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Thread: The No Named Story
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The No Named Story

This is my story, i have been working on it for 5 days. Please tell me if its worth carrying on. I know its a bit long, but PLEASE read it. Its got gramatical mistakes but thats cos im 15 and havnt checked it yet. Thank you. after telling me what you think feel free to give me ideas.

Chapter 1
What If?

What do you think of when you see a magician? Are you amazed or just thinking about what a big fake he is. No matter how great his tricks are I can assure you, it is not magic. To explain how I am certain of this you will have to believe that what I say is true. A very long time ago magic was real, this forgotten time was both terrible and one of the greatest times to be around. Wizards, Elves, Dragons, etc all existed. The oldest, Wisest clans of Elves kept order in the land of Humans, Dwarves, Halflings and other creatures of partially good nature. There were Evil Elves as well, few of them mind you but very powerful ones. The biggest civilization was that of the Orcs. Billions of Orcs, Goblins and Gremlins found in the most terrifying places on the earth, from waste lands to dark forests. Aside from all the big civilizations there were groups of creatures, evil and good. Dragons, trolls, winged horses and billions of other creatures that would be impossible to list. Dragons were creatures of Pure Magical energy, but they were shunned by humans for this and eventually over time all dragons became evil. Villages were obliterated, vast amounts of people were slaughtered and the Orcs kept some of them as pets. The Orcish Dragons agreed to help the Orcs take over from the Elves, enslaving the world.
A great army of all races was to take place. The Orcs had a vast army of Orcs, Goblins and Gremlins. Gremlins were excellent marksmen and were found high on towers and mountains will great bows that could fire an arrow three quarters of a mile before falling to the ground. They were very small creatures with very slimy dark green skin, excellent for hiding in forests, and their faces were wart covered with huge crooked noses and large pointy ears, often with little bite marks in. Their armour consisted of a lightweight black leather made from troll skins and a helmet made of wolves skulls. Goblins were the same size as humans and elves if upright but their backs were crooked making them seem smaller. Their skin was very pale and their faces also had warts on, but not as much as the gremlins, their faces always looked as if they had just returned from a battle after receiving many an injury to their face, this was a terrifying sight to behold if you were to see it in battle. They were often armed with two lightweight long swords, or chopping axes to hack at the arms or legs of the enemy, they had small wooden shields covered in the dark blue blood of Gremlins, and the dark (almost black) green blood of Goblins, the armour they wore was leather from a wild boar, about as strong as troll skin but more lightweight. Helmets weren't given to the Goblins as their numbers were to vast and this is what the Orcs relied on in battle. The Orcs were 8ft tall (and that was the small ones), they were very strong and also had pale skin, no warts but Black Mouths with indescribably bad breath. They were very strong beasts but like their fellow goblins they were not very good in close-quarters combat. They were equipped with huge Battleaxes and WarHammers, slow but powerful weapons and they were protected by black Iron chain mail, not very maneuverable but they can easily withstand a few blows from an Elvish long sword. The main weapon of the Orcs was the Dragon-Riders, Skilled Orcs at the reins and gremlins behind them firing arrows below. The Dragon Rides were kept a secret from the world until the battle of the last dragons. Orcs had slain the dragons not willing to help them, leaving only the few dragons that were trained for the riders.
The Army of the Elves was drawing nearer to the last Orcish Stronghold. Dwarves with their well known Golden Armour were leading the army with their large Golden Battle Axes, Following the, was a mix of Elves in their Curving Silver Armour with their Sliver Long swords with and the Humans with their iron suits of armour and their plain but Very Efficient Swords axes and Halberds. Behind the main section of the army were the Archers, elvish archers were the most skilled with finely crafted Bows, with arrows that slice through Orcish flesh with ease. Behind them were the Battle mages with their short swords and belts with magic orbs around the circumference. At the very back of the army stood the Wizards and High Elves. The walls of the Orcish Stronghold were clear in the armies sight, they were covered in blood, Dragon Skulls and human, elvish, dwarven and even Halfling skeletons. The army stood still , they had ventured many, many miles to reach the gates after word that the Orcs had planned to kill the elves and enslave all other creatures. They were now at the last stronghold not knowing what awaited them inside. They all waited for the order to attack but one foolish dwarf decided to attack at his own will. Running down the hill into the valley where the stronghold was lying still, seeming abandoned. The dwarf managed to run about 10 meters when there was an immense flash of lightning, as the men recovered their eye sight they saw the dwarf skewered by arrows on the floor, as the thunder rolled over them the gates to the stronghold opened and out poured Goblins and Orcs, the battle had begun. Thousands of Dwarves ran down the hill hundreds being impaled by spears held tightly by the Goblins. A vicious storm made the whole atmosphere a lot worse. The dwarves tired easily because of the heavy armour and weapons, as the last hundred were escaping back up the hill the second wave attacked. Elvish Archers could pick out individual body parts of the Gremlins high on the top of the towers around the strong hold and all those around the valley were found in the trees by Halfling scouts who then killed them. Although one man could easily kill ten goblins on his own before being stuck down the Orcs seemed to be winning. The Elves strode through the vast army of Goblins striking down many at a time with their weapons. The humans cut through both the flesh and the bone of the goblins with ease and eventually drove back the last remaining goblins into the stronghold. Everyone cheered but the battle was far from over. The wizards stood by the castle walls. Two wizards, one either side of the gate, raised their arms and focused on the walls two sections began to shake, the huge bricks became loose and started wobbling. Then along came some battle mages they reached for an orb, they pulled out one that was made of a reflective substance like a mirror. As the orbs were pointed at the shaking sections of wall a huge blurry blast shot out of the orbs smashing the wall down.
