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Thread: For all you who tell us to stop complaining..
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Originally posted by Agen_Terminator
Yeh, i thought that too, it's bad to divide the game up into little camps, i used to think it was bad in jk1, divided into 2 - guns and saberers. But now there's about 6 little camps eating each other up.
I still think that lucas made them rush out jk2 in time for AotC without proper beta testing, and what they did beta test was the sp game msot.
The enxt patch should have some serious beta testing, there can be barely any room for msitakes this time round, most people can't cope with the temptation of jsut winnnig with a 1 hit kill.
hell... for all we know theres one in beta test right now as we speak

maybe raven has learned there lesson and are holding thre tounge's lest they get famed to a crisp...

just a idea from someone who knows nothing, cept that he's pissed at the morons on the fourms(you know who you are )

edit: WOOHOO! 2nd page
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I can agree with you that 1.03 did create some problems and reveal some problems.

The problems, as I see it, are that

1.) Blocking is a bit too high for some folks.

- This can be fixed, however, using the server-side variable to lower blocking. Check the.plans posted on the forum. If you play competitively, then you might want to suggest to the ladders that they change their rules. Or start a petition amongst the other disgruntled players. Personally, I wouldn't mind if they reduced MOVING blocking and maybe cut down the angle of defense from the current 180 to, say, 90. This would allow for more side and back attacks. And if the sabre goes through a guy at ANY point, don't have it reflect back off of the sabre that the victim is holding. That's just goofy. That may not be patchable, though, so at least make all the usual damage to players happen when hit from behind, instead of an instant block.

2.) Dark side was nerfed too much.

- This I kind of agree with. Not with lightning, since that's still QUITE powerful, and not so much with drain either (though I wouldn't care so much if drain were left at 1.02 levels -- I just have no real position on that), but grip is not nearly as useful as it was. At least, it doesn't seem to be. I wouldn't mind if grip still immobilized you, but didn't damage you, if you had absorb on. Or rather, if they gripped you and you turned absorb on, it wouldn't break the grip, just stop the pain so to speak. You'd still have to push or throw your way out of the grip.

3.) DFA was nerfed.

- In some respects, I may agree with this. I've never really used DFA, and certainly have a bitch of a time aiming it now that you can't turn in mid air (which is good), but if it's been nerfed damage wise, I think that it should be left at slightly higher damage levels (not an insta-kill, but seriously damaging). As far as fixing the bugs goes, I'm all for that. It SHOULDN'T damage you if the sabre's in the ground. It SHOULD leave you VERY open to counterattack if you miss, and it SHOULD be hard to aim. It really ought to be a finishing move. IE: if you break a sabre lock and then execute DFA, that's a good way to finish a guy off. I have no problems with that.

4.) Guns eat more ammo.

- I don't care about this so much, as long as the guns don't do quite the same level of damage that they did in 1.02. Honestly, people really DID spam the repeater and flak cannon, so I don't mind THAT not being as prevalent. Personally, I don't have a problem with ammo as it is. When I've played CTF, I've had no problems killing people, since I just aim or use splash damage weapons. I know folks say that this hurts competition, but I've never been a fan of having to hunt for guns in competition anyway. To my way of thinking, spawning with certain guns at full (or partial) ammo is a better way to do things (IE: Team Fortress, Weapons Factory, etc.), but that's just my own opinion. This, however, could be fixed with an ammo respawn cvar. Or, you can just edit the maps for competetive play and add more ammo in. So, this, I don't think, really necessitates a patch.

5.) Absorb is too powerful

- I don't think absorb is too powerful, I just think that some of the other force powers could stand maybe a little beefing up. Absorb should absolutely be invisible. If you have the blue glow, it negates the use fo the power because no one will use force powers on you until it runs out. Having it be only visible when you attack with force powers at least leaves the issue up to question as to whether or not a guy has absorb on. That's how it should be.

6.) Sabre damage was nerfed.

- Yeah, sabre damage was nerfed, and maybe it could stand a little beefing up (especially with the current blocking system), but honestly, I still have no problems scoring hits on people and killing them. If sabre damage is beefed up, I'd say do NOT bring it back to 1.02 levels, unless you leave blocking as it is right now.

7.) The backstab

- This patch didn't create the backstab. It simply revealed it when players who demand instant easy kills went searching for a new DFA-style move. There should, put simply, be NO instant kills in this game, unless ALL hits are instant kills and you're really just using these special moves to vary your angle of attack (and add some style to your fighting). Instant kills ruin this game, I think. I'm sure some of you disagree, though. As proof of my position, I offer the following:

Witness ArtifeX's departure from the scene. Why did this happen? Because the game got boring when you use the same move over and over again. And I'll admit, if your goal is get the most frags possible in the fastest time, the pull/backstab combo is the way to go. I don't think that's much fun, but if your idea of fun is get to the top of the list fastest and stay there, then that's the easiest way to do it. So, ArtifeX, from what I understand, used this move A LOT. And he got bored with the game. And I'm not surprised in the least. Hell, a one-move game IS boring. Essentially, it reduces the game to a 3D version of Mike Tyson's Punchout. Wait, scratch that. Punchout had more than one move. Whatever, you get the point. What I'm saying is that if there ARE one hit kills, people will be tempted to use them. Especially if they're easy to use and have no downside to their use. I'm already wondering about the combination of kick/medium finisher, and whether that might be the new DFA move if they remove backstabs. Or the light-stance lunge, which is less of a problem, if you stay mobile (as is the medium finisher, really), but still somewhat of a problem. Any move that dishes out massive amounts of damage should have a corresponding downside to its use, IE: the DFA in its current incarnation. That move is a bitch to kill someone with, and rightly so.

The only option I see to fix this is to make the lightsaber TOTALLY lethal. As in the ultimate stick o' death. You touch it, you die, basically. Make every hit an instant kill. Or at least, every hit past, say, slicing off a guy's hand an instant kill. Even if this was the case, you'd still need to make the backstab blockable at least a little bit. IE: if you attack a guy from behind and he times the backstab, you die. But if you're just standing there and he backstabs, you block. Something like that.

Anyway, these are my thoughts for what should be addressed in the next patch. I especially want to see the backstab toned down and have some disadvantages added to it.
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