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Thread: Mod compatibility in KOTOR 1
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Question Mod compatibility in KOTOR 1

I'm trying to get several mods to play well together. The 'base game' (what Bio-ware released) is working just fine and while I haven't hit the endgame yet, I think it won't crash or anything like that.

My problem lies in the fact that I would like to try Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge and I can't find the initial contact where he should be in my save game. It is working in the supplied save game, however, I would much prefer to go through Brotherhood with my own save files if possible. I have gone as far as I can on my own.

So, veteran modders and computer sleuths: Here are the current clues.

My mods (in order of TSL patcher installation and done on a fresh installation of KOTOR Steam)

Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge
K1 Force Pack by Star Admiral
K1 NPC Overhaul by Kainzorus Prime (tentatively excluded in one of my tests)
Weapons of the Old Republic by T7nowhere, svösh, Mono_Giganto
KOTOR Repulsor Shields by Inyri Forge
Redhawke mods
Armor Packs
Blaster Droid Armor Pack
Canderous as a Jedi (TSL Patcher used)
Carth as a Jedi
Crimson Sith Items
Mission as a Jedi (and Booster Pack)
RSB Item Pack (and Booster) (TSL Patcher used on both)
Terminator Droids
Sith Artifacts
Quanons Lightsaber Pack
JUHANI THE CATLIKE CATHAR by Quanon, RedRob41, jonathan7 (TSL patcher used on locker items in pack)
Darth Jaden reskins and female PC heads (only one uses a TSL Patcher)

Non TSL mods

Bastila on Korriban
Allronix Dialogue Pack
Carth's Fighting Spirit
Increased Difficulty Option
Ebon Hawke and T3 reskins
Equalized Skill Points
Jedi Robes reskin
Lightsaber blade and hilt reskins
Lightsaber Choice (allows choice when building lightsaber on Dantooine)
Romance upgrades for male and female PCs
Original Party Clothes

I have made some home modifications to make the above mods play nice together. None, to my knowledge, have been to Brotherhood of Shadow files

My last attempts had only up to the Redhawke and non TSL patcher mods installed when running the game.

Unfortunately the save files I have won't run unless my 2da files stay near identical to the installation they were at when starting and I have no unmodded save files to use as troubleshooters.

So basically I'm asking for help to have my cake and eat it too.



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