By this time the sun had long set and deep inside the main dungeons the Dragon-riders were preparing for launch. Meanwhile above the surface Orcs were hacking their way through the Elves whose weapons couldn't pierce their armour easily. The humans had picked up some dwarvish warhammers and began to crush the skulls of the Orcs, this allowed the elves to recover and they used the discarded Human weapons that could easily penetrate the Orcs armour. The Battlemages sent Orcs hurtling into walls and flying into the air by their enchanted weapons and the wizards chocked them of their air and made them burst into flames with a single movement of their hand without even trying. The Orcs were nearly finished when suddenly their was a terrible wave of roars from deep inside two enormous holes in the ground. Both armies stood still, the Elves and Humans were stunned, the Orcs were excited. After a time the Orcs began to attack again. The Halflings in the trees along the sides of the valley were all alerted by the roar and they woke from their rest. The sun was beginning to rise when suddenly more roars came from the holes, but a thousand times louder, the Halflings were worried, the Elves and Humans were nearly deafened and then there was silence followed by a large beating, like the beating of a birds wings but loud enough to hear all across the battlefield. Flames shot out of the holes. The older of the Wizards closed their eyes knowing what was about to launch out from the holes, the younger less experienced men looked at the Wizards worriedly and suddenly out shot a red figure followed by a black then two more red figures, soon the men learnt what the figures were. “DRAGONS” they shouted in Elven and English. The Halflings quickly grabbed the gremlin bows and snatched arrow, and fired them wildly into the air. All of the arrows were shot and the Dragons and their riders laughed out. The men on the battle field were fleeing in terror but turned back at the order of the wizards. “ARCHERS, AIM FOR THE DRAGON HEARTS, EVERYONE ELSE KILL THESE RECHID ORCS”, with that order the archers stood aiming for the dragon hearts. The men attacked the Orcs and the Wizards held their staffs in two hands and then with one swipe Orcs flew back into the spears that were put up to intimidate enemies. The Battlemages threw their orbs, explosions blasted Orcs into the air, if the blast didn't kill them the impact of the ground would. The dragons flew out over the valleys to swoop back and destroy the army. A Halfling called Uchi picked up an elvish arrow he found stuck in a tree, it has a silver tip. He saw the dragons begin to turn around and he took aim as a dark green dragon flew over Uchi closed his eyes and let go of the string of the bow. The Halflings cheered he opened his eyes and he saw the dragon plummet to the ground with the rider screaming. A bolt of green lightning struck the dragon and it exploded in a green blast. The Wizards and mages dropped onto their knees, something happened and they felt the magic from the dragon be destroyed. The other dragons dropped but recovered just in time, but as the recovered the elvish archers released the arrows which flew and hit their target. Then was one blast after another it was like a firework display that everyone enjoyed, that is everyone but the Mages and Wizards, o and of course the Orcs. Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Brown. There was one dragon left and all the archers took aim. An elvish archer, called Rithen picked up his elven bow, and picked up a frost arrow. As all the other archers fired Rithen stood with his aim fixed on the dragons heart. The dragon span cleverly and the arrows bounced off his scales like a wooden arrow would bounce off a concrete wall. The Dragon laughed, the Rider was terrified and let go. As the dragon turned to face the army he took a breath, everyone could see the weak magical energy flowing into his mouth and nostrils. Rithen fired, and the arrow was on target, flames blasted out of the dragons mouth and she shot up into the air. The arrow took affect turning the dragon to ice. The biggest explosion yet blasted out for miles turning the sky as black as the night for a few seconds. The wizards stood up with a feeling of emptiness remembering the words of the dragon before it turned to ice, “you fools!”. A wizard reached out to call his staff back to him, nothing happened. The mages looked at their orbs, they were clear, just glass. “what have we done” said the High lord Morrowon of the Elves, his voice was heard across the battlefield although it was only a whisper. The Orcs let loose their trolls, huge creatures with a small brain, they often had huge warhammers or clubs. The Wizards were crushed and the Mages only had a useless short sword to defend themselves. The archers had no arrows and the humans were too tired to use the dwarven weapons, the elves were their only hope of defense, all those who could not fight ran, the battle was lost.
You see, when the last dragon was killed it took all magic with it, as I explained earlier dragons were purely magical and with only with their existence could magic be used. So why aren't there any records of this ever happening? This is because men had to forget about the wonders that were lost. Without the dwarves, men took control in the race for technology, they invented vehicle capable of traveling in short time, and huge weapons called catapults, with these advantages they took over, killing all Elves and Orcs and every other creature that they deemed unnatural. This is how those times became forgotten. But what if at least two Dragons escaped the clutches of the Orcs, what if they had hidden and their offspring hid in other places all over the world. My story takes place in a world where those two dragons did hide, the year is 2002.

