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Thread: Star Wars: KotOR: Revelations Part One - The Echo of Revan
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Star Wars: KotOR: Revelations Part One - The Echo of Revan

AN: I'm back, baby! And its been too long indeed! I just finished a run through of KotoR II (again!) and I have been inspired! So here is a start to a little something I plan to continue for a while. Updates may be sparingly (maybe once a week) but I will get them out as soon as I am able! Hope you enjoy and don't be afraid to comment!

================================================== ==============================


The Exile walked along the dark corridors of the Ebon Hawk and found himself standing in front of the person he least expected but was not entirely surprised to see.

“Traya,” he said, nodding at his former master.

“Exile,” her fragile voice responded. “It’s been some time.”

“Five years,” he replied; “if I remember correctly.”

“It is not something that will be likely forgotten, is it? You throwing my broken body into the very core of the place I loved and hated the most. Cliché and ironic, my failed apprentice.”

“Malachor was at the very centre of your heart,” said Jonas the Exile. “As it was the same with me; I guess that is how we connected as well as we did.”

Kreia looked at him, in the only way she could: through the Force. She could see the aura of his spirit, a dark greying tint with the slightest brush of red. A follower of the light, the Exile was not, but at his core, there was no pure evil either. There was no confusion in his thought, and for a moment, the Leader of the Sith Triumvirate was taken aback, but she did not show it.

“I always thought it would end the way it did,” she said. “The way it had to.”

“I don’t believe that,” said Jonas. “There was always that flicker of doubt. Don’t deny it because I saw it, every day. When you confessed to me you were the cast down Sith Lord, some doubt was revealed. You tried to hide it, my master. And you hid it well, from the others; not from me.”

“And still you argue,” she sighed.

Jonas smiled. “You taught me well, Master.”

“Not well enough, it seems,” she said.

Jonas’s smile turned into a frown. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“It has been five years, Exile, and what are you doing? You walk along the ghost trodden paths of companions long gone on this shell of a ship, traversing among forgotten hyperspace routes looking for signs of a long lost Hero of the Republic. She is gone, Exile; you know this.”

Jonas nodded, “but I will find her nonetheless. Her spirit is still here, Master. I can feel it, faint though it may be.”

“I fear your search may prove useless, my Apprentice,” said Kreia.

“May be you’re right,” he replied. “But my strength of will has yet to be broken. I will continue.”

“As you say,” said Kreia. “But know this: in the dark places of the Galaxy, where but only myths and legends tread, you may find yourself in some form of thought in which you cannot get out. Jonas, the Exile, that is your home for you; and as you were cast out of your family, you exacted your revenge, and instead of solace you found guilt, and remorse, and ever-deepening sorrow. I do not believe that this is the life you wanted, nor what you thought would ever happen to you. But alas, it is so. I love you, but I will never forgive you for what you have done, and what you plan to do. You are a gift to this galaxy, Jonas, just as you were a gift to me. But in throwing that away by searching for Revan, is a backhand to the face of the duties you owe this life. The people need you. Your allies need you; will you abandon them to pursue such useless naiveté?”

“’Useless naiveté’?” replied Jonas, raising an eyebrow. “If I recall, was it not a waste of time of letting everyone join me during my travels to find the Jedi Masters who exiled me?”

“I did not say it was a waste of time.”

“The intent was there though, my master.”

“There are no companions here, now, my apprentice.”

“Be that as it may, Darth Traya, I will still find Revan. I have to! She calls to me, I know she does, I have heard her!”

“You have heard her?” asked Kreia. “Or have you only heard the echoes of her in your mind? Something that you wish you heard? Some reason for you to get away and get back into your Exile once again? Something to get away from her maybe?”

“Don’t talk about her!” Jonas said heatedly. “I know who you mean, and I swear to you that she was not the reason for my leaving. I did hear Revan, and I loved Visas, but my heart will always belong to my Leader. She showed me what I had inside me, the power I wielded.”

“And what did that power grant you, may I ask?”

“It granted me the wisdom to slay my enemies and protect my friends.”

