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Thread: Post patch: Yes, I feel cheap...
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It will end when i get my hands on the SDK and can begin work on a mod.

I'm really getting sick of the arguement that people who enjoy shooting guns should go and play q3, people who enjoy ctf should go and play ut etc.

I must admit, its been abscent from this thread entirely, however on the rest of the forums this arguement continually rears its head. Its incredibly irritating.

Everything in this game needs to be made more powerful, the guns, the saber, the force. It's the user's responsibility to figure out how to use each of these without getting killed on spawn consistently.

I've completely given up on 1.03 for the moment. I have too much fun playing 1.02 on the select couple of servers I can still find.

The ammo constraints in 1.03 i could live with, so long as the weapons did more damage. It's got to be one or the other, unless the player speed gets shrunk to walking speed, simply because you routinely have to kill someone quite far away from your base simply to keep them from capping. It's like the average amount of time it takes to kill someone has increased substantially, but the movement speed hasnt, so all of the defensive points in all the CTF maps have been shifted outside of what can be considered your base.

That's just flawed, the most dangerous spot in a ctf map should be inside a person's base. This is one reason i dislike garrison so much; the best defensive spot is actually in the middle of the map. It's not utterly apparent to most people, so they run around in circles right next to the flag. You can't really defend, all you can do is interdict. Now the *whole* ctf mode of play is like that, and its terrible. I hate ctf with 1.03 as much as i hate garrison in 1.02.

Eveything needs a significant oomph. The saber *should* be viewed as just another weapon in CTF. It *should* be more useful, but not at the detriment of everything else.

I'm really starting to like al's idea about seperate skillsets for the different modes of play. In a duel, you want a really engrossing and entertaining match against *one* person. In ffa and CTF you want to quickly dispose of one person and move on to the next to accomplish an overarching objective that doesn't have anything to do with the combat you're currently engaging in necessarily. It needs to be fast and significantly less time consuming.

A quick fix would be to up the damage delt in a ffa or a ctf match. Then you could easily un nerf the guns and the game would resume intact.

A more direct fix would be to up the damage against people holding a gun, making the saber a very powerful weapon in the balance of things. The problem is that it would only address ff guns CTF, and in the spirit of trying to pay attention to everyone's complaints, thats not gonna work too well. The damage needs to be upped for sabers vrs sabers apparently as well. And possibly another damage level should be set for duels.

So there's 3 different damage levels that need to be tweaked and seperated, and that would allow the game to at least *flow* right. True, there's another hundered things that need to be done, but seperating and tweaking those damage levels would make the game flow correctly.

Another issue i'd like to bring up, is the force. In JK, all the forces would have been considered vastly overpowered in the light of JK2. However, what JK did right, was give everything a specific use and never keep you from using it. The skill involved was in doing *all* of the things you needed to do at the same time.

It wasn't tic tac to, it was multi dimensional chess played on top of a nascar.

Some things you did constantly, absorb/speed/seeing, were things you left on all the time, not things you used for specific instances. pull/grip/destruction/healing/jump were what you used selectively.

The challenge of course, was not in maintaining your force pool. It was to some extent, you could keep everything on and continue to move as normal for about 5 minutes. At which point you needed mana. So the game *was* essentially fought over mana boosts.

However, there were enough mana boosts that it definitely didn't keep you from doing anything you wanted to. In fact, that was one of the only ways the really talented people could kill eachother, they had to dominate the level and not let their opponent *get* any of those boosts.

They had to do very spectacular and amazing things to accomplish essentially the same thing as *drain*.

And again, let me reitterate, the skill was *not* in what you had just done and thus in conserving mana, it was in actually countering the force use of an opponent. To some extent thats present here, but the focus is definitely more on conserving mana than it is on *using* the force.

JK2 should try to take both of these into consideration. Mana conservation and actual use of the force need to be balanced in such a way that yer never focusing on just one. Then and only then, it will be a better balanced game than JK.


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