Chapter 2
Four Boys
Our Story Begins in the southern most point of a country called Wales, part of the United Kingdom. We will begin with Thameras Granville, a human, he doesn't enjoy his Survival lessons and he doesn't enjoy hunting for physical reasons, but for some reason he want to become a ranger. He parents don't like the idea of him becoming the apprentice of a strange man that they don't know, but these days parents don't have much control over their children’s future. Thameras is often mistaken for a dwarf but the fact that he doesn't have a long beard proves that he isn't. Thameras was packing his bag ready for school when the doorbell rang “THAMERAS, YOU RHYTHMAL IS HEAR!” shouted Thameras’ mother up the stairs. The door opened and there stood Rhythmal. Rhythmal Deere had short dark brown hair, he was taller that Thameras. “Mornin’ Tham, come on we’ve got to meet Moric and then make our way to school”
“Calm Down Rhyth, I’m ready ”
So off they went to pick up Moric and head to school.
At this point in time Ubi Hill was sitting on his bus ignoring the insults from the back. A piece of scrunched up paper flew at him and hit him on the head, he leant down and picked up the paper, straightened it out, it said ’Stinking Halfling’, that made angry. “DON’T EVER CALL ME A HALFLING, I AM A HOBBIT”. The person who threw the paper was laughing with his friend, who threw another paper. Ubi raised his hand and stopped the paper in mid flight, he flicked his hand and it flew back and hit the boy on the head, everyone laughed. Ubi felt like a hero and he liked it. Ubi had brown curly hair on his head, and feet. He got off the bus and met up with Thameras, Rhythmal and Moric. “Hello Ubi” they said.
“Hi” he replied, where’s Althron.
“I don't know and frankly I don't care, ill be glad to have him out of my life he’s so two faced and he only cares about himself” said Tham.
Meanwhile at Althron Morris’ house, “Come on were going to be late again”. Althron was always complaining about how his sister is never waking up in time to get to school. Althron finally got to school with his scruffy black coat and he rushed into his form class just as the teacher called his name, “hear” he called back as he slammed into the door rushing to get it open. That year, the year group was split up into two, the Hobbits and Elves and The Dwarves and humans. The first lesson of the day was Elvish, as Althron, Rhythmal and Ubi were walking down the corridor to get to their lesson, they heard a girl behind them moaning to a friend, “why do we have to do Elvish anyway, its not like I’m going to use it” at that moment Althron turned around and spoke aloud in elvish, insulting the girl. “What” she asked,
“oh, just explaining why Elvish can be useful”
The three boys entered the lesson laughing. “SIT DOWN!” the teacher instructed. If you’re wondering why elves has to go to elvish lessons, it was because the elves used it much like you have English lessons, to speak properly. As for the other races they went to learn the basics of the language. In my opinion the Elves had it too easy.
It was break time and the Three boys were walking through the yard as all of the first years avoided them, the second years however were a bit more mouthy. Luckily Rhyth’s ambitions were to become a wizard and Ubi wanted to be a battle mage, so with this in mind the second years soon learnt to know them after being hung magically by their underwear for the fifteen minute break time with their friends laughing at them. Althron wanted to become a ranger but he was more interested in the use of a bow, because he was skilled and well trusted he was allowed to carry his bow around, along with his two short swords. Why are they using swords, well, when magic was destroyed the only way to keep order was with more powerful weapons, but since magic hasn't been destroyed there is no need for powerful weapons, the elves still kept order with magic. Ubi carried Magic orbs with him, these weren't strictly allowed as they can be too destructive but Ubi just enchanted them to represent harmless orbs until of course he wanted to threaten someone with them. Rhyth carried round his staff, it represented his status as a wizard, it was wood, the second lowest form but for a fifteen year old that was quite high. Tham carried round his long sword, at this point in time he couldn’t use it properly has it was too heavy. The four boys were unique, they knew exactly what they wanted to be and they had already begun training for it. Aside from all of this they were unknown to pretty much everyone in school.
After Lunchtime the boys were supposed to go to Survival Lessons, but they had been called to a secret meeting. The head teacher Dr. Nimala and a handful of other teachers were sitting in a circle. “Althron Morris, Ubi Hill, Rhythmal Deere and Thameras Granville, are you all year” said the head teacher reading from a list of names. The boys replied and then took their seats. Some more pupils came in, all elves. Al and Rhyth felt pressured by the fact that the other elves were supposed to be better by them. Merralek, was the name of the girl who seemed to be the head of the group. The head began to speak about a group of Evil elves who were allied with Orcs, beginning to plan an attack on the school and the 11 people that they had chosen were to help defend the school. If they helped out they would get into any university they wanted by special request of the school. They all agreed to help and had the rest of the day off to explain to their parents about the risks and advantages.
The next day after their second lesson Rhyth and Ubi went to learn about Runes, and for Al and Tham it was Weapon Creation. Runes were the dwarves way of using magic, they carved dwarven markings into stone, or Gold, or Colored materials such as Rubies, Emeralds and the most powerful ones were in Diamond. Ubi was asked to do a demonstration in class, he picked up a rune spoke the writing and BANG, there was a cloud of smoke, when it died down one of the boys in the back of the class (who only took the lesson to learn spells) was all green, and his hair had turned yellow, his name was Eyakeron. “ILL GET YOU FOR THAT!” he said with his elvish ears pulled back along his face and his eyes wide with an angry expression on his face. While this happened In Weapon Making Althron had just finished his second elvish long sword, it was made of the lightest metal they had in the workshop. As he had extra time left before everyone else finished theirs, and because the teacher though he was reliable, he was allowed to , mark a rune on it. His teacher, Mr. Thesdab, gave him his special book of runes. Without reading the description Althrof carved out the rune in the Diamond Part of the handle (which he added out of his own money) then he wrote the name of the sword in elvish on the blade. He called it ‘Slash’, I know it sounds corny, that’s what he thought as well, his other sword was called ‘Gash’, only Slash had a rune in it but the diamond piece on the handle was on Gash as well. Tham created a weapon that looked like two flat fan blades, but it was an elvish design that Althron had helped him with. It looked great but know Tham had to learn how to use it. Both Al and Tham had paid for their weapons and the rest of the class either envied their weaponry skills, or hated them especially Eyakeron’s friends. That lunchtime was one to remember.
