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Thread: Some things don't change
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Old 03-09-2002, 07:59 PM   #1
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Some things don't change

<hr><font color="#3299CC"><font size="1"> There are no genuine "elites" from Jedi Knight on this board. Unless I've missed a post by Kicker, Patton, Aeron, Porkchop, Jeb, Newmodel or Death, and I've looked pretty extensively. And before you ask, WD_Torment is not a JK1 "elite". He is a whining child...The same applies to JK1 skill. <u>JK1 players are archaic and inversatile.</u><font color="white"><font size=3">HUH!? explain </font></font> The majority of JK1 skill is not transferable. JK1 "elites" restrict themselves to 2 levels: BGJ and oasis (ji for nf gunners). <u>Much of their so-called "skill" is merely muscle-memory of every cubic inch of the level. Example: DSbr_Narz is/was widely regarded as one of the best FF gunners in the game.</u> He would regularly "trounce" me, in FF oasis, 20 to -5 or better. He suggested we play a FF guns level from massassi; 4 pillars. I won 10-0.

-- JZA </font></font><hr>

<b><font color="yellow"><font size="2">First, I want to say hi to all the people that know me and to all the people that don't know me *waves ( I am glad you're here)* </b></font></font>

I am excited that Jedi Knight 2 is coming out this month. I have high expectations for this game as I am sure everybody else does.

Let's get a few things straight JZA.

1) As for no "elites" posting on this board I wonder how you would know what an "elite" looks like.

- JK is five years old. The game has not changed over time, the community has.
- "Elite" is only a term used after 1999. Before 1999 JK possessed a genuine spirit of community.
-The focal point of JK was fun and entertainment not "eliteness".

This brings me to the conclusion that you(JZA) are not as old in the JK community as you would like us to believe.

2) There are no formal elites posting on this message board? Posh! When your definition of an elite are FF players go tell your friends to come post.

There were two aspects of JK which predominated over the rest from when Jedi Knight started to the time it died.

1.)Cases Ladder
2.) Nar Shaada

If you played between 97 - 99 you would know that Cases and the ladder room is where all the competitive players hung out. In your small list of "elite" players you only named FF gunners. Are you insinuating that only FF gunners are elite?

99% of the zone played nf sabers or nf guns. FF was too arbitrary to be a deciding factor in skill. These are a few reasons why most of the competative players never played FF.

1.) Hax started to show up in JK. showing up first in FF so all the players who were interested in fair and competative gaming played NF sabers, NF guns, and NF CTF.

2.)Notice how most of the FF players are foreign? I wonder why. um lets see could it be <font size="5"> LAG??</font>

There weren't many levels? Have you gone to massassi? I can tell you don't play NF anything. The truth of the matter is FF is the only skill where levels mattered. What If I told you I had trained Newmodel, and Death in sabers. Why don't you ask them ok.

I'll show you some elites.

<u>Former number 1's on Cases Ladder</u>

IRN_Quake 5-10-1999
DArtagnan 8-18-1999

<u>Win Percentage </u>

MERC_Exedore 100.00% 3-14-1999

and plenty others...

Your discription of DSbr_Narz is accurate. Who said he was elite? For that matter who said you were.

<hr> <br> To the rest of the people here</br>To address the topic whether JK2 will mirror JK. I don't know but I have my expectations. After 99 (and some will argue 98) JK's community dispersed and the overall mentality of JK'ers took a steep downhill dive. Instead of focusing in on fun and teamwork JK's community became fragmented into little clans all warring to be "elite". Flaming message boards, taking a constant confrontational stance with other clans, and destroying what others had built instead of creating beauty by themselves were trademarks of "elite" clans after 99. The best clans became the clans that were the most effective **** talkers instead of the the best people to be around. which is why most of the cool people that played this game would not bother wasting their time on an old video game with so much BS to put up with.

In a letter I wrote to the webmaster of I urged him to reconsider and come back to JK. He responded with a letter of this gist:
<font size="1">JK is dead and has been for a while. I don't see a community of people, I see a community of kids. When it is worthwhile for me to come back to JK,I will. In the meantime if you would like to run i'll set u up as the webmaster as long as you stay active.



I have not played JK for a year (and not intensily since it died in 99). Over spring break I came back to check over some old message boards and to my surprise I found several new clans like JNO, JK, FH, FES, and several other clans boasting good sizable clans, good webpages, several unified mature members, and the right mentality. I have a feeling the only mark JK players will leave on JK2 is a bunch of small insignificant clans with oversized ego's with a lack of education, members, and people skills. Being "old school" or even being "part of the old JK community" will be a bad thing not a good one. I'm happy for all the new clans that are looking good and I want to give a warm welcome to all the new players starting Jk2.
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whoa Leg.. I didn't know u could even write something serious lol. Well said tho... nice surprise.

