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Thread: Kotor: Goodbye my most precious world
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Revan sama
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Kotor: Goodbye my most precious world

Author: Revan-sama.

Game: Star wars Knights of the old republic.

Pairing: LSM Revan x Bastila, Unrequited Juhani x LSM Revan.

Author's note the first: Why a title in Japanese? Because I thought it looks more cool this way (In my opinion)

Author's note the second: My first language is French, so don't be surprise that the dialogue are somehow different from the original game.

-Sayonara ore no ichiban itoshii sekai (Goodbye my most precious world)-

Chapter 1: The heart of the lord Sith puppeteer.

The galaxy.

It is more colorful than anyone can think, from the bright red color of the dawn on Coruscant, to the clear blue color of the infinite sky on Dantooine.
From the everlasting green jungle on Dxun, to the grey ashes color of the ground on Malachor V.

This was what he has been taught as a Jedi. When he gained the title of Jedi, he didn't just gained the privilege to join the elite of the galaxy...
but the privilege to be at the service of all living being. To defend all lives, Human or not, in the name of justice.

But as he fought against the Mandalorian at the war, he began slowly to understand, the true meaning of gaining peace and prosperity.

The galaxy isn't something you can simply picture as white and black, as good and evil. No, the galaxy has a much deeper taste than this.

People feelings, thoughts and resolves are different from each persons.
So as a Sith lord, he arrogantly thought about gaining 'peace' by crushing those who refused to defend the lives they had swore to protect: The Jedi order.

However, one person's motive can be easily hide into darkness.
It was easier this way, to simply think that a war hero became evil and all that matters was to eliminate the horrible threat.

No matter what the future would hold,
Even if people would hate him,
No matter how much darkness it would take,
Even if the Light couldn't do it,
Lord Darth Revan would bring peace to the galaxy.

He would soon obtain a greater power than any sith or Jedi has ever existed.
The infinite power of the gods.
As soon as he will gain the trust of the emperor of the true sith, he will gain a small piece of god's power : Immortality.

Then with the emperor's knowledge and forbidden technology and once the Jedi order is destroyed,he will create a second galaxy,
taking control of the republic AND the sith empire.

To avoid a conflict between two factions, it is better to avoid contact.
To avoid a new war, a galaxy will be owned by the republic and one by the Sith empire.

As soon as the emperor is dead, he will take his place as the new god.

With both Light and darkness by his side, he would grant peace to the infinite realm...

However Revan knew it wouldn't be easy, the dark council could so greedy and there will be a rebellion.
It won't be a problem though, as soon as Revan will be the new emperor, he will destroy the dark council and rule by himself.

Nobody knew about Revan's true motives, neither the emperor, nor his childhood friend Malak, nor anyone.
Betrayal wasn't an unknown word to Revan... Soon or later, Malak would try to take his place as the sith lord of the sith.
He proved his lack of understanding by destroying Telos without Revan's permission.
Which made him loose his jaw as a 'reward'. For now he has his use, but soon or later he would sent his assassin droid HK-47 as 'reward' as well.

However, god's world can be really lonely...
Revan didn't thought about it often, but when he did...
Many, Many precious memories came back into his mind.
Precious time, fun days, and important people...

Meetra Surik.
Master Kreia.
Master Arren Kae and many others.

Some of them has fallen to battle...

Others followed him in his dark path...

And some got exiled...

Even thought he has been a Jedi, someone who can't know about love and emotions,
Revan was someone who valued Friendship above all else. So much that in the end he sealed that powerful emotion inside his now stoned heart.

When a Jedi that has known such strong feelings comes to lose them, those feelings become an indomitable hatred that consumes the Jedi.

Revan was such a man, losing so many friends at war...

So many persons he thought to be his family.

He can remember all of them and wishes to forget all of them.

Meetra's innocent smile.
Malak's grin.
Kreia's scolding
Arren's motherly attitude.

Precious, so precious that nothing else matters.

He has thrown away everything and everyone just for his ambitions. He has thrown himself into the darkside for the greatest good.

Yes, everything should have just be this way...However, even when you are planning something, it doesn't always go the way you want.

"My lord, we are under attack! A small group of Jedi has infiltrated the ship" A sith officer came toward Revan.

Typical...thought the Sith lord.

"How far have they progress?" asked coldly Revan.

"They will be soon on the bridge-'gasp'" He didn't have time to say the rest, Revan was already strangling the officer with the force.