The Bell rang for Lunch and the four boys met up with Moric the Dwarf on the field. Their other friends came down the field after they had finished their lunch. Tham and Al began to practice their swordsman skills, Tham used his new weapon that he simply called a fan sword. It was an amazing spectacle for everyone watching, both boys were extremely good swordsmen, they stopped ten minutes after. Then Rhyth began to create energy balls which he threw up into the air and Althron shot them with his bow creating great fireworks. “Al, Tham, that Eyakeron and his friends are coming with long swords and fireballs,” All five boys readied their weapons, they were prepared to use them but they only got them out to warn Eyakeron that they could fight, everyone else gathered round. Al threw Slash towards Ubi, “what does it say” he asked, Ubi threw it back and told him “Byp”. Eyakeron approached them, with his friends and their Orcish styled swords, they were painted red in parts to make it look like blood, the blade of Eyakeron’s sword was curved round. They charged towards the five boys, Rhyth readied his staff, Ubi stood back, Moric took his short sword (which he wasn't allowed), Al readied Slash and Gash, Tham readied his fan sword. “this’ll show ya” Eyakeron grumbled. Two of Eyakeron ‘s friends attacked Tham, who’s weapon was a great advantage, one big person who they called ‘Troll’ attacked Al, Rhyth was blasted back by a rune from Eyakeron who slowly walked towards Ubi. Al tried to get to Ubi to protect him but Troll was in the way, he shouted ‘BYP’ and the rune in his sword glowed bright white, as he went to slash Troll the rune shone brighter and then faded. Al had not even got near Troll with his sword but blood began to pour from his side, Troll fell to the floor with a deep wound, if he wasn't as big he would probably have died. Al was blasted back by the same rune that was used on Rhyth. Ubi pulled out an orb. “Ha Ha so you’re going to heal me” Eyakeron said as he noticed the heal sign in the rune as Ubi went to throw it. Just before Ubi threw it the healing pattern in the orb changed to a freezing pattern. Eyakeron was frozen. Tham was saved as the two people attacking him ran away as the teachers created a barrier around the boys. They looked around and saw Troll’s Axe in Moric’s side, he had been killed. Rhyth tried to blast his way out of the barrier but he couldn’t. Thameras was very upset, the rest were filled with anger and a deep hatred for Eyakeron and his Group of human and dwarven friends. A group of teachers flocked all around working together to sustain the magic barrier. The crowd of people were stunned at the fact that someone was killed in their school. The teachers took the four boys into the main hall, still imprisoned in the barrier. They were called fourth separately. “Thameras Granville, you wielded your newly crafted weapon with intent to harm another pupil, you are expelled. Althron Morris, you cut deep inside a pupil with a magic rune causing that pupil serious harm, you are expelled. Rhythmal Deere, you tried to blast through the magic barrier created to stop you from escaping and you threatened to use your magic to harm others, you are expelled. And finally Ubi Hill, you carried round very destructive magi orbs which you disguised from teachers, and then you froze a fellow student, you are expelled”
“what was I supposed to do” argued Ubi, the others agreed.
“you could have stopped them with magic, as you seem to think your so good with it” the head teacher snapped back. Tham opened his mouth with thought of a witty reply but he decided it would be best to just leave it. Finally the head teacher informed them that they would be kept in solitary confinement for the night to think about their actions. As you probably would have guessed their parents were furious, worst of all was Thameras’ parents, they told him he could not go outside the house and talk to his friends.
That night, hours and hours passed and there was a tremendous storm shaking the cells. Althorn was gazing out of the window fascinated by the lightning, counting the seconds between flashes and the thunder that followed. There was the sound of footsteps that got louder until it seemed like in was right in front of the cell , Althron was looking around but couldn’t see anything. There was the slightest sound of giggling from below. Althron looked down and there, as clear as the cell walls, was a gremlin. Althron sat down with his back against the wall thinking about the attack on the school, the footsteps headed back where they came from. Also listening was Rhyth. As the guard went to check outside Rhyth called for his staff. In flew off the wall where it was hanging and it went to the outstretched hand of Rhyth. He pointed his staff at the lock, as his staff twisted the door unlocked. Suddenly as there was a flash of lightning the guards body fell backwards with an Orcish arrow through the heart. Rhyth ran down the corridor with Goblins crowding the corridors in front and behind him, he ran to about the fifth cell down and there was Althron sitting under the barred window. The goblins were close just within attacking range of Rhyth. Without thinking he swung his staff from the door to the wall on the other side. The door ripped from its hinges and crushed the goblins that were standing by it. Althron stood up and left the cell, “cool” he said casually as he pulled his swords from the wall. Althron was battling the goblins with ease, their flesh was easily damaged by his elvish swords. Rhyth held his hands together, as if he was protecting a small creature inside, after a while he opened his hands, Rhyth had created his first fireball. “BACK” Rhyth demanded, Althron leapt backwards and the goblins flooded the cell where they were hiding. They saw the fireball in Rhyth’s hand and the goblin at the front of the hoard sighed, Rhyth launched the fireball at the goblins , the few survivors ran out of the building.
While all this was happening, Ubi was desperately trying to escape hearing the sounds of the battle across the other side of the courtyard. He quickly found a sharp stone on the floor and carved a rune into the stone wall. Ubi held his hand over the rune and spoke the words. The stone wall flew back crushing many gremlins and a few goblins. After realizing what just happened the goblins one of the leading goblins called the others in his croaking, slimy voice “Look a little Halfling”
“I HATE BEING CALLED A HALFLING” Howled the Hobbit as his eyes flamed with his enchantment. The various stone blocks scattered along the floor flew towards the goblins, lightning flashed and they fell to the floor. At that moment Rhyth and Althron rushed out amazed at the Ubi’s powers. The three boys rescued Tham and they battled their way through the goblins. A group of Orcs found the four boys having fun slaughtering their gremlins and goblins. The Orcs attack, Althron’s swords wouldn't damage the Orcish armour, Rhyth pulled Althron back with his staff just in time, as the Orcish battle axe swooped down towards him. “thank you!” Althron said as he flew past everyone. Tham used ‘The Fan-Blade’ to hold of a lot of the dwarves aiming high (very high) for their heads. Rhyth was taking down large numbers of Orcs at a time with his newly found fireball ability. Althron began firing his arrowat the big Orcs. “IM running low on arrows” He shouted,
“pass me that unmarked diamond on your sword” Ubi asked as he looked on the floor for a sharp stone. Althron threw the diamond and continued to fire at the Orcs. The head teacher was watching them from the top of the tallest building around the courtyard, noting their actions. Ubi threw a diamond rune at Althron “its another one of those Byp runes”
“what's with this Byp, it doesn't sound very magic” Althron said, not directing the question at anyone. “fit it onto you bow,” Ubi instructed “and hope it works”.
Althron, who was out of arrow, fitted the rune onto the front of the bow and said the word to activate the rune. As Althron pulled back the bow string he could see the magic energy charging up, he released the bow and nothing seemed to happen, he looked at his target who had a wound through his neck, the Orcs black blood was pouring out. “Cool” Althron said as he fired the energy arrows at the Orcs. The rune stopped shining and the arrows wouldn't fire. The boys were backed up against the wall of the main school detention building, all of them worn out. It all seemed over as the Orcs slowly crept up to them laughing at them and taunting them, when suddenly they all floated up into the air and caught fire. There they were suspended lighting the area with an orange glow. In the middle of the burning corpses was Dr. Nimala with a chain mail armour over a blue robe, Dr. Nimala was holding a staff that was pure silver, with no markings or jewels. The boys all though the same thing, ‘oh crap’. They all expected the headmistress to freeze them or turn them into something. That didn't happen.

