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Thread: MMP's (Most Memorable Players).. my picks..
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Darth Kurgan
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MMP's (Most Memorable Players).. my picks..

With the million or so folks who bought JK/MOTS, doubtless we've each met hundreds, if not thousands of other players, and we all have met the various "clans" and hundreds of different groups and such, and nobody has met them all.

I recall, ever since October of '97, that there seemed to be a few that stuck out, in my "travels" that impressed me with their skill (and/or indomitable will). I may add to this list later.

This, for my personal nostalgia, and perhaps for those who wish to add their own list of fame, is a list of players whom at one time or another, in my JK/MOTS "career" I found challenging, and "cool." This is by no means an exhaustive list:

The "MS" Clan (Mystic Spirits).

Yes, plenty of folks always bicker about which clan is the "best" and often this clan was derided as being "weak." However, for some reason, I liked them. Perhaps because they were courteous, and often joined my games. They didn't complain, and never cheated (although one time FLIP "accidentally" brought force protection to a no force game, tsk tsk).

The leader of that "clan" changed his name so many times I can't remember what it originally was, sadly (I want to say it was "LordDarkside" or something to that effect). I could dig up some old screenshots and look. I think he showed me how to make custom sabers or something.

The skill of the clan wasn't the greatest, but it was in the early days of JK, and most of us weren't "elite" yet anyway. ; )

"Luke" (I think he goes by "J_Luke" now)of the DS (Darksaber) clan.

A great all-around player, and one I was honored to meet again later, long after he had quit the game. Nice guy too, although he didn't talk much.

"Lt. Stoopid" I forget which clan he was in, sorry guy. He always picked the Stormtrooper. One time we had some fun, my buds and I staged a fake "Clan Tryouts for the T&A Clan" and we all ganged up on him. He took it well (dang he was good).

"Trail" Yes, our very own. It seems like he dropped out of the game early to pursue his various website related careers, and now he has a real job, and he's not involved with the site anymore. I remember thinking.. oh yeah, it's the "Guide" guy. He was pretty good too!

"Spectre" I never did beat this guy. I only played him a few times, and it was always when I joined a laggy game and before I left I was smacked a few times by him, and never did manage to kill him. I think he's still around.

"Kodiak/Skoal" My first roommate at ISU. He and I used to deathmatch each other in our dorm, but then we realized, that we could just look over our shoulder and see what the other guy was doing. We "crashed" alot of newbie games with our "elite skills." Hehe, hey, we were young and inexperienced then. He was a good saberist, and we had some great games together. He showed me my patented button layout I use today, which he got from Nascar 2. He put up with alot of crap, including playing JK in software mode. ; ) Carl, if you're out there, cheers!

"Darkhawk" My current roommate. I knew this guy in high school. More than twice the Star Wars fan that I ever was, he showed me the joys of multiplayer. He still insists that I should play more games. He's currently raving about Half Life (who isn't?), and playing Quake3 and UT (he isn't totally crazy, UT is killer). He taught me how to be a Jedi by beating the crap out of me about a thousand times when I first got the game. ; )

"Doogie Howser" I forget what his other name was. It was something more StarWarsish. Anyhow, this "punk" was always joining games, and a bit laggy, but a good fighting spirit. He beat me a few times. ; )

"JOLT" (or "Jolt-San") I called him "caffiene" freak, because of his name and erratic playing style. He kicked my butt in sabers back in the day, and I never saw him again until years later. I never did figure out his secret. ; )

"Lord Ender" I know this guy has some skills, although he was always so laggy, I couldn't be totally sure if it wasn't just me not timing things correctly on my ethernet-spoiled connection. Haha, anyway, cheers to you too.

"OJ Simpson" He used to go by "Michael Jordan" This Texas player was a friend of StillPlayN, and master of the concussion rifle. He always got yelled at in games because he was so good. I felt your pain buddy! Still around, and still plays MOTS if you ask him. Great player, never complained. I met him rather late in the game, when MOTS had been out for awhile.

"StillPlayN" Although he went basically from hating the game, to loving it from day to day, when he was on the upswing, he put out a great game. He wasn't really the best, but he attracted alot of great players to his games, which made them quite fun (and occasionally frustratingly so!). I first heard about him back in the days when people were saying "JK is dying" (in mid-1998 I think it was). He was in about a dozen different clans, one of which was "GQ Baby" which a bunch of those guys were in together (Sirbob and OJ included). Hey SP, JK is still #7 in the top PC games of all time (according to those industry moguls at PCGamer).

"SirBob" Another player I met late in the game. A bud of OJ and the others. He was somewhat of a "purist" and I often disagreed with what he thought was a pure game, but still, he had great skill, and he joined alot of the games we did.

If I think of any others, I'll be sure to add 'em.

So, anybody else have any "favorite" opponents they've had? I'm sure those "clanners" have a dozen or so folks they hung around with.


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