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Thread: Star Wars: What Lies Within
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Star Wars: What Lies Within

((New Rp time! And although the title seems similiar to the Darkness within it is a different RP entirely.))

It has been only a few months since The Treaty of Coruscant has fallen through. The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic now clash openly across the stars in a war that will determine the fate of the Galaxy itself. Across the galaxy, thousands of solders and other combatants and non combatants alike are dying everyday.

But where there is war...there will always be war crimes, and those who commit them.

On a distant planet on the outer rim regions a plan is taking shape. But if this plan is allowed to continue, thousands upon thousands will die. And both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire may not survive what is to come.

All players will start on their own ships if they choose or if you want to, you can start on the jungle planet of Valeir. The characters will meet with each on the planet anyway at the Republic HQ

No Godmodding
No Super powerful characters
No more than three characters
Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.
No killing other characters without permission.
Feel Free to use your characters from The Old Republic! You don't have to but if you want to, you can.
Have fun!

NAME: Kiveron
AFFILIATION: Galactic Republic
AGE: 27
APPEARANCE: Large, bald Chiss with the red eyes that come with being a Chiss. Has a scar going down the left side of his face.
WEAPONS: Echani heavy blaster rifle, D-35 blaster pistol and a vibroknife that is hidden in his boot.
EQUIPMENT: Standard Republic armor that has been modified with various upgrades that include a black and silver color change, various underlays and denser armor on the front.
OCCUPATION: Solder ((Blizzard squad))
HISTORY: Despite being an oddity in the Republic, Kiveron was born to defectors who left the sith empire. When he was growing up, he saw what the Empire was capable of and since he posessed no sensativity to the force he decided to join the military. As a Chiss, he was hated by many of the other recruits as they saw him as a possible spy or enemy agent. He fought in many major battles during the war.

NAME: Rothor
AFFILIATION: Himself ((Wanders the galaxy, used to be affiliated with the Jedi Order))
AGE: 30
APPEARANCE: Rothor is around 6'1 and has a musculer build. Although he has seen combat many times he has no scars or any other physical signs that he has seen combat.
WEAPONS: Twin blue lightsabers
EQUIPMENT: Rothor wears a brown hooded robe that covers his head, making it hard to identify him.
OCCUPATION: Jedi Wanderer.
HISTORY: Rothor was taken by the jedi at a very young age. He was trained as a jedi and fought in many battles during the last war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. During the war, he lost many that he considered friends and he grew to hate battle. As a result, he left the Jedi order and now travels the galaxy on his own.

NAME: Vlalkor Hevron
AFFILIATION: Galactic Republic((Havoc Squad))
AGE: 25
APPEARANCE: Vlakor is around 6'1 and has a tatoo around his left eye that is shaped like an arrow. He wears heavily modified republic armor with the insigna of havoc squad on the right side of his shoulder pad.
WEAPONS: Republic R-790 carbine, thermal detonators and concussion grenades along with a vibro knife.
OCCUPATION: Republic special forces solder.
HISTORY: Vlalkor joined Havoc squad after he recieved a commendation for taking charge of a small republic squad that had lost the majority of it's officers and solders during a skirmish. He managed to pull the unit through and succeded in saving the survivors and leading them through enemy lines to Republic territory.

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