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Old 03-12-2002, 11:30 PM   #3
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Thank you. I felt that the general overall view of JK'ers (00 - 02) players for JK2 is alarming, unprecedented, insulting to new JK2 players, and wrong. It disgusts me that a few scattered clubs who continued playing after 00 are looking at the new JK2 community like a fat pig to slaughter; looking at the new JK2 community as a way to attract servants to serve already existing JK clans and to strengthen them. This mentality is ridiculous. It is not about what the JK2 community can do for you. It is about what you can do for it. Instead of acting as a virus sucking the life blood out of the community for the benefit of a few super clubs, we should be making the gaming experience even more fun for new JK2 gamers by promoting the spirit of individualism as well as repelling the tempting idea of forcefully molding the JK2 community into our groups. "The spirit of elitism". To me: the spirit of gamers too young to legally play on the Internet gaming zone, and too undignified to associate with. Competition is great, but who does not know that if we don't allow new clans to start and encourage this trend we won't have a diversified community. The players who don't fit into the little categories of usefulness to these super clans will leave the community and JK2 will die just as JK did. My intention is not to act as a doomsayer but to encourage older clans to promote and encourage new clans instead of clipping their wings before they're capable of flying. If JK clans cannot be this mature, I encourage new clans to throw off and repel the feeling that they will never make it because they're new, and to get rid of the annoying viral infection called JK clans. In an effort to promote the growth and unify new as well as old clans, Quest, IJM, FOG, TSM, KyA, and Hydro bring a an opportunity for clans to come together and get to know each other in a friendly environment. In conjunction with (The first JK2 ladder) UseTheForce is... well i'll let you find out for yourself

I urge new and old clans to help us help you become active participants in the JK2 community.
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Not to nitpick, but I'm pretty confident that the TWL has the first JK2 ladder. It's been around for about a month, maybe a month and a half.

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*stands up* *Claps*
Ya Legs very interesting, not badly said hehe
U know I will still have to own u right? lol
Umm as for ur idea of some giant alliance thing I think thats silly, and why have u all of a sudden become spineless? Ur saying clans are gonna need help and ****, why? We are all gonna do our own thing and see what happens when JK2 comes out.
All this planning and still no game. geez
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You're right about everything except:

- You own me
- #UseTheForce is a "giant alliance thing" (One can simply read my message before posting to understand this)
- I've become spineless
- Clans are going to need help (explain?)
- We shouldn't plan for JK2

This forum was made for the purpose of people planning for JK2

lol that comment is more than a bit funny or am I wrong when I say a few months ago somebody from DE named Jedi316 was spamming every board he could get his hands on about DE coming back to play JK2. I remember somebody planning for JK2 since 00 with a DE frontpage. Maybe if you convinse us not to plan for JK2, DE will be the best clan with 12 members and a gamersx message board "AND WE CAN GET ALL THOSE NEW JK2 PLAYERS TO JOIN OUR CLAN AND MAKE US THE ELITEST SO WE CAN OWN EVERYBODY! WOHHOO DE!"

haha ok...

<-- I love my ewok
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legacy is back in insane mode again

aka DSbr.mjz
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I'm not that crazy :)

It is therefore for the sake of good actions, and not for the sake of social life, that political associations must be considered to exist. Those who contribute most to an association of the character of good action, have a greater share in the polis
(Politics of Aristotle, P. 120)

I guess i'm crazy in the sense that I'm trying to do good for the JK2 community

Two years of political science only contributes to my lunacy.
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i remember cases of course but sucked back then i was only like13 back the n and not as competitive as i am now not even close...
its good too see some old schoolers on here...

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Honestly I took whatever JZA said with a grain of salt..
By the look of most of the posts, and their comments that most are of the "teenage" era

I for one never boast of my skill or my frags or by my wins no matter what online game I decide to partake in. But the skill level in the EF and Q3A community is 2nd to none. The JK2 community is in for a rude awakening.

With that said, probably the only reason your going to see an influx of Elite Force clanners buying JK2, is because its made by Raven and its based on the Q3A engine. Were so used to their games, its easy to play any game anyone releases on that engine.

Good luck to all who buy and play!
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as for the 00-02 jk community i have a few comments on that seeing as how i was a part of it since i started in 2000. the skill lvl of that era was focused in different areas ppl went away from force and the level of ff players who could paly at a decent lvl was almost nil i would say about 20 bgj ffers and a little more ff gunners maybe 30 while the majority of players played nf sabers this was true before but seeing as how less ppl payed ff the number seemed a lot more just look at WoW which i heard was somewhat respectable before but in 2000 beyond i played in it every single game was nf sabers and the clans that won played almost nothing but nf sabers. the skill lvl may have been less but at that point what reason was there to get good no major competitions cwt was dead the ladder was dead so more ppl played for fun i guess hence earning the derision of so called old schoolers who beat them. that right there is probably the main key of new schoolers earning the taunts of old schoolers they werent as good and for good reason. there was no reason to get good if you did get good you pretty much played the same ppl everyday especially in ff. im not meaning this to be offensive to anybody your skill in jk is pointless for jk2 im just stating my views on why old schoolers look down on that era of jk and also most of them are *******s although most of the ones ive gotten to know on irc have clamed down a bit either from playing new games and realizing they werent all that or just plain old maturity sorry for the length and lack of sentence structure
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lol leg

up to your usual stuff again I see aren't you too old for this? lol
whatya now... like 20? It's good to see your back though I'm sure i'll be facin ya again at the top of the food chain w/ your saber out n ready to kickass. Nice speech but stop preaching to a bunch of refried beans. Save your energy and become president or something.
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Spyder! finally crawled out of asheron's call to come see what the commotion was about huh?

look WC up on etg, #WC


Crackas, always wastin my flava
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It's been a long time Come by #UseTheForce sometime. Things are better than ever. I know what you mean about wasting time online. I've been doing too much of it lately. Are you coming back for JK2 or just popping by to critisize me as usual lol. I'll be waiting for you up there as usual. In the meantime hook me up with that president position I'm practicing my thumbs up.

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