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Thread: The Starkiller/Rwos/Dinn Continuity Outline
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The Starkiller/Rwos/Dinn Continuity Outline

Finally, I have gotten around to solving the major continuity problems that have occured in the RPGs involving Deac, me, and Wraith 8 as the characters Deac Starkiller, Termand Rwos, and Corzip Dinn. This took me a full eleven hours to compile. (Actually, I have alot more notes so I can back all this stuff up, but listed here are the highlights)

The Aeges are a powerful and ancient race of beings that can navigate both space and time to acheive their own ends. I invented them to explain the non-explainable in this continuity. There was alot.

The 14 known steps in this timeline of RPG continuity

1: Termand Rwos arrives in the SW Universe under the influence of “teleporter madness” in Cantena.

2: Rwos damages his teleporter in a hallucination resulting from the madness; ends up in Cantina 1. Meets Deac Starkiller.

3: Rwos attempts to use magic while “under the influence” against Deac’s clones in Cantina 2; the magic use knocks him out but purges him of the “teleporter madness”

4: Rwos teleports randomly around the galaxy for time number one before ending back up in Cantina 3; sets teleporter marker in Cantina.

5: Rwos teleports around the galaxy for time number two after the beginning of Cantina 4. Break Out happens at this time.

6: Rwos returns home. He is genetically modified for regeneration at this time, repairing a faulty gland in his brain that lets a gargoyle control when he turns to stone

7: Rwos teleports into RPG for all with a fully fixed teleporter. He meets Syrnl Darkstar and Corzip Dinn. Syrnl escapes, and immediately the Aeges interfere for the first time.

8: The Aeges send Deac and Rwos back to the Cantina (Cantina 4), using their mind-altering powers to cause them to not question why or how they had left. They also use their powers to convince Termand Rwos that his teleporter is still broken. The two go on a mission to Hiok 5, the Empire’s biggest morgue, where Syrnl has breached into another dimension to find aid. The Aeges cause Rwos’ teleporter to phase out, preventing him from interfering with the fight.

9: A final showdown between Deac, Syrnl, and their doubles ends with only Deac and Rwos standing. However, Syrnl comes to redemption as a result of the battle. Syrnl dies.

10: The Aeges transport Deac, Corzip, and Rwos again immediately after Syrnl’s burial to an alternate universe, planting instructions in their heads in The Alternate Universe. They send the Darkstar along for the ride as well, with the intention of eliminating the clash of the Avatars once and for all. Unexpectedly, the Darkstar force possesses Rwos and teleports to The Hutt Gamble and RPG for all in contiuums that haven’t yet occured. .The Starkiller Avatar teleports Deac to the time of The Hutt Gamble. The Aeges resurrect Syrnl to follow Rwos Darkstar to the time of RPG for all. The Aeges navigate through the time stream and arrive in the time of The Hutt Gamble in time to save TAU Deac from dying in an explosion by shifting time to replace him. Nonetheless, Rwos Darkstar almost kills Deac anyway. The Aeges stop Rwos Darkstar from firing the energy bolt that would have ended Deac’s life. They open a black hole that sucks Rwos Darkstar and TAU Deac back to The Alternate Universe. The events in The Hutt Gamble continue with only a brief black spot in the participant’s memories. In the RPG for all events, the second version of Rwos Darkstar is killed by Revenant Syrnl and Deac. Deac gives up his Avatar powers, and Syrnl returns to The Alternate Universe to redeem himself by saving Rwos and Deac. The Darkstar is banished to another plane of reality forever. The Avatar clash is over.
11: Rwos, Corzip and Deac succeed in their objective in The Alternate Universe and are next taken back in time by the Aeges to create the events in The Hutt Gamble necessary for the events of The Alternate universe to happen.

12: Rwos, Corzip and Deac are again transported by the Aeges to the time of RPG for all directly after Syrnl’s death. Their minds are altered, along with those of their enemies (such as Reletha Darkstar) so that they do not question the oddness of the events that have happened to them until the proper time. The events listed above occur (the second version of Rwos Darkstar is killed by Revenant Syrnl and Deac, and Deac gives up his Avatar powers). The group return to their previous mission, to eliminate the Sith and the creatures, neither really understanding the time that has elapsed.

13: After RPG for all, Rwos will return to the Cantina on the first page of The Cantina 5.

14: After the current Cantina story arc ends, Rwos will eventually return home only to return to this dimension in new rpg.

Questions? Comments? New RPG ideas to fill in more gaps? Did I forget/screw up anything? Sound off (as long as you're Deac or Wraith 8 )

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