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Thread: PROMOD MediaPak 1
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Old 12-16-2002, 07:56 PM   #121
Wolf Devil
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Ahem, as I recall when I said the cinematics sfx were better, it was MMXP (who's been a d!ck 24/7 anyways) who said that the on/off sounds were Dooku's, which they aint. Now I'll admit the new gun, saber throw and force power sounds suck, but the saber sounds are good and the on/off sounds are from ESB.. On is anyways, I don't know about the off

And Syfo: You mean angelfire wouldn't let you download the file?

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Re: I'm not an attorney, but I play one online (geeesh!)

Originally posted by Syfo-Dyas

Look UniKorn, I don't know who pissed in your Kornflakes today, but it certainly wasn't me. I didn't make up the rules. You can claim Intellectual Property until you're blue in the face -it doesn't change the legal agreement YOU entered when YOU made a mod (which includes maps) for JO.
Are you aware that LucasArts could (for example) take one (or all) of your fantastic maps and use them in a version 1.05 release for JO? They could do that! And they wouldn't have to ask your permission to do it -or-(and get this) COMPENSATE you in ANY way for your work!!!
I am well aware of the agreement, but that is an agreement with LucasArts, not with you. Which means that you have no right to use it.


There are good and valid reasons for those rules, by the way:
One is to keep people like you from spoiling everyone's fun by saying things like;
"You can't use MY mod cause I said so, nyah!"

Getting childish again are we. People always speak of rules when it helps them, instead of looking at how it really is. Due to numerous abuse of stealing of property by artists on the internet, there IS a law that protects your intellectual property. The only thing you need to be able to do, is to prove that it is your intellectual property. And we can.

"People can only use MY mod if they pay me a dollar each time they use it!"


Not giving up on the childishness are we? All we ask is that you go through the little trouble of mailing us and asking for permission. As you worked hard on your code, we worked hard on our maps. Using them without asking is just lazyness on your part. The time you put into argueing about it, you could have easily written mails to many of the people involved.


Another reason is simply to keep Modders 'legal'! Without those rules and provisions, LucasArts would probably have to have you arrested for mucking around with their software.
As I said before, the agreement is between LA and me, you have nothing to do with that.


This way everybody gets to share in the goodness.
Gamers get cool extras for their games.
LucasArts gets extended shelf-life for their software.
Modder's get to become computer gurus by tinkering with commercial software, and end up making big $$$ designing stuff like Jar Jar Binks or a CG Yoda for Industrial Lights & Magic -and don't say that'll NEVER happen, I've got a childhood friend who is a big time animator for Disney. College degrees mean nothing compared to a kick-a$$ portfolio...
Nice prediction you're making. Assuming you know me, while you don't. Once again, you get intellectual property rights the moment you create something. The reason for this is to protect the stuff you create. It is true that what I create can be taken by lucasarts, without needing my approval. But YOU, you can't. And the fact that we even have to discuss this, shows me how you have an attitude of somebody who just takes what he can get, is even too lazy to ask it, and has no respect for the work of others. I'm sure that your attitude is great advertisement for the mod.

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People may NOT use other people's material unless permission is given. If they say no, you CANNOT use it.

That is final. It's how the whole mod/mapping community works.

If someone doesn't want you using their work in your work, it doesn't mean theyre a tightass. They just dont want you using their work. It's as simple as that.

And dont give us that crap about Lucasarts being legally able to use it, so why shouldnt you. Honestly, grow up. They've said no, accept it.

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Old 12-17-2002, 12:14 PM   #124
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Ok, one last time for the rear seats:

I don't want to rip anyone off. I will ask before I put anything in the Media Pack. I will give them full credit in the accompanying readme file. If at any point, someone says, "Hey, take my stuff out of your Pack." I'll do it.

If I can't find whoever did something I want to put in the pack after making every effort to do so, then I'll think really hard about whether to put it in or not. If it's really so good that it should be in, then I'll put it in, and say in the readme file that if anyone can contact the author, then please refer them to my email address, and if they don't want their whatever in my Pack, then it gets removed. Period.

This thread is quickly becoming bad press for Promod. Regardless of what I say, there are going to be people that are going to think that I'm trying to rip someone off.

Admin: Please lock this thread. I don't need this kind of atmosphere associated with Promod.

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per your request, i'll lock it up.... give me a PM if you change your mind.

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