and that giant lizard instead of me? I came here as a hopeful! She's nothing more than a thrall. You definitely owe me an explanation, because I'd rather die than know I was just a pawn in some little game!" A horrible realization seemed to dawn over both of us in the sudden stillness. "Do you honestly mean that you used me, and threatened to kill me, just so that she would yield? Was she the one you wanted anyway?" More silence.

Pfon smiled and nodded, and Tamara cursed. "Why? Why is she special?"

"Out of all the slaves that I have recently had to evaluate," he said slowly, "she is one of the handful that has a chance at withstanding an experiment that we Sith are conducting. You, I fear, are not strong enough."

"What? I'm stronger than Per'dra!" In many ways, I had to admit this.

"No. For a Padawan, you are remarkably arrogant and self-absorbed! I'm surprised that the Masters taught you. Was it only your Force sensitivity that led them to take you from your family at such a young age to learn the ways of the Jedi, or did your parents also want you off their hands?"

"You're lying..."

"Am I? Perhaps my words contain more truth than you care to admit, even though I am a potential Lord of the Sith. I can see inside your heart, and it is one that yearns and hungers for glory! However, you shall not achieve it. I will not slay you, as long as this other Padawan follows my every order. Instead, you will take her place as a slave in our tomb-excavation crews."

"I--you can't do this to me. I'd rather perish! Kill me. Kill me now!"

Pfon's laugh was both merry and merciless. "Ha! Why would I do that? If I grant your wish now, which you were so eager to avoid only moments ago, then Per'dra will not owe me any debt unless I kill the Trandoshan as well. You have a purpose in remaining alive, tunnel-digger. If you serve us well, then your rival's saving your hide will not have been in vain. As for me?" He shook his head. "I can't imagine why Per'dra would sacrifice herself for someone like you. In a matter of minutes, you have betrayed, dismissed and insulted her. How pathetic! Someone might dare to lay down their life for a kind person..."

Tamara looked up and swiveled her face towards me. "I'm not kind?"

"You never were, and never will be," Pfon said. "That's her nature, not yours."

In that split second, I understood why the pure-blooded Sith had preferred me over Tamara. Tamara would have been easier to corrupt, but where lay the victory in that? If Pfon was right, and he had been speaking the truth, he would have merely led her down the path she would have followed all along. I was the challenge, the unanswered question in his mind, and the conquest who had only now been conquered. I watched as Pfon turned to the medical droid who must have entered the autopsy room when I wasn't looking:

"S-213A? Treat this slave for moderate torso lacerations, and then unstrap her from the table. I'll summon some security guards to remove her shortly." Unexpectedly, he hoisted me to my feet. "It's your turn next, my debtor."

I turned pale. Without thinking, I plunged into the same fit of kicking and screaming that Tamara had, but Pfon Urazhai held me fast. In a trice, I was lying upon the cold table, strapped at the wrists, ankles and neck. Oh, Force, I called out silently. Please don't let this hurt too badly... Helpless to defend myself or rescue Tamara from the security personnel that were taking her away, I shut my eyes and waited for the whir of the machine.

Pfon chuckled. "Why so fearful? I'm not going to vivisect you. Your tortures have come to an end. I'm simply going to give you a little injection..."

Injection? The Essence! "What is it?" I asked, my voice quivering.

"It's the distillate of countless blood samples, which have been taken mostly from slaves. However, it has also been mixed with the strongest midichlorians of powerful Sith--both in this present time and throughout history. Do you know how many slaves have died trying to endure this mixture coursing through their veins? Dozens. Hundreds. However, the Essence is such that within one body, it will not fail! Do you know what we have discovered?"

"It's the pure essence of the Dark Side?" That was my best guess.

The Sith lowered his voice to a whisper. "No. Even that cannot guarantee our Order will triumph. This, my weak Per'dra, is the essence of victory."

I blinked. "You mean that I'll never lose again?"

"Not in battle. If you survive, you shall become the first of the greatest soldiers the galaxy has ever seen! I'm injecting it into you now because you're a slave, and then perhaps into Vadym and Qyzen Fess, the Trandoshan. I know what you're thinking. This Essence will backfire on us once you defeat us! However, the mixture is such that you become stronger day by day. It does not work instantaneously. Also, it only ensures that you will never lose in a fight. It is not a prescription for living forever. Remember that!"

"But you're hoping it could be. The basis for immortality lies here, doesn't it?"

"Perceptive." Pfon appeared impressed. "You will probably die, but at least I'll have tested the Essence upon the strongest slave I've seen in months..."

"Wait!" I cried. "This is suicide for the Sith Order. You know that, right?"

"So proud! Who's to say you won't be a Sith by the time you're invincible?!" He plunged the needle into my left forearm, and I convulsed in sheer agony...

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