Act Your Rage
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Chapter 3
Leaving School
That night when the four boys protected the school, they were allowed to stay on, the expulsion was not officially recorded, and they were given the chance to get into the universities that they wanted to. The elves that were supposed to help defend the school didn't show up at all, they didn't get into their desired universities.
It was a lovely Summers Day, and the last Friday that the boys would spend together for a long time, they were about to begin their biggest adventure.
“So here we are, leaving school. It seems like yesterday that we were sent flying across the field for looking at someone wrong, or saying something wrong” said Rhyth staring at the school. “AW, NO”
“what is it Ubi”
“we’re going to have to regain our reputation, now we’ll probably end up being flung across an even bigger field, or worse, turned into a spleen”
“Spleen, what the hell? Why would anyone turn you into a spleen? What is a spleen?” Althron quickly remarked followed by laughter. “well I’m not going to a collage or university so, YAY!”
“yeah well me and Ubi are going to ‘The University for Wizards and Mages”, Tham’s going to that Collage for Warriors and Barbarians, aren't you Tham?”
“yeah,” Tham replied miserably, gazing at the school “I don't really want to go, but I have to, I’m leaving in two hours.” Thameras stoop off and walked up the road to his home. Rhythmal decided he had better get ready as well, even though he was two days early. That left Ubi and Al left on the hill, that they sat on every day after the battle because it had a great view of the courtyard. A few minutes of silence past then Ubi stood up, “well, I’d best be off” he said, and with those words he reached into his pouch and pulled out a large orb, he through the orb into the air. The orb came crashing into the floor and it created a sort of, vortex, “Cheerio” Ubi said merrily as he jumped into the vortex which closed immediately after him leaving the land as if the vortex had never ripped a hole in it. Althron laughed quietly to himself and lay down looking up at the sky.
“Excuse me, are you, err…… Alr ..oh… Althron, Althron Morris?” a woman's voice spoke, disturbing the silence, he looked up and there stood a woman, an elven woman with light blonde hair and silver sunglasses. Althron looked down and saw a motorbike. ‘Why didn’t I hear that’ he thought. “Yes I am Althron, who are you?”
“I’m Ninala, but everyone calls me Nina, I am the daughter of Nimala, you’ll be, like, my apprentice, I am a Ranger”
“okay?, so what, do we leave now”
“yeah preferably”
“ok but before we leave I have to go home and say goodbye” So Nina started up he Bike and Althron got on, there was a loud blast and the bike was going at a great speed, all that could be heard was the wind whipping against the protective magic shield around the bike.
Back to Thameras. He had packed his bags and was sitting on his bed wondering what it would be like in the university. He got up and looked out of the window, he saw Althron talking to a woman, they both got on a bike and there was am almost blinding flash and the bike was gone. Tham’s Father crept into the room, “What’s the matter Thameras”
“Al’s gone, with a Ranger woman” he replied
“And so should you be, come on lets go”
So off Tham went to the train station where he met Rhyth and Ubi. “what are you doing here”
“we thought we’d see you off you know, I don't know where Althron is though”
“He’s gone, with a ranger woman on an enchanted bike, from what I’ve read they were only given to people of great importance, they only made five.” The whistle blew for the train, and Thameras stepped in through the silver liquid doors and the ripple moved along the train where it met with another, the train then disappeared as it shot along the tracks. The trains had to be made of liquid, enchanted of course, so that they could travel at great speeds, its too complicated to explain really.
So another one was gone leaving just the two left at the station. “I’m sure you’ll be a great wizard, Rhyth” Ubi told Rhyth noticing that he looked worried about something.
“And I’m sure you’ll make a legendary Mage” replied Rhyth.
Incase you were wondering in this world of magic, there is two main types of magic. There’s the Pure magic for wizards and wizardess, and there’s the Magi magic, specializing in Enchantments, Illusions and Destruction, Magi carry most of their magic in Mage Orbs.
That Sunday Rhyth and Ubi left for their new university, they went by taxi. Although it was mid summer the sky was very grey and for miles around there was just wasteland when suddenly a huge invisible gate opened up revealing the university, and Rhyth could just make out a dome slightly blurred. They entered the university grounds and stared out of the window, Ubi wanted to swap seats because out of his window he could only see Wizards, Rhyth only saw Magi out of his, so they swapped. There was a great display of a miniature fraction of a fraction of what they would learn in the university. There were wizards dueling with their staffs, shooting fireballs and lightning at each other, those who were unfortunate enough to be hit by anything were quickly raised magically and taken inside the university. There were Wizards and Wizardess working together to raise the ground up with hand actions creating large pillars, then some of the older students pulled them down without any traces that the pillar was raised in the first place. As this happened Rhyth could see the magical energy flowing from their hands causing objects behind it to blur. Ubi was more excited than he’d ever been before. He saw Magi throwing orbs across the other side of the university grounds and activated, it was a thousand times better than the fireworks displays that they had back home. More magi were using their destructive powers to move objects with their hands from a distance and smash them into magical walls that other magi had spent time to build up. Ubi’s eyes were wide like a hungry boy that can see mound of sweets on the dinner table. All along the fantastic journey to the university doors Ubi was calling Rhyth, “wow look at that”, “quick Rhyth look”, “WOW, look, look”. Rhyth just said things like “yeah, that’s cool”, but he never looked, he was fascinated by the wizards.
Thameras was worried along the journey, thinking that everyone else in the Collage would be really nasty and always fighting. He was worried that it would be a horrible place where people who didn’t do as the teachers said would be impaled on a spike and shown for all to learn a lesson. His imagination ran wild, he was thinking up all manner of horrible things that could happen there. Of course not all of these thing he thought up were true, in fact most of them weren’t. The weather was perfect, the grass was not as green as that of the wizard and mages university grounds but it was, well, nice. The grounds weren't filled with as many people as the university, there were many people dueling, and this was enough for Thameras to feel better. Thameras loved the thrill of a good duel, and he thought, if anyone does give him a hard time he could easily humiliate them in a duel. He entered the university hall, it was huge, ten times the size of the hall from his old school. It was packed full of Humans and Dwarves and very few Elves, and some very vicious little hobbits. “OH MY GOD,” shouted a voice from afar “Thameras, Thameras Granville?, look its Thameras”. A crowd of excited people rushed up to Thameras, he and his friends were celebrities. “he created the fan-blade and killed many Orcs with it, and that was when he was fifteen”, Thameras was overjoyed with his fans. “and, he fought along side the great Althron”, with that word Thameras let out an angry sigh and was very frustrated, every question after that was based on Althron, despite this Thameras and his fans became good friends.
Back to Althron. After saying his goodbyes he left with Nina to a great Elven city called Cardiff, after a short practice with long swords, Al wasn't really to good with a long sword but over time he mastered all swordsman skills. The bike came to a silent, immediate stop in front of a very dark forest. The gates to the forest were covered in rust, the lock had been broken, and the gate was blown shut, slamming because of the wind and the broken hinges caused the door to open again. Althorn and Nina entered the forest, Al was holding the hilt of his sword ready to pull it out of its holder. Nina was guiding Althron through the forest, he felt lost, although Nina was striding through the forest, avoiding the roots and branches from the trees. All of a sudden Nina stopped, she took of her silver sunglasses and looked around, “ah,” she said, “here we are”. Nina held onto a weak looking branch and pulled it down, the bark of the very large tree seemed to be pulled in, into where cant be said, but they eventually revealed stairs. Nina began to walk up the stairs, so Althron followed. Up, and Up they went when suddenly they reached the top of the tree. “there’s nothing here” Althron stated, Nina carried on as if he wasn't there. She Jumped forward out of the tree, Althron was very shocked, not really to his surprise she landed safely in mid air. “Make sure you jump far enough” Nina told Al as he was about to jump. As he jumped he went all light headed and he can remember landing on a platform, things suddenly became visible but not for long, he stepped back in amazement, there was a thud and everything went black.
