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Thread: Mass Effect: Vindication
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Casting Call: Mass Effect: Vindication


The year is 2186 CE, mere months before the Reapers invade Earth. One year has passed since the assault on the Collector Base, the destruction of the Alpha Relay, and the "replacement" of the Shadow Broker - all of which were the actions of Commander Shepard. Shepard has since then been arrested by the Alliance and unofficially discharged.

The Illusive Man, leader of the pro-human black ops survivalist group Cerberus, has gained control of the purged Collector Base due to the actions of Commander Shepard. Utilizing his other research facilities as well, he has been conducting immoral experiments on numerous test subjects in order to combat the Reapers. One of which was Paul Grayson, who was eventually indoctrinated by the Reapers due to his implants, and he was hunted down and killed by Cerberus assassin Kai Leng.

The Illusive Man is slowly losing his sanity - due to his encounter of a Reaper artifact during the First Contact War, decades earlier. He has used cloning techniques to breed an army, and has nearly rebuilt his organization since the events of Mass Effect: Retribution. He has even delusioned himself into believing that everything he is doing will stop the Reapers.

What could be done to combat the Reapers? And what of Cerberus? Only time will tell.

About time someone made another Mass Effect RP. Anyways, here's the template for a character sheet:

Abilities: (Think of the powers from the Mass Effect games. And biotics.)

In order to keep this realistic, here's the species you can and can't play as.

Asari (Council Race.)
Batarian (Not all Batarians resent the other races, mostly only the Hegemony.)
Drell (Citadel Race.)
Geth (A non-heretic Geth is a Geth that isn't bound by the Reapers.)
Human (Council Race.)
Krogan (Because.)
Quarian (Because.)
Salarian (Council Race.)
Turian (Council Race.)

Collector (Basically all dead and have no reason to help other aliens.)
Elcor (Sadly, no.)
Hanar (Sadly. They'd basically be a liability.)
Keeper (...)
Prothean (...)
Rachni (...)
Raloi (Only mentioned sparingly in Cerberus Daily News.)
Reaper (...)
Virtual Alien (Only mentioned sparingly in Cerberus Daily News.)
Volus (Ehh. Liabilities as well.)
Vorcha (Nope.)
Yahg (...)

For those of you who never played Mass Effect, here's the entire timeline, and here's where you could search for all/any of the content.

Commander Shepard:
Show spoiler

Anyways, my characters:

Name: The Illusive Man
Age: Mid 50's
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Dark, Logical, Optimistic, Elusive.
Occupation: Leader of Cerberus
Weapons: M-358 Talon Heavy Pistol.
Abilities: Unspecified.
Biography: The elusive leader of Cerberus, very little is known about him - other than his enigmatic ambitions.

Name: Kiraje Sazhe
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Species: Turian
Personality: Patient, Content, Noble, Duty-minded.
Occupation: Infiltrator, Vice Executor of C-Sec.
Weapons: Phaeston Assault Rifle, AT-12 Raider Shotgun, M-77 Paladin Heavy Pistol, Omni-blade.
Abilities: Incinerate, Tactical Cloak, Overload, Tech Armor.
Biography: Like most turians, Kiraje Sazhe had military training at age fifteen on Palaven. Due to his excessive high marks, he was classified as a possible Spectre candidate. Apprenticed to the asari Tela Vasir, the Spectre evaluated him under numerous missions. She noted that Kiraje was cool under pressure, but he frequently disobeyed direct orders in order to do what he saw best. His recklessness got the better of him. He and Vasir were on their last mission - a stealth operation on Tuchanka in order to eradicate a cure to the Genophage that the krogan were creating. A task normally suited for the Salarian Special Tasks Group, the Council thought it was best to send a Spectre instead - as Kiraje's final test. They were in the heart of Gatatog territory, and Kiraje blew his cover. They were attacked by a krogan battle master named Gatatog Uvenk, and Vasir nearly lost her life. They fled, but not before they destroyed the facility that housed the prototype cure. His recklessness kept him out of the Spectres. After his failure, he joined C-Sec, becoming one of their top agents.

After nearly losing his life at the Battle of the Citadel, Kiraje read about numerous conspiracy theories, one of which mentioned the Reapers. Despite finding it far-fetched, he found that it made sense on how the Protheans disappeared, and how the Reapers retreat to dark space in order to never be found. His C-Sec career is taking a turn for the better, as Executor Chellick offered to make him Vice Executor, an offer he accepted.

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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