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Thread: Try this on...
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Plo Koon
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Post Try this on...

See if you can continue off of this...

::Plo Koon is in his dwelling. He has been meditating for some time. The loss of Qui-Gon to a Sith has angered him. Plo realizes that he is not allowed to be angry, and calms himself.::

::He opens his eyes, and takes off his hood. The force has told him that something grand is going to happen. This Anakin boy he had seen at the council returns in his memories. Plo decides that this boy is indeed dangerous as Mace Windu had said.::

~The dark side is hard to see, but I sense something~ Plo thought to himself.

~I believe that we have not seen the last of the Sith. Something tells me this boy Anakin will be part of it.~ He thinks again.

::Plo senses something, and arises from his position. He senses the boy Anakin nearby.::

~Could Anakin be the one hunting down the Jedi as I have been told?~ He asks himself.

::Plo Koon detaches his lightsaber from his belt. He looks at it and remembers all the fights that he and Qui-Gon have been in.::

~If only Qui-Gon believed in the force more, I could talk to him now~ Plo thinks.

::The side of his dwelling was completely ripped of. Flame and sparks hit Plo hard enough to knock him back against the opposite wall. Plo is covered in debris, but waits for the perfect moment to attack.::

"Nothin' could of survived that!" Plo hears a Mandalorian Warrior say.

"These are Jedi, Thanzon, they can do whatever they want."

"I suppose you are correct. Continue your search, Lieutenant. I want to see this Jedi's body."

"Yes sir."

::Plo reaches out with the force and realizes the warriors are coming closer. He gets into his ready position, but then remembers his training. He can only use his attacks in defense. He waits untill they make the first move.::

"Hey sir! Over here! I see a huge pile of debris."

"Careful lieutenent, remember you yourself said Jedi can do anything."

~Come closer and attack me~ Plo thinks to himself.

"Destroy that hunk of debris with one of your wrist rockets, lietenant."

"Yes sir."

~Perfect~ Plo thinks.
::Plo uses the force to see where they are. He ignites his lightsaber through the pile on top of him. The Mandalores are surprised by this, and fire their rifles at Plo.::

"Get him!" Thanzon orders.
::Plo deflects every shot, and one hits Thanzon in the helmet. Incapacitated and on the ground, Thanzon can barely move.::

~Thank God for this armor~ Thanzon thinks.

::Plo Koon stays in position wanting to finish them, but must wait for them to attack. Thanzon's lieutenant drags him out to thier ship: A Persuer-Class Fighter.::

::After Thanzon's Lieutenant secures him into the ship, he walks out and attempts to asassinate Plo Koon. Plo anticipates this, jumps up, and severs the Mandalorian's weapon. Half of a second later, Plo spins and dismembers the Mandalorian from the chest down.::

::Plo goes into their ship, sets the auto destuct, and blasts the ship into the sky. The ship explodes in a fantastic fireball of debris, and fighter parts.::

~Now I must tell the council of these new enemies~ Plo thought...


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