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Thread: SWTOR: The Pursuit of Revenge: Remembrance
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SWTOR: The Pursuit of Revenge: Remembrance

Chapter Two of Varik Athzaria's tale of pain, strength, and vindication, written by LDR.

"You little twi'lek bastard.", I muttered as Kif won all four pazaak matches.

"Not my fault I'm too good.", he replied, grinning as he took all of my credits.

"I won all the matches - you must be mistaken. You will give me all the money.", I said, waving my hand.

"Yeah, sure. He-...wait a minute! That's a damned Jedi trick!", Kif exasperated, and we both sat back and laughed.

I stood up, and left Kif to his money and pazaak deck. "Gonna get some sleep.", I muttered to him as I walked into one of the Dormitories.

I sat in the bed, but it was anything but comfortable. The sheets felt as if they were made from rancor hide, and the bunk sent a feeling of claustrophobia down my spine. The smell didn't help either - did he ever take this ship for a decent cleaning? I decided to lay down, but as I looked up, I saw the above bunk merely inches away from my face. Disgusted, I clambered out of the bunk, only to fall onto the floor.

I groaned annoyingly to myself as I decided to roll over on the metal floor. It was dusty, and felt stone cold. I rolled my eyes as I stood up and left the Dormitory. How in Hell does Traver sleep on this ship? Oh, the comfortable pilot's chair, I answered to myself, shaking my head.

I walked into the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot's seat.

"Hey, I thought you were sleeping.", Traver said, turning his head to me.

"I was trying to. Your beds really suck.", I answered, trying to sleep in the chair.

Traver mumbled to himself, something about me being on spice or something, as he walked into the Main Hold. I heard the soft noise of pazaak before I drifted into sleep.


My dream, wasn't really much of a dream at all. It was mostly thought, and memories. I felt as if I was in control of my dream, and I choose to sort out my memories of friends and family.

My father, Korre Athzaria, was a good man. I never truly knew him, but others said he had the tenacity of a rancor, but he had the compassion of an Ithorian. He was a banker, but he despised corruption and the governmental structure of Onderon. I only saw him once, and that was when I first became a Padawan. His hair was a wispy brownish-blond, with streaks of white. His eyes were silver, and I received most of my body structure from him when I was born.

My mother, Saera, was a banker as well. I never truly knew her either, but others had said that she could never truly get angry - she was always calm and composed. She had icy blue eyes, and shoulder length auburn hair. I had received her personality, and eyes, from her during birth.

Light Fang is, and will always be, one of the few Force users I truly consider a friend. He is a good sparring partner, and has similar views of Jedi hypocrisy as I do. I know little about his past, and I have no urge to learn about something that is a sensitive subject to him.

Kif Lomuta is just that one twi'lek that always stuck around me. I honestly forget when I first met him - he's just been my ally for that long. His eyes are a leafy green, but his skin tone is more of a blueish-green. For a smuggler, he is surprisingly tough - and he also has his natural agility. He always carries that one heavy blaster with him - I believe it is a Zabrak Tystel Mark III. He says one of his ancestors used it to kill Mon Halan back during the Jedi Civil War. Even though it's over 300 years old - Zabrak weaponry could last forever, if you keep it in good condition.

Traver Wood is another smuggler. His wide brimmed hat makes him look ridiculous - but his twin blasters easily compensate for it. His ship isn't in the best condition - and I think he is a spice addict.

Karnel Fass is a miraluka, and I've had few dealings with him. I've only sparred with him a handful of times - but each would result in a draw. He was a master of Soresu and Shien - which would explain how all of our duels would result in draws (with me being a master of Jar'Kai and Juyo). His personality was outwardly cold - having experienced loss as well.

Jagi Vai'koss was my first Master. He was the one that taught me Juyo - and encouraged me to learn the Jar'Kai technique. He was like a second father to me, and when he was cut down during the Sacking of Coruscant - I nearly got myself killed in a blinded rage, trying to kill the Sith that deprived him of his life.

There are many others, such as Avidea Snocami, Shadow Joker, Styke, and Cronos - but my dealings with them aren't numerous enough for me to truly consider them friends. Suddenly, my dream ended.

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