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Thread: WIP: Xev of B3k (from LEXX)
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Cool Guy WIP: Xev of B3k (from LEXX)

Actually, it's more of a pre-release than a "work-in-progress." The model is done, the textures are done, the sounds are done. This is my first fully-featured model. I've done Quake models in the past, but they lacked a true professional quality. With this first JK2 model, I hope that I've covered all necessary features (LODs, sounds, skins, etc.)

Here's a somewhat dated picture:
(I've made some slight modifications since this was rendered.)

You can download and try out Xev here:
http://www.flamegrape.com/fg_xev.zip (1.88MB)

The accounting of the polygons and vertices is somewhat complex for this model. First of all, there are four levels of detal (LODs). Also, there are three general versions of the Xev model: one representing her costume as seen during season two, one for season three, and one for the fourth season. Since all three versions mostly use the same parts, in each case some parts
are hidden while others are visible. This also permits greater variations for skins.

- Poly count: 2581 <<<=======
- Vert count: 1562
Xev2 (LOD1):
- Poly count: 1626
- Vert count: 1035
Xev2 (LOD2):
- Poly count: 769
- Vert count: 529
Xev2 (LOD3):
- Poly count: 353
- Vert count: 286

- Poly count: 2623 <<<=======
- Vert count: 1600
Xev3 (LOD1):
- Poly count: 1655
- Vert count: 1059
Xev3 (LOD2):
- Poly count: 776
- Vert count: 540
Xev3 (LOD3):
- Poly count: 352
- Vert count: 292

- Poly count: 2719 <<<=======
- Vert count: 1652
Xev4 (LOD1):
- Poly count: 1726
- Vert count: 1093
Xev4 (LOD1):
- Poly count: 811
- Vert count: 557
Xev4 (LOD1):
- Poly count: 368
- Vert count: 300


I posted a BETA version of this model a while ago. I got some good crits from people and put them to good use. However, the issue of the head and lips requires explaination because I know I will receive the same crits as before if I don't bring this up now. This may be unprofessional, but many sci-fi fans are not familiar with Xev or the show in which she appears, Lexx.

One of the most frequent crits I received was the size of her head. This was due in part to the terrible screen cap that was posted at JK2Files.com. (I made the mistake of not providing a picture myself.) This picture was poorly composed and it made it seem like her head was gigantic! I took a hard look at the model and I thought that they were probably right. So I reduced the size of the head... SLIGHTLY. The thing you must understand is that Xenia Seeberg, the actress who plays Xev on the television show, is a relatively short woman. Since the BETA was released, I've checked, double-checked, triple-checked, quadruple-check her proportions dozens of times over. I'm convinced that I have achieved correct proportions. HOWEVER, in order to make her look perfect in the game, she needs to be scaled down to 88% normal size using a mod like JediPlus.

The issue of the size and shape of her lips was another criticism I received for this model. It was pointed out that they stick out and give her a sort of fish-lip look. This was done on purpose. Xenia Seeberg really does have large, uniquely-shaped lips. (And, apparently, they are totally real, not faked with plastic surgery.) Her lips are easily on par with Angeline Jolie and Jolene Blalock, perhaps even larger. On the set of tv shows and movies, her lips can cause lighting problems, casting a "mustache" shadow. This trait was painfully obvious in the screen cap that was posted with the BETA version at JK2Files.Com. I don't know what arena map they used to make that screen cap, but the lighting was worse than office florescent lighting. And because of the criticisms, I very SLIGHTLY reduced the size of the lips. But only slightly because they are still very large, as they were meant to be.

Be sure to read the README file for further information about the model and how to use the "secret skins."
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