"I have no need for useless fools like you..." The sith officer's neck broke.

Revan could sense them, their hope, their courage, soon to be turned into ashes.

As he could sense the last Dark Jedi die, the group were on the bridge.

Revan observed the group quietly, he had nothing to say to the pawns of the Jedi council.

But he had to admit it, some of them seemed to be strong, especially their leader...

She seemed younger than him, but not much...she had brown hair and grey eyes, she had a single yellow lightsaber and stand proudly against him.

"You cannot win, Revan!" She said, confident in her ability to fight the Sith lord.

Childish...that was how he thought of her.

He won't need his second lightsaber...one is sufficient for these Jedi.

And before he knew what was going on, he was confronting one enemy he could not simply defeated on the battleground: Betrayal.



Malak has ordered to fire his master's ship to take his place as a lord of the Sith and kill the Jedi group.

Many of her companion has died because of the explosion, but not her.

The mission, the important mission the Jedi council has given her. She had to fulfill it!
She had know if the Sith lord was still alive. she was injured but the mission came first.
As she was crawling toward her enemy, she saw him moving. He was alive!

When she came closer, she was worried and troubled. He was still alive, not for too long though, there was only a small chance for him to survive.
She frowned, he was the lord of the Sith, a cold evil murderer, who only thought about his ambition to take over the galaxy...
But he has been a hero too, a genius of the Jedi order, a strong charismatic leader who lead the republic to the victory.

Jedi...Jedi don't kill their prisoners...she thought.

All lives are precious to the Jedi, including this...this person too...

But what...What kind of person is he? She asked herself.

She swallow her saliva and slowly put her hand on his mask, to removed it.

She gasped slightly at the face of the Sith lord. He was beautiful.
She knew from what many Padawans said about him; he was very charismatic both inside and outside.

He had long dark brown hair, white skin and a small scar on his left cheek.

How can someone like this could fall so far?

She thought while transmitting the force into his stomach to heal his wounds.

His mind was also damaged, she had to heal his head too.


Little she knew, when a Jedi use the force to heal the mind another user of the force, rarely but surely,
the Jedi can access at many memories of feelings felt by the other user of the force.

A bond of the force.

It all came into her mind brutally, memories of his feelings at war, of losing someone important, of disappointing someone important, of rage, of hatred and most of all...

Of loneliness...



Where was he?

Has he left the ship?

Has he landed on a planet with a bad weather?

It felt like it has been raining for a long time.

Because he can feel some drop on his face, he also felt someone invading his mind with the force.

What was going on?

He slowly opened his yellow eyes, he couldn't hear a damn thing. But what he saw made his eyes widen, his mouth went dry and he gasped for air.

The female Jedi leader...she was healing him...and more...

She was shutting her crying eyes and grinded her teeth.

She kept sobbing while healing him.

After a small moment of shock, his eyes soften sadly.

Usually, it can be a real shock to be brain washed by so many memories of feelings that aren't yours.
Some are just shocked, other strongly forget about it. But here, in this place, in this time...she wasn't crying for herself, but for what HE felt all this time.

She may not know the reasons of those feelings, but she could put a name on each of them.


You are the enemy, I don't want to know about you and how you feel. I don't want your pity...so...that's why...

Don't cry like this in front of me...

Damn it...


A moment of weakness, a moment of comfort, for the first time, God wasn't so alone...

She kept crying until she gasped at the black glove on her cheek, removing her tears.

She turned her attention over her patient, he was staring with brown orbs, right in her grey eyes.

"You are..." His weak smile...

"Such..." his kind eyes...

"Crybaby, miss...Jedi..."...soon to be shut.

Into everlasting darkness...



Yes, he had been the jedi council and the emperor's marionette. For so long, that he couldn't remember, but this time, this time for sure...



"It's impossible, he shouldn't be moving!" said a surprised Jedi master Twi'lek known as Zhar.

"Mobilized the others Jed-" Screamed good old Master Jedi Vrook Lamar.

"No, wait! Let us hear first what he has to say." Said Master Vandar.

"Are you mad master Vandar? ! If we don't do something he'll-"

In room, filled with only four members of the Jedi council, slowly he sat down on the operation table and stared back at his formers masters.

The sith lord known as Darth Revan grinned and said politely :

"Greetings Masters, it has been quite a while, hasn't it?"

Before they could have removed his memories, Revan has awaken.


NEXT CHAPTER 2: The unholy agreement between darkness and light.

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