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Thread: Server FPS cap.
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Old 10-08-2004, 07:35 AM   #1
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Server FPS cap.

This is one of the most retarded cock-ups I have ever seen make it into a gold version of a game in my long history of PC and Online gaming.

I can only imagine its somehow the legacy of this game being released for console platforms as well as PC.

Many, many PC gamers invest ALOT of time and money into improving the performance of their systems, now we find we have paid our hard earned money for a game that utilises netcode which actively RESTRICTS the number of frames a client can achieve...

Its comparable to the deliveryboy saying
"Heres that pizza you ordered Sir/Ms. Its yummy, tasty and covered in tempting toppings. It took us a relitavely long time to put together. I am afraid the bad news is that, despite upholding your side of the transaction and paying us your hard earned money, we will have to disable half the tastbuds in your mouth before you can eat it."

Retarded is the only word that comes anywhere near describing this imbecilic oversite in what is the fundamental crux of what makes an online game tick: The netcode.

And dont even get me started on the fisher-price-style joke that is the in game browser...

If you really do "Keep an eye on community boards" LucasArts team, then take note of the above. The patching march continues for most developers and is considered a neccesary evil by many.

But the laughable holes and missing code left from your latest title would make a first year MIT student look retarded, let alone proffesional games developers.

If you want to go multiplatform, dont cripple your PC-aimed product but imagining for a second that PC Gamers will accept the relitavely low standards the internet gaming newbloods (.i.e console users) will happily accept.

Yours, feeling very ripped off.
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Jaden Malip
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Uh.. shut up and stop repeating whats been said for atleast 2 weeks.
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Old 10-08-2004, 08:51 AM   #3
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I only bought the game two days ago, and only joined this forum today...

So here's another suggestion, how about you blow me you idiotic troll wanker.
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Old 10-08-2004, 10:23 AM   #4
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yep nothing wrong with complaining

I agree they didn't give us a finished product.
I didn't give them half of 50 bucks...
I wish DEVS would look at or play other games to see and understand what they have to measure up to. (BF1942 BF:V, Joint Ops ect.)
Small maps, no good transports and sloppy mp code.
Can't roll a starfighter?
If the game is ment to be a MP game, then build or maximize the code first to serve that function (ie like Q3TA, UT200X, anyone?).
Broken Browser even after 2 patches...
Console players aren't used to the higher level experince PC gamers get in multiplayer games. Devs forgot that one....
We expect alot more from a MP game after all BF42/v, UT200x,Q3 CS, FarCry, Joint Ops all have working Browsers and big maps.
I tossed my X Box because the MP games can't live up to a pc mp game experince.
1.0a+1.01= pointless patches still get server full, bad pings and restarting empty servers.
Waiting for a real patch...

hasso is red stance
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Red face

Remember that we can express our opinions without flaming and insulting one another.

Bear that in mind you guys, if you want to discuss things on our forums.

Thank you.

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