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Thread: Need advice.
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Need advice.

Not with making a mod, but with forming a suggestion for a mod. I need some help with figuring out what parts of my idea are possible, and how to phrase them (not much point posting a suggestion if no one knows what the hell you are on about).
If you have experience in skinning, modeling, scripting, map/area designing, feat/power creation, and sound editing, please PM me about the relevant question.

Here they are:

Can new feats be created (not passive. Those are hardcoded)?

Can the Malak and Yoda frames (or whatever tehy are called) be modded to wear different armor and robes?

Is it possible to create the necessary skins/models for the above question to work?

Can new areas be created, instead of just re-skinning pre-existing maps/areas?

Can pre-existing voices from the game be spliced to form new lines? (see gamerpoop (skyrim/oblivion/mass effect 3) for an example of what I mean (a bit NSFW))

Is there a limit to the amount of changes/added material that can be made to either KotOR game?

In the case of KotOR I, would a great deal of added material/items/difficult or multi-stage fights/powers or feats be impractical or a general waste, as there are only 20 levels? (as in, you wouldn't be able to get the added powers/feats without it being given to you as 'you just learned a new power')

Is there any existing double/two handed animations for the Yoda frame?

Are full head helmets possible?

Are capes possible on all sorts of armor/robes, or just the Revan skin?

Is it possible to spawn a swarm of unbeatable enemies (i.e, like the droids in the dantooine ruins: they die, and get back up), for the purpose of forcing a retreat?

Can various species, faces, and darkside variants for each be moddled for each frame (i.e, Ewok, Lannik, Chadra-Fan, Utai, and Gand for the Yoda frame, Muun, Pau'an, and Abyssin, and famous faces for each)?

Can the above frames be available for selection in character creation?

Does switching chracters (like the leviathan or droid warehouse) have any problems or complications when its done in a mod?

Would anyone bother with adding made-up back stories for characters (sion, most likely), and would making book/comic based plots be to hard?

Can the misty look in Davik's estate be done on other maps?

There. Long story short, I am thinking up quite a lot of stuff for this, and it is possible that it would require a group of people to do it, and even then, it might be too much. But it does have potential to be very much awesome.
PM's are welcome for relevant questions, but otherwise, please stick to commenting in the thread.

It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
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