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Thread: No Need for Revan
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No Need for Revan

Hello all! I am starting on a Fic/Comic entitled: "No Need for Revan". As the title suggests it surrounds the former Dark Lord Revan, however the main premise follows a (mostly) all-female cast of characters whom were affected by Revan in some way or another who seek him out for various reasons.


  • Ashana Mosni: A human cleric originally from Dantooine, found work as a healer on Coruscant when the Jedi discovered her to be an unstable force sensitive. She is capable of healing others, however it seems because she cannot properly attune to the force it comes at the risk of her own health.
  • Zhuurra-Lah: A Trianii warrior, she is part of a special pride of female warriors who work for the Trian Government called the Invisible Claw, they are stealthy ninja-like assassins who eliminate potential threats of peace or planetary security.
  • Ruwifa: A Codru-Ji farmer turned bounty hunter. She was persuaded by Revan to hone her tracking skills and become a bounty hunter because of her superior sense of smell.
  • Daggi Lo'Mear: A Pa'lowick singer and dancer, unknown to the rest of the crew. She claims to be a breakout star and a success on all of the outer rim worlds, and being the only Pa'lowick to have tamed the most dangerous of wild systems with her gentle voice. In reality she cannot sing a tune and has only managed to find marginal success working as a part time waitress at a seedy diner in lower Coruscant.
  • Korrya Bagwa: A republic agent and special tasks officer, she was initially stationed at Telos until the attack by the Sith Lords. She follows Revan in an unending pursuit to bring him to justice.
  • Meera Vaskirk : A Zeltron bounty hunter, she teamed with Ruwifa ages ago to form a two-woman team bringing in many bounties and earning thousands of credits during and after the Mandalorian Wars.
  • Soraya Voss: A Sephi Jedi Watchman, she firmly believes in the Jedi teachings and is unwavering in her allegiance to the light and disdain of the darkside.
  • Mission Vao: Twilik scoundrel and Smuggler, co-owner and pilot of the Tarisian Wings along with Lena and Zaalbar. She hopes to reunite with Revan to help him like how he helped her back when she was a kid.
  • Lena: Co-owner of the Tarisian Wings along with Mission, she teamed with Griff's little sister as a way of mending their tattered relationship. Lena likens Mission as younger sister and looks out for her in ways that Griff failed to.
  • Faydra "Pumpkin" Wynn: A small human child who has a fascination for droids animals, and cooking. She earned her nickname by being found in a large, hollowed out pumpkin when she was only 2 years old by her adoptive parents.
  • Terran Clow: Resident medic and Captain of the Tarisian Wings, she was cornered into the position of Captain as she is the best at "bossing people around" and Lena dislikes yelling or giving orders.
  • Lord Lethe: A dark lord of the Sith and apprentice to Dark Lord Superbia, she hunts Revan down relentlessly, believing him to be a traitor and a threat to the Sith ways
  • Aedile Lumine: Sub-captain of the Jedi Knight Templars on Coruscant, Aedile is fiercely loyal to the Jedi and her order despite her own beliefs bordering that of the darkside.


Drawings, and chapters to come soon/later.

EDIT: I didn't ask for a review yet because the actual fic isn't posted yet :P

Blix has requested a fanfic review for this thread.

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