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Thread: The Promise
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The Promise

Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor
En route to Medical Station one

Vette was having trouble stopping the flood of tears that were cascading down her face as she looked down at her husband's broken body. He was known as the "Emperor's Wrath" to the majority of the Sith Empire...As far as she knew, only she was allowed to call him by his true name: Toryal.

"It can't end like this..." She whispered to herself as she got down on her knees next to the bed and wrapped her arm around his chest. "You can't die! Not like this!"

She heard the sound of footseps behind her and a gentle but firm voice cut through her grief for a moment. "I'm sorry Vette, but the only way he can make it is if he holds on until we reach the medical station."

Vette turned around to see the former Jedi Padawan Jaesa Willsaam looking down at Torya's body. "The fight against Baras was long and brutal. He wasn't a Dark Council member for nothing, in fact, I'm shocked he was able to make it back to the ship at all after the battle."

Vette shook her head as she turned her attention back to Toryal and buried her head in his battle-worn armor. "I...I just can't believe it might end like this! He saved my life so many times on so many different worlds...He can't die like this! she sobbed.

Jaesa hesitantly placed one of her hands on Vette's shoulder. "We're only half a day away from the Medical Station. If we keep giving him kolto injections and if the force is with us there's a chance we might make it in time."

Vette couldn't stop the flow of tears. "He promised me he'd come back." She sobbed quetly. "Before we got to Korriban...he promised me that he'd come back...and we could travel to wherever I wanted to go. He told me there would be no Imperials, No Sith, no one trying to kill us...it would just be me and him finally enjoying ourselves."

Jaesa smiled sadly as she looked down at the Twi'lek. "I was there Vette, when he was fighting Baras. I fought alongside him. The battle between the two of them shook the academy, your husband fought with honor and in the end, he decided to spare Baras."

Vette continued hugging her husband's body. "He never acted like a typical sith," She whispered. "He may have acted tought but he was always kind to me, always looking for a way to cheer me up when I was sad."

"He even helped me find my mother. He comforted me when we found out what had happend to her and he talked my sister out of going after her killer." Vette turned and looked up at Jaesa. "He was one of the kindest people I knew and this had to happen to him! It's not fair!"

Jaesa gently tried to pull Vette away from Toryal but the Twi'lek wouldn't budge. "The...The day before we reached Korriban...I told him that I loved him...and he said that he loved me back. He told me that he'd always loved me."

Vette continued crying and her eyes widened in fear as two of the monitors began to flash red and an urgent beeping filled the medbay. "What's happening?!"

Jaesa ran to the monitors and checked the readings on the monitors. Jaesa grabbed a small hypospray and injected it into Toryal's neck. Both of the monitors stopped flashing and the beeping stopped as his vital signs stabilized.

Jaesa checked the medbay computers and shook her head. "His heart almost gave out from the stress his body is currently under. And that was the last of the kolto. I told him we should have resupplied the last time we were at the spacedock but he was determined to stop Baras as soon as he could."

Vette turned back to Toryal. "Don't die..." she whispered. "You promised me that you'd come back. Just please...don't die."

Jaeas was about to say something comforting to vette when the ship suddenly began to shake slightly. The two of them looked up as the ship seemed to accelerate slightly.

"Attention. This is Malavai Quinn." the voice echoed throughout the ship. "We have diverted power from the shields, weapons and life support to the engines. At present speed we should arrive at our destination in two hours."

Vette turned to look up at Jaesa and a smiled appeared behind the flood of tears that were starting to stop.

Jaesa smiled back. "It looks like the force is finally with us for a change. I'm going to check the cargo bay to see if we have anything stored back there that can help. You stay here and keep an eye on him."

Vette nodded and looked back at Toryal. Hold on...Please just hold on for a little while longer. She thought.

One Day later
Medical Station One

"Uhhhhh..." Toryal muttered as his eyes opened for what seemed to be the first time in quite awhile. Oh...by the force my head is killing me...so are my arms for that matter, and my ribs.

The first thing that he noticed was that the majority of his chest was wrapped in bandages and that there were two kolto pumps attached to his left arm.

Did Baras really manage to do this much damage? I must have underestimated the old man.

The second thing he noticed was the that there was a blue twi'lek sleeping in the bed next to him.

Vette...panic filled his heart for a moment. Is she...Is she hurt?!

No...he thought as relief momentarily replaced the pain he was feeling. She was just sleeping.

"Vette." he muttered quietly. "I promised you that I would come back to you."

As he watched Vette sleep, he could help but think that a tiny smile had appeared on her face.

Wait a second..."Vette...have you been awake this entire time?"

Her voice was tired but it was filled with joy. "Yeah...I was just trying to sleep. You've been sleeping for nearly a day and a half, we were worried about you."

Vette's smile got bigger. "You promised that you'd come back to me, I just thought I'd make sure I'd be here when you woke up."

Toryal smiled as Vette reached for his right hand and she gently gripped it. The sith closed his larger hand around hers. "I'd never break my promise to you Vette, you mean the universe to me."

"And you mean the same to me." Vette whispered as she leaned over and kissed him.

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