In the Wizards university Ubi and Rhyth were enjoying their first day. Rhyth was amazed at the amount of people who heard of him, he is famous for being one of the youngest wizards to create a fireball without being told how. He showed his friends who stared in amazement. His first lesson, after sorting out his classes ,was Alteration (the physical change of objects). The whole class had the task of turning plastic into wood. The professor taking the lesson went round placing random pieces of scrap plastic on the solid silver tables that the university had recently purchased. Everyone stood and at the teachers command they placed their hands about a foot above the plastic. There was a deep sense of concentration in the room. “IVE DONE IT” screeched and exited hobbit’s voice. The professor walked over to the hobbit, and picked up the substance, he then raised it to his mouth and took a bite. “I’m afraid my young lad that you’ve turned it into chocolate” the professor merrily said with a smile on his face. Rhyth was concentrating hard while the other class members laughed at the hobbit. There was a great shimmer of light, that blasted out of Rhyth’s hand and onto the table. There was a cracking and creaking sound. “oops!… Professor, I’ve… err… The table, I turned it to wood”
“What?,” the professor replied, “quite ingenious, very well done Rhyth, but now there is the matter of turning that expensive table back”. The professor whispered into his clenched fist. As his fist opened out flew a blue light, straight out the window. A few minutes later two Wizards entered the room, they held out their staffs and blasted the table with a green beam. “there you are,” one of them said, “now which one of you is the cleaver person who did this”
“I am” Rhyth replied proudly.
“Well?” said the other looking down on Rhyth, who was becoming quite worried. After a long silence he spoke, “Here you are my lad”, the Wizards Golden staff pointed towards Rhyth’s staff. Both Wizards immediately left the room. “what was that all about” one of the human wizardess questioned. “LOOK” said the hobbit, who became known as Choco (everything he turned into something else was chocolate). The class turned around and saw Rhyth’s solid plain wooden staff. It began to shake and a layer of what looked like branches, climbed from the staff base and wrapped around the staff. At the top of the staff three branches had created a hand like base, clearly for something to go in. “Rhyth you’ve gone up
a wizard level, well done, very well done” the professor told him. The whole class clapped, one or two whistled. “Now all you have to do is place an Orb into that Staff Hand” the professor added. ‘Staff Hands’ were the ‘finger like’ objects at the top of a staff. For the lower levels orbs had to be used but for those who new how, or those of higher levels could add an orb to be easily used.
While all of this happened Ubi was stuck inside a gloomy classroom learning about the history of Magi, he was extremely bored. As the lesson finished Ubi left the Magi Section of the university and went into the Wizard section, trying to find Rhyth. Everyone was rushing passed him, he could only see legs, millions and millions of legs rushing past him. If he lost concentration of the legs, by looking up at the bodies they were carrying, he would have been knocked back. Eventually Ubi came into a clear corridor with a group of five Wizards and wizardess, “excuse me, hello, have you seen my friend Rhyth, Hello, anyone”, Ubi was desperately trying to get their attention. “Rhyth you say,” one of the wizards finally replied, “listen everyone, this here is a friend of Rhyth”, Ubi suddenly felt reassured, but not for long, “That showoff, always trying to impress, I bet if it came down to me and him in a wizards duel he’d be no match for me, Ajilb White”. Ajilb thought very highly of himself, he snatched his staff and began to knock Ubi backward with it. “I stupid Hobbit, you friend will pay for showing off so much, starting with you!” Ajilb threw Ubi into a wall with his magic. Ubi pulled out one of his Orbs, as Ubi held onto the orb tightly he felt it pull towards on of the wizards so he let go.
“HEAL???, you need to heal yourself after that? Stupid hobbit” The wizard s******ed, he threw the orb to the floor and Ubi smiled. “What are you smiling at!” Ajilb demanded, he then turned around and saw all his friends frozen. “THAT’S IT, YOU’RE DEAD” Ajilb shouted raising his wooden staff. Suddenly a bolt of lightning blasted him to the other end of the corridor. In the doorway where the bolt came from was Rhyth. “Thank you, SO much” Ubi said very pleased.
“I like the decorations” Rhyth said looking at the Frozen students, they both walked past the moaning Ajilb, who was recovering from the blast.
Two days before, Thameras’ first day went very well. His first lesson was The Construction and use of Warhammers. Warhammers became Thameras’ favorite weapon and they can smash through almost anything and crush armour very easily. The Professors in the Collage were all Wizards, specializing in healing for after duels and to help with general first aid. There were also trainers, who taught the students how to use the weapons. After the Warhammer lesson, students were encouraged to stay behind and duel. Thameras enjoyed all of the duel he saw but it was finally his turn. He was matched up against the biggest person in the class, Malron. Malron was big, he had scars all down his arms and one big scar from just above his left eyebrow down , across his nose and then over his mouth. His face seemed to be divided up into two pieces. His black greasy hair often came passed hit eyes, this made them seem more intimidating as you could only see them through the small gaps in his hair. They were told to choose a weapon from the Warhammer room. As the door opened there was thousands of warhammers. Thameras waited for Malron to choose his weapon before he did. Malron picked up a warhammer with a huge iron hammer, it was about the size of a small barrel, Thameras chose a smaller one with a pure golden hammer. Thameras and Malron both entered the Round Dueling pit at opposite ends. Before Tham was ready a ring of flames shot up revealing the scoreboard, the match had begun. The rules were first to ten hits of their opponent, Thameras was in the Blue armour and Malron was in the Red. They called it blue armour but it was really just very clean iron, more grey, and the red armour was made to look blood stained. Thameras quickly attached his shield to his arm and then blocked the incoming blow from Malron. This blast knocked Tham down to the ground and Malron scored two points, he then brutally brought his warhammer down with all his force, Tham rolled out of the way and the warhammer smashed the stone floor. Thameras swung the hammer around, it crashed in-to Malron’s leg. The Score was one to both duelers. Tham then smashed his hammer into Malron’s jaw from underneath, then Thameras span around and stuck another vicious blow to Malron’s jaw. This time his jaw smashed and one of the professors held out his hand and malron was healed. Malron was angry, losing by two points, he swung the hammer over his head then it came crashing into Tham’s side. Tham was sent flying into the wall, the other side of the arena. Thameras was very angry, he ran towards Malron and, as Malron raised his hammer, he slid under his legs smashing his hammer between Malrons legs as he went. Malron was in agony on the floor, much to the amusement of the other students. One of the professors healed him after letting the other students have a laugh. This made Malron really angry, he fought back vigorously. The score was 9 to Malron and 5 to Thameras. As Malron brought his Warhammer down to win the match, Thameras hit his hammer up with his own, then span around and nearly took Malrons head off. The match was over, Malrons neck had been snapped. Thameras left the Arena with no sorrow for Malron, just hatred for him. No-one would duel with him for weeks.
Now back to Althron. He woke up in an elven hospital, in the elven treetop city of Cardiff. “Hello Al, you fell off the city entrance ledge, I grabbed your leg but you swung and hit your head on a tree, but better that than to have fallen all that way to the floor”
“yeah, thanks Nina” Al said gratefully. The two left the hospital and to Althrons surprise there really was a city, it was if there was no trees below them at all, there were cars, people skateboarding and really tall elven buildings. “So where are we going now” Althron asked.
“Were going to the trial grounds, don't feel pressured but if you don't pass the trial you will not get the chance to be a ranger”. Althron’s eyes opened with shock as Nina told him about the trial. Nina explained everything that she could remember from when she did the trial, but she warned Althron that they often change the trials.
After a twenty minute walk, and a twenty minute talk through of the trials they arrived at the ranger building, it looked like like an old abandoned human building but that’s what it was designed like. If you’re wondering why rangers had to do trials, it wasn't for all rangers, just those who want to become very well trained. Most rangers are self taught but some become apprentices. The Ranger meeting hall was packed full of rangers of all races. Althron seemed to be the youngest there, everyone else seemed either very old, or just older than Althron who was 18 at this time. Nina stepped up onto a podium and announced to everyone, “Hello to all you Rangers, and Apprentices, I would like to introduce you to Althron, who wielded the first bow with everlasting magical arrows, and created the sword ‘Slash’ that has killed over one hundred Goblins,” the crowd stopped listening at that point, Althron seemed disappointed as the grumbling chatter continued, then Nina caught their attention, “And that was all when he was fifteen”, the hall of people fell silent then turned to Althron and cheered. They all had a large feast that evening. “I’m tired, I’m going to sleep” Althron said as he finished his meal. “why, don't you want to do the trial,” Nina asked him, “drink this, it’ll wake you up” Nina passed Althron a bowl with a green liquid in it. Althron drank it down and it came right back up again. “well did it work?” Nina asked as Althron was coughing,
“Yes” he replied with a croaky voice.
“Good, let the Trial Begin”