“And yet, once again, we travel back to the fact that neither, friend or foe, is here to occupy you at this time. Nor has there been any of the either for the past year. You travel from planet to planet, gathering supplies only when they are needed. But you are running out of credits, and most of all,
you are running out of time!”

“Why are you reminding me of all this?” cried Jonas.

“Why are you reminding yourself of it?” she corrected him. “We both know what is going on here; you are just too stubborn to realize it.”

“You have focused all on me since we’ve started this,” said Jonas. “Now it is time for you!”

Kreia tilted her head slightly to the side. “What do you mean, Exile?”

“This,” he said. “I don’t know much of your history, and I doubt you would tell me even if I asked. You were a teacher at the Academy, you trained Revan, along with his Others, and you recorded history in pages upon pages, this is all known. But how were you as a little girl, my master? What terrible fate pressed you in the darkness of your soul that made you end up pursuing the path of a dreaded Sith Lord? You know my path, let everybody know yours! They’re all here, whether you can see them or not! They want to know! They want to understand! They want to know why, how, where and when! It’s a difficult obstacle, isn’t it: the Truth. It can lay a blanket over you in the cold of night, or it can blast you into a million tiny pieces like a dreadnought turbolaser.

“You are what I never wanted to become! You blame the galaxy for your own shortcomings, and yet, you insist – no, you dare! – to place that blame, and that responsibility on my shoulders! I want to know why! I want to know how! How you can persist to live inside my mind after all these years and still terrify me in my sleep! You know the importance of my mission, the desperation, and you consider to show me how blind my sight truly has become! I had everything back on Dantooine! I know I did! The woman I loved, my own Enclave and a Jedi Council that worked together to bring peace not just to themselves, but to every individual in this bloated Universe! You do not need to prove it to me, Master, because I know the truth; I’ve known it since the day I said goodbye. I knew right there and then that I would never be coming back. I would never see my friends again; I would never see her, my love, again. But there was a chance that I could see Revan again and help her in what she wanted to do. You and I both know because we heard that same thing, all of those years ago. You taught me how to see with my sight and my Force. I heard the thrum of the Hyperdrive, I heard Atton play pazaak in his head, and I heard Brianna practicing.

“And I heard something else. Something faint, a flicker, like a single candle in the colossal chasm of darkness, and yet, I heard it! And you knew what it was right there, and yet you still didn’t tell me because you were so intent on using me for your own purposes! It was Revan! She was in trouble and she needed my help. It wasn’t until you lifted the cover over my eyes on Malachor, when I tossed your broken corpse into the Abyss, that I realized. And ever since then, I hated you. More than I ever thought possible. You said you loved me? It was a poor way to show it! And it wasn’t love. Not really; you loved me out of necessity, because you thought I was your only hope for Redemption. But after all, after everything that has happened, the irony is: you were right. I did save you. I saved you when I killed you! And I saved countless others because who knew when you would have stopped the tyranny?

“So this is it, Kreia, my Master, Darth Traya, Dark Lord of the Sith! You took my hope of ever finding peace when you made the decision to keep me from my true Destiny. I will continue on this wretched curse of a quest. I know she is dead, but like you and me, the Force never truly dies in a person and as strong a person as Revan in the Force, a trace gets left behind. Her Spirit lingers on, and if I can find that, maybe I can find the clues I need to discover what she was truly doing out here, in the Unknown Regions. I know that pains you, because it pains me as well, but if you have listened to anything I have said so far, you would know I do not care anymore. I don’t care!”


And with that, Jonas the Exile lunged at his dead masters spirit and seen it dissolve in his hands.

He felt no peace with the Silence that followed. Instead, a growing darkness crept up on him through the halls of the Ebon Hawk. For days, weeks, months he struggled. He didn’t know how much time had passed, he lost track of that long ago. But still, the human spirit is an extremely hard thing to kill. One thing is for sure though…

As he speeds through Hyperspace, meditating the time away, there was something still out here. In fact there were two things. The Echo of Revan, and The Taint of Evil. Something was at large out here, and he was intent on finding it. Even if, like Revan, it claimed his life…

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