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Thread: Magical Strike Force S2
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Magical Strike Force S2

To remind all of what the last thread was about I added this in Quotations:

NOTE.- (This Story borrows elements from a famous anime called Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, but in order to expand on the story further I have simply taken some of the elements and transformed it into a unique original story. Many things in this RP will have no relation to said anime because I want every participant to create their own spells and use their imagination too not just adhere to the existing elements of that anime. If you want to participate and don't know the anime, it's fine, but if you can look it up, specially the Third season called StrikerS, then you'll get an idea of what I'm aiming for.)

Dimensions, through time and space the Federation of Time and Space Security has watched over for the safety of the Multiverse. Magical forces of the FTSS have kept balance for over a hundred years. Now this balance is threatened.

Strike Force 10 has been decimated. Not a single unit member survived.

Their mission was clear. The Extraction and Safety of Federation officials from the Planet Sigmunde in Multiverse Sigma. The unit was decimated by a rogue group of Mages. However due to their efforts all Federation Officials were saved and extracted.

The Elite Division Nine has been assigned to the case. There are also reports of ancient artifacts resonating in multiple areas of the multiverse.

The Purpose of Division Nine is simple, to locate, secure and protect ancient magical artifacts and also to prevent the use of these artifacts through team effort.

You are now a cadet of the Elite Division Nine. Your Magical power is beyond that of an ordinary Mage, and your aptitude tests are off the charts, this is the reason why you were hand picked by the Division. The division is led by Commander Terra Carrington, with Captains Illya Terranova and Juno Aika.

You are now part of Forward Team Cobalt. You have recieved a Magical device during your basic training. This device when in standby mode can take the shape of anything, be it a jewel, card, book, headband, or basic jewelry. When activated in combat, the device will take the form of the weapon that the user gave it when he first activated it be it a gun, staff, sword, etc. The device also provides the user with a magical armor, the user when first activating it has to picture his armor very clearly in his mind, these armors go from light fabrics like dresses to knight armors, even though dresses or suits may look not as tough as an armor they have the same resistance as a fortified suit of armor, the only aspect that changes is the physical look as it adjusts to the user's preference in clothing.

The devices also have power limits depending on the user's rank or mage standing. The maximum mage rank attainable is SS which is pretty much unleashed and it's reserved to the Federation's highest officials and it needs permission to be activated. The highest normal mage rank that can be achieved is S. All cadets are B rank mages and upon their graduation they become A rank. The highest Mage rank attainable for Middle Rank Officers is AA.

When into the Division, you are expected to work as a team. There are several positions in a team, mostly consisting of four. The Two Close Quarters Specialists, The Mid-Ranged Combat Specialist and the Support Magic Specialist.

All cadets are broken into teams of four. Right now Division Nine has recruited only a handful of trainees. You, are one of them.


You all know these:
-No Godmodding
-No taking huge plot decisions without consulting me first.
-No offensive language except if it is in character.
-No one liner posts, try to detail your characters actions even if he doesn't have much to say, remember that body movements, and emotions can be conveyed through words.
-There will only be two character per person unless I state otherwise.
And now for the new part.

The Enemy revealed himself to be none other than Doctor Hyman, a noted geneticist and biologist specializing in the development of artificial mages created through the blood and genes of real mages.

After his research was stopped and his career destroyed for his discoveries, he swore vengeance as he disappeared in the borders of the Federation.

Now he has returned stronger than ever, with several artificial mages from his ultimate project, The Alphabet Mages.

A new unit of Magical Enforcement under the guidance of Terra Carrington and Captains Illya Terranova and Juno Aika, have encountered these mages in combat and sustained heavy damage. Shana Takeuchi, now Shana Terranova falling victim to Doctor Hyman changed to project P and thanks to the efforts of her comrades and sister she was able to separate herself from Pandora, the artificial mage that now swore allegiance to her and fuses with Shana in order to grant her more power.

Now as the time for battle draws near, the team must overcome all obstacles and face one moral decision. Will they capture Doctor Hyman as was ordered by the Federation, or challenge the orders and kill him?


"The Altaira is out of maintenance, how are the teams doing?", Terra Carrington asked.

"They are doing good Commander, Captain Terranova and her sister should be arriving from the Test Facility any moment now", her secretary replied.

A lone shuttle entered the hangar bay and settled down near a Federation patrol. As the shuttle's loading ramp opened, Ilya Terranova and her sister Shana descended from it, with Pandora sitting on Shana's shoulder.

"Almost two months since we've been gone. It's good to be back", Ilya said looking at Shana with a smile. Shana returned her smile but she quickly went back to being serious.

"No word yet from Doctor Hyman and the Alphabet Mages?", Shana asked.

"No, not yet. It is strange that after securing what they needed, they just went off radar", Ilya said with a frown. But Pandora simply lept from Shana's shoulder and levitated near both of them.

"Awaking Project Z is not so simple as just plugging in some old relic and pressing a power button, it is a procedure that demands time. But we can not afford to spend much more just waiting. We need to find Doctor Hyman before Z's powers develop completely", Pandora said.

Ilya and Shana continued to walk and Pandora sat back down on Shana's shoulder. As they opened the gate to the Division 9 building, they were greeted by many of the crew of the Altaira. All of them were waiting to deploy once more. Even the teams were there. Shana began to scan the room for Kai, just to see if he was around. He hadn't seen him in a while, though most of them kept in touch through their mage links.

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