Chapter 4
The Trial

Althron was fully prepared, he had his swords and his bow and that’s all he needed. He stepped into a small closet, and the door slammed behind him leaving the room pitch black, “good luck”, Althron heard Nina say through the door. Althron searched for a handle or anything that could open a passage. After a while he decided to find a brick in a wall that could open something. He pushed against one wall and his hand went through, he stepped through the wall and ended up in a cold stone corridor with a damp floor, with the constant dripping from a cave at the end of the corridor. On the ceiling there was one single light bulb that was flickering on and off. Althron went on and before he knew it, a giant spider dropped down from the ceiling on a web, in jumped to the floor and scurried towards Althron. Without thinking Althron’s sword went straight through the spiders head. The spider seemed to turn into a gold dust, that blew away almost immediately after it appeared. “Cool” Althron said to himself trying to lighten the mood in the dark tunnel. Althron walked into the pool of water in the cave as there was nowhere else to go. He swam into an underwater tunnel holding his breath, he was running out of breath so quickly pulled himself out using the wall to push off from. He ended up in a Huge Golden hall filled with Dwarves having a feast. He readied his bow and said the word to activate it, then the dwarves stood up and ran toward him with their axes. Althron began shooting the dwarves each one turning to golden dust, starting from where the finishing arrow hit them and then the dust blew away, and disappeared. When a path was clear Althron darted through it, the dwarven axes just missed him as he ran, meeting with the dwarves on the opposite side. There was a big Door at the other end of the hall, Althron ran through it and slammed it behind him. He entered a room with two long poles with a flaming torch attached to the top, between the two torches was a very narrow bridge, narrow enough for only one foot at a time, there was nothing to hold onto along the bridge at all, and below was a river flowing rapidly, and in the river were creatures known as river beasts, none looked the same but they were all as terrible as each other. Althron grabbed one of the torches and began to run across the bridge he got about three quarters of the way there when Goblins started to run across from the other side. About five of them were close together and in front of Al, he thrust the torch through the middle of the first goblin, and it went all the way through the other four, and like all creatures in the trial, they turned to golden dust and blew away. Althron swiped away all of the goblins that came up to him with the pole, they were all eaten by the river beast, who eventually learned where they were coming from. Two Orcs came charging across the bridge. Al pierced the first ones flesh and threw him down to the river, one of the beasts leaped up and took the pole. The second Orc came running across the bridge, Althron looked down and saw a shark-like beast swimming against the current Althron ran towards the Orc and as the Orc Jumped towards Althron the beast jumped over the bridge catching the Orc between its jaws. The bridge was destroyed as the beast slammed into it on the way down, Althron jumped and caught onto a ledge and pulled himself up just in time, a few seconds more and the giant mouth that shot out of the river would have finished him.
Back in the Wizard University Ubi was throwing Freeze Orbs across a lake, they froze the water on impact, eventually there was about twenty platforms of ice floating in the lake. Rhyth came along and sat by him. “what’s the matter Ubi” Rhyth asked
“nothing I suppose, I was just wondering how the others are doing” Ubi replied after a while. “lets find out then” Rhyth said while meditating, he then spoke into his hand and then released a blue light which split into two and flew off.
Hours passed for Althron, who was nearing the end of the trial. He was in a huge open field with two huge trolls in it arguing. Althron got out his bow and fired at one of them, a hole tore in the flesh of the troll, who then picked up a gigantic axe and threw it at Althron. Althron then jumped out of the way and fired another shot, this time into the trolls head. The dust went everywhere. The second troll seemed very shocked, he was confused. As an energy arrow flew into his leg, he let out a very load roar and ran towards Althron, the ground was shaking, Althron jumped up towards the troll and slashed into his head, using his rune to create a deeper wound. The troll died but there was no dust, it was real. The trial was over, and he had passed.
Nina was very happy, although she expected him to finish the trial. “well done” she commented. All of the rangers in the hall were glad to know that Althron was worthy of being an apprentice. Nina stopped Althron from going to rest “now then after we’ve had some rest, well head to the north, into the wastelands of the Dark Elves territory, something is being planned by the Evil Elves and I plan on discovering it. Good Night”
Two weeks past, Thameras was back to his normal self sitting in his room looking out of the window. He saw something blue appear, it flew right up to his window and started banging into it. When the window was opened it flew in and spoke aloud. “Hi, Tham, this is Rhyth just talk to the ball of light and ill get the message. So how are you? Me and Ubi are having a great time, cant wait to hear from you, bye”. The ball turned red and Thameras spoke, “Its good to hear from you, I’ve been having a great time, the lessons are fun and they always end in a duel, which I am currently the best in the class at. I’m glad your having fun, bye” The ball of light flew back out the window and disappeared over the horizon. Thameras stood up in his silver armour, grabbed a silver battleaxe from the wall, it had a silver handle and head, with a golden outline on the both tips of the axe. He entered the Dueling hall where there were numerous battles going on. “Tham” a deep voice called, “Tham over here”. Thameras turned around and saw his new best friend Bullth. “Hey Bullth, do you want to try the new team arena” Tham asked,
“yeah sure” replied Bullth eagerly. They both walked towards the team arena, they both suited up in red armour. They entered the arena, it was filled with ten red people. To get to the main arena they had to navigate their way through a long tunnel full of traps. The other team had to do the same and then fight, when someone was hit twice they were out of the match. The flames shot up, symbolizing the start of the match. One brave person stepped into the tunnel while the others watched, he stepped onto a stone and out shot a spinning, spiked disc. Just as the disc hit him he was teleported to safety, as red sparks flew, showing him teleporting, his body seemed to be there and it was cut in half. Thameras and Bullth ran through jumping and ducking over the various discs, Swinging axes and huge battering rams. They were in the main arena, they turned round to see if any of their team mates made it. They looked like they were being slaughtered but it was just the enchantment of the magic. There was one person left, she managed to reach what she thought was the end, she casually walked forward and was crushed by a battering ram before the others could warn them. Bullth readied his Long sword, and Thameras unhooked his axe from the hooks on his armour. Nearly all of the blue team had managed to get through the corridor, except for two that tried to get through side by side. The blue team charged at them, with swords, axes, battleaxes, warhammers and even fan-blades. Two of the blue team, the ones with the fan-blades ran towards Bullth, “Wait, their mine, they stole my weapon” Thameras Roared as he charged. The blades were spinning and Tham couldn’t get an attack in. But the two blues tired themselves out and Tham blocked an attack, throwing the blue person away. He then stuck the other one, once, twice, and he was gone. Tham hooked his axe back onto his armour and picked up the fan-blade. He managed to take two of the blues with a single move. Bullth was brutal, knocking back the enemies with his sword and hitting them while they were down. There was one left, who knelt down and held out is sword, Tham and Bullth came at his with their weapons but he quickly span around and stuck two blows to Tham, he was defeated. Bullth picked up Tham’s axe, and smashed it into the chest plate of the remaining blue team member. The blue girl relied on speed, where as Bullth relied on power. The girl darted around Bullth but he span around and stuck the girl in the side. The red team won. That night Tham didn't speak much, the whole collage was very happy with their new arena and many more memorable battles took place there.
Another two weeks passed. Early in the morning, in the university, Rhyth woke up, went to his window and opened his hand and caught something. He quickly pocketed it and then caught another one. He then jumped out of the window and one of the surrounding trees moved to catch him. He ran to the lake where he found Ubi, throwing stones across the water. “Ubi, they’ve replied, Thameras and Althron have replied”, Ubi was very excited, he jumped to his feet and picked out one of the balls. Both of the messages were about what a good time they were having as well, although Thameras’ didn’t seem very genuine. “DUELS!!!” Ubi shouted, “Duels, how come you haven't been in any duels, everyone thinks you’ll be great”
“Very well, if you want to see me duel, I’ll duel” Rhyth snapped, still wondering about Thameras. So off they went to the dueling room, where Rhyth read the rules. ‘When on the dueling platform no runes, or outside help is to be used. If someone is found using the aid of a rune, or friend they will be banned from the dueling room for five months.’ The list went on, when Rhyth understood the rules he asked some of the people there who, in his class, would like to duel him. A small hobbit stood up, “I will duel you” the professor monitoring the duel began to lower the platform. “you’re going to duel Rhyth” the hobbits friend said.
“THAT’S RHYTH!!” the hobbit replied followed by a gulp. The professor teleported the two duelers onto the platform. “BEGIN” commanded the professor. The hobbit tried to lift Rhyth with his plain wooden staff, but he had to give up due to the weakness of the hobbits power. According to the rules, a wizard must weaken their enemy into a tired state before you can finish them. Rhyth blasted the hobbit backwards then took away his breath by pulling him forwards again before he hit the floor. Various objects were pulled from the walls onto the round platform and then into the hobbit. The hobbit was clearly done dueling, so Rhyth had to finish the battle, by wither blasting him off the edge, or using an orb, if available. Using his selected orb, a multi-orb, Rhyth shot out a blast, towards the hobbit. Multi-orbs were clear, like spherical glass balls. They had the power to read the mind of the user to see what power they wanted to use. In Rhyth’s case he had the usual, Fire, Lightning, Freezing multi-orb, the hobbit was frozen. The match was over and the platform raised into the ceiling, the hobbit was teleported to the hospital wing. “Congratulations Rhythmal, you have won your very first duel and with ease it seems, I award you with a level upgrade.” Rhyth’s staff began to change, a few lines of gold began to climb the twisted wood and the claw at the top wrapped almost fully round the multi-orb (which was also upgraded). “WOW!,” Ubi said astonished , “you must be the most powerful wizard in your class”

