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Thread: Knights of the Old Republic III
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Knights of the Old Republic III

So I'm new, have yet to get KoTOR II on PC (though I finally ordered it in order to try and download the mods that will make the game...more like Obsidian originally intended), and have noticed other ideas for a similar "after TSL" mods.

Now I have no idea how to mod but I have the basic plot for the game and can write the story and everything. So, if some ambitious modder wants to steal the ideas here, all I ask is to be credited for the idea haha.

So um...here goes:

As of now, the PC is referred to as the Jedi Wanderer (similar to the Jedi Exile of TSL)

Knights of the Old Republic III
Will of the Force

It has been 5 years since the destruction of the Sith Triumvirate on Malachor V. Since then, the galaxy has plunged ever further into darkness as various claimants to the mantle of DARK LORD rise up. A Sith Civil War has ravaged countless worlds and the Republic and Jedi Order both are on the verge of collapse.

DARTH SADO, one of the four central fighters in the Sith Civil War, and his legions of followers have made several decisive victories over his Sith opponents. DARTH OMYN, along with his apprentice Darth Antagon, seek to usurp the power Sado has garnered through multiple stealth and assault missions. DARTH VIRULEN and his own apprentice have gathered a cult following of their own in a small amount of time while DARTH HOMICAI, thanks to his apprentice Darth Revenant, has managed to gain a strong backing by Sith Soldiers who once followed Revan and Malak, who believe him to be the most akin to the two famous Sith Lords.

Far in the Outer Rim, a JEDI WANDERER has been captured by the force of Darth Omyn and imprisoned. The Dark Lord has sent his apprentice to personally interrogate the mysterious Jedi and find the secrets to the Jedi Order and the Hidden Jedi....

So...whew. Lot of information. The game would start with the Jedi Wanderer, JW for short, waking to find Darth Antagon approaching. After a short interrogation, where the player cannot remember anything, the Sith decided to kill you. The end. No, not really, instead the Sith Destroyer is attacked and he runs out of the room, leaving you alone. Soon, the force-field imprisoning you, goes out and you make your escape. Onboard you will run into an imprisoned T3-M4 who asks you to help free him. Now as I'd intend for this mod to work, you can either leave him to his fate, free him and have him join your party, or kill him.

Now I won't go into much more detail on this initial post because I'd rather see what type of response this gets...probably a bad one lol but whatevsss.

But I will give a list of a few ideas.

Nar Shaddaa - as always, a great place for those who seek to avoid attention to go to. A secret Republic Base is here.
Tatooine - a few years after Revan visited Tatooine in his quest to find the Star forge and stop Malak, Czerka Corp. went bankrupt and pulled out of the waste planet. Since then, Motta the Hutt has taken over the expanded yet rundown Anchorhead. Crime is now much more prevalent and mostly shady characters are around. This is also where the Mandalorians have established an enclave ever since Mandalore the Dominant took over.
Korriban - The barren planet now lies in the hands of Darth Sado who makes his throne there. To him, he has already won the throne. It resides in the center of the Sith Academy and his disciples reside there. Here is where the player can craft a Red Lightsaber of their own utilizing the Crystal Synthesizer.
Corellia - Czerka Corp, while bankrupt, hasn't totally disappeared and owns a small docking bay on the planet. However access to the Corellian Streets is strictly prohibited due to the gang war between the Black Heth and the Neo-Beks.
Alderaan - The shining hope for the Republic stands as a last beacon to crumbling ideals od a bygone age. There is a firm Republic presence on the planet. It is here that the Organas reside as well.
Raxus Prime - the junk planet forgotten by the Republic and Sith both, this far off planet provides an excellent escape from the rest of the galaxy. Or it would, if Czerka hadn't taken over the trash and salvage operations on the planet.
Ilum - The Force is strong amongst the many caves that dot the icy planet of Ilum. Currently, the Sith and Republic use it as a battlefield. This is where you can find most of the lightsaber crystals in the game: blue, green, orange, yellow, cyan, teal, pale green, silver, gold, white, violet, and even pink if one looks hard enough.
Unknown Regions - there are actually a few locations here that would spoil the twist in the plot but I believe it'd be pretty cool...

POTENTIAL PARTY MEMBERS *NOTE: I have not decided whether or not I should have the party consist of mostly previous Ebon Hawk members or have them be cameos...so some of these may instead just be dialogue sequences with the character rather than a party member*
T3-M4: found on the Sith Ship in the beginning. He was responsible for giving the distress beacon remotely from the ship to the Republic base on Nar Shaddaa in order to have them rescue you. Can be killed or rescued.
X-TR8: A Sith Probe droid found being sold on Nar Shaddaa and can be bought and fixed up. He takes the place of T3-M4 and will delight HK-47.
HK-47: found leading a droid militia in a makeshift camp on Raxus Prime. Statement: HK-47 is still as wonderful as ever, meat---er. Master.
Mandalore/Canderous: Yep, the awesome Mandalorian returns. Found aboard the current Exhancge leader's yacht above Nar Shaddaa, the Mandalore was betrayed by one of his most trusted allies on Dxun and sold to The Exhcange who were still after a bounty originally placed by Davik. He is forced to fight the player in an arena but the two formulate a plot during the fight to escape together to Raxus Prime.
Brianna: found inside a makeshift Jedi Academy (similar to the one in TFU I) but based on the design of the Telos Academy where she trained). She wears her mother's robes and wields a silver saber.
Bao-Dur: I never intended him to be a party member, just a cameo. He is also on Raxus Prime and he is the one who reveals the Ebon Hawk to the player. He still has his remote with him.
Admiral Carth Onasi: found in the Republic Base on Alderaan, he currently leads the bulk of the Republic's fighting forces against the Sith threat(s).
Jolee Bindo: found on Tatooine hidden away in a bunker almost buried by the Dune Sea.
Kaz Aranas: a Kel Dor Jedi Master on Ilum who helps guide the JW through multiple trials on the planet.
Mission Vao and Zaalbar: the two are found on Corellia leading a swoop gang that they havenamed the Neo-Beks. The two want to help in the fight against the Sith but wish to end the fighting locally first.
and more....?

I have many, many, many more plot points to cover and if the response is good, I'll do a post on whatever people wanna know most about: planets, party members, etc. This will include quests found on each or with each, etc. I can go into detail about the various Sith and discuss some of their followers as well or I can go into detail about bigger plot points (SPOILERS) or gameplay mechanics I'd liketo see implemented...anywho. That's all for now, folks!
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