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Chapter 5

After many adventures in the university, Ubi and Rhyth set off together to try and find Althron and Thameras. Thameras set off solely to find Althron. Althron on the other hand was in a bit of trouble.
“RUN!!!!”, the voice of Althron was heard coming round a dark corner of a cave by Nina. Soon after Althron darted around the corner. He then shot something up at the roof and it pulled him up. Following him was a huge beast, it was a pile of enchanted boulders, commonly known as a Stone Golem. It stumbled round the corner and fell into a pile of rocks, which formed back together and the Golem was there again. It ran towards Nina who was casually sitting there looking at her nails, still with the sunglasses on, fully aware that a huge mound of rocks was running towards her. As the Golem passed under him, Althron dropped down and landed on its head. He raised his sword and brought it down straight between the creatures magical eyes. A golden light seemed to fly out of the crack Althron created, and it faded away. “Three down, and now time to get the gold” Althron said, after a hard days job of tricking the creatures in many ways, just so he could have a bit of fun. He went back into the room he came from and came back again with a large chest. Once outside Althron dropped the chest and opened it. It was full of gold coins, “were rich” Althron said wide eyed.
“Again, you mean, this time don’t spend it all on gambling” Nina pointed out.
“Ok, I learnt my lesson when I lost my swords and bow. At least I made that little hobbit happy” Althron replied. They were riding down the road on the bike when a blue ball of light came along side. It was one of Rhyth’s. “Dear Althron, we’ve left the university and were wondering, would you like to meet up in the old school. I have word of something happening there, and I thought it would be cool to meet up”
“was that your friend Rhyth”
“yeah, could you drop me off at my old school please”
“yeah sure” Nina said as she span the bike around and sped off to the south.
Meanwhile Thameras got a message, but he was already in his parents house so he set off down the road. When he got to the school he went into the main entrance, everything had been burned down. He entered the main hall and there in the middle of the room stood a small hobbit with brown and black leather armour, stood tall next to him was a Wizard with wizard robes and a silver staff, with a golden claw on the top. “Thameras, is that you, you’re different, you seem, well strong?” Ubi questioned.
“Well that’s what Warrior Collage does to you” Thameras spoke after a while, in a deep voice.
“So Tham, how was collage”, Rhyth finally spoke
“Fine” Thameras replied coldly. At that moment the door opened, and there stood and Elf, wearing the finest elven, ranger clothing with his long elven hair hanging loose with sunglasses with black lenses covering his eyes. There was a silence for a long time, “Hello?, what the hell, why are you all staring at me? ”
“ALTHRON?”, they were all shocked, he had changed completely. “what took you so long” Ubi said jokingly
“Golems, three big Golems. Oh and a big chest of gold”, Althron threw a bag of gold at each of them. “How are you all” Althron asked.
“Great” Ubi and Rhyth said simultaneously
“Fine, I won a duel champions medal,” Thameras said with great pride, “so what’s happened here then”
“Dark Elves,” Althron replied, “I remember that smell, the smell of green flame”
“You mean you’ve actually seen Dark Elves?” Rhyth asked
“It was a long time ago, at the beginning of my training, they were camping out in the wastelands, hunting trolls for fun. Nina, my trainer, began firing arrows when suddenly, a ring of green flame lit around the camp. When the fire had gone so had the elves, and the smell left was just like this”
“Sounds like you’ve had quite the adventure” Ubi excitedly said
“That was nothing, there was this one time with a huge Gole..”
“Ok we get the picture” Thameras interrupted as he picked up a staff. It was Dr. Nimala’s. “Oh no, Nina will be devastated, Rhyth could you send her one of those light things” Althron went quite as he was staring at the staff, Rhyth sent off the ball of light. “Lets go, I know someone who can help us out” Rhyth walked out onto the main yard where they used to teach people lessons so many years ago. Then when everyone was close together he put away his staff and raised his hands, as he did so the floor cracked and then shot up above the clouds. “Now then” Rhyth was looking for something. Althron took off his sunglasses and everyone noticed his eyes, they were silver. “Ah, what’s happened to your eyes” Ubi asked.
“About a year ago me and Nina were captured by a dark elf and his apprentice wizard, Eyakeron”
“EYAKERON!” Ubi interrupted, Althron continued to explain,
“Yes, Eyakeron, Nina had been captured by the wizard before, and he did the same thing to her that he did to me, cast a spell over my eyes that blocks out all things natural, Now I can only see magic without the aid of these magic sunglasses. Rhyth, I believe what you were looking for is this” Everyone was still shocked by the story, by Al put on his sunglasses and stepped forward, there was a ripple at his feet, he seemed to be walking in mid air but every time his foot went down another ripple would be seen.
The group soon stepped into a magically protected dome, this dome was much like the one around the university and the elven city in the trees. There heads felt all weird as they passed through and things became gradually clear. There to greet them was Merralek, their once hated peer. “Rhyth my old friend, I’m glad you got my message”
“Yes, now what do you want us to do”
“Some Dark attacked us last night, they burned the school and threatened to burn our humble city, they wanted to known of four boys. Four boys that left years ago. They were sent under command of ‘Eyakeron the Merciless’, I’m sorry Althron, I sent them to Cardiff, I told them you would be found there. You can stop them if you leave now, they only had Orc Lizards to ride on.” Althron turned around straight away and passed through the dome, falling off the edge. “Althron!!!!” They all called as they ran to the edge. They looked down and saw Althron falling, when suddenly a winged creature flew under him and he landed on it. He flew up to the four people watching in horror. “Sorry, I just thought I’d be fun” he told them.
“Ok, now lets get moving, we’ve got dark elves to kill.”
The four young men ran out of the entrance of the school and found four bikes with a note:
Dear Althron, I’ve gone to find information about my mother
,take these bikes, their not enchanted but they’ll get you around

So off they went along the road towards Cardiff, but it was not a simple journey. About a quarter of the way to Cardiff, the road was suddenly swarming with Dwarfs, all on big Dwarven motorbikes. The exhausts could be heard a mile away, as they used runes to boost their engines. “ok you guys distract them ill get those runes” Althron commanded, Thameras
Ignored Althron’s plan and quickly got out his axe. Althron sped up to the bike at the very back of the gang and without anyone noticing the rune was gone and a knife burst the tire.
Then another was down and another, the shear volume of the engines was enough to cover up the helpless pleads for help by the dwarves. There were three left, Al had five runes in his pocket but then Thameras came up and with a deafening roar sliced into one of the dwarves. Althron took the rune just in time. Then the two remaining dwarves braked, so Althron and Thameras were at the front and the two dwarves were getting ready to attack. Althron jumped off his bike and sliced off the heads of the two dwarves as he span in the air. Thameras slowed down, with Althron’s bike. When the group got back together they fitted two runes to each bike. Then they spoke the word ‘SOOM’ and off they went, the speedometers on the bikes broke and then, a group of Orc Lizards were seen in the distance with a parade of Dark Elves surrounding them, with green flaming torches. The Elves were entering the forest to Cardiff and there was enough time for them to get to the city before the four friends arrived.

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holy wow thats a big story and a good one i mite add

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Are you being honest, I thought it got a bit corny, but that could just be me being fussy. Im hoping to get alot of replies from this, Thank you.

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click this link to read chapters 6 and 7. Chapters 6 and 7

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Originally posted by Lost Welshman
click this link to read chapters 6 and 7. Chapters 6 and 7
there are more NOOOOOOO j/k

Dont mess with retarded scientists.
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